Friday, October 12, 2018

Round Up of Recent Endurance Doping Case Rulings - Full Article

October 12, 2018
by: Pippa Cuckson

Two endurance riders whose horses tested positive to Trometamol have been suspended for six months each – a reduced sanction for a banned substance because Trometamol is being re-classified as a controlled medication.

The FEI Tribunal also noted that neither could have known their borrowed horses – supplied by Al Wathba Stables in Abu Dhabi – had ingested Trometamol. It was not listed as an ingredient of a product called “Endurance,” administered by the stables’ veterinary assistant before their respective races.

One rider is top Argentinian Daiana Chopita, who rode two horses both testing positive in Abu Dhabi last winter. JC Cahuel placed third in a CEI* 100km race on December 9, 2017, and HLP Gadafi third in the CEI** 120km on December 23rd.

The other rider, Waad Nadim Bou Moghlbay, won the December 23rd race for riding JLB Noche, also testing positive to Trametamol. Miss Moghlbay is a Lebanese national competing under UAE administration.

The six-month suspensions were credited against provisional suspensions already served, meaning both may compete again immediately. They were also fined 3,000 Swiss francs ($3,950.)...

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

South Africa to host the wildest adventure horse race in the world - Full Article


Cape Town - From October 13-21, 2018, Race the Wild Coast, a new breed of long distance horse racing, will return for a second edition amid the breathtaking scenery of the South African east coast.

Over the course of five days a host of experienced international riders, each with a team of three horses, will compete for victory over 350km of rugged paradise from Port Edward to Kei Mouth.

This complex multi-stage race, in which riders must brave this untamed wilderness and swim rivers while keeping horses fit for vet checks, will challenge the endurance of any rider. Adventure sports enthusiasts will be able to keep close tabs on the race by checking each stage of the competition via live tracking and social media updates.

Race the Wild Coast blends the spirit of the frontiersman and the modern horseback adventurer - a test of endurance, horsemanship, survival and navigational skills across an iconic wilderness that is set to become a South African, if not a global, sporting classic. Due to the terrain - it is not known as the “wild coast" for nothing - Race the Wild Coast is currently the toughest horse race in the world...

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

World Equestrian Games - Will Tryon Be the Last Edition? - Full Article

Friday 05 October - 10h08 | Sébastien Roullier

It has been much debated, before, during and after the recent World Equestrian Games (WEG) in Tryon, USA, but were those Games, the last? Grand Prix's Sebastien Roullier looks at the issues surrounding the future of WEG.

Too expensive, too complicated to organize, not enough publicity: the World Equestrian Games – a fantastic concept on paper – have always sparked debates within the horse sport community. And those who have taken on the challenge of putting them on over the years have rarely managed to deliver a flawless event.

While the inaugural edition of the Games in Stockholm, which featured 'only' six disciplines in 1990, and those of Jerez de la Frontera and Aachen, which brought together seven in 2002 and 2006, provided very good and sometimes excellent memories for participants and spectators, that has not been the case for others. In 1994, the organizers of the Games in the Hague went bankrupt. In 1998, those in Rome kept their promises against all expectations but could not host an endurance race, which was relocated to Abu Dhabi. In 2010, the WEG in Lexington, Kentucky were saved by significant last-minute budget infusions – and even then all was not perfect. In 2014, Normandy created a great regional project, but experienced various logistical problems. Not to mention all the organizers, chosen by the Fédération Équestre Internationale, who have thrown in the towel along the way: Paris for the 1994 edition, Dublin for the following and Bromont for 2018.

After the small town in Quebec bowed out a little over two years ago, Mark Bellissimo came to the rescue of the FEI, offering a new host site for its flagship rendezvous. Indeed, Bellissimo promised that the Tryon WEG, to be held on his large property in nearby Mill Spring, North Carolina, would be the best yet. And convinced of the merits of his project, the American raised enough capital to invest nearly $250 million for a stadium and other site features – not to mention an operational budget of millions to deliver the event...

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Luke Annetts successfully completes Australia's most prestigious endurance ride - Full Article

October 9 2018
Ellen Dunger

The Tom Quilty Gold Cup is regarded as the ‘premier ride’ and the Australian endurance calendar and is also one of the toughest.

Tenterfield veterinarian Luke Annetts has successfully finished the gruelling 160km ride on 10 occasions with his most recent at the annual event in Tasmania on Friday.

Annetts and the Glen Innes-bred Churinga Taboo were the fifth heavyweight pairing over the line and to top off their success, received the prestigious best conditioned award in their division.

Making the feat even more impressive was the fact the seven-year-old gelding only began his endurance career this year with the longest ride in his career only half the distance of the Quilty.

“He is only a youngster, he only started at the start of the year so it was a big ask for him,” Annetts said...

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Canada: Endurance Team Spirit Shines Bright at FEI World Equestrian Games™ Tryon 2018 - Full Article & photos

October 3 2018

Despite a restart, weather complications and the ultimate cancellation of the endurance competition at the FEI World Equestrian Games™ Tryon 2018 (WEG), the Canadian Endurance Team impressed with their unquenchable team spirit and perseverance on Sept. 12 in Mill Spring, NC.

The team – comprised of Colleen DeVry of Bruderheim, AB; Robert Gielen of Flesherton, ON; Wendy MacCoubrey of Sainte-Justine-de-Newton, QC; Kimberley Woolley of Finch, ON; and reserve rider, Tracy Vollman of Regina, SK – had proved they were ones to watch during a long and challenging WEG qualifying period that ran from July 2016 to July 2018. Gielen and MacCoubrey earned top 10 positions in the 2017 FEI Open Combination World Endurance Rankings with their horses, and DeVry came to WEG 2018 fresh off a second place finish, just 10 seconds shy of first, at the 2018 Bellis Summer Sizzler CEI 3* 160km race.

“We had reasonably focused on a goal of medaling as a team with potential for one or two top 20 individuals,” said Deanna Spiker, Endurance Chef d’Équipe, of Team Canada’s chances at the Games. “When the race was cancelled, we had one horse within the top 20 with one moving up just behind, and our three horses that remained in competition looked good for their final vet inspection.”

At the time the race was called off, Gielen was in the lead position for the Canadian team with his nine-year-old Arabian gelding, More Bang for Your Buck (Doran x Forty Thieves). A veteran of WEG 2010 and the oldest member of the Canadian Equestrian Team at 68 years of age, Gielen used his wealth of experience to successfully manage and pace his horse...

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Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Canada: Hope riders take second and fourth place at summer competition - Full Article

Nearing retirement, Denise Pascucci’s Arabian steed Nikea still has a few more years left

Oct. 7, 2018

A life-long love of horses is nearing a turning point — but before then, there should still be a few good years of riding for Denise Pascucci and her Arabian steed, Nikea.

“I’ve always been around horses,” said Pascucci (pronounced “Pas-KOO-chee”). “I had aunts and uncles who had farms outside Winnipeg, in Vassar and South Junction. I got my first horse when I was 18.

“I got the one I currently own on my forty-first birthday, 18 years ago, from Del and Carl Augustine. He’s a pure Arabian and his registered name is Aur Lanii but I call him Nikea.

“I started riding endurance about 13 years ago, with Buffy Miller — and Shelley Taylor rides with me now. I keep my horse at Shelley’s place, by the airport. We’ve got morning and evening feeds, so Shelley usually does the mornings and I do the evenings and we work around our schedules.”

In 2012 and 2013, Pascucci and Nikea took part in the Cariboo Plateau endurance event at 108 Mile, then injuries, forest fires and other encumbrances kept them from returning until this year. On August 11, she partnered up for the competitive 25-mile ride, with fellow Hope rider, Leona Jones and her standardbred named J.J...

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What if Tryon was one of the safest Endurance World Championships ever? - Full Article

Andre Vidiz
Oct 8

On the article I wrote just after the WEG Endurance ride I tried to show how the dysfunctional disorganization of the OC was as guilty of the whole disaster as the weather conditions itself. On that moment FEI Officials were using the quantity of horse with metabolic issues and the death of one of them as a smoke screen to do not talk about all the problems that happened before and during the start of the race. At that time we needed to put it all together so we don’t forget anything. Now it is time to untangle some of those components.

Pippa Cuckson wrote a long article about the conditions we set for World Championships in which she also questions the Organizing Committee “clinic was full” argument itself. If there are no doubts about the number of horses in the clinic and that almost all of them were there due to metabolic issues, there is nothing clear about the conditions of those horses. Only 3 of them were eliminated under the ME-TR status, which means that treatment is mandatory and signalizes a dangerous condition. All the other horses maybe were getting precautionary treatment, a safe practice that became quite normal in endurance rides*

Maybe the full clinic is just a consequence of the system that is built to protect the horses...

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Tasmania: North-West teenager Jaz Hutchins crosses the line first but does not win the Tom Quilty Gold Cup - Full Article

Andrew Mathieson
October 6 2018

Jaz Hutchins galloped home to cheers, but the tone in the voice of the first to finish the Tom Quilty Gold Cup ride told the true story.

After nine hours, 46 minutes and 27 seconds in the saddle, the junior winner on the course near Scottsdale didn’t hide her understandable disappointment.

“Yes, I was the first – that’s correct,” Hutchins told The Sunday Examiner in the affirmative, “but it’s a bit disappointing that I can’t take the cup home being a junior.

The Sassafras 17-year-old like her contemporaries could not make the mandatory 73kg weight for the cup.

The lesser weight over the 160km journey from darkness to sunrise and sometimes beyond is considered an unfair advantage.

Not exactly tainting the win of top Victorian Kristie Taprell – a junior winner has been ruled ineligible of taking home the trophy before – but Hutchins’ ride 18 minutes and 40 seconds earlier could have caused a stir...

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Brief Encounters – The New 'Normal' in Endurance - Full Article

Blogs Cuckson Report | October 5, 2018

I haven’t spoken to, or read anything written by, any veterinarian that disagrees with abandoning the Tryon WEG endurance ride. Vets all seem emphatic that horses were not coping with the fast rising heat and humidity.

One told me some were even pulsing back up while being examined – including the super-horses whose heart-rates usually meet the parameters within minutes.

But it isn’t quite that black and white. The weather in isolation was not the issue – historic rides have taken place in worse conditions without everyone keeling over. Worries also stemmed from the inability of so many to ride according to the conditions; some riders were apparently not even aware their horses were in difficulty.

How can that be? This was a world championship, featuring the best and most experienced horses and riders on the planet, surely? Not necessarily. No rider can truly can say their horse is pinging along with its usual verve when they’ve hardly competed it before. In modern endurance, not knowing your horse is the New Normal.

FEI records of the 120-odd riders who started the fateful first loop show:

• 13 had never competed their Tryon horse in a FEI race of any distance before;
• 13 had only started on their Tryon horse once before (in most cases their 160km WEG qualifier, which might not have been a highly competitive race;)
• 28 had only attempted 160km with the same horse twice before;
• 24 had started their Tryon horse in FEI twice over any distance before; nine riders three times;
• 59 riders had previously attempted 160km with their Tryon horse more than twice;
• Only 37 horse and riders had progressed from 80Km to 160km level as a combination;
• Four riders had fewer than 10 career starts in FEI at any distance on any horse/s; 18 riders had just 10-20 previous FEI starts on any horse/s...

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Friday, October 05, 2018

Tasmania to rise again to the Tom Quilty Gold Cup challenge - Full Article

Andrew Mathieson

Australian equestrian’s biggest prize is firmly in the grasp of Tasmanian riders entering the prestigious Tom Quilty Gold Cup on Saturday.

The arduous ride over its 160-kilometre course returns to the North East of the state for the first time in six years.

The top Tasmanians have a recent stranglehold on the premier endurance event of its kind, starting at midnight.

Brooke Brown-Cordell, of Tunnel, and Debbie Grull, of Staverton, earned a Tasmanian quinella in the 2017 Cup.

Lebrina neighbours Bella Pickering and Kirstie Lockhart were remarkably the first two in the country across the line for the junior division...

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Thursday, October 04, 2018

Has Endurance Racing Morphed Into ‘Win At All Cost’ Flat-Track Racing? - Full Article

by Paulick Report Staff | 10.01.2018

The American The American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) executive committee, in a letter to the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), the governing body of horse sport in the United States, has requested immediate withdrawal of funding to the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) endurance events held outside U.S. borders.

An international discipline, the sport of endurance is based on long-distance races that are completed at controlled speed, with the care and health of the horse key in riders' minds. Horses must pass veterinary inspections as specific intervals during the competition. Flat-track endurance riding has evolved in the last decade and is vastly different than endurance riding; it focuses on much faster, prolonged speeds on groomed courses. Endurance riding is held on natural terrain.

The letter states that the committee feels that riders of extreme flat-track racing “know nothing about riding their horses within their capabilities according to the weather and terrain of the day. Their objective is often ‘winning at all costs.'” The committee feels that this approach is vastly divergent from the traditional endurance competitions, where “to finish is to win...”

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South Africa's Race the Wild Coast Begins Oct 13

From 13-21 October 2018, Race the Wild Coast will return for its second edition amid the iconic wilderness of South Africa’s east coast.

It's a new breed of horse race. Riders, with a team of three horses, compete for victory over 350km of rugged paradise on the remote east coast of South Africa; navigating through this challenging wilderness, swimming rivers and keeping horses fit for vet checks in this complex multi stage race will challenge the endurance of any horseback adventurer.

This five-day, multi-stage challenge is one of the most dynamic tests of endurance horse-riding, navigation and survival skills in the world.

For more information, see:

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China: 2018 Dangshan International Equestrian Endurance Race kicks off

Pub Date:18-09-30 14:54
The 2018 China·Dangshan International Equestrian Endurance Race was held at the International Racecourse of the Old Course of the Yellow River in Dangshan County, Anhui Province from September 27th to 28th.

It attracted over one hundred riders from home and abroad and nearly 10,000 equestrian enthusiasts.

In the two days, the FEI one-star (87 km), two-star (120 km) endurance races and 48 km and 87 km qualification competitions were held and wonderful equestrian performances were presented.

The FEI 2-Star Endurance Race is the highest level international equestrian endurance race held in China. (source:

Monday, October 01, 2018

American endurance officials condemn “extreme” flat-track form of discipline - Full Article

September 30, 2018

America’s top endurance officials have warned about the “dangerous disconnect” between the extreme flat-track racing over extended distances and the more traditional version of the discipline.

They want the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) to immediately withdraw all funding to FEI endurance events outside of the US for two years or until significant changes are made within the FEI. Funding should instead be directed toward US national events.

The American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) executive committee, in a letter to the USEF, described events at the endurance ride during the recent World Equestrian Games in North Carolina as chaotic and disturbing. (The race was shortened after some competitors were misdirected on the first loop, and later cancelled because of heat and humidity.)

“WEG has brought clearly into focus the dangers of flat track racing for extended distances being attempted in the framework of traditional endurance …

“While we agree that the start mix up and the incomplete facilities were a major issue in this particular WEG, as noted above, the decade-plus erosion of traditional endurance behaviors and equine welfare criteria are the greatest threats to the discipline.”

The committee, which wrote to USEF president Murray Kessler and secretary-general William Moroney, said their letter arose out of grave concern about not only the recent events of WEG, but also the years-long evolution of the sport of endurance in general...

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First FEI event ever-held in Bragado, Buenos Aires - Full Article
30th September 2018

Bragado Endurance Club, Bragado, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Thursday 20, Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 September 2018. This was the first FEI event ever-held in Bragado. The Bragado Endurance Festival (BEF) was in charge of and organized by the Bragado Endurance Club. Whereas, Chacras del Bragado sponsored and hosted the three-day event.

Argentinian teams particularly enjoyed a professional as well as a relaxed atmosphere, since not only did they compete but also share a long weekend among friends recalling previous races held in different parts of the country. Likewise, the settings offered peace and tranquillity to all horses. The joyful faces, the great number of important prizes, the new HR system (hired from Uruguay) and the viewing of live race results with the Yamamah App made this international event date a unique one in Argentina.

The first start was given on Thursday morning, which ended with the classification of 14 horses in the 40 and 80 km qualifiers. Later in the afternoon, the pre ride for CEI1* seniors and YR took place. While the CEI1* ladies race by Setzi Saddles was held on Friday. Saturday was allocated to CEI1* and CEI2* seniors and YR. At this event Argentina landed a record for a total number of 116 horses during the two race days.

Friday, at 7:00am, 26 riders started the all-female 100km race. It was divided in 4 loops (33km, 25km, 22km and 20km for the last respectively). Winner was Nadia Fernandez Cid riding FG Suavecita, in a post-race interview the rider described her horse as being “very energetic and very pleasant to work with every day...

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Round Up of Recent Endurance Doping Case Rulings - Full Article October 12, 2018 by: Pippa Cuckson Two endurance riders whose horses tested positive to Trometamol have...