Thursday, October 09, 2003


On Behalf Of Maggie Mieske

Hi all,
My fingers are freezing. Kudos to Cindy, Ruth and Carol....they are
wonderful. All of the people are wonderful here. I am looking forward to
being vetted under all of these wonderful and talented people who care
about our horses. There is some tough competition here. Some people
didn't show but it'll still be tough. We pre rode the trail
today...BEAUTIFUL!!! It's windy and chilly tonight though. Will blanket
the horses!!
Max and Malik vetted in with all As and have been eating and drinking like
piglets. :) This is an like we have never seen! The
big rocks make Malik snort and blow but he can't wait to see what is on the
other side of those hills! :) He's like that bear that went over the
mountain to see what he could see! :)
OK, ride meeting over, fingers freezing (I'm outside doing this!) so must
go and get some sleep and brief the crew and settle the horses in for
the night. Oh, and get some sleep. Yeah, right.
THANK YOU to everyone who made the NC possible. Oh, and we received the
prize for travelling the farthest...a basket of shampoos and Cowboy Magic
stuff. :) We'll need it after riding in all this dust!!
Good night, all....tomorrow!
Miles of smiles,

The turkeys have landed!

>On Behalf Of Maggie Mieske
>OK, well, I thought it sounded arrogant to say the eagles have
>landed. :) But we have arrived safe and sound in Red Rock! Malik and
>Max "know" this is it and have promptly begun eating and drinking
>EVERYTHING. I was concerned about Max for awhile but his attitude has
>improved. I think Malik GAINED weight on this trip as he ate and drank
>everything we ever gave him! :) I might have mentioned that I caught him
>napping a few times, too. :) He took it all in stride. Max is a little
>tucked up but I think he will improve with lots of water and CARROTS... I
>bought about 50 # of carrots at a grocery store today. He loves
>carrots. We will rehydrate him one way or another! :)
>Anyway, Carol will have a line in tomorrow and if she lets me, I'll hook
>up my laptop and send in a few notes!! :)
>Oh and thanks to Jennifer who is letting me retrieve my homework
>assignments and get a ridecamp fix from her house
>nearby! :) WoW! :) People are so great out here!! :)
>More later when I can!
>Miles of smiles (like about 2250!),

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