Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Brazil: Bragança Paulista CEI***/**/* SP Brazil
Event Coverage

Sao Paulo Bragança is one of the earliest endurance rides in Brasil. The ride is located at the ranch of Leo Steinbrunch - Haras Endurance. This event will count for points ranking of: FPH (Federação native of são paulo of Hipismo), CBH (Confederation Brazilian of Hipismo) and from the FEI (Federação Eqüestre International). It will be the seventh running of this ride, and the organizers expect some of the most important riders and horses of the country.

The event will have three categories: A one-day 80 kilometer (50 mile) ride, a two day 160 km (100 miles) ride, 80 kms each day, and a one-day 120 km ride.

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Saturday, March 27, 2004


In the highly anticipated re-match of two of racings stars, the Richard Mandella-trained Pleasantly Perfect, in the hands of jockey Alex Solis, raced past the Bobby Frankel-trained Medaglia d'Oro with Jerry Bailey up to win the richest race in the world, the US$6,000,000 Dubai World Cup, sponsored by Emirates Airline March 27. The two horse met in 2003 at the Breeders' Cup Classic, with the same outcome.

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Seabiscuit Equine Actor 'Rich in Dallas' Retires

Lexington, KY -- March 26, 2004 - Rich in Dallas, one of the seven horses who played the stakes winner Seabiscuit in the movie of the same name, arrived in Lexington, KY at the Blue Grass Airport on March 25 in response to a grassroots effort to retire this movie star racehorse. The 9-year-old gelded son of Hurricane Ed was claimed and retired by three Thoroughbred retirement groups -- The Exceller Fund, ReRun, and Old Friends -- on March 20, with the help of an anonymous California donor.

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Friday, March 26, 2004

Windeyer Australia ride attracts large field

Friday, 26 March 2004

A large contingent of local riders filled the 62 strong field that turned out for the Windeyer Progress Association's first endurance ride last Sunday.

There were a total of 26 riders from the local region that took on the course, a number competing in the 80-kilometre ride with resounding results.

Thirty-two took on the longer 80-kilometre course, among them Rylstone's Alan Watts and Mudgee's Garry Bennett who took line honours on the day with Richmond competitor Nicole Wilson.

Watts also took out the heavy-weight division, Bennett the middle-weight and Wilson the light-weight. It took Watts around six-and-a-half-hours to complete the course and arrived back at base at 10.55am, after they had started 30-minutes earlier than expected because of perceived hot conditions."

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Mubarak Khalifa bin Shafya wins Omega sponsored Triple Crown

Mubarak Khalifa bin Shafya rode Comes The Dawn to win the 140-km third and final leg of the Omega-sponsored Triple Crown Endurance ride at Dubai Endurance City on March 25. A total of 32 riders started off at 6 in the morning in the last ride of the season for Dubai.

The temperature soared to the mid-80’s (29C), which advised constraint for many of the riders. Bin Shafya, a former National Champion, still finished exactly 10 minutes ahead of Majed Khalfan Al Jahouri, himself a top contender. Jaber Bittar, of Al Reef Stables, finished in third place. Bin Shafya, who was the top UAE rider in the domestic circuit two years ago, finished the first loop in fifth place, and rode cautiously before taking over the lead after the third stage.
"It was very hot out there from the first stage itself”, said Bin Shafya. “However towards the latter part of the ride there was a lot of wind which provided a lot of relief to the horses. Comes The Dawn is one of the best horses and I am thankful to Sheikh Saeed bin Maktoum Al Maktoum for all his support," said the winner.

Leader after the first two rounds, young Sheikh Rashid bin Hamdan Al Maktoum finished seventh.

Before the last stage, General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Crown Prince and Minister of Defense, was riding in fourth place, but withdrew from the ride before the final loop, keeping in mind the welfare of his horse as he felt that the heat was a bit harsh over the 140km distance.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Minister of Finance and Industry, along with Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum also attended the ride.

Anna Kournikova, celebrity tennis star, was flown down by Omega, who sponsored this final leg of the Triple Crown. She said she was overawed after watching the horses and riders in action. "This is the first time I have watched an endurance ride and it was unbelievable. The horses and riders were really working hard out there in the sun and it seems to be a wonderful sport," said the Russian.


Triple Crown final leg (provisional)
1. Mubarak Khalifa bin Shafya (Comes The Dawn) 6:44.58;
2. Majid Khalfan Al Jahouri (Almanda Special Edition) 6:54.58;
3. Jaber Bittar (Beniarich Rezek Al Arab) 7:13.59;
4. Hassan Ahmed Al Bloushi (Rowallan Shanty) 7:14.00;
5. Ahmed Ali bin Harmash (Walstroom Hammam) 7:25.10;
6. Jesus Manuel Berna (Jamile) 7:54.12
7. Sheikh Rashid bin Hamdan Al Maktoum (Damas El Ainhoa) 8:02.46
8. Rashed Hamad Al Suwaidi (Zeyn Sha Zam) 8:02.56

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Pinamar - Pan American Pre-ride wrap-up

Steph Teeter

...The completion rate for the 160km was pretty good, most riders were simply trying to get a solid completion or qualify for the WEC. Some of the horses looked great at the end, some looked tired. I´m still trying to get full results, with gate times, recovery times, etc, it will be interesting. I think most of the eliminations were lameness, a lot of the horses don't train in the sand, and there was a lot of muscle fatigue from pushing off of the deep footing, and strain from pulling the feet out of the deep sand. Many people are realizing that they will need to train in the sand for next year´s Pan American.

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CEI *** ends Dubai's endurance season

Dubai 3/25/04: General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and UAE Minister of Defence, leads a strong field of riders in the March 25 CEI-Three Star ride, which will also end Dubai's endurance season for 2003-04 with the end of a 3 ride series. The ride will be 140-km and will have six stages of 32, 29, 26, 19, 19 and 15km.

Sheikh Mohammed, the reigning European Open champion, is scheduled to ride the eight-year-old part-Arab chestnut gelding, Maldiyo, in the race held at Dubai Endurance City in Seih Assalem.

More than 30 riders are expected to get off to a mass start at 6am. Sheikh Rashid bin Hamdan Al Maktoum, who is currently leading the Triple Crown, will be looking for a good finish in the 140-km event.

Sheikh Rashid will again ride Shikira, the horse that he rode to a third place in both the first and second rounds of the Triple Crown races.

In addition to Sheikh Mohammed some of the other top contenders are Abdul Rahim Al Juneibi, Majed Khalfan Al Jahouri, Mubarak Khalifa bin Shafya Hassan bin Ali, Jaber Bittar and Saeed Al Tayer. Among some of the top riders from outside the UAE, Italy's Gianluca Laliscia on Shock, France's Marc le Bervet on Al Rumani and Spain's Jesus Manuel Berna are among the frontrunners.

Extreme temperatures might be a problem, and the riders and horses may have to contend with some tough conditions. Because of this, the average speed is expected to be much lower than the usually fast speeds for which the UAE riders are known.

Top tennis star Anna Kournikova, spokesperson for Omega, is scheduled to attend today's ride, sponsored by Omega. Many world visitors, in the city for the Dubai World Cup on Saturday, are also expected to view the ride.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Pinamar Ride Results

23Mar 2004
Steph Teeter and

We have received preliminary results for the CEI***/** events which occured at Pinamar Argentina on 20Mar. The 160km *** event was won by Joesfina Chas from Argentina riding JC Farid in a time of 9:53. This is an average speed of 16:19.

Best Condition for the 160km event was awarded to ZC Hyshah riden by Andrea Pajudas also of Argentina. There were 27 starters in the 160km with 18 finishers.

The 147km event was won by Beatriz Muriel riding Cal Flaming Mar in a ride time of 06:47:00 (18.72 km/hr ave). Best Condition was not awarded in the 147 km event. There were 17 starters and 8 finishers in the event.

Further results, including we hope, statistics for the gates will be availabel in the near future.

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AERC Research Grants Awarded

AERC Research Grants Committee
Report for March 2004 - bob morris Chair

The American Endurance Ride Conference Research Grants
Committee now has in place two studies that will take place
this summer. One is to be done by the University of
Pennsylvania, New Bolton Center with Mary M Durando, DVM,
PhD, Dip ACVIM (internal medicine) Research Assistant
Professor, Section of Sports Medicine as principal

This study is entitled; Can successful endurance performance
be predicted by physiology? Relationship between a
heart-specific regulatory protein (cardiac troponin I),
electrocardiograms, and competitive performance in endurance

The second grant that is in place will be done by, Michigan
State University, with Harold Schott, DVM, PhD, Department
of Large Animal Clinical Sciences, as principal

Dr. Schott will: ....

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TYX Passes

On Saturday March 20th, the Arabian race world was sad to lose another star, when Tyx (SAMTYR x DIMFIXA), owner by Flight Leader Farm in Texas, died of a massive heart attack. TYX was standing at the farm owned by David Kaden and Tracy Webb. TYX (1986) has sired some notable endurance horses, among them, Shahdon, winner of the 2003 AHA 100 mile National Championship and BC; Maqina, winner of the 2003 Japan Cup and BC; Celebracion, winner of the FEI 80km race in Norway 2/04 & BC; Tycker Tape won BC in his first race in Japan; Dunedust, winner of Renegade III and Cow Tanks III ridden by Alyx Luck; and Proud Legacy, winner of the 2003 Kings Forest FEI ride in England. Flight Leader Farm has a supply of frozen semen at Colorado State University so the Tyx progeny will continue.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Riders endure much for the love of horses

The Oregonian

It's a vacation most of us probably have never imagined taking.
An hour south of Nampa, Idaho, in late October. Far from warm beaches -- or warm anything, for that matter. Milling about in a small city of pickups, horse trailers, horses and dogs, with water hoses that freeze overnight and outhouses that don't have roofs.


This was a gathering of people who love horses -- and of people who love those people. This was a world where riding a horse 25 or even 30 miles is considered 'limited distance.' "

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Friday, March 19, 2004

Argentina: Relaxed Anticipation

2004 Pinamar CEI***/2005 PanAm Pre-Ride

By Steph Teeter

Beatiful morning! Coffee and toast at the hotel then off to the stable which will be full of activity today.

Lots of rain yesterday, poured and poured for a couple hours, then cleared up, the course should be perfect, the rain will settle the sand and make it easer for the horses.

Yesterday we moved the horses to the official stable at the Hipocampo. Did registration stuff, looked around, checked horses, visited the other barns, then it began really really raining - like the downpours in Virginia - warm rain though.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Pinamar Argentina 2004: Life on the Pampas

We returned to Miguel and Celina's estancia Sunday last afternoon. I had spent the morning working on photos and checking my email at one of the Internet Cafes in Pinamar. Miguel picked me up at the hotel and we took a small tour of Pinamar, a very charming beach resort town, and he showed me the various hotels and villas that were available so I could report back to the USET folks in case they sent staff and riders to the Pan Americans next year.
We coincidentally met a friend of Miguel's - Alina (Lola) Gonzales Vidal (a trainer and rider who has been working in the Emirates) and Jason Kirk, the Australian trainer at the Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club. Jason was in Argentina looking at endurance horses, and after talking with Alina and Miguel he decided to come the next day to Miguel's to look at his horses. Argentinean horses are becoming well known now in the Emirates, horses bred and sold by Los Estribos (Elena Romero Onata) recently placed 1st and 5th at the Presidents Cup, and 1st at another recent Emirates race - so Argentina is the new 'hot spot' for endurance horses. There are many buyers coming to look for both younger horses (5, 6 yrs) and horses that have competed well,"

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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Bahrain: 18Mar Endurance Championship

Gulf News: Bahrain Endurance race set

Shaikh Nasser during a practice session TEAMS resumed practice yesterday for their participation in His Majesty King Hamad's Endurance Horseride Championship which will be held on Thursday at the endurance village premises.

The Royal Team, which is captained by Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation president Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, underwent extensive training sessions at the venue in preparation for the prestigious event.

Members of Al Khaldiya team, under the umbrella of the Royal Team, also had their practice session under their leader Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, who is the federation's first vice-president.
The event, which is the final round of the first Bahrain Endurance Challenge, will be run over a distance of 120km and divided into five stages. "


Argentina: PanAm Pre-Ride

Argentina Arabian Horse Society Endurance Ride
Steph Teeter - 13 March 2004
Pinamar, B.A. Argentina

Today I rode a 45 km Endurance ride in Argentina!!
For this week and next, I am the guest of Miguel Pavlovksy. Miguel is a medical doctor, a hematologist, in Buenos Aires. He and his wife Celina own and operate a large estancia in the pampas, south of Buenos Aires. The estancia produces agricultural products (corn, soy, sunflower), cattle and sheep, and is most famous for its Arabian horse breeding program.

Haras San Andres del Moro is the home of truly exceptional performance (track, driving and endurance) Arabian and Arabian cross horses. With over 30 mares and several foundation stallions, the Haras is very productive. The ‘Moro’ horses are beautiful, with size and substance. One of the foundation stallions ‘Fugativo’ who has sired most of the ‘Moro’ endurance horses has also performed well in dressage, jumping and driving. His strength and versatility are typical of his offspring as well, with good minds and a very willing work ethic.

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Friday, March 12, 2004

Al Wathba takes Emirates Endurance Championship

Hammadi takes tally to seven
By Amith Passela

12 March 2004

ABU DHABI - The Al Wathba juggernaut took their Emirates endurance championship tally to seven by claiming yesterday's Emirates Challenge trophy at the Emirates International Endurance Village.

Hassan Yousef Abdulla Al Hammadi won the truncated CEI Two-Star ride on Ro-Fabiola from stable-mate Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri riding Parlour Mountain Anzac after Al Reef Stables Matar Ali Al Hammadi's 13-year-old Arabian gelding, Mylex Cherokee, was eliminated for lameness after crossing the finish line first.
The 130km race was reduced to 110km in the middle of the second loop because of the rising hot weather condition."

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La Baule

Un nouveau tracé pour la course d'endurance
Pour la 2e année, La Baule fait se côtoyer les
champions de deux disciplines équestres : le
saut d'obstacles et l'endurance - la version
équestre du marathon - :163 kilomètres en
une seule journée, à une vitesse moyenne
estimée de 18 km/heure pour les meilleurs, en
six étapes et cinq contrôles vétérinaires et
haltes de repos obligatoires, tel est le menu du
2e Concours d'Endurance International Officiel
de France, disputé le samedi 8 mai.
Le départ des 160 kilomètres se fera dès 8h30
sur la plage de La Baule, à marée
descendante, à la hauteur de l'hôtel Hermitage
Barrière. Soixante concurrents, soit le double
de la 1ère édition, sont attendus pour le premier
CEIO de la saison 2004. Une préparation
incontournable en vue des championnats du
monde de janvier prochain à Dubaï.
Les 1er et 3e "vet-gate", à Herbignac, se feront
comme l'an passé, au pied des somptueuses
ruines du château médiéval de Ranrouët.
Penestin accueillera concurrents et suiveurs à
l'heure de la halte déjeuner en bord de mer,
non loin des Falaises de la Mine d'or. La fin de
journée se déplacera vers Guérande où le PC
course sera installé au pied des remparts de
cette vieille ville pleine de charme. Enfin,
retour pour l'arrivée sur la plage de La Baule
aux alentours de 20 heures, à peine la marée
redescendue pour les plus rapides. Les plus
lents passeront la ligne d'arrivée à la lueur des
lampes de mineur fixées sur leur casque,
jusqu'à minuit...
L'équipe de France championne d'Europe en
titre (2003), et gagnante par équipe l'an
dernier, devrait retrouver ses concurrents les
plus coriaces, les cavaliers des Emirats
Arabes Unis, qui avaient trusté les places de
premier et troisième en individuel.

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2005: AERC National Championship - FEI Division

Bill and Jan Stevens
Fort Howes Endurance Rides, Inc.
Home of the 2005 AERC National Championship

The AERC Board of Directors has approved that the 2005 AERC National Championship be held at the Fort Howes Ranch in Montana. In addition, the board approved sanctioning an FEI division to be held along with the AERC National Championship.

The Fort Howes site has hosted FEI/CEI*** events for the last 4 years. Additionally, it has hosted IAHA National Championship events.

The event is planed for June 2005. "We found in looking back through the past 2
years of endurance rides that there are more 100 mile rides with more
riders in May, June, and July." according to Ride Manager Jan Stevens. "Last year the winner of our ride was
from Canada, 2nd from Virginia, and third from northern Illinois. One
more item; there are only so many 100 mile horses in the US and if FEI
and AERC rides are separated then each will impact the other
negatively but if they can be combined there is a synergistic effect."

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Thursday, March 11, 2004

2004 Emirates Challenge CEI**

Huge participation for Endurance ride

Khaleej Times: By A Correspondent

11 March Results - The race was shortened to 110km because of adverse weather conditions. There were 73 starters and 30 finishers in the event. The event was won by Hassan Abdulla Youssef Al Hammadi and Ro-Fabiola of the U.A.E. in 4:35:26

10 March Story 2004 DUBAI - Over 100 riders have confirmed their participation for the forthcoming Emirates Challenge endurance ride to be held at the Emirates International Endurance Village, Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi, tomorrow.

The day will also hold a Federation Qualifier for ladies. The CEI 2-star, 130-km Emirates Challenge ride will be run in five stages of 34 km, 32 km, 28 km, 20 km and 16 km respectively. It will feature horses aged six and above and the ride is scheduled to start at 6 am.

The pre-ride inspection will be held on March 10, 2004. The 48-km Qualifier for ladies will be run in two stages of 32 km and 16 km and will begin at 7 am. The pre-ride inspection for the qualifier will be held on the same day in the morning"

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

2004 AERC Convention

Februay 27-29, Silver Legacy Hotel Convention Center, Reno, Nevada.
By Pamela Burton

Over 1000 attendees braved a California/Nevada Winter snowstorm to assemble at the annual American Endurance Ride Conference Convention at the Silver Legacy Hotel in Reno, Nevada, February 27-29. The two-day, Trade Show and Seminar Schedule was augmented by extra days at either end for working meetings.

The combined Convention with the National American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC) was an experiment in expediency which bolstered the attendance at many events, some combined, and some totally independent. The NATRC home office felt that the combination turned out "exceptionally well", and members who have joined both organizations were thrilled to go to one Convention that covered both subjects so well.

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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

EnduranceNet: 2004 Ride & Tie World Championship

2004 Ride & Tie World Championship

Have you always wanted to attend the Championships.... or do it again after a few years away? Well, this year is the perfect time! The WCRT will return to Mendocino Country on June 26, 2004, based on a 300 acre ranch called Simcha, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Ten Mile River just north of Fort Bragg, California. The trail meanders past virgin Redwoods, with 360 degree ridge top views over the ocean to the west and to neighboring mountain forest ranges in the other three directions.
Building on the excitement and camaraderie of past Championships, the focus will be on a family reunion atmosphere for endurance enthusiasts, with newcomers enthusiastically welcomed! Plus, the famous Mendocino Coast is a grand destination vacation area in and of itself, offering everything from ocean caves and river kayaking, salmon fishing and abalone diving, to world class wining, dining and art galleries in town. Bring your friends, kids, and partner, and enjoy an escape to this secluded yet cosmopolitan paradise.

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Monday, March 01, 2004

North Ireland - Lorraine Sloan has her sights fixed firmly on Gold

Together, they have enjoyed five consecutive FEI wins.
FarmingLive -

ONE of Ireland's top-ranking endurance riders, Lorraine Sloan, from Raffrey, County Down, has her sights fixed firmly on Gold after winning a £7,000 award from the Northern Ireland Sports Council to finance her preparation for the European Championships in 2005.

Lorraine, number 66 in the world, was thrilled with the grant - the first for an endurance rider in Northern Ireland.

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Australia: A true test for riders at Imbil - Full Story 11/04/2024 Imbil’s Far-A-Way Endurance Ride lived up to its name and proved to be a good test of horses a...