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Kate Baldino and Maria Muzzio Are Looking Forward to a Fun Young Rider Finale in Italy - Full Article

by Molly Sorge|Jump Media | Sep 17, 2019, 3:02 PM EST
Photo: Mark Baldino

Four years ago, Kate Baldino and Maria Muzzio were 17-year-old first-timers on the U.S. team at the FEI Endurance World Championships for Young Riders and Juniors. This year, they’re headed to Pisa, Italy, for the 2019 edition of the championships as good friends looking forward to their last competition as Young Riders.

In June, Kate, from Marietta, Ga., and Maria, from Clifton, Va., took part in the United States Equestrian Federation Mandatory Training and Evaluation Session for the 2019 U.S. Endurance Young Rider Team, and the U.S. Chef d’Equipe Mark Dial paired them up for the mock ride. Their mounts, Arabian geldings Traction and Landroval, were both bred by Dr. Tom Sayvetz and worked well together. “They went perfectly together,” Maria said. “Sometimes when you put horses together, there might be some ear-pinning or problems, but they went down the trail together with their ears perked, happy as could be.

“Kate and I really bonded in 2015 at the World Championships, and it’s cool that we’re doing our last Young Rider ride together,” Maria noted. “It’s fun that now we’re the two older girls, the role models for the younger ones...”

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Cambodia: Kingdom’s equestrians ramp up SEA Games prep - Full Article

September 18 2019
Ismail Vorajee / Khmer Times

The Cambodian Equestrian Federation have the SEA Games on their mind and are ramping up preparations ahead of the December showpiece.

The Federation hosted an Endurance competition last Thursday, as part of an initiative to help develop riders from very young ages to prepare for the trials of international competition.

The Endurance Event, at distances of 20kms and 40kms, was held in Kompong Chnang province at Rithysen Club (a big thanks to Mr Kao Vannarin club owner). Twelve riders took part, 10 of whom were young to junior riders from the national team.

“We are trying to do this event every 6 weeks as this is so important to help develop our youth in the sport,” explained Mona Tep, President of the Cambodian Equestrian Federation.

The twelve riders started their journey at 3.30 am, mostly aged just 13-15 years old, and from the national reserve...

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Mongolia: Gobi Desert Cup 2019 - Full Article

15th September 2019
Race Report made with the assistance of Heather Wallace
Photo credit: Gobi Desert Cup / Heather Wallace

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. 6 September 2019. 21 international riders with a thirst for adventure and desire to ride a Mongolian horse 480 kilometers met for the first time in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. This was the start of their life-changing experience.

To live like a nomad, immerse themselves in the culture, and ride six Mongolian horses over six days across the eastern reaches of the vast country all while supporting the Mongolian Horse and Nomad Foundation was a dream come true for all.

The annual event brings together riders of all disciplines in a multi-day points-based endurance race beginning in the Khentii Province, the birthplace of infamous horseman Ghenghis Khan. The participants have two days to experience a taste of nomadic life, learn to ride a native and semi-wild horse, and have two introductory rides of approximately ten kilometers, all this under the guidance of the officials, veterinarians, and local horse trainers.

160 horses were trained and conditioned for this year’s event, a huge number to manage for three months. Each horse trainer was assigned a horse line of 10-15 horses, some their own and others from local families who support the event and are paid for the use of their animals.

On Friday, August 30th the participants from seven countries and six continents began their race across the steppe and competed both individually as well as in teams...

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Malaysian Riders' Target set for Italian job - Full Article

By Fadhli Ishak - September 16, 2019

A TOP-FIVE target has been set for the national riders for the FEI World Endurance Championships for Young Riders and Juniors, which starts on Wednesday, in Italy.

The team, comprising Faris Haikal Hassan Sa'ari, Aimin Azfar Nazulki, Nur Qasrina Amani Zakaria and Yusuf Luqman Zakaria, left for Under-21 competition in San Rossore, Italy, yesterday.

Team manager Mohamad Din Mat said if all goes smoothly a top-five finish in the team category will be achievable.

“The race will be split into four phases, and there will be a veterinary inspection after each phase.

“The first inspection will be done after 40km. The second (inspection) is after the next 33km, the third after another 27km and the final inspection at the end of the race,” said Mohamad yesterday.

“During the inspections, the horses’ physical condition will be examined. Horses need to pass each inspection to complete the race.

“It is thus important for our riders to know when they can push their horses during the race. Otherwise, they may risk being eliminated.

“We will be using the same horses as we did in France recently and they should arrive in San Rossore today (yesterday) from France..."

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Bahrain ready for world endurance challenge - Full Article

17 Setember 2019

The Royal Bahrain Endurance Team is taking part in the FEI Endurance World Championship for Young Riders and Juniors, which opened yesterday in Italy.

Riders from the UAE and other countries are also taking part in the 120-kilometre race at Pisa, Italy. An exhibition showcasing different teams is being held on the sidelines of the event...

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Monday, September 16, 2019

Qatari riders deliver sterling performance - Full Article

16 September 2019

The Peninsula
Doha: Three riders and horses from the Endurance Department of Al Shaqab, member of Qatar Foundation, delivered a sterling performance at the prestigious Endurance Equestre Monpazier event recently held in France.

As a result, the successful horses have qualified to participate in the higher categories of Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) races that would eventually qualify them for next year’s Endurance World Cup.

Al Shaqab’s Sultan Salim Al Shamousi, astride RV Sultan, and Khalid Sanad Al Nuaimi, riding IFO LR Polino, competed successfully in the CEI2* 125km while Marine Faucon, on CA’Saddam Al Shaqab, completed the CEI1* 80km race.

The results of these marathon horses and their riders have come at the peak of the international endurance horse racing season...

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Gruver, Texas man recounts racing in Mongol Derby 2019 - Full Story

by Tiffany LesterWednesday, September 11th 2019

GRUVER, Texas — The Mongol Derby is known as the world's longest and toughest horse race. One Texas Panhandle man found that out first-hand when he competed in this year's race. Frank Winters, 57, of Gruver, told ABC 7 News Wednesday afternoon that he grew up riding horses and has always been fascinated by Mongolia.

“When I was about 14, I read a book and it talked about the Mongolian Steppe and in that book the hero went across that part of Asia and ever since then I've been intrigued with the wide open spaces in Mongolia,” Winters said.

In 2018, Winters read about someone competing in the Mongol Derby in the American Quarter Horse magazine. The Adventurist hosts the event every year.

“I looked it up and it was going on so, I started tracking it, started watching it. So, I was hooked on this,” Winters said...

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

France's Endurance Family - Full Story

French athlete Julien Lafaure, a champion athlete and trainer, tells us about the unique wonders of Endurance horses...

12 September 2019

Endurance is all about the relationship and trust between horse and human as the two courageously race together for kilometre after kilometre and hour after hour.

It is arguably the most physically and mentally challenging of all equestrian disciplines, with competitors racing for up to 160km in major competitions, battling tough terrain and the elements for perhaps up to nine hours.

Julien Lafaure knows all about that special relationship, having risen to become one of France’s best Endurance athletes while also breeding horses that have enjoyed great success.

And he also knows the importance of comradeship among human athletes in this discipline, being a member of one of Europe’s most notable Endurance families. His father, Jean Noel Lafaure, and siblings, Morgane and Roman, have all represented France in international competitions, with the latter having achieved a Team silver medal in the recent FEI European Endurance Championships in England...

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Ex-amateur jockey takes on 'wildest horserace on Earth' to raise funds for IJF - Full Story

'Committing to the race and raising money for the IJF has reminded me of how exciting the industry is'

By Matt Butler
6:15PM, SEP 10 2019

Former amateur jockey Otto Hopkins-Fagan is raising money for the Injured Jockeys Fund (IJF) by tackling the "wildest horserace on earth" in South Africa next month.

Race the Wild Coast, created in 2016 in the style of the famous Mongol Derby, lasts five days taking in 350 kilometres and featuring 33 river crossings.

Hopkins-Fagan, 27, worked for trainers including Sir Mark Prescott, David Elsworth, Henrietta Knight and Tom George before retiring from the saddle due to injury and weight issues.

Dubbed the "wildest horserace on earth" by race organisers, Race the Wild Coast begins on October 22 with participants setting off from Port Edward and heading along the eastern seaboard of South Africa to the finish line in Kei Mouth...

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Spain: Sabotage blamed for positive drug test in Endurance horse - Full Article

September 11, 2019

An Endurance rider from Spain whose horse tested positive for a controlled medication blames sabotage, but says he cannot prove it.

Miguel Vila Ubach was suspended for six months and fined 3000 Swiss francs over the drugs breach. He was ordered to contribute a further 1500 francs towards the cost of the case, heard by the FEI Tribunal.

Ubach had ridden TBO Joy in a CEI3* 160km ride at Fontainebleau, France, on March 30 last year.

TBO Joy was selected for testing and returned a positive urine test for salbutamol, a bronchodilator used in the treatment of inflammatory airway disease. It is classified as a controlled medication under the FEI’s anti-doping regulations.

Ubach was advised of the drugs breach through the Spanish Equestrian Federation.

He explained to the tribunal that the horse was usually stabled in a private stable. TBO Joy has always been “in perfect condition” without any respiratory problems or allergies.

He talked of a 30-year involvement in endurance, and said he had never used salbutamol in his entire career for any of his horses...

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Sunday, September 08, 2019

From the Eastern Shore to East Asia - Full Article

September 8 2019

EASTON — Eastern Shore native Rachel Roman, an avid equestrian, wanted a riding journey unlike any other she has participated before, and the Mongol Derby gave her the opportunity of a lifetime.

“I got to witness the rolling steppe with no trees, marshy bogs, jagged mountains, the mini gobi (desert plateau), and some forested mountain areas that made you think you were in Switzerland,” said Roman.

Before participating in the grueling derby, Roman spent her entire life riding, training, competing and caring for horses. When she discovered what the Mongol Derby was and what it entailed: “horses, wilderness and adventure,” she said. She vied for a chance to compete, along with hundreds of applicants from around the world...

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Saturday, September 07, 2019

Great Britain's Jeni Gilbert Talks Endurance with Everything Horse - Full Story


In this article we talk to HorseHage & Mollichaff-sponsored endurance rider, Jeni Gilbert, who is based in West Yorkshire, to find out how she became involved in the sport of endurance. Jeni is a former Novice Champion, Endurance GB Senior and Supreme Champion (2007, 2011) and winner of several other titles. She competes on her Connemara, Ballydoolagh Alfie, who has now completed more than 2300km in 48 competitions in his five year endurance career – an impressive feat for a native breed in a discipline that is dominated with Arab horses.

When and how did you first discover your love of riding?

I started riding as a youngster but due to moving around a lot it was difficult to continue so it was in the background until middle age arrived with the right job, money and time! I started riding at a riding school with lots of other adults and we had a great time, then one by one we bought our own horses.

How did you first get involved with endurance?

I started endurance riding in the early 80’s, spurred on my reading about the Golden Horseshoe Ride on Exmoor and being fully aware I wasn’t brave or talented enough for jumping and dressage. However, we did like riding for hours and exploring. I could also map read!...

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Friday, September 06, 2019

Seeing the world on horseback - Full Article


South African Wiesman Nels wears many hats. Not only is he the owner of Moolmanshoek Private Game Reserve in Ficksburg, but he also loves “travelling on a horse.”

The 40-year-old recently participated in Mongol Derby, known as the world’s longest and toughest horse race.

The course started south-west of Arvaikheer in Mongolia and ended north of Jargalthaan in Mongolia. At 1000km, the race is believed to be the toughest test on the planet for equestrian endurance riders...

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Great Britain, Talking Horses: BHA must respond over trainer's doping suspension - Full Story

Chris Cook
Thu 5 Sep 2019

The Newmarket-based Ismail Mohammed has been suspended from endurance racing for two years by the FEI

Readers may be surprised to learn that bans imposed on people by one horsey sport are not automatically reciprocated by others. Whether this situation should be allowed to continue has become a pressing one for the British Horseracing Authority, following the news that Ismail Mohammed, a trainer based in Newmarket, has been suspended from endurance racing for two years over a doping offence involving testosterone.

In a decision reached last month by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), Mohammed was disciplined, along with one other, for a positive test taken from the horse Shaddad at an event in Suffolk last year. The test found 35 nanograms of the anabolic steroid per millilitre of urine taken from the horse, compared to the FEI’s threshold of 20ng. The FEI described testosterone as “one of the most old-school anabolic steroids, which was known to be used in the build-up period for competitions in Endurance”...

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Thursday, September 05, 2019

Meet the Western Australians who took on the Mongol Derby, the world's toughest horse race - Full Article

September 4 2019
By Ellie Honeybone

It is known as the longest and toughest horse race on Earth, but for two Western Australians who just returned from competing in the Mongol Derby, it was one of the best experiences of their lives.

Jesse Byrne and Sarah Brown finished third in a field of 40 riders after racing across 1,000 kilometres of vast Mongolian landscapes mounted on semi-wild racing ponies.

The annual adventure race follows the world's first long-distance postal transmission route, laid down by Genghis Khan in 1224.

Sturdy Mongolian horses, used to life on the steppes where temperatures range from minus 40 degrees Celsius in winter to 30 degrees Celsius in summer, carry the entrants on the course.

The object of the event is to ride a series of horses along the route, swapping your mount every 40 kilometres at stations crewed by teams of veterinarians.

It is not a challenge for the faint-hearted but the Aussie duo has returned home in one piece with just a couple of sore knees between them...

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Australia: WERI Wicked Wheatbelt Challenge - Full Article

1 September 2019
Race Report made with the assistance of Cara Allan

Merredin WA, Australia. Saturday 17 August 2019. The rejuvenation of CEI competition in Western Australia was brought about by the Acharon Challenge, held in Collie in May last year.

his was the first international (CEI) ride held in Western Australia for five years; a tribute to the late West Coast Acharon (affectionately known as Acky), the stallion sadly laid to rest three years ago. Last year’s ride was the preamble for the recent CEI2* event, hosted by the Wheatbelt Endurance Riders Incorporation (WERI) and held in Merredin over the weekend of the 17 August 2019...

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Maktoum Family Endurance Horse Trainer Banned for Steroids Offence - Full Article

Ismail Mohammed, a longstanding endurance trainer for the Maktoum family has received a two-year suspension for a banned steroids offence involving Shaddad.

By: Pippa Cuckson | September 3 2019

One of the Maktoum family’s longest standing trainers has been suspended for two years by the FEI for a banned steroids offence involving Shaddad, who was the world number-one ranked endurance horse at the time.

Ismail Mohammed, 56, was also fined 7,500 Swiss francs and ordered to pay 2,500 Swiss francs towards costs. The same suspension, fine and costs order was handed down to Shaddad’s rider Saeed Mohd Khalifa Al Mehairi, 22. The suspensions are backdated to take account of provisional suspensions already served, meaning the pair are ineligible to compete in FEI through August 2020.

The testosterone positive was returned on July 13, 2018, at a Maktoum-sponsored FEI ride at Euston Park, UK. The gelding Shaddad is owned by MRM, the premier endurance stable of Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed al Maktoum.

Ismail Mohammed has previous anti-doping violations in both endurance and horse racing. He blamed this latest incident on accidental “contamination” by the horse’s groom on the day, Saleem Khan, who was using a cream containing testosterone to treat muscle soreness on his own shoulders. Khan had worked “diligently” for MRM six years but on this occasion failed to advise MRM management he was using the cream...

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Tuesday, September 03, 2019

St. Patrick’s Coast Endurance Ride 2019 – Ireland’s Emerald Jewel of Endurance and Pleasure Riding - Full Article

By Bree Rutledge - September 3, 2019

THE most eagerly anticipated equestrian event of the year is coming up soon and has been on many riders’ minds and training programmes. The annual St. Patrick’s Coast Endurance Ride is the perfect horse-riding event, whether you are an avid eventer, dressage diva or someone who enjoys exploring the glorious countryside on horseback! Now in its sixth year, this event hosted by the Irish Long Distance Riding Association (ILDRA), has become established as Ireland’s premier endurance event offering stunning off-road riding in the scenic County Down landscape.

On Saturday, September 7, the ride will commence at the excellent venue of Downpatrick racecourse, offering ample parking and on site toilets. The ride meanders across the rolling drumlins of County Down through numerous fields before reaching the East Down Gallops...

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Fines, bans imposed over testosterone level in Endurance horse in Britain - Full Article

September 3, 2019

Excessive testosterone levels found in an Endurance horse who competed over 160km in a contest at Euston Park, England, have result in both the rider and trainer being fined and banned by the FEI Tribunal.

The rider, Saeed Mohammed Khalifa Al Mehairi, who is registered with the United Arab Emirates, rode UAE-registered Shaddad in the CEI3* 160km ride held at the venue on July 13 last year.

Shaddad, a gelding, had blood and urine samples taken for testing. Analysis revealed the presence of testosterone in the urine sample. The internationally agreed threshold for free and conjugated testosterone in a gelding’s urine is 20 nanograms per millilitre.

Shaddad’s concentration of testosterone was found to be 35 nanograms per millilitre...

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Monday, September 02, 2019

Better welfare outcomes seen in domestic-level endurance - full article

August 30, 2019

Endurance rides ridden at slower speeds over technically challenging terrain have fewer eliminations and better horse welfare outcomes, the authors of a New Zealand study have found.

Massey University researcher Kylie Legg and her colleagues, writing in the open-access journal Animals, noted that international media recently raised awareness around horse welfare during endurance competitions.

However, much of this attention has been focused on international-level FEI competitions.

Little, they said, is known about domestic-level competitions and their risk factors for elimination...

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Kate Baldino and Maria Muzzio Are Looking Forward to a Fun Young Rider Finale in Italy - Full Article by Molly Sorge|Jump Media | Sep 17, 2019, 3:02 PM EST Photo: Mark Baldino Four years ago, Kate Baldino and Ma...