Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Great Britain: Annie Joppe’s endurance blog: negotiating a heatwave - Full Article

Annie Joppe
10:55 - 21 June, 2017

After all of the recent competing and training it was back home again to sunny Cornwall (literally) to work on improving fitness for all three horses. Fantom had a couple of days off after his weekend away and then it was back to work.

At the squad assessment, tests had shown that Fantom’s fitness was going to be improved by interval training and some general hill work rather than work on the track. Actually I am rather glad about this as we both enjoy these sessions far more than cantering on the flat for several kilometres at a time.

To this end, I duly headed off to the sand dunes for a session on the ‘dunes from hell’ path. This is a long, long path which climbs up steeply from the beach in fairly deep, dry sand. Three of these is enough, followed by a long canter over undulating dunes back to the tracks home. This session was not totally straightforward, as we had many dog walkers, holiday makers and the local riding stables wobbling their way along the path, so strategic planning was called for to avoid all of these hazards...


Monday, June 19, 2017

Great Britain: More than 15 tonnes of ice used to hard to keep riders and horses cool - Full Article

UAE wins across the board in Suffolk FEI rides

Published: 15:04 June 19, 2017 Gulf News
Leslie Wilson Jr, Racing & Special Features Writer

Suffolk, England: The UAE had an incredibly successful day, winning all the classes and the Best Condition awards at the second of the Euston Park Endurance Rides, sponsored by Emirates Airline, which took place this weekend in record high temperatures.

Organisers worked hard all day to keep riders, volunteers, stewards and staff cool and over 15 tonnes of ice was used to safeguard the welfare of the horses.

A total of 85 riders from eight nations competed in CEI 3* 160Km, CEI 2* 120Km, CEIYJ 2* 120Km, CEI 1* 80Km and an additional CEI 1* ride.

Euston Park Endurance trialled a staggered start in the CEI 1* 80km classes, they were well received, although the majority of riders still opted for the mass start.

EGB Board Member, Nicki Thorne (GBR) said: “The staggered start is a huge opportunity for riders who have not previously had experience at FEI level to start in a very safe way (away from the melting pot), gain confidence and enjoy FEI riding whilst removing a lot of the stress and worry that might prevent them trying FEI...”

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Australia: Windeyer endurance ride hailed a success - Full Article

Ellen Dunger

17 Jun 2017

If you drove through the village of Windeyer on the long weekend you would have noticed an array of trucks, trailers and horses at the recreation ground.

The quiet village became a hive of activity for the annual endurance equestrian event.

More than 100 riders and horses travelled from all over the sate and rode the extra mile in the 20, 40, 80 and 160 kilometre ride on Saturday and Sunday.

It was the 16th year the endurance event got underway and organiser Allix Jones said this year’s competitors ranged from newcomers to the sport to old hands and the four rides were met with great enthusiasm.

“This year’s turnout was a huge success attracting riders coming from all over the state,” she said...

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Endurance GB to formally adopt 'The Leading Rider Award' at major competitions


15 June 2017
Following extensive trials, 'The Leading Rider Award' will be formally launched at Endurance GB's major competitions, starting with Euston Park on the 17th and 18th of June. The award is the corner stone of the British Endurance Protocol, an initiative born from a joint working party, led by the British Equestrian Federation.

The purpose of the newly named Leading Rider Award (previously Good Horsemanship Award), is to reward what we believe to be clever riding, covering terrain competitively, but within the horse's means. The award gives points based on criteria judged throughout the competition and takes into account the recovery time of the horse, the CRI and consistency of speed. It's an evolving process and we welcome further feedback.
A full list of criteria can be found here
The award was first trialed at two national rides and two FEI rides, which enabled the working party to refine the criteria and produce an efficient way of capturing and managing the data.
The Leading Rider Award forms one part of a much wider British Endurance Protocol, which is looking to develop proposals to support good horse welfare, transparency and clean sport, positioning the UK as a champion for continued development in the sport. 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Great Britain: Runners and horses go head to head in marathon - Full Article

Sarah Radford
10:16 - 10 June, 2017

Nearly 700 runners and 60 horses will converge on Britain’s smallest town today (June 10) for an unusual 24-mile race.

The annual Man vs Horse marathon sees humans battling equines over the Welsh hills in a test of speed and endurance.

The event was conceived when Llanwrtyd Wells landlord Gordon Green overheard a discussion between two men in his pub, the Neuadd Arms. One suggested that a man would be as fast as a horse over a significant distance.

He decided to test the hypothesis, and organised the first event in 1980. The theory seemed to be swiftly disproved when rider Glyn Joes on Solomon beat fastest runner Dic Evans by 43 minutes.

Since then, however, a human has managed to triumph in the race on two occasions — Huw Lobb in 2004 and German runner Florian Holzinger in 2007...


Wednesday, June 07, 2017

GB: Annie Joppe’s endurance blog: a nightmare journey and the art form of parking - Full Article

Annie Joppe
10:55 - 6 June, 2017

A week or so ago I spent a hectic three days helping at the famous Golden Horseshoe ride on Exmoor. This competition is about as different as you can get to Royal Windsor and still be ‘endurance’.

Windsor is fast, flat with excellent, and in part prepared, going and Horseshoe is rugged, rough and extremely hilly and the speeds considerably slower to reflect this. The challenges, and the rules to some extent, are very different and an alternative way of training the horse is required.

As usual, the event was not without rain and the venue is situated on top of a hill making it very exposed to the elements and usually up to 10 degrees cooler than the surrounding countryside.

‘Horseshoe’ is the oldest endurance competition in the UK and arguably one of the most famous in the world and certainly in this country. Two years ago, Horseshoe celebrated its 50th anniversary and had a break last year to be resurrected with new organisers who have great plans for the future...


Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Maria Alvarez Ponton Leads Spain to Victory in Spanish Endurance Festival - Full Article

Alvarez Ponton Tops two days of endurance

20 May 2017

The HH Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global Arabian Horse Flat Racing Festival is supporting five endurance rides in Madrid including the 160-km ride and the Abu Dhabi-Madrid-Brussels Endurance Challenge, all FEI rides.

Alvarez Ponton finished the 160 FEI 3* ride in a time of 7:34:30 riding on an average speed of 21.12kmph. Second in almost five minutes later was Angel Soy Col riding Sheitan A Gwervaen (7:34:51, 21.10kmph), followed seconds later for third place was Anna Maria Tamerra on Girola De Quercus (7:34:52 seconds, 21.10 kmph).

The 160-km ride was run in five phases of 37km, 37km, 32km, 32km, and 22km. The 2 days of FEI endurance attracted top riders from Spain looking to book a berth on the National team for the coming international events, particularly the 2017 Grand Prix...

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Saturday, June 03, 2017

Giraffes in view as the Boudheib Endurance rules get a run in South Africa - Full Article

June 3, 2017

The innovative Boudheib rules in Endurance were employed in South Africa last weekend, in the first in a series of international events, with a completion rate across all divisions of nearly 80 percent.

The rules applied at the Boudheib endurance facility in Abu Dhabi, owned by Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, have created an oasis in troubled UAE Endurance. The “house” rules insisted on by the sheikh have all but eliminated the welfare issues that have plagued the sport in the region.

They are designed to keep speeds, which are GPS-monitored, down to 20kmh. Most prize-money goes to the best-conditioned horses, judged on the accumulation of scores from each vet gate.

South Africa played host last weekend to the first in the 2017 series of seven international Endurance events under Boudheib rules, with racing taking place in the Sondela Nature Reserve in the Limpopo Province...


Thursday, June 01, 2017

The Cup of Russia at the Tersk Stud Novotersky - Full Article

Text provided by: Karina Voski

Tersk Stud, Novotersky, Russia. Sunday 28 May 2017. It was a place 500 meters above the sea level with a mountain-forest climate, similar to the climate of the middle Alps, sprinkling mineral water springs and extensive hilly grasslands that attracted Count Sergei Stroganov to create a stud farm at the foot of the picturesque Zmeika Mountain in 1898.

The backbone for this were 2 stallions and 9 mares brought from the journey through Syria and the North Arabian Desert.

In its nearly 120-year history, the stud farm has produced a whole galaxy of outstanding horses. Kumir, Drug, Nakhodka, Valuevka, Persik, Nobby are among them...

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