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Discovering Team EFG Monaco, specialising in endurance riding

Monaco-Tribune.com - Full Article

Romain Boisaubert - 27 September 2021

An endurance riding team led by the Monegasque Equestrian Federation, Team EFG has continued to progress since its creation in 2010. We met its team manager, Henry-David Guedj.

It is in the heights of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, on a plot of nearly two hectares in the heart of the wilderness, that the horses of Team EFG reside.

“We are lucky enough to be right next to the trails reserved for firemen, which are not accessible to cars”, reveals Henry-David Guedj. “This allows us to give our horses the opportunity to work on their foundations, on an ideal terrain, with inclines”.

A team of promising young talents This allows the horses to work on their galloping endurance, but also their tendons, as the team manager explains. “We can do long sessions of four hours, in order to strengthen their back. And compared to our friends who are based in Alsace, we can expect good weather all year round”, smiles the man who competes for the Principality...

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Annie Whelan Competes in the First Iceland Endurance Ride!

September 27 2021
Merri Melde-Endurance.net

Iceland has been a rather recently-discovered ‘hidden secret’ for horseback riding trips, particularly among Endurance riders. We are fit for long rides, crave the adventure, and the Icelandic horse is well-broke and made up of GO; so it’s a perfect combination for riding a very different kind of horse, covering the miles and exploring the extraordinarily scenic country.

But what about an actual Iceland Endurance ride?

20-year-old Annie Whelan, of Louisa, Kentucky, lucked in on the ground floor of what was Iceland’s first point-to-point 4-day, 150-mile Endurance ride in August 2021.

Native Icelander Aníta Margrét Aradóttir came up with the idea after competing in the Mongol Derby. “I did the Mongol Derby in 2014,” she said, “and wanted to make this concept in Iceland (but shorter ride and not as extreme), because Iceland is perfect for a ride like this.

“The Icelandic horse breed is very strong and we have the unbelievable landscape and nature, and then the weather is also extreme.”

As an employee of The Icelandic Equestrian Association, Anita got the support to lead the work to host an Endurance race across the highlands of Iceland with Cintamani as the main sponsor.

Annie Whelan had never had a particular yearning to head to Iceland for a ride, until her mom, Amy Whelan, went there in 2015 on an 8-day horse ride with a group of Mongol Derby veterans (Amy competed in the 2014 Mongol Derby with Anita) and just loved it. When Anita searched for two international riders to compete against two Icelandic riders for her inaugural event, Annie was one that she invited, and Annie accepted immediately.

“I was extremely excited!” Annie said. “I was sponsored by the company Islandhestar.” (“Hestar" is Icelandic for horses.) Annie’s Swedish friend Musse Hasselvall was sponsored by Eldhestar; and two Icelanders, sponsored by Riding Iceland Saltvík and Hermanns Hestaferðir competed in this first event test run.

One big difference from the Mongol Derby would be the horses: the Icelandic competitors would be on well-broke, sturdy Icelandic horses that were unlikely to be rank and buck them off anywhere along the routes.

Also unlike the Mongol Derby, where riders must either reach family gers for shelter before nightfall or take their chances sleeping out in the open among wild dogs and prowling wolves, the Icelandic competitors stayed in huts - ubiquitous huts scattered across the country, used by Icelandic farmers, horse riders, or hikers - each night.

And unlike the Mongol Derby, where riders take their chances eating local somewhat unpalatable (to the USA palate) meals, and drinking fermented mares’ milk, the Iceland competitors were served good meals every day as part of the event.

The Iceland Endurance ride resembled a USA Endurance ride, with vet checks every (roughly) 35 kilometers, and also resembled a USA CTR ride, where riders got penalties if horses’ pulses spiked, or if they had issues like a girth gall or sore back.

There were two legs each day, and each rider had three horses (Annie’s were Throttur, Fjalar, and Strokúr) that they rotated out during the legs and days. (This is typical of an Icelandic touring ride; a herd will normally accompany a multi-day ride, and riders will stop and switch horses every two to three hours).

The trails were not marked, but the route was explained to riders as they left the stations. Most of the trails were used by ride-touring groups, so they were pretty set trails. “So in giving directions, you could see certain mountains, and they’d say, ‘OK you’re going to the left of that,’ stuff like that to help us,” Annie said. There was some navigation involved, and Annie did “have some navigational issues. I did get lost once,” she laughed. Annie rode about half of the time alone, and half with other riders.

And in riding the remarkable Icelandic horses, she learned to let them do their thing. “That is exactly what the owners told me. They said, ‘You need to let them choose, because they know the best way.’

“At home, I’m definitely used to being more the pilot and helping my horse. My horse is allowed to kind of pick and choose, but sometimes I’m like, ‘No, we’re going this way,’ or ‘You need to go around that.’ But not these Icelandic horses!

“Some of the footing I’ve never ridden over before - rocks, mounds, holes - these horses can just trot along. They’re amazing. I learned pretty quickly that they know way better than me what they’re doing.

“They were just so athletic and fit. The terrain in Iceland is so diverse which was really different to me. I loved it. And the scenery was just breathtaking.

“It was a monumental step in showcasing the incredible Icelandic horse’s versatility, toughness, and stamina,” Annie said. “This is turning the page in Iceland for a whole new chapter for these incredible horses.

“I’ve never been anywhere that remote in my life. It was beautiful. And the horses were just absolutely amazing. They are so sure-footed and just had such good strong kind personalities. They were awesome.

“If you haven’t been to Iceland, book the ticket and go. It’s the most incredible place I have traveled to in my life so far. It is a truly magical place and I feel like I left a little piece of my heart in those beautiful and wild mountains.”

**Note: In November the The Icelandic Equestrian Association will debut a 40-second trailer about the race, which will have information on next year’s event. Stay tuned here on Endurance.net for it!

Photos are from Annie’s adventure!

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The Mongol Derby Herder Trials


by The Adventurists

This summer, we ran the first of our new programme to share the breadth of human equestrian knowledge - The Mongol Derby Herder Trials. The winner, Erdenechuluun Tsogtgerel, is on his way to Argentina to learn from and share his equine knowledge with the Gauchos in Patagonia.

Launched in the midst of the pandemic to keep the spirit of the Mongol Derby alive, the Trials celebrated the incredible horsemanship of herders across Mongolia, and serve as a thank you to our herder families, who work tirelessly throughout the Derby and who have waited 2 years for our riders to return. 28 herders, representing our herder families, came from across the steppe to partake in the weekend’s competition judged by our panel of experts.

Erdenechuluun, our champion herder will now travel to Argentina in 2022 to see how it’s done Gaucho style and teach the Gauchos how it’s done in the Land of Genghis Khan.

We’ll be reporting more on the trials over the next couple of weeks so watch out for more across our socials and on our website.


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Netherlands: Ermelo Hosts Endurance's Top Stars

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19 September 2021
Words by Stacy Stearns

France and Spain took Team titles...

An exciting day unfolded on September 9 at the FEI World Endurance Championship Young Riders and Juniors in Ermelo, the Netherlands as 74 riders representing 20 countries competed in the 120km event.

The young athletes from France won the Team gold, and Saeed Salem Almuhairi of the United Arab Emirates captured his third consecutive Young Rider championship aboard Haleh, a 10-year-old Arabian mare, owned by M7 Stables. Haleh also won gold at the FEI Endurance World Championship in Italy earlier this year with Salem Hamad Saeed Al Kitbi.

Team Malaysia won the silver behind France, and Belgium earned the Team bronze.

In the Individual medals, Abdulla Ali Alamri on Tonki Dee Boo Basil of the United Arab Emirates won the silver, and Rut Badia Marfa on Addhy El Ziryab of Spain finished in the bronze position.

In the FEI Endurance European Championships, also in Ermelo, Spain's Soy Coll Angel & Warren Hill Chayze were victorious. France's Vincent Gaudriot and Spain's Maria Alvarez Ponton took silver and bronze respectively. Spain took Team gold, with France in second and Italy third...

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Winning streak continues for UAE at FEI Endurance World Championship for Young Horses

GulfToday.ae - Full Article

19 September 2021
Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The UAE continued their winning streak when Fares Al Mansoori led home a one-two finish for the Emirates in the FEI Endurance World Championship for Young Horses in Sardinia, Italy on Saturday, September 18.

Riding the M7 Stables-owned Nahar Shabab, Al Mansoori completed the 120km course in a time of 5 hours 00.16 seconds.

He was followed across the finish by compatriot Khalfan Juma Beljafla aboard Kashmir, also representing the powerful M7 Endurance Stables.

Earlier this month the UAE’s Saeed Al Muhairi had won the 120km CSI 4* World Endurance Championships for Young Riders and at Ermelo, Netherlands...

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

FEI Suspends Saudis


FEI Tribunal issues Final Decisions in equine anti-doping cases

15 September 2021

The FEI Tribunal has issued its Final Decisions in two equine anti-doping case involving a Banned Substance and a Controlled Medication.

The horse Ger Ashir (FEI ID 103UH98 /KSA), ridden by Odai Alqurashi (FEI ID 10203848/KSA), tested positive for the Banned Substance Diisopropylamine following samples taken at the CEI1*100 - Riyadh (KSA), on 6-7 November 2020.

The athlete did not provide any explanation as to how the banned Substances entered the horse’s system.

In its Final Decision, the FEI Tribunal disqualified the horse and athlete from the event, and imposed a two-year suspension on the athlete. The period of the provisional suspension of the athlete, which came into effect on 9 December 2020, shall be credited against the period of ineligibility, meaning he will be ineligible until 8 December 2022. The athlete was also fined CHF 7,500 and asked to pay costs of CHF 2,000.

The parties can appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) within 21 days of receipt of the decision

The full Decision is available here.

The horses Ger Ashir (FEI ID 103UH98 /KSA) and Takada Prince (FEI ID 104PB34/KSA), both trained by Munair Alfaqeih (FEI ID 10062545/KSA), respectively tested positive for the Banned Substance Diisopropylamine and the Controlled Medication Flunixin following samples taken at the CEI1*100 - Riyadh (KSA), on 6-7 November 2020.

The trainer did not provide any explanation as to how the substances entered the horse’s systems.

Since the two Rule Violations arose from the same Event the FEI was not able to notify the Trainer of the first Rule Violation before the second Rule Violation was committed, therefore the violations were considered together as one single first violation.

In its Final Decision, the FEI Tribunal imposed a two-year suspension on the trainer. The period of the provisional suspension the trainer, which came into effect on 9 December 2020, shall be credited against the period of ineligibility, meaning he will be ineligible until 8 December 2022. The trainer was also fined CHF 7,500 and asked to pay costs of CHF 2,000.

The parties can appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) within 21 days of receipt of the decision

The full Decision is available here.

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Double celebrations for Team Great Britain at Ermelo

Nicki Thorne and Kamilcia competing at the European Championships in Ermelo - Picture courtesy of Murielle Mulder Fotographie

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Web Admin
13 September 2021

Double celebrations for Team GB as ‘talisman’ British Rider earns a European Championship completion while a British-bred horse is crowned FEI European Champion at Ermelo

• British rider Nicola Thorne and Kamilcia cement their place among Europe’s leading endurance combinations finishing in 25th place at the FEI European Championships in The Netherlands on Saturday 6 September
• The experienced Norfolk-based rider and trainer was representing her country for the sixth time, a record for the sport
• Second British rider chosen to ride as an individual at the Championships, Carmine Villani, successfully completed four loops of the 160km track with his horse Vatou de Gargassan before departure from the competition at the fourth vetgate
• British bred horse Warrens Hill Chayze, bred by Lesley Dunn at her Warrens Hill Stud in Monmouthshire and produced to international level by British rider Harry Ingram before being sold to Spain, is crowned European Champion with Spanish rider Angel Soy Coll.

Nicki Thorne who has represented her country six times, more than any other British endurance rider at senior level, has sealed her place on the sport’s highest international stage earning a completion at an exceptionally tough FEI 3* 160km European Championship at Ermelo in The Netherlands.

Nicki and her Polish Malopolska mare Kamilcia finished the gruelling track over sand dunes, heathland and forest tracks in 25th place with a total ride time of 10 hr 30min and at a speed of 15.36km/hr. Of 55 starters from 19 countries, there were 28 finishers with a mixture of gait and metabolic reasons disqualifying the remaining 27 combinations...

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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Spain's Angel Soy Coll Wins European Endurance Championship Aboard Warrens Hill Chayze

Spain's Angel Soy Coll Wins European Championship Aboard Warrens Hill Chayze

Spain's Warrens Hill Chayze, ridden by Angel Soy Coll, won the 160-km European Championship on 11 September at Ermelo, Netherlands, im a ride time of 7:37.21.

Finishing second was France's Vincent Gaudriot aboard Bum Baya D'Aqui in 7:39.53.

Former multiple European and World Champion Maria Alvarez Ponton from Spain finished third aboard JM Elegido in 7:45.58.

Team gold went to Spain with a complete ride time of 23:23.52; Jaume Punti Dachs finished 5th aboard Echo Falls to complete the winning team. France got the silver in 23:34.40, and Team Italy took home the bronze in 26:26.26. How's that for timing.

Individual results can be seen here:

Team results can be seen here:

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U.S. Endurance Team Finishes in Fifth Place at 2021 FEI Endurance World Championship for Young Riders & Juniors

Murielle Mulder photo


by U.S. Equestrian Communications Department | Sep 10, 2021

Ermelo, The Netherlands – The U.S. Endurance Team finished in fifth place at the 2021 FEI Endurance World Championship for Young Riders & Juniors in Ermelo, The Netherlands, marking the program’s best finish since 2015. The team combinations of Charlene Dugan (Muncy, Pa.) and Southern Justice, Alex Shampoe (Colorado Springs, Colo.) and Promissin Gold, Meghan Wert (Spring Mills, Pa.) and Dude Free Gold each completed the 120km ride, which included four different loops. The team was led by Chef d’Equipe Lisanne Dorion and included 15 crew members and an additional eight dedicated support staff. Alex Shampoe was the team's highest-placed athlete, finishing in 14th. ©Murielle Mulder

In the only major international championship of the year for U.S. Young Rider and Junior endurance athletes, the 2021 FEI Endurance World Championship was a welcomed opportunity for talented and upcoming youth athletes from the U.S. to test their horsemanship skills against other international youth athletes in a competitive championship environment. The 2021 FEI Endurance World Championship for Young Riders & Juniors saw more than 20 countries comprised of 74 total combinations contest the ride with 38 pairs ultimately passing the final horse inspection to complete the ride. Each horse was required to pass a mandatory veterinary inspection focused on soundness and metabolic recovery rate at the conclusion of each loop to continue forward with the ride, with two checks occurring before combinations set off on their final loop.

Providing a pathway to future senior championships, the U.S. Endurance Team finished all three team combinations, with Shampoe earning 14th place as the highest-placed American and finishing the ride in 6:23:44 with Promissin Gold, a 2013 Arabian mare owned by Valerie Kanavy. Dugan rode Southern Justice, a 2012 gelding owned by Sally Jellison and Dessia Miller, to 32nd place overall, completing their fourth and final loop at 7:27:40. Wert and Dude Free Gold, a 2008 Arabian gelding owned by Valerie Kanavy, took 34th place, completing their ride in 8:01:50...

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Malaysian National junior riders shine on leased horses in Holland

TheStar.com.MY - Full Article

11 September 2021

PETALING JAYA: It was nothing short of a stunning performance from the national equestrian athletes who galloped to a fine silver on leased horses in the FEI World Endurance Champion-ship for Young and Junior Riders in Ermelo, Holland. Faris Haikal Hassan Sa’ari, Yusuf Luqman Zakaria, Nur Qasrina Amani Zakaria, An-Nur Muhd Imran Eirfan Anuwar and Anfal Insyirah Abu Talib, riding on horses on loan from France as they could not bring their own due to border restrictions, clocked 19’11:16 in the 120km race. The French team secured gold in 16’57:27 while Belgium claimed the bronze medal with 20’43:03.

It is the first time Malaysia have made the podium in their fifth participation...

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Great Britain: This 80-Year-Old Woman Treks 600 Miles Every Year With Her Horse & Dog Proving Age Is Just Number

ScoopWhoop.com - Full Article

September 9 2021
Taniya Firoz Khan

To redefine your idea of 'age is just a number', meet 80-Year-Old Jane Dotchin, who for the 40th time, has packed her saddlebags and embarked on an adventurous trek from her home in Hexham, Northumberland to Inverness, Scotland.

Since 1972, Jane has been making this annual trip on her 13-year-old horse, Diamond, travelling 600 miles on horseback.

Jane carries everything she needs for the trip on her back, including her tent, food, and a few essentials...

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The Climate Ride: one horsewoman’s epic trek from John O’Groats to Land’s End for environmental education

YourHorse.Co.UK - Full Article

9 September 2021
by Mel Beale

A 22-year-old horsewoman from Devon has completed an epic ride from John O’Groats to Land’s End with two horses to raise money for environmental education around climate change.

The journey involved a temporary bridge built in front of her by Highways England to avoid a seven-mile detour and navigating busy roads where she was “nearly killed by a car” everyday.

Elsa Kent embarked on the challenge, which she named The Climate Ride, on 25 June with her two mares Rosie and Summer. It took the trio 64 days of riding to make the journey, which totalled over 1,000 miles.

“From a young age I’d always known horseback travel resonated with me,” said Elsa, who has worked at horseback safaris across Africa. “I came back from Kenya earlier this year when it was red-listed and had a couple of months before I start my masters, so I though ‘no time like the present’ and just decided to do it...”

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UAE's Al Muhairi makes history at world championships for young riders

KhaleejTimes.com - Full Article

Team KT/Dubai
Filed on September 9, 2021

Al Muhairi exhibited extraordinary maturity and composure to master an international field of 74 riders UAE’s Saeed Salem Atiq Khamis Al Muhairi turned the FEI CSI 4 Star World Endurance Championships for Young Riders and Juniors into his time machine when he won the challenging 120 lm ride for the third consecutive time at Ermelo, Netherlands, on Thursday.

Still, only 19, Al Muhairi exhibited extraordinary maturity and composure to master an international field of 74 riders as he triumphantly crossed the finish line in a time of five hours, nine minutes and 10 seconds.

It was a stunning repeat performance of his Italian successes, at San Rossore in 2019 and Valeggio Sul Mincico in 2017...

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Thursday, September 09, 2021

Three USA Young Riders finish World Championship in Netherlands

September 9 2021

The 120-km CEI**** Young Rider Junior World Championship in Ermelo, Netherlands on September 6 2021, saw a total of 74 starters from 21 countries compete. 38 finished. UAE's Saeed Salem Atiq Khamis Al Muhairi finished first riding Haleh in 5:09.10.

Alex Shampoe finished 14th aboard Valerie Kanavy's Promissin Gold in a ride time of 6:23.44.

Charlene Dugan finished 32nd aboard Southern Justice, owned by Sally Jellison and Dessia Miller, in a ride time of 7:27.40.

Meghan Wert finished 35th riding Dude Free Gold, owned by Valerie Kanavy, in a ride time of 8:01.50.

Individual results can be seen here:

Team results can be seen here:

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

UAE'S Al Muhairi eyes hat trick in Netherlands

KhaleejTimes.com - Full Article

Team KT/Dubai
Filed on September 8, 2021

UAE will also be looking to complete a hat trick of wins in the Team Event, having struck gold at San Rossore and Valeggio Sul Mincio

Two-time champion Sayed Salem Atiq Khamis Al Muhairi will spearhead the UAE’s challenge at the 2021 FEI World Endurance Championship for Young Riders and Juniors which will be held at Ermelo, Netherlands.

The 19-year-old rider, who recorded impressive wins at the last two editions of the event at San Rossore (2019) and Valeggio Sui Mincio (2017), in Italy, is among five UAE riders who will compete for individual and team honours at the prestigious bi-annual Championships.

The last edition of the FEI World Endurance Championship for Young Riders and Juniors which took place in San Rossore, Pisa, in September, 2019, saw the complete dominance of the UAE team with Saeed Almuhairi (M7 Endurance Stables) winning the gold.../

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Rider to represent Great Britain in endurance championships

EDP24.co.uk - Full Article

Sarah Hussain
Published: 3:50 PM September 6, 2021

A Norfolk endurance horse rider will represent both county and country at a major championship this week, after missing the opportunity to compete last year due to Covid-19.

Nicki Thorne, 50, of Shipdham, is on her way to Ermelo in The Netherlands to take part in the FEI European Endurance Championships from September 6 to 11.

This will be the sixth time Mrs Thorne has represented her country at major championships, having ridden in European Championships, World Championships and one World Equestrian Games.

The sport of endurance involves competitive long distance riding, with Mrs Thorne taking part in 140km and 160km events...

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Wales: Powys town to play host to Red Dragon Festival of Endurance

CountyTimes.co.uk - Full Article

3 September 2021
By Gavin Grosvenor

The Welsh National Championship for endurance riding switches a new venue this year – moving from its previous home at Pembrey in coastal Carmarthenshire to the iconic setting of the British Horse Feeds & Golden Paste Company Red Dragon Festival of Endurance in the Cambrian Mountains.

Organisers say support for the famous event from the Royal Welsh Showground in Builth Wells which takes riders on a range of routes from 16km to 160km in two days over the Cambrian Mountains is back bigger than ever with the addition of the prestigious Welsh Endurance Championships which this year is sponsored by Presteigne-based blow-moulding company Hadley Hargreaves Ltd.

The event will take place from September 24-26 and will see riders compete in grassroots, novice, open and advanced classes to earn the title of Welsh champion...

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Great Britain: Linda’s star shines at Well Vale to crown a stunning 2021 season

EverythingHorseUK.co.uk - Full Article

News Team

• Linda Cowperthwaite and Krakatau notch up superb win in three-day 166km National Ride to top off second place in International FEI CEI 2* 120km Royal Windsor back in July

• Para-Equestrian Endurance rider Kirsty Wiscombe, only finisher in FEI International Classes taking victory with Yawl Hill Big Yin in FEI CEI 1* 100km class

• 100km CER was won by John Black and CA Jalmeer with Susannah French and CF Matilda in second place.

• Nearly 100 riders competed over the three days including nine British combinations contesting FEI International classes

• Popular Team Spirit won by local Endurance GB Lindum Group

Lancashire-based rider Linda Cowperthwaite crowned a superb season with her 11-year-old, 15.3hh chestnut Arab gelding Krakatau, by taking the three-day 166km National Competitive Endurance Ride (CER) at Endurance GB’s new venue at Well Vale near Alford on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Sponsored by Emerald Green Feeds and Sheer Endurance, the new event attracted 80 riders to a range of classes across the distances including International FEI classes...

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South Africa: Leandra horse riders excel at endurance race

RidgeTimes.co.za - Full Story

The three-day event stretched over 200km.

September 4 2020

Horse riders from the Leandra Endurance Club formed part of the Mpumalanga team that took part in a 200km race held at Dullstroom from August 20 to August 22.

David Armitage, Peet Hattingh, Suemarie Roarty, Lillian Veldman, JP Roarty and Barrie Badenhorst all obtained their provincial colours.

Peet Hattingh said that it was one of the toughest terrains in which to compete, however the Mpumalanga team did exceptionally well.

He explained that veterinarians did strict check-ups on the horses before and during the race...

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Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Iceland: Horse Race Takes Place Over Highlands

Grapevine.is - Full Story

August 31 2021
Words by Desirai Thompson
Photo by Vísir/Landssamband hestamanna

The National Association of Horsemen (Landssamband hestamanna) put on a four-day endurance race over the highlands which ended yesterday. Having begun the journey in Skagafjörður, the riders traveled roughly 70 kilometres per day until they reached Þingvellir.

Four participants, two Icelanders and two foreigners, took on the challenge with teams comprised of three horses, one competitor and a veterinarian each. The ride is meant to emphasise endurance, courage, strength and appreciation for Icelandic nature, reports Vísir. More than that, the race centres the strength and amazing ability of the iconic Icelandic horse.

The race was won by Iðunn Bjarnadóttir, riding for Riding Iceland Saltvík, clocking in at 18 hours and 40 minutes. Next up was Annie Whelan, riding for Íslandshestar with 18 hours and 52 minutes...

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Australia: Tribute for Ron Males 1931-2024

AHSA.asn.au Ronald Philip OAM “Ron” Aged 92 years 18/10/1931 – 3/6/2024 Passed away peacefully at home. Nothing could probably better...