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South Africa: Lormar Endurance Middelburg Eastern Cape - Full Article

Race Report made with the assistance of Carmen du Preez

Fairview Farm, Middelburg, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Friday 1 and Saturday 2 March 2019. Riders arrived throughout the week on Fairview farm prepping their horses for the ride, enjoying the evenings with a “braai” under the trees with the beautiful backdrop of the picturesque Sneeuberg mountains.

The carefully planned ride is the brainchild of Piet van der Merwe. 114 horses started the race with only 22 being eliminated.

Friday morning at 03:00 the 160km riders rode into the early morning underneath the stars on the first loop. Ashley Dale Vorster on “Waterlea Bosun’’ owned by Peter Chantler rode confidently showing experience and riding the perfect pace and kept going strong throughout the day shaking the opposition on every lap and winning with ease securing Best of the Best in the overall 160km category with a riding time of 09:32.

The Sanniesguns team consisting of sisters Carlette van Eeden on ‘’Sanniesguns Fortheluv of Thunder’’ and Jackie Joubert on ‘’Sanniesguns Shams’’ finished 2nd and 3rd. The only Young rider entry Luame van Wyk on ‘’Blok Hantami’’ rode the perfect race finishing in 09:59.

The 120km riders were measured against each other on both Friday and Saturday with an early start at 04:00...

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Drugs breach: Asking if a horse is “fine” is not enough, says tribunal - Full Article

March 17, 2019

A student who rode an unfamiliar mount in a 100km endurance ride in Qatar in April 2017 has been suspended and fined after the horse failed a drug test.

Abdul Rahman Hamad S H Juma told the FEI Tribunal that the first time he rode the horse was only a few hours before the CEI1* race in Doha.

The student, who rides only in his spare time, rode the Qatar-registered horse Next in Line Grangeway in the event. He said he had been told beforehand that the horse was fine.

The horse was selected for sampling and tested positive for acepromazine and its metabolic byproduct, hydroxyethylpromazine sulphoxide. They are tranquilisers used for sedation and dilation of blood vessels.

Both are listed as controlled medications under the FEI’s anti-doping rules.

Juma submitted a statement from the owner and trainer of the horse, Turki Misfer AL Hababi.

AL Hababi confirmed that he was responsible for the failed drug test, and stressed that Juma had not ridden or trained the horse previously.

Juma told the tribunal that he had never ridden for AL Habibi either before or after the event. He was just asked to come for the ride, was told the horse was fine, and that was all...

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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Tryon International Equestrian Center violates animal waste disposal regulations - Full Article

Karen Chávez, Asheville Citizen Times Published 6:00 a.m. ET March 15, 2019

MILL SPRING – Fresh from paying a $64,000 fine for water quality violations earlier this year, the Tryon International Equestrian Center in Polk County has been cited for more violations, this time for improper disposal of animal waste.

The N.C. Department of Environmental Quality’s Water Resources Division issued the TIEC a notice of violation of its animal waste disposal permit on March 6. Inspectors found that manure was being spread on saturated fields and during rain events during a Feb. 21 visit to the site.

The DEQ found five violations at the TIEC, run by managing partner Mark Bellissimo. The 1,600-acre facility with arenas, stables, restaurants and shops is a world-class horseback riding, training and exhibition center that hosted the World Equestrian Games last September with more than 400,000 spectators and 800 athletes and their horses from around the globe...

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Friday, March 15, 2019

UAE: Stage set for Dubai Crown Prince Endurance Cup - Full Article

Race to take place at Dubai Equestrian Club on Saturday

Published: March 14, 2019 20:27
Staff Report

Dubai: The Dubai Equestrian Club (DEC) will host the CEN 119km Dubai Crown Prince Endurance Cup sponsored by Emirates Airline on Saturday.

The event is the highlight of the Dubai Crown Prince Endurance Cup Festival, which commenced on March 11.

The festival is sponsored by Meydan Pillar Partners Emirates Airline and is held at the purpose-built state-of-the-art endurance facility, Dubai International Endurance City.

Named after Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Sports Council, the week-long festival opened with the CEN 119km Dubai Crown Prince Ride for Ladies on Monday.

This was followed by the CEN 119km Dubai Crown Prince Ride Restricted to Private Stables/Individuals on Tuesday, and the CEN 119km Yamamah Endurance Cup for Mares on Wednesday.

The Yamamah Cup is notably significant as it is named after the mare the Crown Prince rode to win the 2014 World Equestrian Games Endurance gold medal in France.

The finale, the CEN 119km Dubai Crown Prince Endurance Cup sponsored by Emirates Airline, will be flagged off on Saturday...

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Thailand’s The Horses Endurance Stable - Full Article

Feature made with the assistance of The Horses Endurance Stable Thailand
Photo Credit: The Horses Endurance Stable Thailand / Bank Kanchanavilai

8 March 2019

The Horses Endurance Stable, established in 2007 by Mr. Prutirat R. Serireongrith, is located at Nakhon-Ratchasima province, Thailand, close to the country’s first national park Khaoyai.

Expanding over 80 acres of land and including 30 stables, with more than 20 paddocks, a 20×40 meters indoor training ground and a 20-30 km endurance track. An average temperature of 15-25 °C all year long and surrounded by the Sankhampang mountain range, makes “The Horses” a great place to raise equine and host equestrian games of any kind. With excellent weather conditions and an ideal location, “The Horses” also breeds its own horses. All horses bred are 100 percent pure Arabians and have been DNA tested for lineage and approved by the WAHO (World Arabian Horse Association).

“The Horses” also implements rigorous training programs for horses to ensure them to be in top shape and peak performance, ready for any challenge throughout the year.

“Our main mission goes towards our horses’ health and well-being” says Mr. Prutirat, which he continues, “Our training program will help shape our horses to its best potential, attitude, and strength. I am sure you will love them...”

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Sunday, March 10, 2019

India: 'Marwari horses are humane, intelligent breed' - Full Article

Tabeenah Anjum, DH News Service, Jaipur, MAR 08 2019

As the sun goes down, a 93-year-old French horse rider Philippe Perrier blows a cool air, exchanges whispers as he touches his sharp nose with the face of a Marwari horse, before calling it a day. Philippe is one of the oldest riders at the third edi...

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Gallops of India brings 70 riders to Rajasthan - Full Article

Mar 8 2019 07:18:01 PM

Jaipur, Mar 8 (IANS): The Gallops of India, being held for the first time in the country from March 2-9, here in Rajasthan, brought 70 riders from across the world to the desert state.

The earlier editions of the event were organised in Morocco in 2018 and in Oman in 2014.

The riders have come from 16 different nations including India, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxemburg, Norway, Oman, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and the US to share their common love and passion for horse riding.

The ride covering a distance of 200 km started from the Shekhawati town of Mandawa on March 2 and witnessed the participation of professional as well as amateur riders from across ages and backgrounds.

The riders also included the cavalry members of India and Oman, the former Miss France as well as the 93-year-old Philippe Perrier from France.

The Gallops of India's major objective is the promotion of the Marwari Horses - the indigenous breed of Rajasthan, said Angad Deo Mandawa, co-organizer of the event...

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Saturday, March 09, 2019

Bahrain: FEI Investigates ‘Illegal Jab’ Video - Full Article

March 8, 2019 | Comments
by: Pippa Cuckson

Prominent figures in Bahrain endurance are being investigated by the FEI following allegations that a top-placed horse in last weekend’s King’s Cup race was illegally injected in the final vet-gate.

It has also emerged that Ahmed Janahi, registered trainer of the horse, was provisionally suspended on Wednesday (March 6th) by the FEI in connection with a prohibited substances offence involving another horse.

The FEI has received a copy of a video which was apparently taken off an official live broadcast from the King’s Cup, Bahrain’s most prestigious endurance race, posing questions why no stewards or judges noticed the incident on the day.

The video has been widely shared on Facebook (see below). It shows several people including Janahi (tall, in black jcket and sunglasses) clustered round Tammam de Lizonne while someone injects him in the neck. The horse went on to return an astonishing heart-rate of 46bpm at the final vet inspection. He placed third under rider Sheikh Mohammed bin Mubarak al Khalifa, a member of Bahrain’s ruling family...

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It's Time to Wind Endurance Back to Zero - Full Article

Cuckson Report | March 8, 2019

Meetings of the FEI’s Endurance Temporary Committee – tasked with reviewing their sport for the umpteenth time – are always followed up with a press release. These missives include a quote about the new feeling of optimism and cooperation by everyone in the endurance community.

Sorry for my cynicism, but can someone enlighten me as to when FEI Group 7 (Middle East) underwent this amazing epiphany and agreed that high-speed horse-wrecking must stop? I must have been in a coma that day. The national federations might be saying it and meaning it, but the out on the piste it is a very different story.

We were spoon-fed the same feel-good mantra in 2013 and 2014 by the FEI Endurance Strategic Planning Group (remember them, anyone?) They too enthused about goodwill and engagement (an over-used catch-all term, in my view) toward reform. Yet within a year of the ESPG’s final report in April 2014, recommendations were mostly gathering dust, and the UAE federation had been suspended.

The UAE was let back into the FEI “family” by signing a legal agreement that was then scarcely observed in the 2015-16 winter season. By February 2016 the FEI was seeking further assurances about compliance. In April the UAE was stripped of running the 2016 world endurance championship because “horse welfare could not be guaranteed.”

Speeds got even faster, completion rates no better: so many horses’ careers (and probably lives) over by the age of eight or nine...

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Friday, March 08, 2019

Finding of horse abuse in Dubai endurance race: Fine and suspension imposed - Full Article

March 8, 2019

A rider who competed in a major Endurance race in Dubai in January has been suspended and fined after the FEI Tribunal found that his striking of his horse on the neck with a water bottle amounted to horse abuse.

The tribunal considered the case against Ali Mohd Ali Al Hosani following a formal protest by journalist Pippa Cuckson.

England-based Cuckson provided video footage of the incident in support of her protest.

The tribunal suspended Al Hosani for six months, fined him 2000 Swiss francs, and ordered him to contribute 1000 francs towards the cost of the judicial procedure.

Al Hosani, registered with the Emirates Equestrian Federation, was competing on the horse LCE Corleone in the Sheikh Mohammed Cup CEI 160km race on January 4...

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Dubai: Endurance Rider Suspended for Striking Horse with Slosh Bottle - Full Article

March 7, 2019

An endurance rider who struck his tiring horse with a slosh bottle has today been suspended six months for horse abuse by a three-member panel of the FEI Tribunal.

The incident involving UAE rider Ali Mohd Ali Al Hosani was captured on the official livestream from the Sheikh Mohammed Cup CEI 160km at Dubai International Endurance City on January 4. Al Hosani also been fined 2000 Swiss francs and disqualified from 16th place.

The protest was lodged by contributor Pippa Cuckson, after the video clip below went viral...

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Thursday, March 07, 2019

Bahrain: Shocking Video Emerges of Horse Being Injected During Endurance Event

Tuesday 05 March - 08h24 | Lulu Kyriacou

To add to the troubles besetting endurance, a video has emerged of a horse being injected during an international event in Bahrain at the weekend.

Making a change from the constant news of horse deaths is perhaps the only positive thing to be said about the video which clearly shows an against the rules injection taking place during the H.M. The King's Cup CEI*** 160km in Bahrain on March 2, 2019. The horse is then shown being presented at a vet gate...

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Wednesday, March 06, 2019

A Packed Endurance Season for Great Britain Gets Underway - Full Article


Endurance riders across the country completed their first competitive miles of 2019 at events in the New Forest (3 March). This weekend will see competition in Staffordshire, Surrey and Carmarthenshire, at the start of what looks set to be a busy Endurance GB season.

The endurance calendar opened with a new competitive ride, the New Forest Runway. Formerly a pleasure ride, this event was based from an old WW2 airfield, which takes place from Fritham near Lyndhurst.

Biosecurity measures will be in place and at other Endurance GB rides in March, in the light of guidance from the British Equestrian Federation concerning the recent Equine Flu outbreak. The guidance included the go-ahead for competition on the consideration that all horses taking part should have vaccinations fully up to date.

With a number of new rides, including two additions to the FEI calendar and an extended season which continues until 20th October for the first time, the 2019 Endurance GB season sees the sport poised for growth.

The Golden Horseshoe on Exmoor, now in its 54th year and being staged for the third time over a weekend (18-19 May) retains its iconic place in the sport’s calendar as the UK’s oldest and arguably one of the toughest competitive endurance rides...

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Australia: Glen Innes to host another endurance ride - Full Article

Ellen Dunger
March 6 2019

Endurance riding returned to the Glen Innes region last year and is set to be back again this year.

The Glen Innes Endurance Riding Club held an event in Glen Elgin in January last year and have planned another weekend on March 23 and 24 for Red Range.

The 2018 event saw 20 kilometre and 40km rides take place but this year they will add an 80km ride into the schedule.

Club committee member Jenny Johansen said the feedback they had from 2018 was excellent.

"Everyone said last year's event was fantastic," she said.

"A really great atmosphere and lots of fun."

The coming event has already had plenty of interest through the club's Facebook page and Johansen is hoping to attract more riders outside of endurance circles...

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Tuesday, March 05, 2019

South Africa: World's toughest horse race looking for riders! - Full Article


Cape Town - Now in its third edition, Race the Wild Coast (RTWC) has rapidly become known as the toughest horse race on the planet.

The event takes place from October 19-27, 2019 and only 20 riders compete in this prestigious limited-access event. RTWC is now open for global entries.

This new breed of long-distance adventure horse racing is set amid the breathtaking scenery of the South African East Coast. Over the course of five days a host of experienced international riders, each riding three horses in the course of the race, will compete for victory over 350km of rugged paradise from Port Edward to Kei Mouth. RTWC blends the spirit of the frontiersman and the modern horseback adventurer - a test of endurance, horsemanship, survival and navigational skills.

Says race organiser and 2017 Mongol Derby winner, Barry Armitage: “RTWC is a complex multi-stage race, in which riders must brave this challenging wilderness and swim rivers while keeping horses fit for vet checks. It is no doubt the ultimate test of endurance and horsemanship for any long-distance rider!”

This is indeed the case, as supported by the comments of RTWC veteran Stevie Murray (USA) made at the RTWC 2016 finish line: “When you’ve done the Mongol Derby you get to thinking that nothing will ever compare again; I was wrong. RTWC is far more technically and physically challenging, and the hectic but breathtaking terrain has no comparison. I have never experienced such remote and enchanting beauty in all my life...”

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Ireland: Excellent start to ILDRA’s Endurance Season for 2019 - Full Article

By Bree Rutledge - March 4, 2019

THE 2019 endurance season for ILDRA (Irish Long Distance Riding Association) kicked off brilliantly on February 17, with all 10 CTR (Competitive Trail Rides) riders and horses successfully completing their distances. Tollymore Forest Park had an initially misty start to the day, however, this soon transformed into sunshine with perfect riding conditions for both horse and rider alike. Riders enjoyed the mountainous views across the County Down landscape and coastline, whilst meandering through the forest park trails along the River Shimna...

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Monday, March 04, 2019

Anne’s Mongol Derby III, Preparing for the Horses and the Journey Ahead - Full Article


How does one prepare for Mongolian horses? That is one question I have an easy answer to, you don’t.

Here in the Netherlands, where I live, we do not have horses that come anything near the Mongolian horses. Not in size, not in temperament and not in strength. The Mongolian horses are bred for centuries for their habitat, work, and lifestyle. Nothing to be found like that near my home, sadly.

Meanwhile, I ride a lot of different horses. Big and small, and I take my trusty backpack anywhere. To me, the distance does not really count at the moment, however, the time in the saddle does. Four hours without sore muscles, five hours without sore muscles… And so on...

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Sunday, March 03, 2019

New Zealand: Horse trekking adventurer Chloe Phillips-Harris speaks to Jack Tame - Listen

Newstalk ZB, SectionAudio, Publish Date Saturday, 2 March 2019

If you google Chloe Phillips-Harris, an almost unbelievable collection of headlines pops up.

She has snowboarded behind a camel through the Gobi Desert, was detained in Kazakhstan after immigration officials refused to believe New Zealand was a country and was part of a group who came up with a new sport ‘horse wakeboarding’.

Chole has written a new book 'Fearless: The life of adventurer, equestrian and endurance rider Chloe Phillips-Harris' about her adventures and joined Saturday Morning with Jack Tame to discuss her amazing journeys around the world.


Friday, March 01, 2019

EQA Interview with Julie Veloo on Learning to Ride in Mongolia - Full Story

February 21 2019
Author: Krystal Kelly

Julie is a Canadian girl with the true heart of an adventuress. Growing up in the far North of British Columbia, she was accustomed to brutal winters and wild lands. Horses weren’t a part of her childhood though, in fact she held onto a fear of horses well into her adult life. Her interests of anthropology and travel eventually led her to Mongolia with her husband, where at the age of 50 she decided to challenge herself as part of understanding the Mongolian culture. She sat on a horse for the first time and was only led around the paddock by a small boy, but when she dismounted a whole new passion had been ignited inside her and she was never the same again.

“I had no clue that I was going to turn into the crazy horseback riding lady,” she chuckles before continuing. “Now, I am an associate member of the Long Riders’ Guild with about 25,000 kilometers under my belt and a fervent desire to hopefully make 100,000 before I die.”

Her interest in the Mongolian culture was a crucial factor in learning to ride. “I wasn’t planning on learning to ride,” she says, “It was just that I saw all these gorgeous little Mongolian children thundering by on their horses out in the wild steppe…” She realized that if she wanted to understand the culture, she needed to learn to ride. How else would she know what it’s like to herd thousands of animals or experience what it’s like traveling from one Ger—the nomadic homes also known as yurts—to another on horseback as the Mongols have done for thousands of years? She wanted to know what the Mongolians already knew: what it feels like to be “at one” with an animal...

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Fine and suspension in WEG Endurance fallout - Full Article

March 1, 2019

The fallout from the abandoned Endurance race at the World Equestrian Games in North Carolina continues, with the FEI Tribunal suspending a leading figure in the sport.

In doing so, the three-member tribunal also laid some blame in the case on the FEI over what it said was a poorly managed race which caused frustration and anger among the participants.

It rejected most of the grounds on which the FEI had taken the case against the chef d’equipe for the Spanish endurance team, Dr Ignasi Casas Vaque.

However, tribunal members Armand Leone, Laurent Niddam and Henrik Arle found that Vaque, a veterinarian, had displayed incorrect behaviour towards event officials arising from the cancellation of the endurance race...

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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Suspension for Endurance Chef at the Centre of WEG 'Riot' - Full Article

February 28, 2019
by: Pippa Cuckson

Leading endurance figure Ignasi Casas Vaque has been suspended for 12 months by the FEI Tribunal for his part in the angry scenes that erupted when the World Equestrian Games endurance race was cancelled.

However, in an interesting twist, Tribunal rejected assertions that it was Casas Vaque who brought equestrianism into disrepute. Tribunal noted the FEI “stained” itself by running the badly-organised event at Tryon.

A charge that Dr Casas Vaque [“the Respondent”] made “death threats” to ground jury president J-P Allegret was also not upheld. Tribunal also rejected the FEI’s claim Casas Vaque committed the criminal offence under North Carolina law of “inciting riot.” However, Tribunal did rule that he displayed incorrect behaviours “multiple times...”

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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Radical changes may be needed to protect Endurance horses, committee told - Full Article

February 24, 2019

Radical changes may be needed in some areas of Endurance to ensure the welfare of horses, the head of a major equine charity says.

The comment came from World Horse Welfare chief executive Roly Owers, who this week met with the Endurance Temporary Committee appointed by the FEI to review the discipline in a bid to return the sport to its roots of Endurance riding rather than Endurance racing.

The committee met with a total of 26 stakeholders representing each of the FEI Regional Groups, World Horse Welfare and the Alliance of Endurance Organisers.

The following day, the committee held its third in-person meeting to progress its agenda.

“We are heartened,” Owers told the committee, “that the FEI is taking the strong initiative to ‘take back’, in the FEI president’s words, the sport of endurance, placing far greater emphasis on equine welfare in what has been a rapidly growing, but all too often, controversial discipline...

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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Italy Shows Its Hand in Bid to Host WEG 2022 ‘Alternative’ - Full Story

February 22, 2019
by: Pippa Cuckson

Italy has become the first and only country to publicly declare a “non-binding expression of interest” in staging the majority of the FEI World Championships 2022, with the FEI’s bid deadline (February 28th) just days away.

FISE, the Italian Equestrian Sports Federation, has outlined plans to host everything except driving and endurance. Main hub would be the Tenuta Santa Barbara di Bracciano venue, north-west of Rome, which has been vastly expanded since it hosted the reining and vaulting for the 1998 World Equestrian Games...

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Endurance Temporary Committee holds third in-person meeting

22 Feb 2019

The Endurance Temporary Committee held its third in-person meeting at FEI Headquarters today following yesterday’s meetings with stakeholders. Stéphane Chazel (FRA), member of the elected FEI Endurance Technical Committee, currently unable to function as a full committee, and Dr Martha Misheff (USA), member of the FEI Veterinary Committee were invited to attend today’s meeting in an advisory role and share their expertise and insights on the future and sustainability of the sport.

The Committee summarised the conclusions of yesterday’s meetings, which touched on a wide range of topics, with the aim of bringing the discipline back to its roots while maintaining its competitive status.

“The input from the Groups and the ability to dialogue with our stakeholders has been an invaluable contribution to the Committee’s deliberations”, said FEI Vice President Mark Samuel (CAN), who attends each of the Temporary Committee meetings to facilitate direct communications with the FEI Board. “We noted a great deal of alignment in thinking on most subjects and a notable spirit of engagement and optimism. The priority now is to distill our work into proposals and topics of interest for consideration at the FEI Sports Forum in April.”

The Committee also discussed rule changes still to be addressed, such as mandatory rest periods, CEI1* distances, tack and equipment, and optimising the performance of FEI Officials, including education, appointments, rotation and evaluation.

The FEI Sports Forum 2019 (15-16 April) will have a prominent focus on the sport of Endurance, with Day Two sessions dedicated to the ongoing discussions of the “Future of Endurance”. Delegates will be provided with an update by the Temporary Committee as part of the full consultation process prior to voting on proposed Rules amendments at the FEI General Assembly in November.

Information on the FEI Sports Forum and the timetable can be found here.

About the Endurance Temporary Committee

Information on the Endurance Temporary Committee first in-person meeting is available here and on the second here.
Information on the stakeholders’ meeting can be found here.

About Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI)

The FEI is the world governing body for horse sport recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and was founded in 1921. Equestrian sport has been part of the Olympic movement since the 1912 Games in Stockholm.

The FEI is the sole controlling authority for all international events in the Olympic sports of Jumping, Dressage and Eventing, as well as Driving, Endurance, Vaulting and Reining.

The FEI became one of the first international sports governing bodies to govern and regulate global para sport alongside its seven able-bodied disciplines when Para Dressage joined its ranks in 2006. The FEI now governs all international competitions for Para Dressage and Para Driving.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Endurance Temporary Committee meets with stakeholders at FEI HQ

21 Feb 2019

The Endurance Temporary Committee, set up by the FEI Board in October 2018 to review the discipline with the remit of bringing the sport back to its original roots of Endurance riding rather than Endurance racing, has met with a total of 26 stakeholders representing each of the FEI Regional Groups, World Horse Welfare and the Alliance of Endurance Organisers.

The purpose of the meetings was to allow stakeholders to provide the Temporary Committee with feedback on a series of topics, including the qualification system, mandatory rest periods, track design covering natural features, number of loops, access to water and proximity of cars, elimination codes, heart rates and presentation times, weight of athletes, officials, increased sanctions for anti-doping violations, limits on number of starters and continuous crewing.

The European Equestrian Federation (former FEI Groups I and II), together with FEI Group III, was represented in the first of five sessions which took place today.

“It was a very positive meeting and it was very important for those who participated, that they were being asked for their contributions”, said Quentin Simonet (FRA), Chair of the EEF Endurance Working Group. “Our position is that we have to tackle the real problems which concern a fairly limited number of people. There are plenty of places where the sport of endurance is going very well.”

Also at FEI HQ today for meetings with the Temporary Committee were representatives from Groups IV, V, VI, VII, VIII and IX.

World Horse Welfare also met the Committee, together with representatives of the Alliance of Endurance Organisers, an affiliate of the International Equestrian Organisers Alliance.

“We are heartened that the FEI is taking the strong initiative to “take back”, in the FEI President’s words, the sport of endurance, placing far greater emphasis on equine welfare in what has been a rapidly growing, but all too often, controversial discipline”, said Roly Owers, Chief Executive Officer of World Horse Welfare. “We hope the committee will come up with substantive, and in places radical, changes to better protect equine welfare and so secure the future of endurance.”

The Endurance Temporary Committee will hold its third in-person meeting at FEI HQ tomorrow to further discuss the input from today’s stakeholder group meetings and prepare for the FEI Sports Forum 2019 (15-16 April) as the second day will be dedicated to Endurance.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

The European Equestrian Community Focuses on Endurance

20 February 2019

EEF Working Group has been established to define principles, proposals and a vision for the future

The first meeting of the EEF (European Equestrian Federation) Endurance Working Group provided plenty of positive momentum when representatives from a wide range of active stakeholders in the continental Endurance landscape gathered in Paris, France on 19 December 2018.

They have come together in a “think tank” that reported to the EEF Board, EEF member NFs and FEI stakeholders. As newly-appointed EEF President Theo Ploegmakers explained in his opening address that their brief is to provide guiding principles with rational solutions that will strengthen the sport across Europe and ensure its credibility worldwide.

The EEF Endurance Working Group, chaired by Quentin Simonet, International Relations Coordinator for the French NF, believes that Endurance has a positive future, provided the unacceptable behaviours of a few in the community are addressed and rectified. It is true sport when practiced in a fair way, giving access to all, from beginners to the most experienced and talented athletes, and with the emphasis on the partnership between an educated rider and a well-trained horse.

On almost all of the most important topics the participants shared the same vision to counter current drifts (doping, corruption and any other kind of cheating) and provide a sustainable future for this discipline.

The core statement was to underline that when the current regulations are applied, as it is the case in most of the European events, there is nearly no room for drifts.

By consequence they first agree on the strict application of these regulations and on the reinforcement of the points which will help to do so: consistent application of sanctions, reinforcement of anti-doping program, limitation of crew members, imposition of strict weight control, certification of timing and heart-rate providers, upgrade of a strong FEI officials monitoring program.

Working Group members also addressed veterinarian suggestions, such as: the decrease of intermediate presentation times to 15 minutes, conservation of current heart rate principles and the extension of the rules to avoid horses being transported immediately after competition from 2 Star events. Moreover they agreed upon being against the eventual reintroduction of the 2 hours invasive treatment rule.

This is a progress report and the EEF Endurance Working Group will come up with more details and new recommendations in due time. The Group is looking forward to cooperating with many other stakeholders who have a similar vision.

The participants list and minutes of the first meeting of the EEF Endurance Working Group are available on:

Mongolia: 2019 Gobi Desert Cup Scheduled for 27 August to 6 September

Please join us for a 480-kilometer ride across the Gobi Desert on Mongolian horses over six days. We are an endurance race that prioritizes horse welfare and the sustainability of the nomadic Mongol culture through our event. Challenge your horsemanship will embarking on the cultural experience of a lifetime. We are now accepting a limited number of applications at

The Mongolian Horse

Mongolian horses are semi-wild and handled differently then the horses you are used to riding. Sturdy and strong with a lot of heart, they will teach you and test you. The horses selected for the cup qualify based on age, health, quietness, experience and ability to cover long distances. Once qualified, the horses go to our training center to be trained and conditioned for the race. Our herdsmen will be on hand every day to help you and support you as you navigate the course.

Race Details

Following a marked course, starting every morning at 7AM, riders must complete the course before 7 PM. Two vet checks are held a day; one at 40 km and one at the end of the 80km. When entering the vetting area, riders will have maximum 30 minutes to get their horse's heart rate to 64bpm or below. At each vet check, the horses will be trotted out under saddle and checked for lameness. After passing the vet check, a compulsory vet hold of 40min will allow both riders and horses to rest, eat and drink.

Away from the modern world, GET BACK TO BASICS.

Riders will be camping in tents each night in a traditional Mongolian camp. You will wake up each morning to the herders bringing in the horses to the horse line as the sun rises over the horizon. Leave your modern amenities behind because without electricity you will learn to live as the herders have since the time of Ghenghis Khan.

But no open fires here, you will be immersed in the nomadic lifestyle while enjoying catered food prepared by our chef and his team.


The itinerary includes a half day briefing with officials in Ulaanbaatar at the hotel. You will then be picked up the following morning at the hotel to travel to base camp where you will receive two days of training before the race; discovering the horses, the rules, and try your gear. Then the race begins after a Starting Ceremony! Each night awards will be present for Best Managed Horse and Best Sportsmanship. At the end of six days and 480 kilometers, the Individual Winner, Overall Best Managed, and Team winners will be announced, following by a Closing Ceremony.

For more information and to apply, see

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Canadian Rider on the storm: Jasper woman plans Mongolia charity ride - Full Article

Craig Gilbert |
February 19 2019

Sandra Coombe plans to spend some of her spring standing tall in the saddle.

The longtime local was the 12th and final rider selected for the seventh annual Gobi Gallop, a 10-day, 700-kilometre traditional ride on herd-minded Mongolian stallions from the steppe into the mountains and back down again at the end of May.

She plans to get all four of the innoculations recommended for travel to the region, including typhoid and rabies, but she seemed more concerned about altitude sickness.

She reached the race’s organizer, Julie Veloo, through a video chat Tuesday afternoon.

“We’re technically skirting around the limits of it,” she said, with the riders starting at 7,200 metres in the western Gobi Desert, ascending to 8,600 metres then descending to about 5,000 metres. “Many people could have other issues.”

Coombe was selected after a three-hour interview process...

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Will there be a WEG 2022? FEI to keep close eye on world champs bids - Full Article

February 19, 2019

Horse sport’s world governing body has acknowledged that because of the globalisation of equestrian sport there are few countries with the ability to host a World Equestrian Games championships in all disciplines.

Following last year’s WEG in the USA which was beset with issues, the FEI will work closely with those bidding to host championships in 2022 in order to create “a unified vision and establish an achievable set of goals” to work towards.

When it opened the bidding process late last year for individual world championships for 2022, the FEI said preference would be given to multi-discipline bids. FEI President Ingmar De Vos stressed at the time that it did not necessarily mean the end of the FEI World Equestrian Games concept.

“The new bid process allows for the sustainable and cost-effective use of existing equestrian sports facilities and for the FEI to partner with National Federations that may have hesitated in putting forward multi-discipline bids in the past...

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

New Zealand’s North Island Championships a victory for the ‘Pip’s’ - Full Article

15 February 2019
Race Report made with the assistance of Jane Ferguson

Whareama Domain, half an hour out of Masterton on New Zealand’s scenic east coast was the location for the running of the Toft Endurance ESNZ Endurance North Island Championships from 1 to 3 February 2019.

With the track crossing over 16 privately owned farms, it was a logistical triumph for the organising committee, who had been working extremely hard for many months in the lead-up to ensure a world-class event. Farmers were incredibly supportive, shifting thousands of head of stock, resulting in only two gates on course and a flowing track.

The ride base was picture perfect; sponsors signage was prominently displayed, and with fairy lights running up the vet lanes for the night loops it was a magical experience for all involved. Overseas officials hailed from Botswana, the United States, Costa Rica and Malaysia, and China and Australia were represented among the competitors...

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The UK Horse World Prepares for Brexit - Full Article

by Pamela Burton

The UK Horse World Prepares for Brexit

Leaders in equestrian sport, vets and government have been working closely to prepare plans for the UK leaving the EU
Although the outcomes of Parliamentary negotiations surrounding Brexit remain uncertain, the horse world has been working closely together to understand the implications for horse owners when the UK leaves the EU on 29 March 2019.

Leaders from a number of organisations from horse sport, racing, vets, the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) have been developing plans for what needs to be done in case the UK leaves with no deal.

The chief concern for horse owners will be transportation. Our focus has been on the following areas:...

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Friday, February 15, 2019

Opportunity knocks with FEI World Championships 2022 bid process

13 Feb 2019

While 2019 is set to be another busy year for international horse sport, potential bidders are already vying for the possibility of hosting FEI World Championships in 2022. The FEI has already received some exciting expressions of interest for 2022, with more submissions expected before the 28 February deadline.

“I am delighted to say that the level of interest and the quality of submissions to host FEI World Championships in 2022 has been very high so far, and we are confident that we will have an interesting pool of candidates to choose from when the allocations are made later this year,” FEI President Ingmar De Vos said.

The FEI initiated a bid process for individual FEI World Championships in all disciplines for 2022 at the FEI General Assembly in Manama (BRN) in November last year.

The FEI President stressed at the time that this does not necessarily mean the end of the FEI World Equestrian Games™ concept, and bids to host the full seven disciplines together for 2022 will be considered.

The FEI Board unanimously approved the opening of a bidding process for individual world championships in all disciplines for 2022, with preference being given to multi-discipline bids. The Board also agreed that ideally the FEI World Championships for Dressage and Para Dressage should be combined. The world championships for 2022 in the Olympic and Paralympic disciplines will serve as qualifiers for the Paris 2024 Games.

“Equestrian sport has become increasingly globalised, but there are relatively few countries that have the capacity to host world championships in all disciplines simultaneously,” the FEI President said.

“The new bid process allows for the sustainable and cost-effective use of existing equestrian sports facilities and for the FEI to partner with National Federations that may have hesitated putting forward multi-discipline bids in the past. The door is now open for these Federations to consider submitting an expression of interest for an individual world championship in the discipline of their choice.”

In a key change to the bid process, the FEI will host an interactive workshop at the end of March in Lausanne for all National Federations/Organising Committees that submit an expression of interest in the 2022 World Championships.

“This interactive workshop is a key factor in ensuring that we adequately convey the structure, opportunities and minimum requirements of hosting the FEI World Championships 2022. By working more closely with the National Federations and Organising Committees from the very start of the process, we can ensure a unified vision and establish an achievable set of goals to work towards,” Ingmar De Vos said.

There are over 4,000 FEI events organised world-wide annually across the seven disciplines of Jumping, Dressage & Para-Dressage, Eventing, Endurance, Driving & Para-Driving, Vaulting and Reining, with world championships in the Olympic and Paralympic disciplines held every four years and every second year for non-Olympic disciplines.


• 28 February 2019 – Deadline for receipt of non-binding expressions of interest to host one or multiple FEI World Championship(s) 2022. All information can be accessed here.
• 26 March 2019 – Workshop to be held in Lausanne after which interested bidders will be invited to submit a formal bid, outlining their plans and visions for hosting FEI World Championships in 2022.
• November 2019 – Allocation of FEI World Championships at the in-person Board meeting at the FEI General Assembly in Moscow (RUS). All bids will be fully evaluated over the Spring/Summer of 2019.

Questions concerning the bid process can be sent to

About Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI)

The FEI is the world governing body for horse sport recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and was founded in 1921. Equestrian sport has been part of the Olympic movement since the 1912 Games in Stockholm.

The FEI is the sole controlling authority for all international events in the Olympic sports of Jumping, Dressage and Eventing, as well as Driving, Endurance, Vaulting and Reining.

The FEI became one of the first international sports governing bodies to govern and regulate global para sport alongside its seven able-bodied disciplines when Para Dressage joined its ranks in 2006. The FEI now governs all international competitions for Para Dressage and Para Driving.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Frst Trainers Automatically Suspended Under New Anti-Doping Rule - Full Article

February 12, 2019
by: Pippa Cuckson

Two UAE endurance trainers are the first to be automatically suspended for horses in their care testing positive to banned substances.

The new rule came into effect on January 1st, as the FEI beefs up its battle with ongoing doping issues. Endurance still returns a substantially higher percentage of positives from horses sampled than any other equestrian sport; 37 of the 57 cases currently waiting a Tribunal decision are in endurance, mostly from riders in the Group 7 (Middle East) region.

Trainers Ibrahim Joynal Abedin (Si Quilombo) and Rashed Suhail Al Darbi (Kekmadar) have been provisionally suspended, pending a final Tribunal decision, after both horses tested positive to arsenic. Both horses had the same rider, Said Al Balushi, who is also provisionally suspended. Saudi rider Ahmad Althmaly is also listed as the suspended trainer of Sarem who has tested positive to steroids Stanozolol and 16-betahydroxystanozolol.

This is the first time a new FEI anti-doping rule has been discipline-specific. In all other equestrian sports, because the rider is usually the horse’s trainer and stable manager he is regarded as the prime “person responsible” (PR) and thereby liable for doping offences. However, endurance in the Middle East mostly revolves around large barns of many hundreds of horses and prepared by professional trainers but competed by staff riders or overseas visitors with little prior contact...

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Dubai: Final push gives victory to F3 Stables in HH The President of UAE Endurance Cup - Full Article
13th February 2019

Emirates International Endurance Village, Al Wathba, United Arab Emirates. Saturday 9 February 2019. HH The President of UAE Endurance Cup in Al Wathba is being considered as one of the UAE season highlights, along with the HH Sh. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Cup in Dubai.

Joined with invited riders from around the globe this event was the most important race of the season held in Al Wathba totalling 313 entries (from 28 countries), an increase compared to last year’s entries of 270 entries.

With the exception of the HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Italy Endurance Festival in Pisa – ITA and the HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum UK Endurance Festival in Euston Park – GBR, the Middle East stands out regarding prize money for the endurance races.

Most recently, The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Endurance Cup in Al Ula – KSA still fresh in our mind, together with the earlier mentioned Sheikh Mohammed Cup held last January in Dubai and furthermore last weekend’s HH The President of UAE Endurance Cup where the organisers, the Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club, announced AED 100,000 for each finisher, good for over US$ 27,000.- The 160km distance was split into six loops of 40, 33, 24, 23, 20 and 20km which included, in the second loop, the much dreaded and at the same time most liked Tora Bora section. It looked like most combinations survived it well although the riders were surprised by the deep sand.

The hot weather was an added challenge the international riders coped rather well with considering the fact that temperatures are much less in their home base...

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Monday, February 11, 2019

Australia: Bush ride to test endurance - Full Story

Michelle Slater
11 Feb 2019]

Local horse owners who love riding in the bush are being encouraged to have a go at endurance riding at a training weekend in Glengarry in March.

Ride organiser Trish Van Donk said anyone on any breed of horse could tackle the introductory 20-kilometre loop through the Bool Bool State Forest so long as their horse has had regular work.

She said the social ride would be ideal for budding pony clubbers, adult riding club members or trail riders wanting to step up the pace and learn more about the sport.

"I definitely encourage people who haven't done this before to try the 20 kilometres. It's not difficult, it won't be hilly and won't put the horse under stress if they haven't done it before," Ms Van Donk said.

"It's pretty friendly. Most people will help you out and guide you. It's not competitive and a good way to start..."

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Friday, February 08, 2019

A new chapter for Italia Endurance Stables & Academy - Full Article

8th February 2019
Feature made with the assistance of Italia Endurance Asd
Photo Credit: Italia Endurance Asd

One should consider Italia Endurance Stables & Academy as a whole entity, with the stables being the headquarters for Fuxiateam as well as location for events, an endurance academy and breeding activities.

Italia Endurance Stables & Academy is a centre par excellence for endurance riding and one of the most important in Europe. Located in Italy, between Perugia and Lake Trasimeno, it is surrounded by the gentle green hills of Agello village. Italia Endurance Stables & Academy is a sport and breeding project whose headquarters are in Agello, Magione near Perugia, on Via Emirati Arabi Uniti, 3.

Inspired by the vision of H. H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the future of these facilities is all about endurance riding and to create opportunities for young people involved in this sport. World Team Champion Gianluca Laliscia has turned his dream, dedicated to endurance and Pure Arab horses, into reality. A new special place where wellness, comfort, and quality come together, creating a harmonious relationship among people, horses and nature which is immediately perceptible...

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Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Petaluma woman to compete in “the longest and toughest horse race in the world” - Full Article


Petaluman Erin Nagle is adventuresome, athletic, impetuous, determined and, by her own admission, — crazy.

How else would you describe a 26-year-old who is planning to ride 25 half-broken horses 600 miles across the Mongolian steppe.

Competing in the Mongol Derby, described as “The longest and toughest horse race in the world, is the latest in Nagle’s continuing self challenges. It is by far the most demanding of her adventures.

In the past, she has competed in a body-building competition, learned to play polo, tried her hand at horse archery and run a half marathon. Those seem tame compared to what stretches like a barren dessert in her future...

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Monday, February 04, 2019

Saudi Arabia: Endurance race winners crowned at Al-Ula - Full Article

February 02, 2019

• The total prize value for the race was SR15 million ($4 million)
• The race was organized by the Saudi Equestrian Federation and the UAE Equestrian and Racing Federation

JEDDAH: Madinah Gov. Prince Faisal bin Salman on Saturday crowned the winners of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Endurance Cup.

The ​120km race took eight hours to complete and brought together 100 riders from a dozen countries including Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain.

It was part of the Winter at Tantora festival held in Al-Ula, which is 300 km north of Madinah.

The Royal Commission for Al-Ula hailed the race as the biggest in the world in terms of endurance, and said it wanted to promote the city as a tourist destination for art, culture, heritage, nature and sport.

The race was organized by the Saudi Equestrian Federation and the UAE Equestrian and Racing Federation. It was recognized by the International Federation for Equestrian Sports.

The total prize value for the race was SR15 million ($4 million).

In first place was Salem Hamad Al-Kitbi from the M7 team of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum.

In second place was Abdullah Ghanim Al-Marri from the F3 team of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al-Maktoum and, in third place, was Saif Ahmed Al-Mazrouei from the MRM team of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum.


The winner received a cash prize of SR900,000 and a Range Rover.

The runners-up received a cash prize of SR650,000 and a Jaguar F-Pace each.

Those placing fourth to 10th were rewarded with SR400,000 each, while 11th to 100th place holders received SR100,000 each...

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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Australia: Teenager Jaz Hutchins is bucking the trend for girls at the rodeo - Full Article

SARAH HUDSON, The Weekly Times
January 29, 2019

AT THE age of nine, Jaz Hutchins competed in her first 160km endurance horse riding race.

At 14, she hopped on her first bull ride at a rodeo.

Now the 17-year-old from Sassafras in northern Tasmania has shattered most age and gender barriers, becoming one of only two female bullriders in her home state and one of only a few in Australia.

In the past year she has made the national finals in Queensland in steer riding and was the only female in the top 10 steer riders from across Australia. This year she was invited to represent Australia at a US rodeo, but cannot afford to fly over.

And she came first against 300 competitors in the Tom Quilty Gold Cup last year — the peak endurance competition in Australia — taking nine hours and 46 minutes to complete the 160km ride.

“But the heartbreaking thing was that I couldn’t officially win because I was under 18,” Jaz says...

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Monday, January 28, 2019

Prohibited substance cases under FEI anti-doping rules

28 Jan 2019

The FEI has announced two adverse analytical findings (AAF) involving two equine prohibited substances.

The cases involve two *Banned Substances under the FEI’s Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations (EADCMRs).

The first case involves Ergonovine, which is also designated as a **Specified Substance.

As Specified Substances may enter a horse’s system inadvertently, due to a credible non-doping explanation, the FEI and/or the FEI Tribunal have more flexibility when prosecuting a case or when making a sanctioning decision.

Horse: Su Rai (FEI ID 105IR91/ITA)
Person Responsible: Antonello Mulas (FEI ID 10115574/ITA)
Event: CEI2* 120 - Follonica (ITA), 16-18.11.2018
Prohibited Substance: Ergonovine
Date of Notification: 7 January 2019

In this case, the athlete was not provisionally suspended at this stage of the procedure. The horse has been provisionally suspended for two months from the date of notification until 6 March 2019.

In the second case the athlete has been provisionally suspended from the date of notification until the FEI Tribunal renders its decisions. The horse has been provisionally suspended for two months from the date of notification until 14 March 2019:

Horse: Soda (FEI ID 104PY45/UAE)
Person Responsible: Ayed Sauod Alosaimi (FEI ID 10048137/KSA)
Event: CEI1* 80 - Al Qaseem (KSA), 01.12.2018
Prohibited Substance: Boldione, Boldenone
Date of Notification: 15 January 2019

Details on both cases can be found here.

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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Great Britain: Donkeys and mules officially welcome in endurance after rule change - Full Article\

Eleanor Jones
13:20 - 25 January, 2019

Donkeys and mules are officially welcome at Endurance GB (EGB) rides this year, thanks to a change in the organisation’s rules.

In a summary of confirmed changes for 2019, EGB said it was time to “regularise” the long-eared mounts’ status in the rule book.

“We’ve had some riding with us for years with no issue, and we thought it was time to legitimise them,” Esther Young, chair of the EGB operations committee, told H&H...


Friday, January 25, 2019

FEI to Host Clean Sport Seminar During Asia Horse Week - Full Article

With the two-day seminar, taking place Feb. 14-15 in Hong Kong, the FEI will explain equine and human anti-doping regulations and procedures and more.

Posted by Edited Press Release | Jan 19, 2019

The Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) will host a Clean Sport seminar in Hong Kong during the second edition of the Asia Horse Week. With the two-day seminar (Feb. 14-15), the FEI said it hopes to provide a clear understanding of the equine and human anti-doping regulations and procedures.

“Increasing awareness and education is a major part of our work towards a doping-free environment in equestrian sport,” FEI President Ingmar De Vos said. “The Asia Horse Week brings together an impressive cross section of the equestrian community, making it the perfect opportunity to educate athletes and their support staff.”

Speakers will include FEI Veterinary Director Göran Akerström, DVM, and FEI Veterinary Advisor Caterina Termine, BSc (Hons), BVSc, Cert. AVP, MRCVS, as well as and other industry experts. The plenary sessions will be open to all Asia Horse Week participants and technical discussions will be reserved for veterinarians...

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Sweden: Second year in a row successful snow racing in Rättvik - Full Article

25 January 2019
Race report made with the assistance of Linnéa Engblom

Rättvik, Sweden. Saturday 19 January 2019. Last year was the first trial to do a winter endurance race in a cold and snowy Sweden, and it turned out to be a successful one. This year riders from seven different countries came to Rättvik to experience riding in the winter wonderland, and there were about 50 participants starting in the CEI2*120, CEI*80 or one of the national classes.

A lot of snow had fallen during the week which made for a good base for the horses, and the vet gate and resting area was prepared inside the big hall at the venue. A chilly morning was followed by a sunny day – even though the sun is only up for a few hours this time of year in the middle of Sweden.

It was minus ten degrees in the morning as the riders went off in the glow of the headlamps...

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Great Britain: Suzie Rides to Success - Full Article

Year 9 BMS student Suzie Todd has had a successful year in competitive endurance horse riding, receiving multiple awards during the season and moving from novice to open status at the end of 2018. She has also been named Endurance Great Britain’s Young Volunteer of 2018 for her voluntary services to endurance riding.

In her competitive riding Suzie was named Endurance GB’s Reserve Junior Champion and winner of the Harvey Trophy, which involved completing ten competitive rides with a total distance of 417km. She took first place in her 40km novice class representing the Cromwell Group (Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire) at the Inter-Regional Championships, who awarded her novice highest points winner for the season. She was also awarded the Endurance Open Shield by her own pony club, Whaddon Chase...

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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Great Britain: Inspirational Horses - Barbara Austin and Bonnie Lass - Full story

19 January 2019
by Barbara Austin

This week saw the Branch Annual Meeting for Northumberland and Tyneside group. It was an emotional evening for me as in August last year I had lost my mare Bonnie Lass . At the BAM I was presented with a special Rosette with Bonnie's final mileage total on it, 5422 kilometres, wow what an incredible journey we have had.

We had started in Endurance in 2006 with a handful of pleasure rides and soon became hooked. So the following year decided to try some competitive rides. Bonnie was not your typical endurance horse, being Welsh Cob cross, but that did not deter her. We progressed from Novice to Open Level mainly at the lower distances, 30k and 40k rides, but we also did a handful of 50k rides as well. Living in Northumberland most of our rides were done in the northern part of the England and southern Scotland. The terrain can be challenging at times, but the countryside is incredible. It could be described as true Endurance country. Most years we managed in the region of 10 competitive rides and a handful of pleasure rides and gradually over the years the mileage crept up...

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Endurance Temporary Committee continues work at second in-person meeting

15 Jan 2019

The Endurance Temporary Committee, which has continued to receive a vast amount of feedback from the Endurance community, held its second in-person meeting at FEI Headquarters today to continue working on its remit of carrying out an in-depth review of the discipline rules.

The Committee, which was established by the FEI Board in October last year, has been tasked with bringing the sport back to its original roots of Endurance riding rather than Endurance racing.

FEI President Ingmar De Vos opened today’s meeting, and commended the Committee members on their dedication, both to the discipline and to the task in hand.

Topics discussed included mandatory rest periods, number of entries and staggered starts, crewing outside water points, the appointment and rotation of FEI Officials and rules enforcement.

“I am really encouraged by today’s meeting”, committee chair Dr Sarah Coombs said. “It was extremely productive and, with the combination of the hugely experienced individuals on the committee and the input from the community, I feel we have already made and will continue to make strides towards our goal of improving horse welfare in Endurance.”

The Committee had its first meeting in mid-December last year and has already received Board approval for a change to the Endurance rules to introduce the concept of Severe Injury, with the same sanctions as for a Catastrophic Injury which requires euthanasia. This has been extremely well received throughout the Endurance community and will be implemented from 1 February 2019.

A proposal to test a reduction in maximum heart rates and presentation times at Endurance events held between 1 February and 1 April 2019 has met with mixed reactions from Organising Committees and National Federations hosting events during the two-month test period. Participating organisers would be asked to implement heart rates of 64 bpm for the first vet gate and 60 bpm thereafter, including the final inspection, within 20 minutes.

The Temporary Committee members are Dr Sarah Coombs (GBR), Tarek Taher (KSA), Pieter Wiersinga (NED), Dr Tim Parkin (GBR) and Valerie Kanavy (USA). FEI Vice President Mark Samuel (CAN) also attends the Temporary Committee meetings to facilitate communications between the committee and the FEI Board.

The Temporary Committee will hold its next in-person meeting on 22 February 2019, following a full day of previously scheduled stakeholder consultations. There will be a dedicated Endurance session at the FEI Sports Forum 2019 (15-16 April) at which delegates will be provided with an update by the Temporary Committee as part of the full consultation process prior to voting on proposed Rules amendments at the FEI General Assembly in November.

Separately, the FEI has this week sent out a reminder to Endurance Trainers that significant changes to the FEI Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Rules (EADCMRs) came into force on 1 January 2019. Under the new Rules, automatic provisional suspension will be imposed on the registered Trainer of any horse that tests positive to a Banned Substance or two or more Controlled Medication substances. During the provisional suspension, Trainers would not be able to train or enter horses under their direct or indirect care for either national or international Endurance events.

About the Endurance Temporary Committee

Information on the Endurance Temporary Committee first in-person meeting is available here.

Endurance Temporary Committee looks to trial lower heart rates - Full Article

January 16, 2019

The Endurance Temporary Committee, appointed last year in bid to tidy up undesirable aspects of the discipline, has scored a win in respect of major injuries, but is reportedly finding more headwind as it looks at the possibility of lowering heart rates, with a presentation time of 20 minutes.

The committee was formed by the FEI Board last October. It is carrying out an in-depth review of the rules to identify the most effective way of bringing the discipline back to its original roots of Endurance riding as opposed to Endurance racing.

The committee held its second in-person meeting at the FEI’s headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, this week.

Topics discussed included mandatory rest periods, number of entries and staggered starts, crewing outside water points, the appointment and rotation of FEI Officials, and rules enforcement...

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Abu Dhabi: M7 Endurance Stables power to victory in Al Reef Cup

Photo credit: Morhaf Alassaf for Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club - Full Article
15th January 2019

Emirates International Endurance Village, Al Wathba, United Arab Emirates. Saturday 12 January 2019. For the CEI2* 120km Al Reef Cup, organiser Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club kept the rule of 60kg for the riders (with saddle). As mentioned earlier, this is a move that has been welcomed by the teams.

Some considered this race as a final test for the HH The President of United Arab Emirates Endurance Cup scheduled for 9 February. It was true that the very best horses were not entered, but nevertheless there was a high level of quality on the start list.

Coming in first after the opening loop was Miriam Mala – SVK (Kynnum Park Shahkira – Hadaybit Asalem 2 Endurance Stables), who was able to hold a top three place after a longer recovery, but sadly to no avail as, after an even longer recovery at the second gate, she was vetted out for irregular gait.

The leader of the first hour was Amy McAuley – IRL (Moondarra Maher – F3 Stables), but she was also out of the race by the end of the second loop...

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Lowering the Heart Rate - Solution or Heresy? - Full Article

Sunday 13 January - 19h03 | Muriel Judic

Lowering the heart rate is a topic that has divided the endurance world since the announcement this week of a trial to test lowering of the recovery threshold to 60 beat per minute instead of 64 bpm. The organizers of the CEI at Fontainebleau on March 22nd and 23rd, have attracted the wrath of a large number of French riders but also the staff of the National Federation. But the subject has merit throughout the sport of endurance and not only in France.

Anxious to contribute to the efforts aimed at the well-being of endurance horses, the team of Gilles Cabardos, had these last two years already experimented more strict principles in the field of recovery with the reduction to 10 mn max (against 20 mn) presentation time at intermediate veterinary checks. Why change the rules? At the end of each ride loop, the horse goes through a series of metabolic examinations, but all too frequently - especially on fast races running for the first 22 or even 25 km / h - exhausted horses pass the examination, but fail to complete the next loop. Some have legitimately mentioned the results of the Sheikh Mohamed Cup in Dubai, which had, in early January, only 89 couples who completed the ride and 250 who didn't during this 160km event...

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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Endurance Organizers Sought for Urgent Heart-Rate Study - Full Article

January 11, 2019
by: Pippa Cuckson

Organizers of upcoming FEI endurance rides worldwide are being urged to take part in a trial of lower heart-rate parameters, in a bid to reduce attrition rates.

The trial will take place from February 1 – April 1, giving the FEI’s new “temporary” endurance committee time to review results before the FEI Sports Forum from April 16-17.

But there has already been a setback with the major ride in Fontainebleau, France, declining to participate after “taking into account the many comments of the riders.” The organizer – who has no title-sponsor this time – faced a boycott. Fontainebleau also notes that veterinarians have always had the opportunity to request a re-examination if the horse’s recovery time is too long...

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

First Issue of Arabian Horse Int'l Endurance


Publisher Cidinha Franzao has released the first issue of Arabian Horse International Magazine has been released. Contents include an interview with World Champion Valerie Kanavy, a profile of the endurance horse legend Nobby, a recap on international rides in Europe and South America, and more.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Spain's Alex Criville a motor bike legend turned horse rider - Full Article
5th January 2019

How do you introduce Alex Criville, the Spaniard who took his Repsol Honda to the title victory in the 1999 MotoGP World Championship? From the glamorous high-octane life of motor bike racing, he is now a competitive horse man. An interview with a legend.

Why horses?

Well it’s kind a life’s philosophy where I love nature and in some kind of way I still compete even though it’s now with the horse and not at 300km/h like I used to go with motorcycles. Yet this phase of my life pleases me a lot.
What does it mean in Spain, first winning races and then the ultimate title in racing?

Winning the 500 title with the maximum category meant a lot to me as we were thinking why not winning it and we finally demonstrated it. 10 years later Lorenzo and Marquez won it and now we are dominating the category...

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Saturday, January 05, 2019

UAE: Al Marri completes HH Shaikh Mohammad Cup hat-trick - Full Article

More than 340 riders from 35 countries participate in 160km challenge

Published: January 04, 2019 18:42
Leslie Wilson Jr, Racing & Special Features Writer

Dubai: Abdulla Ghanim Al Marri underlined his class once again as a leading endurance athlete by winning the 12th edition of the CEI 3* 160km HH Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Cup Presented by Longines on Friday.

This is the third time he has won the coveted title, on this occasion aboard the 2009-born Lockelea Starwood Comet.

Al Marri, who is ranked No. 1 in the FEI Endurance Open Riders World Ranking, first won the Cup in 2012 as a 17-year-old when he became the youngest ever to win the title. He repeated the feat in 2013. Al Marri was representing the F3 Stables under trainer Khalifa Ghanim Al Marri, his brother...

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Friday, January 04, 2019

Gallops Of India: Coming March 2019

Save the date: March 2nd to 10th.

In 2019, the new edition of the Gallops will take you deep into the colorful and sumptuous eternal Rajasthan in India!
The registrations are now open!

The Gallops it is a combination of a great ride, a passionate challenging race, a unique human experience, a very entertaining scope and a rich touristic discovery in beautiful natural settings. More than an equestrian adventure, a human adventure!

This unique “Paris-Dakar style” concept is an orienteering and endurance equestrian race in teams of 5 riders, for 6 days endless desertic spaces in faraway lands.

Without being strictly a competition – the quest of performance is not a vital goal –, the « Gallops » will draw from the horse riding qualities of the competitors, from their stamina, their spirit of solidarity, as well as the self-discipline.

The Gallops of Oman, the first edition which took place in 2014, we have experienced international success gathering 110 horse riders – that is 22 teams of 10 different nationalities – over a 180 kilometers long trail in 5 stages in the sands dunes of the majestic Wahiba Sands desert in the Sultanate of Oman.

In 2018, the adventure has taken place in the Moroccan desert, where the beauty of the arid landscapes of Merzouga, is renowned for its Hollywood movie productions. The fantastic epic around the theme of the cinema has fulfilled its promises and the 90 riders from 15 countries around the globe have had their eyes full of stars.

The third edition of the Gallops will take you deep into the colorful and sumptuous eternal Rajasthan in India on March 2019.

In teams of 5, the riders will take part in this exclusive equestrian trail on the Marwaris horses with their cute curved ears. The old mansions and palaces will open their doors to host you majestically and to let you discover the Land of the Maharadjahs.

This international event, which gathers 100 horse riders from all over the world and from all equestrian riding backgrounds, is above all a pretext to discover, by means of our close companion – the horse -, a country with a great variety of breathtaking landscapes and a nation with ancestral equestrian traditions.

The journey is also open to accompanying « non riders » persons (spouse, kids or friends) who will explore simultaneously in 4x4 the natural and cultural treasures and join every evening the race competitors at the camp. Local gastronomy and traditional shows, will make the evenings!

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FEI warns competitors feeding supplements is ‘negligent’, after failed dope tests - Full Article

Eleanor Jones
18:24 - 3 January, 2019

Feeding supplements to horses is negligent, the FEI has reiterated after two dressage horses failed dope tests, owing to the possibility of contamination or the fact ingredients lists may not be accurate.

US riders Kaitlin Blythe and Adrienne Lyle’s rides, Don Principe and Horizon respectively, both tested positive for banned substance ractopamine at a show in Wellington, Florida, in February 2017.

As stated in its report published last month the FEI Tribunal ruled that although the presence of banned substance ractopamine was caused by contamination of a supplement fed to both horses, and that neither rider bore “significant fault or negligence” for the positive results, the FEI stated it is “of the opinion that by using a supplement in the first place, the PR [person responsible; the rider] is already negligent”...


A 1000km horse race! Anne’s 2019 Mongol Derby - Full Story


Readers Blog: Anne’s story

Written by Anne Binnendijk

Mongolia, the country with few people and lots of horses in between Russia and China is the place where every year, the Mongol Derby takes place. About 40 riders, 1000 horses and 27 horse stations get set to cover a distance of 1000 kilometers (about 621 miles). It’s called the longest and toughest horse race on Earth, and guess what? I am going to ride in the 2019 derby!

My name is Anne, I’m 26 years old with a great passion for animals, nature and culture. I’m not and endurance rider. At least, not yet! ‘Normally’ I work with horses as an instructor and working on straightness and classical dressage, by following the view of old masters and the Spanish Riding School...

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Thursday, January 03, 2019

New rules force horses with repeat cross-country eliminations to step down a level - Full Article

Lucy Elder 18:05 - 3 January, 2019

Horses and riders who repeatedly run into cross-country difficulties will be forced to drop down a level before they compete again.

The new rule is part of British Eventing’s (BE) 2019 regulations, in which safety and welfare are brought to the fore.

This rule was first raised publicly at BE’s AGM in November (news, 8 November) and the organisation has now shared details of how exactly it will work.

At affiliated events this year, horses who have two consecutive cross-country eliminations — as a result of refusals, run-outs, or horse or rider falls — or who have three eliminations within a rolling 12-month period must drop down a level at their next event...

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UAE: Sheikh Mohammed Endurance Cup tops four-day Festival - Full Article

Filed on January 2, 2019

The 160km Sheikh Mohammed Endurance Cup ride on Friday will be the highlight of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Cup Festival of endurance riding.

Sheikh Mohammed Endurance Cup, a keenly anticipated ride on the international endurance calendar is an annual tribute to the vast impact His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has had on the sport of endurance riding and global equestrian sport. His vision and passion for the sport have combined to take endurance riding to new heights in the region and worldwide.

The showpiece 160km Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Cup will be run on Friday.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, is a multiple winner of the Sheikh Mohammed Endurance Cup. The most recent running was won by Saif Al Mazrouei aboard Nopoli Del Ma, staving off the challenge from an impressive 360 competitors from 44 countries, including former world and European champions...

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UAE: Three days of spectacular racing in Dubai - Full Article
2nd January 2019

Dubai International Endurance Village, Dubai, UAE. Thursday 27, Friday 28 and Saturday 29 December 2018. The first weekend of the new year is marked with the HH Sh. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Cup.

And traditionally three races in a row are scheduled the week before to create a real festival with the HH Sh. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Ride – CEN 119km for Ladies, HH Sh. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Ride – CEN 119km Restricted for Private Stables / Individuals and the Gamilati endurance Cup for Mares (CEN 120km).

The weather played an important factor last year, with delays in the private race due to extreme fog, yet was very kind this time although conditions were cold to start with and then rather warm once the sun came through.

First part of the trilogy was the HH Sh. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Ride – CEN 119km for Ladies on Thursday 27 December.

New for this Ladies race was the increase of distance from 110km to 119km, which according to a member of the organizing committee Dubai Equestrian Club (DEC) was to see the impact on the speed, if this could hopefully reduce it, and possibly to be implemented for all future ladies races. The 119km is more from organization point of view as the criteria remains a ‘1 star’ event...

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South Africa: Lormar Endurance Middelburg Eastern Cape - Full Article Race Report made with the assistance of Carmen du Preez Fairview Farm, Middelburg, Eastern Cape, Sout...