Monday, August 12, 2013

World Championships for Icelandic Horses - Berlin 2013 - Full Article

Long-Distance Ride to Berlin

Participants of the traditional long-distance ride preceding the World Cup arrived in Berlin from three different directions, traveling with the FEIF greeting message. Among them were hardcore trail riders like the couple Christel Velte and Walter Schmid, who rode the ‘southern route’ of 800 km (500 miles) from Austria to Berlin, as Eiðfaxi reports.

On the ‘western route’ a whole Board of Directors of the IPZV rode through the extremely densely-populated Rhine-Westphalia, which similar to the wild glacial rivers of South Iceland, is not really made for long-distance riding because either expressways or huge cities are in the way.

Therefore, the first part from the Dutch border near Venlo to the river Rhine was the hardest part of the ride.

Yet Marion Heinsdorf, chair of the Icelandic Horse Association Heinsberg, vice-chair Miriam Faller, secretary Melanie Wiesenhöfer and treasurer Peter Kames decided to bring the FEIF-baton to Berlin this way.

In Niederkruechten, the same place where the ride kicked off two years ago, the Dutch-Icelandic horse riders launched their journey of 13 difficult days. However, Kames had obviously not had enough; he afterwards traveled south and rode on with the southern team for six days...

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