Sunday, January 15, 2023

Australia: Bright start to 2023 for endurance riders - Full Article


The 2023 endurance riding season kicks off this month when the Stirling’s Crossing Endurance Club holds its popular educational weekend at Imbil.

It is club’s fifth such event, and will be held at the the Stirling’s Crossing Endurance Complex in Derrier Road on the weekend of 28 and 29.

We anticipate that some aspects of the educational weekend will be on the Friday afternoon with members on hand to guide on setting up yards, and also instruction in how to trot your horse out for presentation to vets for gait assessment.

Stirling’s Crossing Endurance Complex is the same location as the 2023 Tom Quilty Gold Cup in June...

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Saturday, January 07, 2023

Australia: Riding Tall in the Saddle - Full Article

Erle Levey

The past year for endurance riding has been much like the sport itself … be ready for the unexpected, be able to address the challenges, and enjoy the good times when they come along.

The times, when horse and rider are in perfect balance with each other and the environment for an experience like no other.

It has been year impacted by flooding and unseasonal wet weather as well as further outbreaks of Covid-19.

Queensland Endurance Riding Association had to contend with 11 events being cancelled, one cancelled part way through and others re-scheduled.

Despite all the difficulties caused by weather this year, ride organising committees provided 27 QERA events that supported a total of 1932 entries...

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Friday, January 06, 2023

India: Meet Sanskar Bachani Junior National Equestrian Championship endurance champion - Full Story

Vaibhav Bhardwaj
January 6 2023

Sanskar Bachani, a student of Class 11th of Jaishree Periwal International School, has the courage to pursue his dreams and made them come true. He worked really hard for the Junior National Equestrian Championship and got coaching with 20 other students for a 40km endurance ride.

Held at the Sagar Equestrian Sports Academy, it was a three-day event from 12th February 2022 to 14th February 2022. Sanskar won two Gold Medals in total, one in the individual category and the other in the team category, thereby becoming Junior Champion in the discipline of endurance.

Also from India, he is the youngest rider to clear the 60 km endurance in 2022 ranking 6th in this category with his senior competitors...

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Top riders to take part in Dubai Crown Prince Endurance Cup - Full Article

Ride to take place on Saturday as festival reflects Hamdan’s love of equestrian sports

Published: January 05, 2023 18:52 Staff Report

Dubai: Some of the best riders and horses will be participating in the Dubai Crown Prince Endurance Cup, one of the most prominent events of the UAE’s endurance calendar, to be held at the Dubai International Endurance City at Seih Assalam on Saturday, January 7.

The 119-km Emirates Airline-sponsored Dubai Crown Prince Endurance Cup is the final and the most-prominent race of the Dubai Crown Prince Endurance Festival...

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FEI Goes Quiet on Sanctions Against Countries with a Doping Problem - Full Article After a huge spike in positives in Saudi Arabia, last year the FEI told it would discuss a co...