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Bahrain: Riders set for fifth race of the season - Full Article

February 28, 2011

PREPA-RATIONS are underway for the 100-km Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Endurance Horseride Championship on Saturday.

The ride, scheduled to take place at the Bahrain International Endurance Village in Sakhir, will be the fifth endurance event of the season.

It's for the rolling trophy of Supreme Council for Youth and Sports president and chief of the Bahrain Olympic Committee Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa.

The Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation (Breef), under the presidency of Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, have begun prepartions to host this prestigious event.

Shaikh Nasser's ride follows the season's top endurance event - the 120-km His Majesty King Hamad Championship held earlier this month.

It was sponsored by Western Gulf Advisory and Isa Al Hazza emerged senior champion while Ali Baqer notched the junior trophy.

Speaking on this occasion, Shaikh Khalid said the Shaikh Nasser Endurance Championship is regarded one of the most important competitions of the season, with prominent riders from across the kingdom taking part in it.

Shaikh Khalid said he is confident of a successfully weekend ride at the endurance village, adding that the organising committee is working hard to prepare the venue and its facilities.

The Breef's chief stressed on the fact that this weekend's ride, which comes at half-way stage of the season, promises to feature stiff competition among participants.

Shaikh Khalid hailed the tremendous success of the previous ride for His Majesty King Hamad's Cup and the exciting competition which took place at the endurance village.

Shaikh Khalid added that the present weather conditions is ideal for endurance rides and is expected to contribute to lift the overall standard of the ride.

Australia: Endurance riders fear long-term prospects - Full Article

28 Feb, 2011 04:00 AM
Canberra's residential development is posing a threat to the future of endurance horse riding in the city.

The view was expressed by ACT Endurance Riders Association president Fia Hasko-Stewart yesterday as about 60 riders took part in a training and social ride day organised by the association.

''We used to ride all through the pine forests,'' Hasko-Stewart said.

''We held some really great rides through there and now they're developing housing through there.

''There still will be an access corridor between the equestrian park and the Stromlo Forest Park, but it's not the same. Like one little area to ride on, it's just not the same..."

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New Zealand: South Island Endurance Championships 2011 - Full Article

24/02/2011 11:26:09 a.m.

The Mt Nimrod Endurance Club put on a brilliant weekend for the South Island Endurance Champs, 18-20 February, based at Cannington, Cave in South Canterbury, but the glory well and truly belonged to father and daughter, Philip and Helen Graham.
The CEI 3* 160km ride started at 3am with the 40km loop. The first rider into the vet ring (in 2.41.10) was Philip Graham with Wolf Gang Amadeus, followed closely by several other riders including the five starters from the North Island who had made the long trip down.

The 160km riders rode all four loops with loops 2 and 4 being repeated before the final loop of 20km. Graham had fellow Canterbury rider, Kylie Avery and Silands Mia Bella, hot on his heels all day so it was no surprise that the two decided to fight out the title with a gallop through the last paddock – around 500m in length. Some said the finish was too close to call with Graham and Avery riding neck in neck over the line, but sadly for Avery, who vetted out lame, the final line honours were made in the vet ring, Graham’s horse going through to take the trophy in a time of 9.33.43. North Islander Sean Trafford, on Sayfwood Rolling Stone, crossed the line over an hour after Graham to take second place and was followed sometime later by wife Alexandra Rogers, riding Supre Nickel; seven out of 12 starters completing this track that had a good mixture of rolling hills, flat farm land and tracks, metal and tar seal road verges and plenty of challenges along the way.

Best Conditioned horse for the 3* was judged the following day with “Wolfie” uncontested and looking fit and sound, to claim this prize also...

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New Zealand: Solid results for endurance riders - Full Article


Just three Marlborough riders made the long trip down to Cannington, Cave, last weekend to compete in the South Island Endurance Championships.

Rides were contested on Saturday (160km and 90km) and Sunday (120km and 80km) in perfect conditions.

The CEI 3* 160km ride started at 3am on Saturday and the last riders home finished around 7pm, their ride times around 12 1/2 hours.

The winner was former Marlborough rider Phillip Graham (now Cheviot-based), on seasoned campaigner Wolf Gang Amadeus, his time 9hr 33min.

Also starting in the dark, at 5am, was the CEI 1* 90km Senior and Junior rides.

The winners of these classes finished in exactly six hours, with six horses (four senior and two junior) all galloping for the finish line together...

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Great Britain: BEF Futurity Evaluations seeking world champions - Full Article

The BEF Futurity Evaluation series aims to identify British bred young potential sport horses and ponies destined for careers in endurance, dressage, eventing, or show-jumping, with the intention of finding the world champions of the future.

Endurance has been a popular category with breeders in the Futurity since its introduction in 2009. Entries in this section are on the up as endurance breeders increasingly value the chance to gain an informed opinion on the performance potential of their youngstock.

Entries for the Futurity are categorised by discipline with age groups for foals, yearlings, two and three-year-olds. Each horse is evaluated in hand and loose in an indoor school as well as undergoing a vet’s assessment. It is equally as valuable to amateur as professional breeders because the evaluators are purely assessing the horse and not the ‘name’ of the person accompanying it!

The BEF Futurity Evaluations highlight the importance of a planned breeding programme in order to attain youngsters which will be able to successfully compete on the world stage. If the aim of the breeder is to breed a top class endurance horse, looking at the results of the Futurity (both the stallions and the offspring) is increasingly important. One strong advocate of this approach is Dominick Atkinson, the breeder of Seren Procynon (pictured), last year’s highest scoring endurance entry. He believes there is great importance of looking both at individual stallions and at successful lines.

“Seren Procyon is just one of Hanson’s sons. We also have two colts/future stallions by him here. They also follow the consistent stamp that Hanson put on his offspring with our type of mare, in both male and female progeny.” Sadly Hanson died in 2009...

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Chile: It is the Endurance Grand Prix Lago Escondido

February 13 2011

The weekend of 26 and 27 next February is a new edition of Endurance Lake Escondido, a classic event that traverses the geography of a magnificent area of Patagonia on horseback, as competition will be missed.

The slogan of this sport is to prioritize the health and welfare of the horse, which was withdrawn by the Veterinary Service of the race before any health problem.

There are already people registered from different parts of the country. Is that this traditional competition is gaining momentum year after year.

For those who wish to participate, include the receipt of horses will be from Wednesday 23 until 16 pm on Saturday, February 26, as from the 17 on Saturday will be the Veterinary Review. On Sunday morning will be the technical talk and then the race.

A date Federal Championship, and also run Novice distances are: 25, 40 and 80 kilometers. Among the activities to be undertaken within the framework of the event, meaning that on Saturday during the day there will be a veterinary clinic and a Herrado and the next day there will be a demonstration of Amanse.

There will also be available, as every year, a camping area for those who wish to do so. The night before the competition will be held a barbecue at the basket among the campers. There will be musical numbers to generate a fun time and where all present participate.

A Test of Endurance is a competition against time to evaluate not only the strength of the horse over large distances to travel, but also the strategic pose the race for the rider.

The horse's performance on various types of terrain and natural obstacles is significant to determine the knowledge equestrian rider and horse training and status. Both horse and rider must possess excellent physical condition, there is nothing worse for a tired horse a rider tired.

Endurance competition is organized in a number of phases. At the end of each phase (in principle every 40 kiloómetros) is a veterinary veterinary organized as a door with a retention time (retention pulse begins when the horse is in the 64 or so, until now the time race continues).

The importance of this discipline is the environment that occurs in each test, where participants not only gather but also their relatives, friends, horse owners, buyers and the general public.

There is no age limit for jockeys, horse races or limitation for this sport, any horse in normal health and with proper training can practice Endurance.

The slogan of this sport is to prioritize the health and welfare of the horse, which was withdrawn by the Veterinary Service of the race before any health problem.

For more information, contact email is:

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Qatar: Pact signed for use of ICT in equine sports - Full Article

20 February 2011

Qatar Science and Technology Park and Al Shaqab have signed a memorandum of understanding for the launch of an ICT solution platform called Rasad monitors that can be used in equine sports.
QSTP chairman, who is also the Science and Technology adviser Dr Tidu Maini and Al Shaqab director Fahad Saad al-Qahtani signed the agreement.
Rasad uses a variety of sensors to collect data and transmit over wireless or wired networks to a central server that processes the data, providing real time customised graphical interfaces and services.
It can be used in several industries, but when used in the equine sports, it provides several benefits such as: the optimisation and personalisation of horse training sessions, a more effective management of performance during endurance competitions...

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Abu Dhabi: Ali Al Muhairi wins Rashid Festival ride - Full Article

Completes 120-km event in 4:27:36

* By M. Satya Narayan, Chief Sports Reporter
* Published: 00:00 February 20, 2011

Abu Dhabi: The two horses that Ali Mohammad Al Muhairi prepared for the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky last year have obliged the endurance rider with two successive wins this season.

Yesterday, Al Muhairi, a member of the UAE team which won a team gold and an individual silver at the WEG, rode 13-year-old Fenwick Cadenza to victory in the Shaikh Rashid Bin Hamdan Al Maktoum Challenge Festival 2011 120-km Endurance Ride.

He won in a time of 4hrs 27min and 36secs.

It followed Al Muahiri's win on Karabil Kalya Hai in the Shaikh Maktoum Bin Hamdan Al Maktoum Challenge last month...

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From World Games to World Stage: Equestrian-Friendly Royal Families and Turmoil in the Middle East

Equisearch - Fran Jurga Blog
February 18 2011

Maybe you’re not a newshound like me. All this Middle Eastern political news might leave you cold. You don’t know these people, you think. And you never will. Does it matter?

I think it does matter. It matters in the big picture of the world, of course. The unrest is disturbing, and violence distressing.

But on a much more personal level, there’s a lot to be said for some high stakes in horse sports riding in the balance, as political unrest in the region spills into the Gulf states with the violence in Bahrain. The high stakes cover four areas that I can think of immediately: the breeding of Arabian horses, the breeding and racing of Thoroughbreds, the sport of endurance and the executive office of the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI).

Take the current crisis in Bahrain, for instance; for the past year or so, I have been following an outbreak of the disease called glanders in that island nation. That research led me to learn about the horse breeding program there, and the endurance team. As this political crisis took over the news, veterinary authorities were set to inspect every horse in the kingdom in order to declare the country free of glanders. No horses have been allowed off the islands during a long quarantine...

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Junior/Young Riders World Championship Ride to Abu Dhabi

14 Feb 2011

The FEI Endurance Young Riders/Juniors Championships™ 2011 has been allocated to Abu Dhabi (UAE), following the resignation of Brazil as host country. The championships will be held in December this year, but an exact date has not yet been finalised.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chris Yeoman's President's Cup Adventure - Part I - Full Story

8th February 2011

Chris is riding in the President’s Cup in Abu Dhabi this weekend on ZT Richshakfy otherwise known as “Ricky”, her talented grey Argentinian gelding who completed his first FEI 160km last year. After months of preparation, Chris, Ricky and the crewing team, headed up by husband John, have now arrived in Abu Dhabi and Chris has sent us this report back.

“We started our journey well. The flights were ok except I was sat opposite a guy that was ill and sick for a lot of the time - yuk yuk yuk!!! That kept me from eating too much on the flight I can tell you! Anyway John and I met up at the airport as planned and made our way to the hotel. We were supposed to be picked up by the hotel but they never turned up so we got a taxi.

We arrived at the hotel at 2am UAE time on Sunday morning the 6th and they were expecting us (that was a relief… bearing in mind their failure to collect us from the airport!)

However, the hotel is undergoing a major makeover and they are building a whole new wing so peaceful it is not! Drills and hammers are going all day every day.
Day one for 3 hours during the afternoon they even turn the water off - great!!

On the evening of the 6th Nikki (Malcolm) and Philip (Hirst) arrived, having been held up in London due to bad winds in Germany!...

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Winner of the NED Festive Photo competition

National Equine Database’s winter 2010 photo competition winners Dominick and Jan Atkinson from Kendal in Cumbria are looking forward to their year’s free subscription to Horse and Hound, generously donated by IPC Media.

“We are absolutely thrilled” said Dominick, whose wife Jan took the winning photograph of grey Arab stallion Halal against the snowy backdrop of Whiteside End and the Kentmere Fells at their stud farm located at over 1000 feet above sea level in Cumbria.

“It was minus 12 celsius on the day the photo was taken” said Jan “it’s no wonder we hadn’t bathed him first!”

Halal is full brother to Dominick and Jan’s stallion Hanson who died tragically in 2009, leading to Halal’s owner Ali Cox immediately offering them the loan of Halal to complete their breeding season. Following Halal’s trip over from Ireland, the loan has been so successful, Halal has remained at the Atkinsons’ Seren Arabians stud for a further two seasons.

Dominick and Jan are supporters of the BEF Futurity series which assesses young sport horses from foals to three years for their potential as dressage horses, endurance horses, eventers or showjumpers. A three year old son of Hanson, Seren Procyon, was the 2010 Futurity season’s endurance high scorer. “We are even happier about having the winning photograph” says Dominick “because the featured stallion is closely linked to our 2010 and forthcoming 2011 BEF Futurity entries.”

To view the winning photo “Snow Motion”, visit


NED is the UK’s National Equine Database where information on
every horse in the UK with a passport is stored. Horse information is available for the public to view.

The winning photo is of Halal who is a 100% Crabbett Arab stallion foaled 1989 (Hanif x Sherilla by Bright Shadow) Copyright Jan Atkinson, Seren Arabians

Horse and Hound, the UK’s leading weekly equestrian publication is published by IPC Media

Information on the Baileys Horse Feeds/BEF Futurity is at

To see a larger sized high resolution image of Snow Motion, click

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UAE: Presidents Cup Results

12 February 2011

UAE rider swept the first 9 positions of the 160-km race, with Sultan Ahmed Al Baloushi, riding Cronus (Set Sail) in first, in 6:25.13, with Omair Husain Abdulla Al Bloushi riding Marlicia Walter second by 7 seconds. Both are from Al Reef Stables.

France's Sarah Chakil, riding Bahia De Piboul finished 10th followed by fellow countrywoman Cecile Miletto riding Easy Fontnoire.
Americans Cici Butler-Stasiuk finished 20th on DJB Cytron Kon, in 8:19.43, and Deborah Reich and DJB Juniper finished 32nd, in 10:06.08.

Valerie Kanavy and Spectacular Gold were eliminated at the finish on metabolics. Leaving gate 5, she'd been in 13th place, 40 minutes behind the leader.

99 horses started and 32 finished.

Complete results and more stories at:

UAE: Presidents Cup - Al Beloushi scores repeat victory

Emirati rider wins second successive president's cup in Abu dhabi
By Leslie Wilson Jr, Racing & Special Features Writer
February 13, 2011
Gulf News -

Dubai: The Al Reef Stables' Sultan Ahmad Al Baloushi won the HH The President of the UAE Endurance Cup for the second year in a row as he led a sensational UAE sweep of the top nine positions in the CEI three star ride at Abu Dhabi's Emirates International Endurance Village in Al Wathba yesterday.

His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Shaikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Minister of Finance, Shaikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs and other Shaikhs and officials attended the ride.

Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Crown Prince, participated in the event which saw a total of 90 riders in action.

Al Beloushi, who was aboard the bay gelding Cronus, held off a strong challenge from fellow Al Reef rider Omair Hussain Abdullah Al Bloushi to win the gruelling 160km event in a time of 6 hours 25.13 minutes. Al Bloushi, riding the grey Marlicia Walter, finished just seven seconds behind the winner.

Third place went to Majid Mohammad Salman Al Sabri who clocked a time of 06:30.35 aboard the 10-year-old chestnut Armin s Zulu. Al Sabri rides out of the Emaar Stables who also supplied the fourth place finisher, Ahmad Mohammad Al Jaber Al Marri who finished in 06:38.27.

Mohammad Ali Al Shafar, from the Al Reeh Endurance Stables was fifth aboard Dalyn Man, while another Emaar Stables rider, Buti Ali Saif Ali Al Nuaimi took the sixth place with Laziz du Barthas. Al Shafar set a time of 06:46.42 while Al Nuaimi clocked 06:52.15.

Emirates Stables' Ahmad Mohammad Yafour Al Sabusi finished seventh, Thani Mohammad Al Muhairi of the Seeh Al Salam Endurance Stables eighth and Mansour Ebrahim Al Salman from the Fazaa Endurance Team in ninth place.

French endurance rider Sarah Chakil finished best among the international riders in 10th place.

Friday, February 11, 2011

UAE: Al Baloushi brothers and fellow Emiratis take on the world in 160km President's Cup endurance race at Al Wathba
Amith Passela
Feb 12, 2011

photo:Maria Alvarez Ponton (1) leads Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (7) at the 2010 World Endurance Championship. John Sommers / Reuters

The reigning world champion Maria Alvarez Ponton of Spain and Valerie Kanavy, the two-time world champion from the United States, are among the top riders in today's President's Cup endurance race at the Emirates International Endurance Village in Al Wathba.

Ponton, who trains endurance horses in Dubai with her husband, Juma Punti Dachs, won the world title from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, in the US last September.

Today, Ponton will compete aboard Iska, a 15-year-old Anglo-Arab. When she rode at the world championship in Lexington, Kentucky last year, she was on Nobby, a purebred Arabian of the same age.

Kanavy, the winner of the world title in 1994 and 1998, is one of the five riders from the US who will compete in today's 160km race. She rides Spectacular Gold, a nine-year-old bay gelding.

She won on Gold Raven over the same distance at the Dupuis Equestrian Centre near Indiantow, Florida, at the first US endurance meeting of the season in January. The Al Reef Stables' al Baloushi brothers, Yousef Ahmed and Sultan Ahmed, have won the last two runnings of the race and they post the biggest challenge in a field that also include past winners Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid, the Crown Prince of Dubai; Hassan bin Ali and Abdulla Khamis Ali Saeed.

"The President's Cup is the biggest endurance prize in Abu Dhabi and is the dream of every rider to win it," said Yousef Ahmed al Baloushi, who trained and rode the 2008 winner Charlendre El Sharif, who repeated that success under Sultan Ahmed, the younger brother, last year.

Yousef has been the most successful trainer/rider in the domestic season for the past five years and he is riding Elphyn Silverlight, a nine-year-old grey gelding.

He also trained OH-Jay, the winner of the Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed Cup, another 160km race in Dubai in January, ridden by his cousin Omair Hussain al Baloushi.

"We have had a lot of success because we have prepared the horses well, and we also are quite fortunate to have some good horses in training," he said. "A 160km race will test the best of the horses but we are hopeful."

It was announced yesterday the Netherlands will host the second World Arabian Horse Racing Conference from June 16-18 following the success of the inaugural conference in Abu Dhabi last September.

UAE: Presidents Cup

Pamela Burton reports on the 2011 UAE President's Cup

"I’m off to Abu Dhabi! When the winter chill hits the riding trails, we are all thinking of warm breezes, a perfect time to visit the Arabian Gulf ~ well, if it is Abu Dhabi. The winter weather in Abu Dhabi is like Palm Springs ~ lovely for all snowbirds to warm up, enjoy the turquoise sea near the water and inland, desert jeep safaris complete with camels to ride and a “almost” genuine Arabic feast ~ and don’t forget the dancing girls!

February is also the annual Abu Dhabi Endurance Invitational, the President of the UAE Cup, known as “The President’s Cup”. The 2011 ride has invited 20 horses and riders from Europe and North America. Valerie Kanavy, Deborah Reich and Ceci Butler-Stasiuk will be the US representatives. While Valerie has many times been to the UAE, it will be the first trip for Deborah and Ceci. Jason Stasiuk, Ceci’s husband, called yesterday and said Ceci was scheduled to leave that evening with all three horses from Miami. ”She is so excited she is about to burst,” he said.

The ride started in 2000 with about 14 National riders, but now is a popular ride to show off horses from the many stables in the Gulf States. The ride is high profile, with many of the world’s top ranked riders invited, but it is assuredly tipped in favor of the home teams. The horses that have been trained in the hot desert climate on the sandy terrain by professional trainers have the upper hand, as much as the Alaska bred Iditarod dogs have in that race over a one owner team of dogs bred and trained in Milwaukee. That said, the Invited Riders know to ride to their horses’ ability and not try to race to the lead.

In any case, it’s a great adventure. The Arabs (the people not the horses) are known for their hospitality to guests and will have some fun treats in store for the riders including tours of local horse farms. There is big prize money and a car goes to the winner…and in the past there was payout for every rider that completed the ride. I’ll have more details after the Friday, February 11th Press Conference.

More news as it comes. By the way, the temperature in Abu Dhabi at present is 70 degrees F (20 C) and it is night time. They are 12 hours ahead in time (GMT+4)."

Current: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday vet-in -
Read more at Pamela's blog

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Abu Dhabi: Stage set for 90 riders to undergo gruelling 160km Endurance Cup

Friday, 11 February 2011

Ninety riders from over 10 countries are set to lock horns in the His Highness The President of United Arab Emirates Endurance Cup on Saturday.

Fifteen riders from the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Slovakia will line up alongside their counterparts from the UAE and the GCC in the 160km endurance horse race at the Emirates International Endurance Village in Al Wathba, as they bid to become the first-ever non-Emirati winners of the event.

Starting at 6am and running until 10.30pm, the race is split into six phases of between 16km and 34km, with two recovery inspection periods after the fourth and fifth loop. Last year’s race was won by Sultan Ahmed Al Bloushi, on Charlandre El Sharif, in a time of 06:21:12.

And the rider has again been in good form this season, winning the National Day Cup in December.

The top-three riders will each get their hands on a set of keys for a shiny new car, as will the winners of the team event.

The race is run under the directives of His Highness The President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, under the supervision of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Presidential Affairs.

The event is also held in conjunction with the Al Wathba Stud Farm, Abu Dhabi Sports Council, Abu Dhabi Culture and Heritage, Invest AD, Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition 2011, Areej Al Ameerat and HSBC Bank.

Declan Hegarty, HSBC’s Managing Director and Head of Business, Abu Dhabi said: “HSBC is proud to support Abu Dhabi and ADIHEX in celebrating Emirati culture and pastimes as the UAE continues to set the model of economic development for the Middle East.”

On a positive day for purebred Arabian horses, it was also announced by the Global Arabian Horse flat Racing Festival that the World Arabian Horse Racing Conference would be back for a second year, to be held in The Hague.

The conference will be held from June 16-18 and follows from the successful 2010 event that took place in Abu Dhabi.

By Martyn Thomas

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Spain: 16th annual Cron Raid

February 7 2011

The 16th Raid Cron, a CEI*** 120 km test, will be held on 12 March 2011 near St Pere de Torello, outside of Vic, in Catalonia, Spain.

On 13 March, the 20 km, 40 km, and 60 km Cron Promotion ride will also be held at the same venue.

The route of the 120 km will be the same as last year's and can be found at as well as additional information.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Australia's Top Ranked 2010 Riders

Australia’s top rider Ceinwen Morgan, who placed 170 world-wide, rode a perfect season finishing 6 events entered on 6 different horses. All Ceinwen’s events in were off-continent in the United Arab Emirates and Great Britain. Mathew Sample, who represented Australia at the World Championship in Kentucky, was Australia’s second place rider in FEI standings with an overall placing of 215. Mr. Sample finished four rides out of four starts in Australia winning two events with Tarrangower Crecendo.

The Australian Meydan FEI Open Combination Horse and Rider team was Mathew Sample and his mount from the World Equestrian Championship, Tarrangower Crecendo. The pair finish 276 place overall in the FEI World Ranking. Crecendo and Matthew had the winning time at the Kalbar CEI3* 160 – 15.7 km per hour.

Top Young Rider Alexandra Toft Wins Dual Honors. Alexandra rode 5 competitions on 4 different horses to secure Australia’s top FEI Medyan Ranked rider. Alexandra placed 13th in the overall ranking winning the CEIYJ2* 120 Imbil QLD, riding Magum owned by Toft Endurance. It was the Alexandra and Magum team that also captured Australia’s top spot in the Young Riders Combination World Ranking. The pair were ranked 31st in the FEI World Wide Ranking.

Australasian Endurance Conference & Forum


Goal of the Conference:

The primary role of the conference is to achieve the aspirations of the FEI Code of Conduct as written below:

Code of Conduct FEI

The FEI urges all involved with the sport to attain the highest levels of education in their areas of expertise.

The secondary goals are:

* Discuss the implementation of the new rules and the implications of the new star rating for treatment veterinarians;

* Improve the understanding of the roles of officials in particular: Ground Jury, Technical Delegate, Foreign Veterinary Delegate and members of the Veterinary Commission;

* Discuss the changes to the Veterinary Regulations with regard to medication control;

* Discuss the examination of horses during competition especially metabolics and lameness;

* Discuss the issues relating to the treatment of horses at endurance rides;

* Forum on the future of international competition: Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Japan & Thailand;

* Discuss improved nutrition and training methods for endurance horses;

* Discuss issues related to rider safety.

Date: 8th, 9th & 10th of June 2011

Venue: Centr@l Bardon Conference Venue, 390 Simpsons Road, Bardon, Queensland, Australia.

Enquiries: Veterinary. Dr Brian Sheahan, email:
Officials: Barbara Macdonald Timms email:

For more information see:

New Zealand: North Island Champs - Kurutau

North Island Champs - Kurutau - 22-23rd January 2011

It was a mother-daughter victory at Taupo’s IRT North Island Endurance Champs last month with Susan Reid on Makahiwi Achilles recording a back to back win in the IRT CEI 3* 160km ride (following up from last year’s win in the same class) and daughter Sian Reid, riding AA Oscar, taking out the IRT CEI 2* 120km ride the next day.

Taupo hosted the event at Kuratau in very wet conditions on January 22 and 23 with some describing the event as “aquatic endurance”, the rain was so persistent, especially on day two. However most rode well and completion rates were very high, proving that this track will be more than up to scratch for the Nationals being run here at Easter this year, under hopefully much better conditions.

For Susan Reid it was an emphatic win on the 15 year old “Chilli”, owned by Pip Mutch, the combinations’ third win from three starts within 12 months at 3* level, which must be something of an NZ record for sure.

The ever consistent Jenny Champion and Freckles finished second in the 3* 160km ride (and was later awarded Best Conditioned Horse), 40 odd minutes behind Reid and just ahead of third placed Mark Tylee and Jacob, and Michael Wakeling riding Iti, their first start at this level to finish a very credible fourth. Eight out of the 11 starters qualified in this top class, a great tribute to event organizers and track markers.

Sian Reid and AA Oscar won the 2* 120km class of 30 combinations by over 20 minutes and also claimed Best Conditioned, rounding out a great weekend for the Reid’s with their third horse, AA Sabatage, ridden by Rosemary Revell, placing third in the IRT CEI 1* 90km ride.

23 combinations excelled in the IRT 2* 120km with the top three finishing in under eight hours. Behind Sian Reid was Raewyn Carter and Maioro Fire, followed by Sean Trafford and Sayfwood Rolling Stone.

Five out of six Juniors/Young Riders completed their 2* 120km with Emma Armstrong and Craig Royston O’Ryan winning by over an hour from Georgia Smith (Glenmore Astroid), and sole CEN 120km Open competitor Natasha Guest on Cyden Manana completed their first ride at this level.

The IRT CEI 1* 90km ride also was big – 30 combinations again, and five in the Junior/Young Rider class. Riding at and winning his first 1* was Frank Aldridge riding Merimindi Finali, finishing in 5:49:04 and just over a minute ahead of second-placed Maxi Mueller on Mauku Mistique, who was followed closely by Revell. The Young Riders were only slightly slower, Amanda Walton and Lotus Blue Moon finishing strongly to take out the championship class at this level.

The 60km Championship classes were contested by 16 Opens and 3 Juniors with a total of 15 qualifiers.

Hopefully this event will be remembered for the champions that excelled, the OC, vets and officials who made it what it was and the tracks for what they were, despite the rain.

First US CEI of 2011

Release: February 03 2011
Author: From the USEF Communications Department

The first American CEI of 2011 took place at the Dupuis Equestrian Center near Indiantown, FL, January 28-29. The event featured two days of Endurance competition.

In the CEIJY 1* (80km), Forest Green and PL Nino took top honors in a time of 3:55:30 beating Kelsey Russell and Tryssta by 30 seconds to the wire. In the CEI 1* (80km) Amy Atkins crossed the finish line in 5:03:40 on SA Zacks Comet, one second ahead of Daryl Downs and Blaze Star. In another desperately close race, Kathy Brunjes won the CEI 2* (120 km) on Theatric in a time of 7:19:58, one second clear of Melody Blittersdorf on Tektonic.

In the CEI 3* (160km), veteran Valerie Kanavy took top honors on Gold Raven by a wide margin. Her winning time of 8:42:44 was more than 50 minutes clear of Margaret Sleeper, who finished in 9:54:49 with Syrocco Reveille, one second ahead of Nicki Meuten and Not tonight. After a third place finish in the CEIJY 1* on Friday, Kyle Gibbon won the CEIY3* the following day in a time of 13:12:51 on Julio.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

India: Thorough breds win first equestrian endurance meet
Parth Shastri, TNN, Feb 7, 2011, 12.39am IST

AHMEDABAD: Thoroughbreds outshone Marwari and Kathiawadi horses on their home turf. However, the organizers of the first edition of Gujarat's 20 km equestrian endurance competition at Santej near Ahmedabad were happy to make a mark on the national circuit. A 61-year old rider from Ahmedabad won first prize at the event.

Anish Gajjar, founder of Equestrian Club of Gujarat and organizer of the event, told TOI that the event saw participation of 18 riders in the main category, 10 juniors and two women participants. "The event had Kathiawadi and Marwari horses in addition to thoroughbreds and Sindhi breeds. Thoroughbreds are traditionally known for their discipline and will to stick to the end. Homegrown Kathiawadis are sturdy but more mercurial. However, with more and more such events and more training by the riders, we believe that they will make the mark on the national scene," said Gajjar.

RB Pande, an equestrian trainer at a school in Ahmedabad, stood first in the open category riding a thoroughbred. Purvi Shah was first in the women's category also on a thoroughbred while Vijay Patel stood won the junior category in the saddle of a Marwari horse. Marwaris came a close second to the thoroughbreds in winning prizes, said organizers.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Bahrain: IT'S AL HAZZA!
Posted on » Sunday, February 06, 2011

BAHRAIN Royal Endurance Team rider Isa Abdulla Al Hazza raced to a dominant victory yesterday in His Majesty The King's Cup Endurance Horseride Championship, held at Bahrain International Endurance Village in Sakhir with His Majesty the King in attendance.

Riding his horse Duke Ya'aahad, Al Hazza was among the event's leaders from start to finish. He eventually completed the gruelling 120-kilometre event with a winning time of four hours 58 minutes 26 seconds and an average pace of 24.126km/h.

His Majesty King Hamad later presented Al Hazza with a royal sword as part of his prizes as the winner.

Yesterday's race was sanctioned by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), organised by the Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation (Breef), and sponsored by Western Gulf Advisory.

Al Hazza led three other members of the Royal Endurance Team to finishes within the top four.

Abdulrahman Al Saad was the runner-up and Abdulrahman Al Zaed third, while Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa was a strong fourth.

Al Saad, riding Kintamani Ragindi, completed the event quite a distance behind Al Hazza in a time of 5:13:58. He registered an average pace of 22.932km/h in claiming second place.

Al Zaed, mounted on Cedar Ridge Original, did well to battle back from behind to take the final podium position in 5:27:56. He raced with an average speed of 21.956km/h.

Supreme Council for Youth and Sports first deputy chairman and Breef president Shaikh Khalid was riding his horse Tarabic Carl to claim an impressive fourth position. Shaikh Khalid finished in 5:44:46, and averaged a solid pace of 20.884km/h.

FEI member Abdulla Al Asfour, riding Rushcreek Ovid, came fifth overall just two seconds behind Shaikh Khalid; while Shawamek Stable rider Khalil Abdulsamad Abdullatif on Chesterfield came sixth in 6:00:02.

Rounding out the finishing order amongst the leaders was Jaffar Mohammed Ali representing Al Ajiyal Stable. On Zidan, he completed the race in 6:06:48.

Also competing in His Majesty's event was Royal Endurance Team leader Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, who is also the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports chairman and Bahrain Olympic Committee president. Shaikh Nasser, however, was forced to withdraw from the competition during the first stage, following an injury to his horse The Statesman of Cheveaux.

Meanwhile, Royal Endurance Team's Ali Yousif Baqer won the junior category of the race. Riding Derrom Sabre, Ali had a finishing time of 5:24:00 while going for an average speed of 22.222km/h.

Hussain Al Nayef of Asayel Stable was second. Riding his horse Jassem, he finished just two seconds behind the victor.

Claiming third place was Shaikha Najla bint Salman Al khalifa riding Cal Kafee. Shaikha Najla, representing Ahmed Al Fateh Stable, completed the event in 5:32:12.

After the race, all three top junior riders were presented their respective trophies by Shaikh Khalid.

Friday, February 04, 2011

USA: Three US horses head for Abu Dhabi for endurance invitational

Miami- Three US horses will ship tonight to compete in the President’s Cup Endurance ride slated for February 12th at Emirates International Endurance Village in Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Valerie Kanavy will represent the US riding Spectacular Gold, Deborah Reich will ride DJB Juniper and Ceci Butler-Stasiuk will ride DJB Cytron Tron. Butler-Stasiuk had the option to ride Katie Shah’s Ace’s Commett but feels Cytron Tron is good to go. Butler-Stasiuk will leave from Florida and travel with the horses by February 5th, the other riders to follow. The ride field usually supports 50 National riders and 20 invited competitors from Europe and North America who will compete for monetary prizes as well as the grand prize of an automobile. Entry numbers and prizes will be announced by February 11th. The prestigious 160-km ride started in 2000 with 14 national and 22 International riders.

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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Gujarat to host first equestrian endurance championship

AHMEDABAD: Will home-bred Kathiawadi and Marwari horses be able to compete with the famed Arabian horses? This Sunday will test the endurance of 30 horses in the first edition of Gujarat's equestrian endurance competition on a 10 km track in Santej near Ahmedabad. The horses, from Gujarat and Rajasthan, belonging to industrialists, farmers and horse enthusiasts, will be tested for their strength, ability to negotiate hurdles and health.

Anish Gajjar, founder of Equestrian Club of Gujarat and organizer of the event, told TOI that the sport is conducted in 20, 40, 60, 80 and 120 kilometre races at national and international levels. "As this is the first initiative for the state, we are going for a 20 km race in two loops for the open category, while there is a shorter 10 km race for the junior category of horse riders. We also have a category for women," said Gajjar. The event will take place at Santej.

Why Ahmedabad? "The event has always been a bastion of Arabian breeds at national and international levels. However, we have an interesting mix of breeds including Marwari, Kathiawadi, thoroughbreds and mixed breeds in the state with quite a few enthusiasts. It will be an interesting competition and an exhibition of their strength," said Gajjar.

According to organizers, in an endurance race, the winning horse is the first to cross the finish line while stopping periodically to pass a veterinary check that deems the animal fit to continue. Before the ride, horses are inspected by a veterinarian to ensure they are fit to participate in the race. The rider who reaches the destination first after passing all the periodic exams is declared the winner. The event is being organized according to the rules of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), and with support from the Marwari Horse Society of India (MHSI). British equestrian trainer Philippa Waterfield will co-ordinate the event.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

UAE: Top riders to showcase skills at Endurance City

Gulf News
Staff Report
February 3, 2011

Maktoum Bin Hamdan ride on Saturday

Dubai: International Endurance City is set to host two back-to-back races this weekend with the UAE's leading riders set to take part.

Tomorrow will see a CEI one-star Dubai International Endurance City-backed 80-km ride with two loops; a yellow category loop of 40-km once repeated. The pre-ride meet and inspection will be held from 9:30am-12 noon.

While a CEI two-star 120-km event, the Shaikh Maktoum Bin Hamdan Al Maktoum Challenge, sponsored by Seeh Al Salam Stables, takes place on Saturday. The race consists of five loops and the pre-ride meet will be held on Friday from 2:30-5pm.

Mohammad Essa Al Adhab, Deputy General Manager of the organisers Dubai Equestrian Club (DEC), said: "We would like to extend our appreciation to Shaikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Minister of Finance, for his continuous and generous contributions to our endurance events throughout the season. We are very honoured to host the Shaikh Maktoum Bin Hamdan Al Maktoum Challenge.

"We are also very grateful to Seeh Al Salam Stables and are delighted that they have been rewarded with such a top-class line-up of riders."

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

French Endurance Coach Dropped! - Full Article

January 27, 2011 By fhc

The coach of the French Endurance team, Jean-Louis Leclerc, will be dropped from January 31st this year by the Federation. Why? Apparently he is too old and there will be a new directions from then on.

Veterinarian by training, Jean-Louis Leclerc was the head of the French team for endurance for 6 years and involved in the federation for 16 years. He earned respect and steered the teams to achieve results with 9 gold, 5 silver and 5 bronze. Not bad, but not enough in the eyes of authorities.

The new federal plan for the Endurance no longer requires a full time coach and feels it is time for the application of new blood. Although only 62 and despite his undeniable results, Jean-Louis Leclerc will not be reappointed...

read more here:

Endurance Added to 2011 Adequan FEI North American Junior/Young Rider Championships

February 01 2011
Joanie Morris

Lexington, KY – For more than 30 years, the Adequan FEI North American Junior and Young Rider Championships presented by Gotham North traditionally hosts championships for teams and individuals in the three Olympic Equestrian disciplines of dressage, eventing and jumping. In 2008 reining was included, and in 2011 the sport of endurance will be introduced for the first time.

Included as a non-championship event since 2008 – participation and support for the program continues to grow. The 2011 championship will run from July 27-31 at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY and the endurance portion will use some of the same track that the World Endurance Championships ran over during the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games last September.

The ride will take place on Friday July 29. The stabling, start, veterinary inspections and finish as well as portions of the course will be on the Kentucky Horse Park grounds. The remainder of the course for the 120km race will make use of private property near the horse park.

For more information please contact Joanie Morris at

FEI Year End Rankings 2010

January 31 2011

Two French riders topped the Meydan Open Riders World Ranking for FEI year end results. Virginie Atger, who was ranked fifth in the world last year, topped the list in 2010 by just 14 points over fellow Frenchwoman Sarah Chakil.

In 2010 Atger won a number of rides, including the CEI*** 160-km Sommant and 160-km Rambouillet in France. She also finished 10th in the World Endurance Championship in Lexington, Kentucky.

Chakil won the 160km CEI*** Landivisiau and Florac in France. Chakil and Sakalia finished 8th in the World Endurance Championship in Kentucky, boosting the pair to a year-end 4th place ranking in the FEI World’s Top Open Combination.

14-year-old SAS Alexis was the top ranked horse in the FEI Meydan Open Horse World Ranking. The horse had 5 starts in 2010, finishing first in a CEI** 120km in Bahrain, two 2nd places in CEI*** 160-km rides in England, and a third in the World Endurance Championship in Kentucky.

2nd ranked horse in the FEI Meydan Open Horse World Ranking was 10-year-old Ciel Oriental. The horse had 5 starts in 2010, with 3 wins in England at 120 km, 130 km, and 160 km, and a 2nd place finish in the World Equestrian Games.

The very popular Double World Champion, and reigning European Champion, 15-year-old Nobby, ranked 32nd on the list. He had two starts on the year, a 4th place in 2010, a 160-km in Dubai in April, and first place in the World Endurance Championship in Kentucky.

Meydan Open Riders World Ranking:
1 - Virginie Atger - France - 1149 points
2 - Sarah Chakil - France - 1135 points
3 - Maria Hagman-Eriksson - Sweden - 1106 points
3 - S.S Faleh Nasser Bughenaim - Qatar - 1106 points
5 - Hamdan Bin Mohd Al Maktoum - UAE - 1089 points

Meydan Open Combination World Ranking:
1 - Ann S. Hall and HCC Zara RR - USA - 404 points
2 - Alex Luque Moral and Koheilan Kincso - Spain - 372 points
3 - Joao Raposo and Titanic - Portugal - 357 points
4 - Sarah Chakil and Sakalia - France - 349 points
5 - Carlos Cunha and Quinza - Portugal - 339 points

Meydan Open Horse World Ranking:
1 - SAS ALEXIS - 504 points
2 - CIEL ORIENTAL - 475 points
4 - GROSO HLM - 411 points
5 - AMIR - 408 points

FEI Year End Ranking - U.S. Horse and Rider Are Tops

January 31 2011 - California, United States,

Ann S. Hall, with mare HCC Zara RR, World’s Top Open Combination World Ranking for FEI year end results

Ms. Hall, a veteran endurance rider from Auburn, California topped the FEI ranking of 4764 horse and rider teams world wide to garner the number one spot. Ms. Hall and her mare HCC Zara RR accumulated the highest amount of points as a team in FEI events for the year. Ms. Hall, who has 10,000 miles in competition has been riding FEI events since 2006 and has a 100% finishing lifetime record in FEI events.

“HCC Zara RR has only been under saddle for 2 years, we are very pleased with her progress. Zara is closely related to several other Hall horses that have done very well through KOSCIUSKO, AERC Hall of Fame Stallion and sire of Tevis Champions. We are looking forward to 2011.”

Winner of the individual rider to accumulate more points with various horses went to Virginie Atger of France. Ms. Atger had an impressive year with 15 finishes out of 15 races to top her fellow compatriot, Sarah Chakil, in closely contested race for the world champion title. Ms. Atger rode seven different horses to achieve the world title. Ms. Atger, silver medalist at Aachen, Germany in the World Equestrian Games (WEG), represented France in Kentucky at the WEG and finished in the 10th place spot riding Azim Du Floival.

SAS Alexis, FEI World Top Ranked Horse for the 2010 season, is a 15 year Arabian gelding. SAS Alexis, is owned by the Fazaa Endurance Team from the United Arab Emirates. SAS Alexis, born in Australia, bested a field of 4109 horses to claim the year- end title. His Excellency Sheikh Hamdan Bin Al Maktoum, Captain of the United Arab Emirate team, guided SAS Alexis to bronze individual medal and team gold at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky. SAS Alexis, was a mere 17 seconds behind the 2nd place horse.

In 2010, Endurance inspired 270 International Events, a far cry form the modest 16 events held in 1995. This dramatic increase places Endurance as one of the fastest growing discipline in Equestrian sport.

The FEI, founded in 1921, is the international body governing equestrian sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee. Today, it is the sole controlling authority for 8 equestrian disciplines throughout the world. Of the equestrian disciplines that FEI oversees is the sport of endurance riding.

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