Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Tahlia’s stellar show as Aussies clinch second spot

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FRAN CLELAND, The Weekly Times
December 31, 2019 11:03am

AUSTRALIAN Endurance riders finished second in the FEI Trans Tasman Event held in Waiouru, on New Zealand’s North Island, hosted by Ruahine Endurance Club.

The Australian team was Tahlia Franke (youth rider), Marty Bryson, Jessie Herman, Sorsha Stuart Rkvic and Alison Noble (reserve). The Chef d’Equipe was Sonya Ryan.

The competition was a borrowed horse event where the Australian riders had horses sourced by ESNZ, and offered by generous owners.

Australia’s young rider Tahlia Franke delivered a stellar performance taking first place in the CEI2* 120km Young Rider competition riding Makahiwi Phoenix, Tahlia was also awarded Best Conditioned Horse...

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Monday, December 30, 2019

Record Fines for Endurance Riders on Doped Borrowed Horses

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Riders who travelled to the Middle East for big-purse endurance races have paid a heavy price after loaned horses tested positive for banned substances.

December 27 2019
By: Pippa Cuckson

The serious risks in accepting rides on horses managed by someone else have been highlighted by record fines of 7,500 Swiss francs ($10,000 CDN) plus two-year suspensions in each of three anti-doping decisions recently handed down by the FEI Tribunal. The fines are the largest ever set in an equine anti-doping case.

Two leading south American endurance riders Federica Rossi (Argentina) and Jonatan Rivera Iriarte (Uruguay) rode doped horses supplied by the same trainer, Abdullah Hasan Al Hammadi of Al Reef Stables, when visiting the UAE early in 2018...

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Sunday, December 29, 2019

UAE: Coulomb wins Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Festival ride

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Azizi, Meydan’s Pillar Partner, sponsor the event for the third year

Published: December 28, 2019 18:08
Staff Report

Dubai: Talented French rider Camille Coulomb upstaged a strong field to win the prestigious 120km HH Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Festival Ride for Ladies on Friday.

Riding Vista Du Barthas, the 21-year-old endurance rider completed the gruelling distance in front of Spain’s Eulalia Guardia aboard Al Hajaj with Indian teenager Nida Anjum Chelat, the rider of Umour D’ Aurabelle, taking third place...

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Friday, December 27, 2019

Kuwait: Winners of ‘Night Ability and Endurance’ Championship honored

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December 26 2019

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 26: Mubarak Al-Kabeer Equestrian Club recently organized a ceremony in honor of the winners of the “Night Ability and Endurance” Championship organized by the club.

The club’s board was represented at the event by Advisor Tareq Al-Nisf and Chairman of the Planning Committee of the championship Sultan Al- Othab. The chief organizer praised the championship for being the first of its kind to be organized at night, affirming that all objectives were achieved, although there were few negative aspects.

Al-Othab declared that the championship attracted large number of spectators of the excellent performances of the horses...

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Thursday, December 26, 2019

2019: A Look Back at Endurance, Reining & Vaulting

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24 December 2019

We look back on a year of thrills in these three disciplines...


Meydan FEI Endurance European Championships

Endurance combos showed their mettle over tough terrain at the Meydan FEI Endurance European Championships at Euston Park in Suffolk, Great Britain.

The 200-acre venue in Thetford Forest was perfect for the event, and the new location will help build a legacy for the future, as seniors and young riders are easily able to compete there from throughout Europe.

The Meydan FEI European Championships were the highlight of the HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum UK Endurance Festival there.

Fans lined the tracks that followed along ancient forests and historic parkland, filled with river crossings to test the equine athletes. Sixty-three horses from 20 nations were at the starting line for the Championships.

It was Italy’s Costanza Laliscia who ultimately took the top Individual honours in the 160-kilometre ride, aboard Sacha El Kandhaar. Her teammate Carolina Tavassoli Asli riding Sequinte had held the lead throughout much of the competition but fell back in the final loop to yield to Laliscia.

Paula Muntala Sanchez of Spain took the silver medal on T’Aime De Coeur, whilst Jaume Punti Dachs, also of Spain, and Echo Falls won the bronze, after the disqualification of Tavassoli Asli ahead of them.

It was Spain at the top of the Team podium. France went home with the silver medal, and Germany secured the bronze.

Less than half completed the 14-hour race and many of the last riders finished in the dark. Now, that’s a true show of endurance!

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Friday, December 20, 2019

UAE: Endurance Rider Suspended for Kicking Horse ‘27 times’ at the Finish

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The FEI Tribunal rules that kicking a horse is ‘not a normal natural aid,’ and criticizes officials who turn a blind eye to abuse.

By: Pippa Cuckson | December 19 2019

An endurance rider whose exaggerated kicking towards the end of race did not “constitute normal riding” has been suspended 12-months and fined 4,000 Swiss francs (CAN $5,300) by the FEI Tribunal for horse abuse.

In footage of Mohamed Ali AL Marzouqi from the official livestream, the FEI Legal department counted 27 kicks, with long reins used as a whip 19 times, in “only a few seconds of video from a ride that was going on for 100 km over 6 hours.”

The incident occurred at the end of the CEI* 100km race at Al Wathba, the principal venue in Abu Dhabi, on December 8, 2018, in which the accused rider rode the horse Romeo to fourth place.

The rider was not sanctioned on the day. A Protest alleging horse abuse was then lodged by Rosemary Sloan, a member of the “Clean Endurance” community in the UK. She said the rider was kicking so hard “daylight could be seen between the entire length of the rider’s legs and the saddle. He struck the horse repeatedly with the reins and threatened to strike it with his left arm. The horse was visibly exhausted and unable to accelerate its canter despite Mr Al Marzooqi’s actions...”

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

FEI Tribunal sanctions rider in new Abuse Protest lodged by Clean Endurance

18 December 2019
Immediate Release

Clean Endurance is satisfied that the FEI Tribunal sanctioned Mr al Marzouqi (UAE) with a 12-month immediate suspension in the 4th of a series of Abuse Protests they have brought forward this year.

Mr Marzouqi rode the horse Romeo at the CEI 1* 100 KM event in Al Wathba on December 8th 2018. The Tribubal took note that video evidence submitted by Clean Endurance showed that “Mr.al Marzouqi was kicking the horse as hard as he could, to the point that daylight can be seen between the entire length of the rider’s legs and the saddle. He struck the horse repeatedly with the reins and threatened to strike it with his left arm. The horse was visibly exhausted and unable to accelerate its canter despite Mr. al Marzouqi’s actions”. The FEI stated that that it counted the excessive kicking to 27 timewhipping with the reins to 19 times.

Mr al Marzouqi stated in his defense that he wanted to assure the Tribunal that he looked after his horse during the whole ride. He said that because he is a tall rider with long legs it may have looked like he was hurting his horse by kicking it, but that he encouraged it to move forward without abusing or beating it. He also mentioned that the Ground Jury members and Stewards present and watching at the finish line did not notice nor sanction any horse abuse, but that they congratulated him and recognised his position (5th) in the competition.

Ms Rosemary Sloan from Clean Endurance who lodged the protest said “Someone has to speak up for our gentle partner, the horse. We know from anecdotal evidence that this behaviour is but the tip of the iceberg, and we are only able to lodge abuse protests and obtain sanctions because of our diligent monitoring of video footage provided by the official broadcasting companies of these events. I hope the rider in question learns from the sanctions imposed on him for the brutal treatment of a horse in his care.”

The Tribunal mentioned, as it did in 3 previous abuse protests brought forward by Clean Endurance this year, that it encourages the FEI to investigate and open disciplinary proceedings against FEI Officials present if they did not act on the present horse abuse case during the event. To Clean Endurance’s knowledge, the FEI has not acted (yet) on this recommendation by the Tribunal.

Until the FEI does, Clean Endurance regrets that it is apparently up to them to lodge abuse protests with the Tribunal in order to avoid that abusive riders continue to escape the sanctions they so well deserve, and which Officials fail to apply.

In addition to the 12-month suspension, Mr al Marzouqi was disqualified from the event thus forfeiting medals, points and prizes, fined 4 thousand Swiss Francs and required to contribute 1 thousand Swiss Francs towards the cost of proceedings.

The video footage used as evidence before the Tribunal can be found here:

The full FEI Tribunal decision notice is published here:

FEI Tribunal issues Final Decisions, 4 of 5 involving Endurance


Dec 18, 2019 Author: FEI

The FEI Tribunal has issued its Final Decision in a horse abuse case and four Final Decisions in cases involving Prohibited Substances.

The horse abuse case, which was opened by the FEI following a protest filed by Rosemary Sloan from Clean Endurance, involved the horse Romeo (FEI ID: 105BQ04/UAE). The FEI Tribunal confirmed that the athlete, Mohamed Ali Al Marzouqi (FEI ID: 10041488/UAE), had committed horse abuse during the CEI1* 100 in Abu Dhabi, Al Wathba (UAE) on 8 December 2018. In its Final Decision, the FEI Tribunal ruled that the athlete had committed horse abuse and suspended him for 12 months from the date of the Final Decision, 6 December 2019. He was also fined CHF 4,000 and ordered to pay CHF 1,000 towards legal costs.

The Final Decision on this case can be found here.

The first of the prohibited substances FEI Tribunal Decisions involved the athlete Khalifa Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri (FEI ID 10093885/UAE) who was riding the horse 8 Minute (FEI ID: 104BW22/UAE), which tested positive for the Banned Substance Nandrolone at the FEI Endurance World Championships for Young Riders and Juniors in Valeggio sul Mincio (ITA), 22-24 September 2017. The horse was provisionally suspended for two months as of the date of notification (28 November 2017). The FEI Tribunal accepted the agreement reached on 30 September 2019 between the FEI and Mr Al Jahouri. A two-year period of ineligibility, from 23 September 2017 to 22 September 2019, had already been served. In addition, all the results of the athlete from the date of sample collection on 23 September 2017 until the date of the provisional suspension (28 November 2017) were disqualified. Each of the parties will pay their own legal costs.

In connection to this case the FEI has also opened procedures against the registered trainer of 8 Minute, namely Mr Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri (FEI ID: 10014750/UAE). This trainer had already been involved in two other banned substance cases as the registered trainer.

The FEI Tribunal approved the agreement reached on 9 October 2019 between the FEI and the trainer Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri. The parties agreed that Mr Al Jahouri, who was provisionally suspended from 10 January 2018 until 7 February 2019 connected to the three banned substance cases had served the entire period of ineligibility. Each of the parties will pay their own legal costs.

The third FEI Tribunal Decision involved the horse Dalton des Hayettes (FEI ID: 104TD71/BEL), ridden by Pascal Van Laethem (FEI ID: 10044685/BEL), which had tested positive to the Banned Substance O-Desmethyltramadol at the CSI2* in Deauville (FRA), 15-18 June 2017.

The FEI Tribunal approved the agreement reached between the FEI and the athlete, reached on 21 October 2019. The period of ineligibility of the athlete was reduced to one year, as he demonstrated that he bore No Significant Fault or Negligence. As the athlete already served a Provisional Suspension from 7 August 2017 until 17 August 2018, which was credited in the final ineligibility period, there was no further suspension to be served. The horse was provisionally suspended for two months until 6 October 2017. All the results of the athlete and the horse at the event were disqualified. The athlete was ordered to pay a fine of CHF 3,000 and legal costs of CHF 500.

The fourth Final Decision involved the horse Sohair Des Bruyere (FEI ID: 104VK62/QAT), ridden by Elizaveta Minina (FEI ID: 10140497/RUS), which tested positive to the Banned Substance Testosterone at the CEI2* 120 in Doha Mesaieed (QAT) on 20 January 2018. The trainer of the horse was Hassan Khamis Mohammed A Al Shahwani (FEI ID: 10131286/QAT), admitted injecting the horse with the Testosterone. Separate proceedings has been initiated against the trainer of this horse.

The FEI Tribunal approved the agreement reached on 22 October 2019 between the FEI and the athlete. The athlete demonstrated that she bore No Significant Fault or Negligence and was suspended for 20 months from the date of notification on 5 March 2018 until 4 November 2019. The horse was provisionally suspended for two months until 4 May 2018. All the results of the athlete and the horse at the event were disqualified. The athlete was ordered to pay a fine of CHF 3,000 and legal costs of CHF 1,500.

The Final Decisions on these cases can be found here.

The parties can appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) within 21 days of receipt of the decisions.

Prohibited substance cases under FEI anti-doping rules: 2 of 3 involve UAE Endurance Horses


Dec 18, 2019 Author: FEI

The FEI has announced new adverse analytical findings (AAF) involving equine prohibited substances. The cases involve *Banned Substances under the FEI’s Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations (EADCMRs).

In the following case the athlete has been provisionally suspended from the date of notification until the FEI Tribunal renders its decision. The horse has been provisionally suspended for two months from the date of notification.

Horse: Chabello (FEI ID 104OU26/MEX)
Person Responsible: Bruno Cavalheiro Rebello (FEI ID 10018978/BRA)
Event: CSI2* - San Miguel de Allende (MEX), 03-06.10.2019
Prohibited Substance(s): Ractopamine
Date of Notification: 2 December 2019

In the next two cases, the athletes and the trainers have been provisionally suspended from the date of notification until the FEI Tribunal renders its decision. The horses have been provisionally suspended for two months from the date of notification.

Horse: Cybele De L'Oule (FEI ID 105VH42/UAE)
Person Responsible: Sh Tahnoon Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan (FEI ID 10093006/UAE)
Trainer: Mohd Salem Abdulla Al Ameri (FEI ID 10081586/UAE)
Event: CEI1* 80 - Bou Thib (UAE), 01-02.11.2019
Prohibited Substance(s): Arsenic, Flunixin
Date of Notification: 2 December 2019

Horse: Kassidy De Jansavis (FEI ID 104QP93/UAE)
Person Responsible: Omar Ibrahim Al Marzooqi (FEI ID 10137894/UAE)
Trainer: Abdul Kader Abdul Sattar (FEI ID 10032531/UAE)
Event: CEI2* 120 - Bou Thib (UAE), 01-02.11.2019
Prohibited Substance(s): Diisopropylamine
Date of Notification: 2 December 2019

In the following case the trainer has been provisionally suspended from the date of notification until the FEI Tribunal renders its decision.

Horse: ***N/A
Person Responsible: ***N/A
Trainer: Ahmed Salem Ali Bakheet Al Rashdi (FEI ID 10027984/UAE)
Event: CEI1* 80 - Bou Thib (UAE), 01-02.11.2019
Prohibited Substance(s): Strychnine, Phenylbutazone and Oxyphenbutazone
Date of Notification: 2 December 2019

*** No PR/Horse Name in cases involving Minors and/or Fast Track Procedures.

Details on these cases can be found here.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Great Britain: ‘We thought he’d live for ever’: heartbreak as 40-year-old champion put down

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Becky Murray
16 December, 2019 18:07

A 40-year-old “horse in a million” who took four siblings to the top of the sport in endurance and showing has been put down owing to colic.

The Helme family, from Lancaster, Lancashire, paid tribute to 15hh part-bred trotter Bobby, who was put down on 9 December.

Mother Helen said the family fell in love with the gelding immediately despite the fact he was “completely different” to what they had been looking for, when he was bought from a riding school in Durham in 1986 for daughter Becci.

“Becci got into endurance by chance and they were hooked. In 1991 they did their first 100-mile ride at Ludlow. Bobby was very strong, and he would do things like mess about when you took his heart rate but then something clicked,” she said.

“He was passed to my daughter Donna, who was 16, who took him to the World Equestrian Games in The Hague in 1994 where she was the youngest rider to compete – it was amazing. They were 34th and the only Brits to get round along with Gill Smedley...”

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Monday, December 16, 2019

Double success for Brit in Andalusian endurance horse riding championship

Surinenglish.com - Full Article

Caroline Grahm and her horse Bambina are regional champions in the 80-kilometre category

13 December 2019

Caroline Grahm and her Anglo-Arabian horse Bambina RC followed up last year's success by becoming double Andalusian endurance riding champions over 80 kilometres.

This came after this weekend's final race of the year in Sanlúcar.

Caroline won best rider and Bambina best horse in their first year competing together at this distance...

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Friday, December 13, 2019

Spain: 66th International Raid of Barcelona – Santa Susana

Endurance-world.com - Full Article

13th December 2019
Race Report made with the assistance of The Organisation of Raid de Barcelona – Santa Susanna

Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona. Friday 6 and Saturday 7 December 2019. The french rider Camille Garbet won the 66th Raid Internacional de Barcelona – Santa Susana, the oldest equestrian endurance competition in Europe.

Garbet completed the 192km two-stage race on the back of his horse Baltika d’Aurabelle with a time of 11:45 and demonstrated its enormous quality in the great end-of-season party of the European endurance...

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Ep. 306 Rough Magic Author Lara Prior Palmer On Horse Racing In Mongolia, Writing A Memoir And Being Brave

Gapyearradiopodcast.com - Listen


Today we welcome bestselling author Lara Prior Palmer to talk about the gap year that inspired her book, Rough Magic. At the age of nineteen, Lara Prior-Palmer discovered a website devoted to “the world’s longest, toughest horse race”―an annual competition of endurance and skill that involves dozens of riders racing a series of twenty-five wild ponies across 1,000 kilometers of Mongolian grassland. Lara ultimately became the youngest and first-ever woman to win the race. Margo, Julia and Lara discuss the entirety of Lara’s gap year, what it was like competing as a woman and why she thinks all young people should consider the magical uncertainty of gap time.


New Zealand: Kohuratahi rider wins Trans-Tasman endurance ride

NZHerald.co.nz - Full Article

Stratford Press
By: Alyssa Smith
11 December 2019

A Kohuratahi horse rider has shown equestrian skills run through her blood, winning an event in the Endurance Trans-Tasman Competition.

The competition had two distances 120km ride and a 80km ride.

The New Zealand and Australian teams each had four members. One of the team members had to be a junior/ younger rider.

Two members of each team had to compete in either the 80km endurance ride or the 120km ride...

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FEI decision-making: is one country, one vote sustainable?

Horsesport.com - Full Article

The rights of countries with a minimal international presence to decide upon FEI rules are under the spotlight

By: Cuckson Report // Pippa Cuckson

There was an awkward moment at the FEI’s General Assembly in Moscow last month when the rights of new countries to join were challenged by Norway, a FEI founder member in 1921.

President of the Norwegian federation, Tore Sannum, spoke out as Mongolia, Ivory Coast and the Bahamas were being welcomed to the FEI family. The addition brings FEI membership to 137 national federations (NFs). In future, he asked the FEI to insist upon a minimum level of domestic participation, as other sports governing bodies do; without this, the FEI has “credibility” issues, he warned.

Mr. Sannum’s suggestion that countries should not be allowed to join unless they have riders at world championship level slightly backfired, because world championships cannot be entered UNTIL a country belongs to the FEI. The day’s business moved swiftly on – but nonetheless, Mr. Sannum was articulating what delegates from leading NFs often discuss in the bars and lobbies away from the conference hall.

It has always been one-country, one-vote at the FEI, whether you are as established and well medalled as the US (another FEI founder member), Canada (joined 1950), Germany (1927), Great Britain (1925), or as new as Mongolia, Ivory Coast and the Bahamas. That’s democracy – but is it common sense?...

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Sunday, December 08, 2019

Under starter’s orders for toughest horse race

TeesdaleMercury.co.uk - Full Article

8 December 2019

Only about 40 competitors worldwide are selected to take part in the annual Mongol Derby, which is described as “the world's toughest horse race”. Teesdale’s own Fiona Kearton will be taking part in 2020 and Wendy Short went to meet her on her smallholding near Bowes.

THE Mongol Derby covers 1,000km across the Mongolian Steppes, with riders racing across the gruelling terrain in just ten days. Competitors navigate the route with minimal assistance on the local Mongolian horses, which are switched every 40km and spend each night with the native horse herders.

Fiona Kearton has been involved in endurance riding for several years and first heard about the Mongol Derby in 2014...

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Friday, December 06, 2019

Team Mexico claims historic Gold and Silver at the North American Endurance Championship

Endurance-world.com - Full Article

6 December 2019

Broxton Bridge Plantation, Ehrhardt, SC, United States of America. Thursday 14, Friday 15 and Saturday 16 November 2019. This year’s NAECH counted with a much larger Mexican team representation.

One 5-rider team for the CEI 1*, a 4-rider team for the CEI 2* and one Young Rider in one of the 25mi CEN AERC rides. In past editions and other WEC, and WEG events Mexico had presented a maximum of 3 riders but failed to ever finish as a team to score, so they took the opportunity to vindicate themselves and show the team strength.

On Thursday 14 November, riders José L Flores, Mercedes Acuña, Camila Gutiérrez, Carolina Galán, and Enrique Partida along with chef d’équipe Ricardo Galán started their CEI 1* 80km ride at Broxton Bridge Plantation with a clear objective: to finish at least three riders as a team preferably all five without risking any horse for a better individual position.
Endurance World Team Mexico.03The ride started 7am under cold conditions but no rain yet at the venue. The team rode together as a pack from the beginning and it wasn’t until gate 3 that they lost 2 of their horses due to slight lameness most likely as a result of the cold conditions. “It was important to ride as a pack as we knew our horse’s strength was based on their reliability to finish, not that so much on speed. I asked the team to hold a steady pace and keep together most of the entire ride as we had lost two mounts it was of the upmost importance to be cautious.” Said Ricardo Galán, chef d’équipe...

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Thursday, December 05, 2019

In Like A Lion: Mourning the End of WEG

HeelsDownMag.com - Full Article

December 4 2019
By Erin Gilmore

In like a lion, out like a... well, the World Equestrian Games as we know it are just plain out. And Tryon 2018, now the final WEG on record, was anything but a lamb.

During a non-announcement/announcement regarding WEG disciplines at the FEI’s annual meeting two weeks ago in Moscow, it was revealed that the FEI has not awarded the 2022 World Equestrian Games to one bidder, but instead divided out disciplines to several different countries (Italy: eventing and driving, Denmark: show jumping, dressage, para dressage, vaulting). No one came out and plainly stated it, so I will translate for you: no more World Equestrian Games as we knew them.

I attended three editions of the WEG as a journalist and photographer and I’m just going to go ahead and say it: this news really bummed me out. Since 1990, the WEG concept had been built out until it became an all-encompassing, two-week championship of the eight FEI equestrian disciplines. The official party line is that the WEG format of all eight disciplines being held at one venue had become too expensive and unwieldy. It is true that WEG was expensive, and the concept of each of the eight FEI disciplines holding its world championship at the same venue over a two-week period is rather “unwieldy.” But damn, it was worth it...

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Wednesday, December 04, 2019

New Zealand: Trans Tasman Endurance Challenge hosts more than 50 horse riders near Waiouru

NZHerald.co.nz - Full Article

4 December 2019
By: Staff Reporter

Top equestrian endurance riders had a long day in the saddle at the Trans Tasman Endurance Challenge in the central North Island.

Australian Equestrian Endurance team members on borrowed horses joined New Zealand riders at Waiouru on Sunday for a 3am start to the Trans Tasman event, riding into the darkness across hilly farmland. They competed in 80km and 120km rides over five farms between Tangiwai and Hihitahi...

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Great Britain: Endurance Gala Dinner Presents Over 50 Awards to Salute Achievements

EverythingHorseUK.co.uk - Full Article


The Endurance Gala Dinner saw more than 50 awards saluting achievement across the sport in 2019. The event, held at the Village Hotel Club in Coventry, was attended by more than 200 members from across the country with Devon-based rider Judy Holloway taking the Supreme Championship (Manar Trophy) for the second time in three years.

The Supreme Championship is awarded to the overall high point horse/pony of the year gaining the most points in all types of rides. Judy took the title ahead of Saffron Bishop and Ty Shute Golden Savannah, and Ella Bunting and Aly’s Estrella De Roc (Rocky) in third place...

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Ireland: Successful year for Endurance Riding in ILDRA’s Ulster Branch

Farmweek.com - Full Article

By Bree Rutledge -December 4, 2019

THE Irish Long Distance Riding Association (ILDRA) continued to grow in success in 2019, with numerous riding events across Northern Ireland, despite the wider issues in the world of Irish Endurance. Visiting venues from the rugged and remote Cam Forest in the North to the historic Florencecourt Estate in Enniskillen to a new venue for 2019 at the ever-popular riding trails around the scenic Clandeboye Estate.

ILDRA held a range of events from pleasure rides to competitive trail rides and demanding endurance races for the maddest of riders! Faces new and old attended the several events, with many new riders being introduced into the sport of endurance. ILDRA’s 2019 season kicked off at the popular venue of Gosford Forest Park for the annual New Year’s Day ride, where both riders and horses get a chance to welcome in the New Year through enjoying a relaxing ride...

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Tuesday, December 03, 2019

The epic horse race across the Mongolian steppe

BBC.com - Watch the video

In 2009 the first ever Mongol Derby was raced across the vast expanse of the Mongolian Steppe.

Riders from across the world race local, semi-wild horses in a bid to cross the finish line first.

The horses are owned by nomadic herder families and the team behind the race employ the families to host the riders.

Tom Morgan spoke to Witness History about organising the world's longest equestrian endurance competition.

Witness History: The stories of our times told by the people who were there.

Watch the video here:

Sunday, December 01, 2019

(Official) Demise of the World Equestrian Games and New Championships

HorseSport.com - Full Article

Pippa Cuckson is relieved the next world championships have been awarded to specialist organisers – though endurance 2022 may still present a dilemma.

By: Cuckson Report

Given my long-held dislike of the all-sports-in-one basket World Equestrian Games format, various friends have asked why I hadn’t immediately celebrated WEG’s demise, when the FEI announced its multiple 2022 world championship allocations on November 16th.

I’d held off, waiting for the delayed decisions on endurance and reining. Their 2022 world championships were to be announced after make-or break-votes at the FEI General Assembly (GA) in Moscow on November 19th, over new rules and retention within the FEI respectively.

But it turns out that deciding “after” November 19th did not mean while everyone is still in Moscow. The FEI board won’t finalise these last two world championships until its December tele-conference. I’ve also been half-waiting for news that bidding will be re-opened for endurance 2022, because options shrink by the day – more of that below.

The FEI has a proclivity for self-harm, so I would not have been surprised if it had gone for another full-blown WEG, despite conceding after Tryon that the format isn’t sustainable. It must have been very tempting to choose WEG Italy or Saudi Arabia.

But luckily, common sense prevailed. World championships for 2022 have so far been split between two countries with a strong heritage in the Olympic disciplines, especially. Jumping, dressage, para and vaulting goes to Herning, Denmark, and eventing and driving to Pratoni, Italy...

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St. George horseman completes one of the world’s toughest endurance races

StGeorgeUtah.com - Full Story Written by E. George Goold May 10, 2024 ST. GEORGE — The Gaucho Derby is a 500-kilometer horse race throug...