Thursday, August 08, 2013

2013 Mongol Derby RACE REPORT: Day 4

L to R, Natacha Lazareff, Hannah Bronwin, Barbara Seele, Anthony Ward-Thomas and Inge Rall-Behm ride down to Ogii Nuur on leg 9, 7th Aug 2013 Mongolderbyblog - Full Report

7 August 2013

• Devan Horn’s lead cut to just 10km by chasing Brit Lara Prior-Palmer
• Another 3 riders just one leg (40km) off the lead
• Female dominance at the top of the leaderboard continues
• Riders start taking more tumbles from the semi-wild Mongolian horses but no serious injuries
• Physical strain starting to show across the pack after 4 days of racing

Race Summary

There are 15 riders bringing up the rear of the leaderboard en masse tonight all staying at Horse Station 9; probably the most picturesque of all the stations next to a stunning lake. Tomorrow they’ll enjoy a striking ride around that lake and we’ll see if this large group splits up again...

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