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[RC] IntNewsGroup: Gulf News Article U.S. in bid to halt UAE dominance

Lori & Rick Stewart

Dubai:Friday, March 28, 2003 U.S. in bid to halt UAE dominance
Dubai |By M. Satyanarayan | 28-03-2003

The United States has planned a focussed programme in their bid to halt the
UAE riders' dominance and regain their pride of place in the sport of

Speaking to Gulf News during the World Cup Endurance Arthur Priesz , Vice
President of the US Endurance Team (USET) said the aim was to match and
emulate the performance of the UAE riders in competitions held here in the

"We started the programme last year and with the World Endurance
Championship likely to be held here in late 2004, we are obviously working
towards that," he said.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Maktoum won the 2002 World Championship while
in 2000 Maya Killa Perringerard brought a halt to the US dominance of world

Becky Hart won it three times while Valery Kanavy won it in 1994 and 1998
while her daughter Daniella won it in 1996.
"Though the UAE has an endurance history of just over a decade, back in the
US riding as a competition has been on for over a 100 years. But the flat
terrain here is an area on for which we are preparing ourselves," said

A team of six US riders took part in the President's Cup in Al Wathba while
on Wednesday Valery Kanavy led a 6-strong US team of riders for the FEI-UAE
World Cup which was once again dominated by UAE riders.

Kanavy, who finished eight was the first of the foreign riders after seven
UAE riders finished ahead of them.
"We plan to short list rider-horse combinations of about 15 in number and
this will form the nucleus of our 2004 team for the World Championship. For
the world championship itself we plan to bring about eight horses in advance
to the UAE and train them here," Priesz added.

"It is quite amazing to watch the UAE riders in action. They certainly have
changed the face of endurance as a sport. Most of their riders take part in
a competition and ride to finish first. This is in stark contrast to many of
the traditional who first want to finish to win," he said.

'The speed is one aspect on which we are working on.

In competitions in the US each ride has a varied terrain which means a
change in pace and tactic for each area. But here in the UAE it is rather a
flat and predominantly straight trail. Thus we are working on the pace in
such terrains," Priesz added.

Until 1998 the US had dominated the world championship and it was that every
year that Valery Kanavy won her second title. That was also the first year
the UAE as hosts made their presence felt. The very next year the UAE won
the European Open team gold in both the senior and junior level.

The next year in Compiegne, France the UAE missed out on a team medal and a
gold at that but France ended the U.S. dominance.

In 2001 the UAE retained the European Open team gold and also won the World
Junior Championship.
The UAE's crowning glory in endurance came in Perez, Spain when Sheikh Ahmed
at 16, won the 2002 World Championship. Now at every major championship it
is the UAE team which gets the favourites' tag and has left other endurance
powers like US, France and Australia to rethink their strategy and tactics.

And it is in this direction that the U.S. are working to try and regain
their dominance.

[RC] SETC 2003

On Behalf Of Helen F. Koehler

July 15-20, 2003 ? Southeastern Equestrian Trails Conference and Large Animal Rescue, Gainesville, FL
All land agencies and trail users are encouraged to attend. Mobile workshops offered pre and post conference as well as on site demonstrations. Exhibitors welcome! Organized by the Friends of San Felasco, Inc. and the Florida Office of Greenways and Trails.
Contact: Helen Koehler (352) 486-7040 or e-mail: See the conference Web site at

Helen F. Koehler
1950 SE 111th Court
Morriston, FL 32668

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

[RC] Easter Mustang Adoption in Ridgecrest, CA

On Behalf Of Typef

I thought I would pass this on for those of you in the market for an
inexpensive project and future endurance prospect. My most wonderful, loving
Mustang MC came from one of these auctions. The price is definitely right
... they've dropped it to $25 on some of them. They even mention endurance
in their press release ... YAY! :) Jackie

For Immediate Release: March 21, 2003
Contact: Doran Sanchez, (909) 697-5220; E-MAIL:

BLM Schedules Special Wild Horse and Burro Adoption for Easter

Most people may think of chicks and bunnies for Easter, but the U.S. Bureau
of Land Management (BLM) has a better idea - - how about adopting a wild
horse or burro to celebrate the arrival of spring? It may not fit in an
Easter basket, but the animals can offer many years of pleasure to their

The Bureau will offer about 150 wild Mustangs and 80 wild burros for
adoption on Saturday, April 12 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., at its Regional Wild
Horse and Burro Corral Facility located 4 ½ miles east of Ridgecrest,
California on the Randsburg Wash Road. The adoption will be conducted by
first come, first served.

To make this Easter adoption even more special, the BLM is reducing adoption
fees on many of the animals. Jacks, and Mustangs (geldings and mares) three
to five years old will be available for adoption for $25 per animal.
Jennies, and Mustangs two years and younger (weanlings, geldings, mares)
will be available for adoption for $125 per animal. Adoption fees may be
paid by cash, check or credit card.

BLM is reducing the adoption fees on the animals that have been in BLM
corral facilities and sanctuaries for more that six months in an effort to
place them in good homes. BLM has been conducting emergency gathers
throughout the western United States because severe drought conditions and
wildfires have destroyed thousands of acres of wild horse and burro habitat,
and now has more than 8,000 animals that need a good home. All the animals
have been wormed and vaccinated and are in excellent health.

Phil West will conduct a free horse gentling and training demonstration at
11:00 a.m. on Saturday. After the demonstration, the Mustang will be
offered for adoption. West, an officer with the Inyo County Sheriffs
Department, has adopted and trained many Mustangs and uses his Mustang for
Mounted Patrol.

Mustangs make excellent riding stock, and properly trained some adopted
Mustangs have become national champions in dressage, snaffle bit
competitions, trail, endurance, and jumping. BLM wranglers and personnel
will be available to answer questions and help adopters select their

Individuals must be at least 18 years old and have no convictions for
inhumane treatment of animals. Adopters also must have adequate facilities,
the financial means to care for the animal(s), and should have some
experience training or raising a horse or burro. Qualified individuals may
adopt up to four animals.

Adopters should bring a nylon web halter and 20-foot cotton lead rope for
each animal. A stock trailer will be required to transport the animal(s).
Drop ramp trailers will not be allowed. The wranglers will load the animals
into the trailers. Private carriers also will be available to help adopters
transport their animal(s).

The process is called an ?adoption? because BLM retains title to the animal
for one year after the adoption. During this time, adopters cannot sell
their adopted animal. More than 195,000 animals have been placed in private
homes since the Adopt-A-Horse or Burro Program began in 1973.

For more information contact Doran Sanchez, BLM Public Affairs Specialist,
at (909) 697-5220.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

[RC] Equine studies


My name is natalie Saunders and i am a student at Berkshire college of
agriculture studying for my HND in equine studies with management.
As part of my course I have been given an assignment and I was hoping that
you would be able to help me with my research?

I am trying to find out if there are any traits associated with the
following which mend themselves especially to endurance horses.

Musculo skeletal system
Respiratory system
Cardiovascular system
Gait analysis
If you would be able to help me in any way or point me in the right
direction to find any information it would be greatly appreciated

Thank you
Natalie Saunders
22 fairfield close

Friday, March 07, 2003

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