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Malaysia: Ziyad makes his mark

21 September 2012

MUHAMMAD Ziyad Muhammad Hamzah earned the praise of former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad after Malaysia's youngest rider at the World Endurance Championships finished 37th in Euston, England recently.

Ziyad, 16, was the second-best Malaysian in the 160km ride on board his horse, Braza, in eight hours, 47 minutes and 19 seconds, the same time as the Sultan of Terengganu Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin on Nafis De Brisal.

Asri Abd Aziz was Malaysia's best placed rider at 32nd in the event won by Dubai ruler and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Al Maktoum.
Dr Mahathir said Ziyad's achievement was commendable, given that half of the field of 147 riders failed to finish the course.

"Malaysian athletes do not often win," said Dr Mahathir in a statement.

"Therefore we celebrate even if our athletes are placed, as for example Lee Chong Wei who came in with a silver medal in the London Olympics and Pandelela Rinong who was third in diving.

"I would like to report another achievement of a Malaysian athlete. He is Muhammad Ziyad Muhammad Hamzah who recently completed an arduous endurance ride of 160km in the World Endurance Championship held at Euston Park in Britain.

"He came in 37th in the race participated by 147 riders. Maybe it is not something to celebrate. But about half the riders did not complete the course.

"Muhammad Ziyad is the youngest rider, still in his teens. He is in the category of 52 fastest riders, and is among the top 10 of the FEI World Junior category.

"He has accordingly been selected to represent Malaysia in the 2013 World Endurance Championship in France.

"I am particularly proud as Muhammad Ziyad works with his father at my stud farm in Langkawi. The horse he rode is from the farm and is a pure bred Arab gelding."

Great Britain: Carri-Ann looks to future - Full Article

By Dan Barnes
21 September 2012

LITTLE Cheverell’s Carri-Ann Dark admits plotting the long-term course of her endurance riding career won’t be an easy task after ending her time as a Young Rider on a high.

The 21-year-old helped Endurance GB win bronze at the European Young Riders Championships with her ride Vavavoom in Belgium earlier this month and says that competing exclusively in adult events from now on will be testing.

“It was really good to finish with a fantastic result and we were all really happy because we were told that it was the first medal Britain have won in endurance for about 15 years,” said Dark...

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Endurance riding’s national championships under way in North Carolina

The AERC National Championship is being held on the grounds of the historic Biltmore Estate.
September 20, 2012

The hilly, verdant land around the Biltmore estate in Asheville, N.C. is the setting for this year’s Adequan/American Endurance Ride Conference National Championships. Top U.S. endurance riders and their horses are competing for national titles in the 100-mile and 50-mile distances.

The 100-mile championship took place yesterday, Sept. 20, with 53 entries kicking off their ride at the pre-dawn time of 6:30 a.m.

On Saturday, Sept. 22, the 50-mile contenders will take to the course, which loops around the historic Biltmore Equestrian Center with competitors returning to a central area for the required vet checks. The hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains promise a scenic but challenging ride.

During the competition, Dr. Meg Sleeper, a competitive endurance rider and professor at the University of Pennsylvania College of Veterinary Medicine, will be conducting a study of heart rate variability (variation in the heart rhythm) in endurance horses. Riders who volunteer for the study will have their horses wear a heart rate monitor during the pre-ride vet check and after completing the ride. The study is the first of its kind on endurance horses.

On Sept. 23 and 24, the Arabian Horse Association’s Competitive Trail Ride (CTR) championship will take place on the grounds. This 70-mile competition is open only to Arabians and half-Arabians that have qualified through results at earlier regional or national CTRs. An open CTR will also be held in conjunction with this ride that will allow riders of all breeds to compete.

CTRs differ from endurance riding in that they are not a race. In endurance, the first horse-and-rider team to cross the finish line is the winner, provided the horse passes the final vet check. In CTR, competitors must finish between the minimum and maximum time, and they are judged on the horse’s manners and the rider’s horsemanship. Horses may be checked at any point on the ride (rather than at set vet checks at certain mileage as is done in endurance) and riders may be asked to demonstrate skills such as mounting, sidepassing and backing at any point along the ride. Competitors are even judged on their stabling and campsite areas.

Learn more about this year’s AERC National Championship at

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Read horse rider wins bronze for Great Britain in Belgium endurance contest

Photo Ben Parsons - Full Article

Published on Wednesday 19 September 2012

Teenage equestrian Kate Atkinson is riding high after winning a bronze medal with the Great Britain team in a top European endurance event.

Kate (15) from Read, was the youngest in a four-strong team in the FEI European Young Rider Endurance Championships at Mont le Soie, in Belgium, where 19 national teams were competing on a super-tough 120-km Ardennes mountain route. It was Britain’s first junior medal win in the competition in 15 years.

Kate’s determined performance, riding her 13-year-old bay Arab gelding Vanash to 23rd place overall helped the GB team to clinch bronze as one of the only three teams to have the required minimum three riders complete the course.

Team mates Carri-Ann Dark and Beth Langley, both in their last year of junior competition, came in 14th and 18th. France won gold and Italy silver...

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Great Britain: Young rider from Lyme Regis scoops top European gong - Full Article

By Rene Gerryts
19th September 2012 in Local News

A 19-YEAR-OLD A-level student from Lyme Regis has been named the best British horse rider in the European Young Rider Endurance Championships.

Dace Sainsbury passed all her exams at Woodroffe School and was the first British rider across the finish line of the 120k race, which was held in Belgium.

The British team came home with a bronze medal.

The young rider, who already has her sites set on the world championships next year, said it has been an amazing experience.

She came 12th out of a field of 63 riders on her 12-year-old Arab mare Lottie.

Dace squeezed in her training at 5.30am before school to make sure her horse was fit enough to compete at her first championships.

She said: “It was a very tight schedule and I have another youngster at home whom I am just starting through the levels and he was having to be exercised and it was a struggle...

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Great Britain: Dace tells the story of her FEI European Junior Endurance Championships - Full Article

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

junior European Event rider Dace Sainsbury writes: After final preparations were made ready for our trip to Belgium I could not help but check and re check that I had packed everything that I could possibly need for a week away.

Finally I felt prepared, so on Tuesday morning Samantha, James, my Mum and I set off for Dover. Apart from a slight detour that almost resulted in us being packed off into the eurotunnel, we safely reached the lairage in time for our 4pm ‘final’ vet check to ensure the horses were fit and ready for the lengthy travel to Belgium and of course the competition.

So, after all the inevitable delays in logistics we finally boarded the ferry on Wednesday morning. As it was the first time I had ever travelled Ballota on a ferry I was very nervous about the whole procedure but the team and the management assured me that there wasd nothing to worry about and she would still be in one piece on the other side. We were very lucky to have had a very smooth ferry crossing and the offloading procedure was relatively painless, within no time at all we were negotiating our way around Calais and were full steam ahead to the venue at Mont Le Soie. It has to be said that despite mydoubts about James’ capability in driving abroad he did not make a mistake the whole trip.

We arrived at Mont Le Soie at around 8pm. One more vet check for the horses, food for human and horses and then bed. The hotel was astounding and the hospitality was beyond expectations for a group of over 40 British riders, crews and management and were happoy to accomodate our late dinners and early breakfasts.

The next few days were crammed full of pre-ride exercise, vet checks, team tactics, vet checks, setting up vet gates, vet checks and generally getting to know each other and each others horses better. We had a fantastic time and the weather was beautiful, but by Friday evening, the eve of the competition, I can only speak for myself when I say my nerves were at breaking point and it took a lot of diversion tactics from my support crew to keep me smiling!

Four AM Saturday morning, the hotel was alive with riders and crews readying themselves for the day ahead...

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Czech Republic: Double Joy

Sunday, September 16, 2012

BAHRAIN's Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa and UAE's Shaikh Hamadan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum yesterday shared honours at the FEI Open European Endurance Championships, which took place at the endurance village in Most, in the Czech Republic.

Shaikh Nasser, the Bahrain Royal Endurance team captain, completed the challenging 160-km ride in joint first position with Dubai Crown Prince Shaikh Hamdan with a total ride time of eight hours, 11 minutes and five seconds, with an average speed of 19km per hour.

They were followed by Ahmed Mohammed of the UAE, who completed the ride in 8:15:12 and with 19km per hour speed average.

Several other riders from Europe, including Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain, France, Germany, Holland, Norway and Poland, also competed in yesterday's event.

The ride featured a total of six stages, which started with 31km for the first. The second stage was over 25km, 36km for the third, 31km for the fourth, 29km for the fifth, while the sixth and final stage covered 19km.

Shaikh Nasser, the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports chairman and Bahrain Olympic Committee president, led a six-member Bahrain Royal Endurance Team to a respectable finish.

Shaikh Nasser and his teammates headed into the race hoping to make up for their unfortunate finish at the FEI World Championship held in Euston, in UK last month, where most of the team members were forced to withdraw due to injuries.


Spearheading the Bahrain team yesterday were Shaikh Salman bin Saqer Al Khalifa, Yaqoub Yousef, Hood Ebrahim and Salman Isa, all of whom competed in the 160km, while Shaikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa was the only Bahraini to take part in the 120km ride.

In the 160km ride, Ahmed Mohammed of the UAE completed the first stage on top in one hour, 24 minutes and 18 seconds, ahead of second-placer Shaikh Nasser (1:31:14) and thiurd Shaikh Hamdan (1:31:17).

Abdulla Al Mirri, also of the UAE, then took over the lead after stage two in 1:06:43, with Ahmed dropping to second (1:06:43) and Shaikh Hamdan (1:13:57) stayed third, while Shaikh Nasser (1:14:26) slipped to fourth.

Al Mirri maintained sole lead after the third stage in 1:57:41, with Shaikh Nasser moving back to second place (1:50:48) amd Shaikh Hamdan (1:51:15) stayed third.

No changes occurred after the fourth stage as Al Mirri kept his lead in 1:38:31, followed by Shaikh Hamdan (1:35:02) and Saikh Nasser (1:35:45) in second and third places, respectively.

Shaikh Hamdan, son of World Championship winner Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makotum, went up to first place for the first time after the fifth and penultimate stage in 1:00:59. Not far behind was Shaikh Nasser (1:00:29) and third Ahmed Mohammed (1:00:47) third.

This was the first time that the Royal Team competes in endurance rides organised in the Czech Republic. They had taken part in rides held in Germany, the UK, Hungary, France and Poland.

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Great Britain: 'Dreadful' summer hits Brentor route but organisers work around it - Full Article

September 14 2012

It wasn't exactly sunshine and blue skies for the Brentor Competitive Endurance ride but at least the rain held off. The mist, which can cause major difficulties for riders on Dartmoor, came and went all day but was never low enough to be a real problem for the 80 riders who had entered.

Some of the Endurance South West rides are organised by a single ride organiser but most are a joint effort. For Brentor, the entries were done by Erica Young, Janet Lander did the paperwork and Jo Chisholm looked after the route.

This gave some major problems, not least because of the dreadful summer, which had left parts of Dartmoor too wet to ride across but also because the route (all 20 miles of it) had to be marked on foot. The land around Gibbet Hill always drains well so that part of the route was unchanged but it was decided that the land across Doetor and Willsworthy would not be used. Competitors would stay mainly on the Lydford side of the River Lyd on the drier ground, so as not to damage the Moor.

Thanks to the generosity of local farmers allowing riders to cross their fields it was possible to reach Nodden Gate from High Down and return the same way.

Volunteers walked out across the moor to mark the route, with the usual orange flags and tape, on the Saturday and the ride went ahead and was thoroughly enjoyed by all competitors on Sunday...

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Great Britain: Lyme's Big Yin is now in line for a big win - Full Article

By Rene Gerryts
14th September 2012 in News

LYME Regis horse breeder Kirsty Wis combe has earned a top accolade for her colt foal, Yawl Hill Big Yin.

The youngster took top honours at the Baileys Horse Feeds/British Equestrian Federation (BEF) Futurity evaluations held in Cornwall.

The evaluation aims to identify British bred young potential sport horses and ponies destined for careers in dressage, eventing, show-jumping or endurance, and may even find the Olympic champions of the future.

Yawl Hill Big Yin took the highest mark of the day for a potential endurance horse with a score of 8.39 and a first premium which indicates that he has the potential and outlook to perform at national level.

The part-bred Anglo-Arab Yawl Hill Big Yin was bred by 42-year-old Kirsty and he is the third generation of horse she has bred herself...

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British Endurance Young Riders Take Bronze


The British team had a successful trip to the FEI European Young Rider Endurance Championships 2012, which took place at Mont le Soie in Belgium on the 8th September. The team, consisting of Kate Atkinson, Carri-Ann Dark, Beth Langley and Louise Rich won team bronze around the ultra-competitive and demanding 120km course.

The French team took the team Gold and Italy came home with Silver. Two individual riders made up the six strong British squad, Dace Sainsbury and Andrew Theodorou. Dace was the highest British rider in 12th position with her horse Ballota.

Three of the four British team riders completed the hilly course on the edge of the Ardennes forest. Carri-Ann Dark from Wiltshire finished in 14th place with her own Vavavoom, Beth Langley from Wales and HS Ametista came in in 18th and Kate Atkinson from Lancashire riding Vanash finished in 23rd place. Sadly Louise Rich’s horse Oakleaze Farm Cziko vetted out on metabolics at vet gate 3.

Chef d’equipe Helen Boston said “the riders went really well from start to finish. This year we have really planned ahead for the championships. We brought three of the riders, Carri-Ann, Louise and Kate out to Mont le Soie in April for a trial run. What they learned from April and passed on to the other team members has really ensured the whole squad was fully prepared, which shows in their results”.

Team member Carri-Ann Dark said “the course was challenging and technical, but great fun. It went according to plan and we had a very exciting finish with a race to the line”.

The course at Mont le Soie is hilly and stony and presents a real challenge to the riders. Only three teams completed with three riders owing to these tough conditions.

Helen went on to say “Carri-Ann, Beth and Louise are in their last year of young riders, but we have some brilliant riders moving up the ranks for next year”. In 2013 the Young Rider World Championships will be held in Tardes, in the South of France in July.

For more information on the sport of endurance in Britain, visit

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FEI Junior and Young Rider Endurance Championship 2012

Italy’s Mara Feola and Grigali put in a storming finish on the last loop to take individual gold at the FEI European Junior and Young Rider Endurance Championships 2012 at Mont le Soie, Belgium on Saturday. © FEI/Leonard Liesens

10 Sep 2012

Team Gold for France in Tight Battle with Italians who claim Individual Glory, by Anna Williams

France claimed team gold and Italy’s Mara Feola took the Individual title at the FEI European Junior and Young Rider Endurance Championships 2012 at Mont-le-Soie in Belgium at the weekend. This stunning venue is nestled in the region of the High Ardennes with its dramatic landscape of dense forests, rivers and valleys. Mont-le-Soie is a well known venue on the Endurance circuit, regularly hosting CEI events up to 160km, but this was its first-ever FEI Championship fixture.

A total of 61 horses and athletes were entered for the event, but following the pre-ride inspection three horses were judged not fit to start – Norway’s Shere Khan (Kine Eissland Holen), Finland’s only entrant Solomonas (Joona Mickelsson) and Belgium’s Cairo to be ridden by home rider Raphael Van Cauter who had just returned from the World Endurance Championships in Euston Park (GBR) where he partnered Taborah de Sier to a successful 22nd place.

Nine Teams

Saturday morning saw a total 58 combinations start, including nine teams ready to battle it out over the tough, hilly course for European glory. Whilst the terrain was extremely challenging the weather was kind to the competitors, dry but not too hot, which enabled the horses to give some great performances and many producing “personal bests” over this distance.

It was competitors from Eastern Europe who were dominant in the early stages, with Hungary and the Czech Republic taking the top positions at the first Vet Gate. This, however, was not to last, and by the conclusion of the event only two riders from each of these countries would complete.

As the day progressed team France showed, once again, their prowess in this tough sport. With their Senior compatriots having taken team Silver at the World Championships some two weeks previously, the French Junior/Young Rider squad looked set to sweep both Individual and Team gold this time out when all four team members remained consistently at the top of the field throughout the day.

Slow and Steady Progress

However, no one counted on the slow and steady progress of the young Italian side who, on paper, rode the perfect race. Despite coming in to Vet Gate 1 towards the back of the field, their consistency and tactical riding meant that by Vet Gate 3 they were just 4 minutes 21 seconds behind the leaders from France. With just 20 kilometres to go, the race was most certainly on for the 2012 team title.

As expected, the last loop of 20 kilometres was to prove very influential. It was demanding, with a final 7-kilometre climb to the finish, and only the very best were able to put in a competitive fight over the closing stages. With the top six all covering the 20 kilometres at over 24 kilometres per hour, the wait on the finish line was a tense one, and these young athletes certainly didn’t disappoint. An exhilarating race to the line saw the top-eight complete the course within 12 seconds of each other.

Mara Feola (ITA) and her talented 10 year old chestnut gelding were through the finish first, and it seemed her mount was just as pleased as she was with their victory. They put in a storming performance on the last loop, climbing up some six places to snatch the lead from French athlete Cesar Donnais and the 10 year old Arab mare Srour.

Fast Calculations

Some fast calculations were made as the competition concluded with both Italy and France finishing with three team members in the top ten. With the tension buzzing across the venue it was confirmed that France had managed to hold on to the lead by a mere 74 seconds ahead of Italy who had to settle for silver medal spot.

Spain looked good for team bronze, but it was wrenched from their grasp when Nuria Serrabassa Fabre’s ride Casba, their final team horse, was deemed lame despite crossing the finish line in eighth position. With only two team members having completed, Spain therefore dropped out of contention allowing the British to step up for bronze - their first team medal since 1997.

Hard-Fought Competition

Director of Non-Olympic Sports, Ian Williams, expressed his delight at the successful Championship, “This was a hard fought competition” he explained, “but these athletes can be very proud of their performances. They rode with maturity beyond their years, and all of the horses looked very good coming across the line”.

Special remarks were also made about the turn-out of these young teams. It was clear that a great effort had been made and both horses and riders looked immaculate, a real credit to the ever-growing sport of Endurance.

FEI European Junior and Young Rider Endurance Championships 2012 - Teams: GOLD - France 19:06:39 - Srour (Cesar Donnais), Preume de Paute (Nina Lissarrague), Kassit (Marion Brignoli), Karamel Mouthes (Clemence Le Bihan); SILVER - Italy 19:07:53 - Grigali (Mara Feola), Sassifraga della bosana (Luca Zappettini), Isteddada Saura (Matteo Bravi), Pika de Cardonne (Daniele Serioli); BRONZE - Great Britain 20:53:43 - Vavavoom (Carri-Ann Dark), HS Ametista (Beth Langley), Vanash (Kate Atkinson), Oakleazefarm Cziko (Louise Rich).

FEI European Junior and Young Rider Endurance Championships 2012 - Individuals: GOLD - Grigali (Mara Feola) ITA 18.907 kph; SILVER - Srour (Cesar Donnais) FRA 18.906 kph; BRONZE - Preume de Paute (Nina Lissarrague) FRA 18.904 kph.

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Great Britain: Carri-Ann's Euro aim - Full Article

12:30pm Friday 7th September 2012 in Sport

Carri-Ann Dark is hoping to bow out in style as she competes for Endurance GB at the European Young Riders Championships in Belgium this weekend.

The 21-year-old, who is in her last year as a Young Rider (16-21 age group), is part of the six-strong Endurance GB squad that will compete in Mont le Soie on Saturday, in an 120km event that Dark describes as ‘like a Formula One race’.

Dark, of Little Cheverell, who competed in the 2008 championships in Spain and the 2009 World Young Riders Championships in Hungary, will ride Vavavoom (also known as Prince). The horse is owned by her mother, Ann, and Dark is confident of putting in a good performance...

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USA Chef d'Equipe Praises U.S. WEC Effort

September 4 2012

by Emmett Ross, USA Chef d'Equipe

As Chef I sincerely and humbly thank the Magnificent Seven for buying into the new approach of riding with a plan and using the assets we have in a rational and professional way.  We were not poaching for a medal but went after it with what we had, and we had enough.  Their effort was similar to a lower weight fighter going into the ring with some heavy weights.  Make no mistake about it,  the three in front of us and those others we took down, are the heavy weights in our sport.  Since from the beginning of international racing in the mid 80's until  1998 when we virtually dominated the sport, our sport, things have changed dramatically.  A new team and selection process produced this incredible effort and result.  Our new MOTTO is  " we have returned"---if we want it.  Maybe not all have embrassed or are willing to accept  the changes necessary to be relevant again in the international endurance world- but we are on the way, so lets encourage everyone to join in.

Here are just some of the many take aways: 
A. We produced four of the five fastest times of any US rider in any World Championship. Deborah Reich's time of 18.57 km/hr at the 2010 WEG was the fourth fastest time.  I am fully aware that courses and times do vary but isn't it interesting what the 2012 group did.
B.  19.68 avg speed for all four finishers. 
C. 19.42km for the 3 remaining team horses--- this combined team time would have virtually made team USA team gold medal winners in all the new era( 2000-2010) WEC's and WEG's but WEG 2010---would have been the team silver medal.
D. Reference to heavy weights in the opening paragraphs means just that---UAE virtually several thousand endurance horses to choose from and from all corners of the planet. France who are my most respected endurance country and who I am committed to best have over a 500,000 annual euro budget for their team effort.  Their entire endurance effort is to produce top riders and horses for the WEC/WEG's.  Their entire national system's only task is to produce horses for the 40+ FEI rides they have a year alone in France compared to our now dwindling 6-7 rides. Oman are virtual newcomers on the scene with over 6 years of trying and finally being supported by their Royal Cavalry and highly compensated French trainers.  We knocked off Qatar, Bahrain, Belgium, Saudi, Swiss, Uruguay, Argentina and many others.  There were 29 teams and 38 countries with 147 starters---all champions in their own realms.  
E.  We started 5 riders and finished 4--80 %, all going to their limits---there was a 35% overall completion rate for those finishing the entire 160 km race and a 49 % completion for those just finishing 5  of the 6 loops. Our incredible results came from the riders buying into riding to their horse's limits and an incredible vet team headed by Dr Dwight Hooton , Scoot Hei, and Jim Masterson.

The spirit and cooperative feeling is the take away all will remember once numbers and places fade into our life's experiences.  What a fantastic support group led by so many.  Thank you so very much--I will always cherish those 2 weeks no matter what happens to any of us the in the future.

Your grateful Cook


Great Britain: Team Announced for YR European Championships

30 August 2012
After the excitement of the WEC at the weekend, it is now the turn of the Young Rider's who are travelling to Belgium next week for the YR European Championships.
The team will be made up of:

Kate Atkinson - Vanash
Carri Ann Dark - Vavavoom
Beth Langley - HS Ametista
Louise Rich - Oakleaze Farm Cziko
Dace Sainsbury - Ballotta
Andrew Theodorou - Jamal

We sail from Dover on Wednesday morning and travel to Mont le Soie for the competition which takes place on Saturday 8th September.

The Management Team and riders would like to say a huge thank you to the following organisations for their support of the team:

Just Chaps
Simple Systems
Performance Equestrian
Gatehouse riding hats
Naf products
Ingateston Saddlery, Essex

As usual the team can be followed on Twitter and I'm sure you will join in wishing them all the very best of luck!
Helen Boston

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Renegade® Boots Win 50-mile Endurance Ride and Best Condition in Denmark - Full Article


Thank you Anna for submitting your story. Congratulations to you and your boy on your success using Renegades! Anna is a Renegade® Hoof Boot dealer in Denmark.

Saturday 7th July 2012 was the day for one of the biggest Danish endurance rides in 2012. On this day, there were both international FEI classes and the Danish championship (75 miles). There were national classes too. Me and my 8 years old paint horse gelding – Flashy Chex Junior – rode the longest national class – 50 miles. It´s our 4th endurance season and it was second time for us competing on 50 miles distance. My goal was to ride in our own pace and finish the ride with a healthy and happy horseand qualify for the international classes . It´s a challenge to compete with my 14,1 hands tall cowhorse-bred paint horse against all the endurance bred Arabian horses…My horse is not so fast and doesn´t like if it´s too hot. But he is a great trail horse, sure footed, willing and he really loves to use his energy during the endurance rides. I decided to boot my horse with Renegade® boots both on the front and hind hooves. We used boots for shorter endurance rides before. Now, I wanted to really test Renegade® boots on him. My gelding uses size 2 both on front and hind hooves. I love the color sport orange for his front hooves, because they just “shine” and everybody notices them. On the hind hooves he had a pair of yellow boots.

During the ride everything went smoothly. We rode at our own pace, I tried to take care of my gelding’s legs to the extent possible when there were muddy holes (and there were plenty of them). After the second vet inspection my horse was still in good shape, lying as number 5 in the race, with all 4 boots on, while many of the horses had lost shoes. On the last 10 miles, my gelding was just happy and still had a lot of energy...

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Australia: The little horse that could - Full Story


IT'S official. An Oxford Falls horse is now the smallest equine to complete in one of the world's toughest endurance rides.

Winter Hill Alice, at 13 1/2 hands, and rider Cherry Cummins, who is 1.62m tall, were among a select few to finish the 400km Shahzada in Yengo National Park on the Central Coast last week.

About 60 riders took part from across the country. Fewer than 30 finished.

There were doubters, Cummins said, but Alice literally silenced her critics.

"There were a few laughs at the start of the race. They were definitely not laughing by the end," she said...

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Monday, September 03, 2012

Pakistan represented at the endurance horse race

Murtaza Ali Shah
Monday, September 03, 2012
From Print Edition

LONDON: For the first time in the history of the World Endurance Championship, a Pakistani endurance rider impressed the sports enthusiasts with his command over horses at the Euston Park of the Duke of Grafton.

Anzac Mehmood, 33, originally from Jhelum, represented Pakistan on his own at a match which was attended by 38 countries with 147 horse and rider combinations that took part in 160km race.

The horses are checked by qualified veterinarians and judges before, during and after the ride.

Riders normally have to maintain an average speed of 22 kph and it can take up to 12 hours or more to complete a race.

The race started at 7am and continued for 12 hours. Aznac rode Castlebar Lighting for Pakistan.

The horse for Pakistan was riding well, averaging 20.6kph.

Competing for 160km, it had completed five out of the six loops when at the vet check an issue with the heart rhythm of the horse was found. Consequently it failed to qualify for the final loop.

Anzac told ‘The News’ he was heartbroken that the horse failed to complete the race after initially showing so much promise. But he said his other horse Adara won the race for TeamGB at an average speed of 19.34kph.

“This is first ever in the history of world championship that Pakistan has been represented and I am honoured that I raised Pakistan’s flag. I have won three championships and my horses have finished with either silver or bronze medals.”

He complained that he had no support from Pakistan Equestrian Federation. “I just need their recommendation, I have my own horses but they don’t care. It doesn’t matter where horses come from. What’s important is that Pakistan should be represented but the military officials running the organisation are living in a bubble.”

He said Pakistan can do well in this sport as it has the grounds where horses can be trained. “I am planning to buy a farm in the UK where I will have my own horses for competition for World Championship and European Championships and I am happy to offer any help to raise Pakistan’s profile in this game.”

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Oman: Royal Cavalry team get hero’s welcome - Full Article

Sun, 02 September 2012

MUSCAT — Royal Cavalry of the Royal Court Affairs yesterday organised an official reception for their equestrian (endurance) team who achieved third place to bag the bronze medal at the World Endurance Championship held in Britain with the participation of 154 horse riders from 40 countries from around the world.

The victorious team returned home from London yesterday when they were received at Muscat International Airport by Nasr bin Hamoud al Kindi, Secretary General of the Royal Court Affairs, Shaikh Saad bin Mohammed al Saadi, Minister of Sports Affairs, Khalfan bin Saleh al Naabi, Adviser at the Ministry of Sports Affairs, Head of Committee in charge of managing Oman Equestrian Federation and a number of officials of the Royal Court Affairs.

Nasr bin Hamoud al Kindi said in a press statement that this achievement is the result of the generous support of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said to equestrian, as Omani Royal Cavalry has accomplished great successes and achievements during the season crowned with the bronze medal in London, adding that the horse riders, over the past periods when they were competing for the finals, showed great insistence in the 160km distance and they also showed determination and will in accomplishing a great achievement for the Sultanate as there was a competition with a number of countries with wide experience in the field of equestrian, especially in endurance.

The team then left to Al A'diyat town in the Wilayat of Seeb, where a reception was prepared for the team to celebrate the historical achievement of the Royal Cavalry horse riders in the World Endurance Championship.

The team comprised Mahmoud bin Marhoon al Fori riding Red Line, Hisham bin Saleh al Farsi, riding Falco, Abdullah bin Said al Siyabi, riding Punjab and Ahmed bin Salim al Hamdani, riding Ur. Sami bin Said al Balushi, riding Maj and Adel bin Said al Balushi, riding Mondalier participated on the individual competitions. The team were trained by Sinan bin Sulaiman al Abri. — ONA

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Donal Fahy - Mongol Derby 2012 Winner

by Mr Tom on: 18 Aug 2012

After seven days and the closest run battle for first place in the history of the Derby we have a winner. Donal Fahy of Ireland takes first place in the World's longest and toughest horse race.

It was a nail biting finish as the lead changed hands many times over the final 2 legs. After a rough night in a shed, Donal and his riding partner for the whole race Richie Killoran (also of Ireland) came into horse station 23 early morning mistakenly thinking they were in the lead only to discover they were in 4th and 5th place. The following two legs saw them both put in an impecable performance and made up 30 minutes to join the race leader Barry Armitage. Barry had been riding with Joe Dawson both from South Africa and had held a comanding lead for the majority of the race; Joe was at this point riding a couple of hours behind Barry for a vet penalty.

Michaela Gradinger (Austria) and Christoffer Adriansson (Sweden) fell behind as Barry, Richie and Donal fought for first place.

As they thundered across the line, Barry and Donal were litterally neck a neck with Richie just 44 seconds behind. As the dust settled on their 1000km ride the horses went straight into the vet check and unfortunately Barry picked up a 2 hour vet penalty. Loosing him the joint first position and shifting Richie into second. Third place was taken just under an hour later by Michaela Gradinger who was followed just a few seconds later by Christoffer Adriansson.

On winning Donal said "I'm feeling great that it's over. It's been a hell of a 7 days. Long days and really tough days, but on the whole it has been incredible. Not only is this the toughest horse race in the world. it's the toughest thing I've ever done. The whole mental side, to keep pushing on and pushing on, but in the same breath it got to be one of the better things I've ever done. Now I can't wait to have a shower and a few beers."

Full placing are being posted below as the riders continue to cross the line...

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Oman: Royal Cavalry to Organize Reception for Endurance Team

Muscat, Aug 29 (ONA)--- The Royal Cavalry at the Royal Court Affairs (RCA) will organize next Saturday an official reception for the Endurance Team, who achieved the third place and obtained the Bronze medal at the World Endurance Championship (WEC) held in Britain with participation of (154) horse riders representing (40) countries across the world.

The team will come from the British capital, London after a trip to the French capital, Paris. The team will be received at Muscat International Airport by Nasr bin Hamoud al-Kindi, RCA Secretary General, Sheikh Sa'ad bin Mohammed al-Mardhouf al-Sa'adi, Sport Affairs Minister, Eng. Khalfan bin Saleh al-Na'ebi, Adviser at the Sport Affairs Ministry and Head of the Committee tasked with management of Oman Equestrian Federation and a number of RCA officials.

Then, the team will head to Madinat Al Adiyat in the Wilayat of A'Seeb where a reception to be organized due to the historic achievement made by horse riders of the Royal Cavalry at the World Endurance Championship.

The team was represented by Mahmoud bin Marhoon al-Fouri, Hisham bin Saleh al-Farsi, Abdullah bin Said al-Seyabi and Ahmed bin Salim al-Hamadani.

At the individual level, participants at the championship were Sami bin Said al-Balushi and Adel bin Said al-Balushi. Sinan bin Sulaiman al-Abri supervised the team's training.

Namibia: 2012 Endurance Races in full swing

WEDNESDAY, 29 AUGUST 2012 20:06

The 2012 Walvis Bay Endurance Race, among the elite events on Namibia’s annual equestrian sport calendar, saw a record 191 Namibian and South African riders and endurance horses in action.

The event that started yesterday ends later today (Thursday). Its international status is reflected in the fact that as many as 60% of the participants are South African. Had it not been for a major horse event in the UK in recent days, the event would also have been supported by riders and horse breeders from overseas.

Although the endurance races are only taking place over two days, the preparations of the venue already started more than a month ago, explained organiser Zelda von Schauroth on Tuesday. After securing a piece of land adjacent to the Namib Riding Stables from the Municipality of Walvis Bay in June this year, significant earthmoving works and the establishment of pens and proper parking areas had to be built from scratch. “It was just a raw desert”, explained von Schauroth. “For the organising committee and small army of volunteers it was a month of sacrifice as many still had to meet work obligations and frequent shuttling between Windhoek and the coast to fit in work schedules.” An empty, sandy plot of land was transformed into the Endurance Village and boasts 180 pens for the horses and a tented complex from where the event is managed, where riders and the somewhat 1000 assistants and their families can rest and enjoy food and drinks. Three stalls selling equestrian sports equipment and accessories were also brought into being as well as some vendor stalls...

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