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Spain: Postponement of Al-Andalus Ironhorse

El Raid Blog - Gabriel Gamiz

February 29 2012

From the Organizing Committee of Al-Andalus Ironhorse VII we report that was postponed until October, due to problems outside the organization, this is the note of the Organizing Committee.
"From the Organizing Committee of the Raid" Al-Andalus Ironhorse "Sorry to inform you that, for reasons beyond our control, we are forced to postpone the race until next fall.

The terrible economic crisis, coupled with the approaching elections Andalusian prevent us from accessing any financial support or media and can not guarantee the viability of our project.

We regret the disruption we have caused you and deeply appreciate all your wonderful willingness to cooperate and participate.

Hopefully the situation will soon improve and we can organize a race category and media support the sport deserves. "

Greetings from Gabriel.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Qatar: Arabian adventure: Desert riders uphold ancient equine tradition


The sun is not yet up over the desert, but already 50 horses and riders are gathered at Qatar's Endurance Village in Al-Wakra, half an hour's drive from the capital Doha.

They are gathered to compete in a 120-kilometer (74.5-mile) endurance race, the likes of which are held here most weeks. Masked riders gaze steely-eyed into the desert as their horses crest their necks and paw the ground, eager to get the race under way.

The starter counts down in Arabic, and the horses and riders surge over the starting line, galloping into the pitch-black desert with their high-held tails streaming behind them.

Hot on their heels a fleet of Land Cruisers hares after them across the sand, the glare of their headlights creating a moving oasis of light. These are the support vehicles from which the owners, trainers and managers can observe the race in progress and shout instructions.

Today, the horses will complete laps of a 30 km (18.6 miles) course, stopping for checks at the end of each lap. Any horse deemed unfit to continue th race will be eliminated at each check point.

They will travel at speeds of up to 40 km per hour (25 mph) for around eight hours. Of the 50 who started the race, fewer than a quarter will complete it.

Most of the horses are pure-breed Arabians who are revered in Islamic culture, prized for their beauty, intelligence and, above all, their endurance.

It was the Arabian horse that formed the genetic blueprint for the modern racehorse, with every modern thoroughbred tracing its DNA to just three "original" oriental stallions imported to the UK in the 18th century.

Some say the Arabian horse was a gift to mankind from Allah. The ancient breed is supremely well-adapted to the unforgiving desert terrain of the Middle East.

Many of these animals are ex-racehorses, gradually trained and brought up to fitness to compete in endurance races.

Although the sport is ancient in its origins, today's races are as professional as they are competitive, with horses conditioned to the peak of fitness and subject to rigorous veterinary inspections both during and after the race.


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Joan Harris Receives Endurance Canada Hall Of Fame Award

Horse Sport | February 23, 2012 | 0 comments

Endurance Canada takes great pride in recognizing Joan Harris for all she has done for the sport of endurance in Canada. For her dedication, Harris has been named as recipient of the Endurance Canada Hall Of Fame Award.

The list of Harris’ endurance related accomplishments could wrap around a trail loop, but she is not content to retire and reflect on her past accomplishments. She remains an active member of the local saddle club near her home in Jarvie, Alberta. She has quite literally lost track of the number rides she has organized and managed, some of them FEI, in the past 30 years. Harris has also held every board of director’s position in her provincial organization, the Endurance Riders of Alberta.

At present she is a member and a committee member of Endurance Canada, and she is an FEI Endurance Steward. Her resume of her international involvement in the capacity as rider, official and crew is extensive.

Harris has held three FEI rides in a row, and she has a three year plan for more rides including FEI rides and fundraising rides for them. No small task on a tight budget, a retirement income, and quite often a task force of one—herself. When her trail system needs to be cleared and marked on horseback which she has often done on her own, she has been known to pack a chainsaw on her horse and spend a whole day clearing trail.

Yet Harris still makes time to ride. Her lifetime mileage is close to 6800 competitive miles and Harris is looking forward to participating in 100 mile rides this coming summer and next year, so she will have her 7000 mile award buckle in time for her 70th birthday.

“It is a great honor to be recognized this way for my 30th anniversary of being involved with endurance riding,” said Harris. “I love every aspect of this sport from grassroots to podium. It has been my life.”

Harris’ mixture of modern foresight, blended with experience and her enthusiasm to assist anyone from first time rider to first time FEI rider has been an encouragement to many endurance members.

“Joan Harris has been hugely valuable to the sport of Endurance in Canada; one might almost say pivotal,” said Endurance Canada Committee chair, Terre O’Brennan. “In addition to her many years of service at the domestic level—managing events for her local Alberta riders—she has been at the very forefront of promoting international level competition. Her commitment to managing FEI-sanctioned events where both athletes and officials can qualify and get experience has been crucial to our efforts to compete on the World stage.”

And while she has no plans to retire just yet the Hall of Fame would not be complete without Harris’ name in it.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Zealand: North Island Championships

Lisa Davenport and Lace and Fineness won the STIHL CEI3* 160 km Championship in the North Island Championships, held on 21-22 January, 2011. Their ride time was 9:36.50, 17 minutes ahead of second place finisher Rosemary Revell and AA Mystic Charm. Best Condition award went to Lace and Fineness. Of the 16 starters, 7 finished.

Georgia Smith, riding Aurora Australia, won first place and Best Condition the Ethical Agents Pty CEIJY3* 160 km Championship as the lone entrant. Her total ride time was 10:00.01.

The Dixon Smith Equestrian CEI2* 120 km Championship was won by Braden Cameron on Karamea Krusader, in 6:49.53, 6 seconds ahead of Alexandra Rogers on Supre Topaz. Third place Sandy McCuan and Mizraim Silver Gym received Best Condition honors.

First place and Best Condition in the Sarah Linton Equine Therapies and Saddle Fitting CEIJY2* 120 km went to Emma Mason and Tararua Mistalight.

For more results, see

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Spain: The national Raid loses one of the great, Quico Yebra

Left Quico Yebra giving an award to José Luis
Ruiz Hidalgo.

The Raid Team Leader in Spain, Quico Yebra, has died after losing battle with cancer that lasted two years.

The equestrian world national and international has lost an exceptional professional. Yebra Quico has left us after two years battling cancer. The Spanish Team Leader Raid achieved in this discipline that Spain stand out internationally. It has been so far who has reaped more success as Team Leader Raid in Spain.

The FEI, dated February 18, this emotional letter published on its website, in memory of Quico Yebra:

"With special offer dismay and sadness of the death of Quico Yebra, under whose direction the Spanish Raid has achieved major successes in its history.

Quico has died in the morning because of a cancer against which he fought for two years.

The disease was not an obstacle to lead the Spanish team on their recent successes in the World Championship 2010 (individual gold) and in Europe, 2011 (individual Gold and Silver Team).

Previously, since 2005 to become our Team Leader, other World Championships and European categories of senior and junior have witnessed their good work and results, which have devoted themselves to raid Spanish as one of the best in the world.

From here our sincere support to his family and the whole family of Raid, you lose today a unique figure.

Rest in Peace "

Monday, February 20, 2012

India: Even paralysis couldn't stop Raj Patel's jockey dreams - Full Article

Published: Monday, Feb 20, 2012, 15:41 IST
By DNA Correspondent | Place: Ahmedabad | Agency: DNA

When Raj Patel, 11, a student of the fifth standard finished first in the juniors category of the endurance race held in Ambdo village near Gandhinagar, his family, friends and onlookers erupted in joyous celebration, cheering the young boy for his achievement.

But only few knew that this little champ had also triumphed in the greatest endurance test that life had in store for him.

For, Raj, who has taken part in several such races across the state and dreams of being a jockey, had taken a fall from a horse which left him completely paralysed. Raj fell from a horse the very first time he insisted on riding one!

"We had just bought a mare and he insisted on riding it. At that time he was just three and a half-year-old. Because he was being so stubborn about it, we let him sit on it while we stood at a distance. To our horror he fell off the mare," said Hiren Patel, father of Raj, who runs a farm and a dhaba...

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UAE: Al Abbar victorious in Rashid Endurance Ride - Full Article

Teenager braves sandstorm aboard gelding Jordan Vale Red Cloud to come home 29 seconds clear of the field

By M. Satya Narayan, Chief Sports ReporterPublished: 00:00 February 19, 2012

Abu Dhabi: The depth of the UAE's pool of riding talent was once again evident as another youngster topped the podium in the Shaikh Rashid Bin Hamdan Al Maktoum CEI Two-star 120km Endurance Ride yesterday.

College student Mohammad Ahmad Hassan Al Abbar, 18, rode 15-year-old Jordan Vale Red Cloud to a fantastic win in harsh conditions at the Emirates International Endurance Village in Al Wathba.
A field of 143 riders took part — another sign of the growing popularity of endurance riding in the UAE, the nerve centre of the sport. Several riders from other countries were also in the field.

The sandstorm which the country has been experiencing created havoc as the open desert venue made it extremely difficult for both rider and horse...

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New Zealand: Worsfold Takes Top Honours at South Island Champs

14/02/2012 8:47:32 a.m.
Northwinds Bradley McGregor’s name was once again added to the South Island Champs CEI 3* 160km trophy after being steered to another victory by Debby Worsfold on February 4th at Hawarden, North Canterbury in the CopRice sponsored event.

“Brad” as he is known in the paddock is owned by Chris King and won the award in 2009 as well as placing second in the same class the following year, also with Debby onboard.

This year they finished in a time of 11.09.58, almost one hour ahead of second placed Sarah Hamer riding Glendaar Fire Maid, in the mare’s first completion at this level.

Brad won the Gallagher Best Conditioned Horse Award.

Also being contested on the Saturday was the Silands Stud CEI 1* 100km, CopRice CEI JY 1* 100km and CopRice 100km CEN Junior classes, alongside the Trans Tasman Challenge with teams from New Zealand and Australia competing for the coveted shield.

There was a fair amount of excitement when non-NZ team member Hamish Malcolm, riding Northwinds Apollo, crossed the line first in a gallop finish, in the 1* 100km class, with Australian team rider Steve Grey, riding Linda Puller’s Joie de Vivre of Kishon, just one second separating the two, with ride times of 5.36.52 and 5.36.53 respectively. The two horses then tied (in what is thought to be the first time) for the Gallagher Best Conditioned Horse.

The Young Riders in this class also had a gallop finish(just several minutes after the seniors) – two NZ riders and one Australian, the kiwis doing well to finish first and second with Vanessa Bragan and LaraPinta Sky taking the honours from Charlotte Wadsworth and Avaasha and Charlotte’s pony then going on to be named Gallagher Best Conditioned Horse.

The Trans Tasman result went down to the wire with Australia coming out victorious by one minute 47 seconds, a well deserved win on borrowed NZ horses.

Jorja James and Fahana did well to claim the 100km Junior class, also winning the Maree Britten Best Conditioned award, their time 8.10.47.

Competitive Trail Riding (CTR) was also ridden this day – the 68km Open class and the 36km Intermediate class.

Making a good start to her weekend, Jenny Worsfold won the Open class, on Banu’s Wind-Dancer, from Rebecca Kenny and Blue Violet, just seven points separating them over the three loop course.

Canterbury committee member Vicki Christofferson and Blue Mountain Buddy won the Intermediate class with Liz Bishop and Rock Jam second placed, and best timed overall in CTR (sponsored by Gallagher).

Sunday saw competitors competing in the WF Lucerne Haylage CEI 2* 120km, CEI JY 2* 120km and Lincoln Grain and Produce CEI 1* 80km rides.

Robyn Hill and Silands Rhaffety finished victorious in their first 2* completion, also taking out the Gallagher Best Conditioned Award later on. Their total ride time was 8.27.07.

Ingrid Ambrosiussen and Diam’id rounded out a good weekend for Kevin James and Sarah Hamer (who own the horse) by winning the Young Rider 2* class, in a time of 10.35.31, then also being awarded Gallagher Best Conditioned Horse.

The CEI 1* 80km class also ended in a gallop finish – between three horses this time, with the first across the line unfortunately vetting out. Ian Gray, riding Naibara Silver Moon, was happy to claim the title and Gallagher Best Conditioned, with Abdalmajeed Al-Harthy and Forrest NZL finished two seconds behind for the runner up award.

The Canterbury club did a great job of running this weekend and we look forward to using this venue and tracks again for the Velvet Pure Nationals at Easter.

Click here for full results

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WEG ended 2010 with financial loss despite aid from Lyons, Princess Haya - Full Article

By Janet Patton —
Posted: 8:22pm on Feb 11, 2012

The 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Lexington, once lauded as likely to be the first championships of its kind to make money, apparently fell shy of that mark despite last-minute help from sponsor Pearse Lyons and FEI's president, Princess Haya.

According to its 2010 tax return, the non-profit World Games 2010 Foundation closed the year $1,386,625 in the red after receiving almost $70 million in revenue, including more than $36 million in 2010 alone.

Because the Games were put on by a private foundation, tax returns are the only financial information required to be made public. Individual contributions do not have to be disclosed.

But according to foundation chairman John Long, the 2010 revenue included a previously undisclosed extra cash injection of $3 million from Lyons, founder of Alltech, the Nicholasville-based animal health and nutrition company.

Lyons' company paid $10 million for title sponsorship of the Games at the Kentucky Horse Park, the first equestrian championships held outside Europe.

Alltech spokeswoman Susanna Elliott said last week that Lyons would not comment on the Games' finances or the transaction...

Abu Dhabi: Hazza takes President's Cup - Full Article

By M. Satya Narayan, Chief Sports Reporter
Published: 00:00 February 12, 2012

He started on a slow pace but steered the horse brilliantly to take the crown

Abu Dhabi: Shaikh Hazza Bin Sultan Al Nahyan revealed great horsemanship when he won the prestigious HH The President's Cup CEI Three-star 160-km endurance ride at the Emirates International Endurance Village here yesterday.

While winning the Dh1.5 million ride, Shaikh Hazza also denied Sultan Ahmad Al Beloushi his third consecutive success in the President's Cup.

Riding 12-year-old Glenmorgan, Shaikh Hazza started on a slow but steady pace and from being positioned 46 after the first stage out of the 126 riders who started, he went on to score a brilliant win against some of the UAE's top riders.

Shaikh Hazza and Glenmorgan completed the six-loop 160-km ride in six hours 21 minutes and 35 seconds finishing ahead of Al Beloushi on Cronus, the winning pair of last year's ride with National Day Cup winner Fatima Jasem Al Merri on Ohio in third place and recent winner of the His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Cup 160-km ride - Abdullah Ganem Al Merri in fourth place.

Shaikh Hazza, whose previous best in the President's Cup was a 9th place finish in 2002, moved from 46th position to 12 after the second stage of 31 kilometres and after the third set of 31 kilometres he got into the top ten...

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Belgium: Pre-Ride for FEI European Endurance Championship for Young Riders & Juniors

On the saturday 28th and sunday 29th of April, Mont Le Soie will organize a series of competitions for senior and young riders, all in FEI classes. This will be a unique opportunity for the national squads to discover the competition.
Everyone knows of course how important it is to prepare well in advance all details concerning their participation to a big event.
The competitions on the saturday will count at the same time for the Belgian Championship: the CEI***160 for seniors and the CEI**YR120 for young riders).

On the saturday 28th of April, 4 international competitions:
° CEI**YR120km and CEI*YR100km
° CEI***160km
° CEI**120km.
On the sunday 29th of April, 2 international competitions:
° CEI**120km
° CEI*100km.

Mont Le Soie is a hilly and tough ride. The venue is located on the top of a plateau (elevation 550 meters). There are several hills on each stage, some being easier than others. The elevation graphs gives a good idea of the route. There are easy stretches where horses will canter easily, there are tough descents and gruelling ascents.
The going is mostly hard, so it is highly advisable to shoe the horses accordingly. The trail comprises large forest pads (used by forestry equipment), narrower trails (mostly going up and down the hills), dirt roads in the open ranges, asphalt roads when crossing the villages.

Spain: VII Raid Al-Andalus Interhorse Program

El Raid Blog - Gabriel Gamiz

Advance program VII Interhorse Raid Al-Andalus:
180.00. - € registration + 60. - € box., horse and rider to participate in three days.
140.00. - € registration + 60. - € box., horse and rider involved two days .
70.00. - € registration + 60. - € box., horse and rider to participate one day.
30.00. - € dinner party end awards in Camping La Aldea. El Rocío.
Inscriptions previous: Until March 30, 2012.

Registration definitive:
The maximum registration period is April 4. As the April 4 step required by the secretariat of the competition to finish the term of numbers including delivery.
Licenses: All riders must have their licenses sports (LDN) and valid insurance.
All horses must have its sports licenses in force (LAC), FEI passport for non-Spanish horses and LIC for the Spanish, and meet the health conditions required (health card, vaccines, micriochip). MUST SEND A COPY OF THESE.

5.4.2012 - The Mist - Matalascañas - The Dew Point: 71.080 kms.
6.4.2012 - The Mist - Fennel - The Dew Point: 74.260 kms.
7.4.2012 - The Mist - Four Vitas - The Dew Point: 77.840 kms.

AWARDS Section 828 of the RCR
only opt for the different awards those teams that qualify in every stage of the test.
prize The prize money is to be determined in advance of program.
The Organizing Committee reserves the right to award in its discretion other prizes.
All prizes will involve subsequent tax bill at the time of payment.

Final standings Awards in Euros (Teams) Trophies
1, 1500. - €, Trophy, certificate and Rosette.
2 º 1,000, - € Trophy, certificate and badge.
3 º 500. - € Trophy, certificate and badge.
Best condition: Trophy, certificate and badge.
Total value: 3,000. - €
Advancement Program and Regulation: Regulation VII Raid Al-Andalus Ironhorse.

Greetings from Gabriel.

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Canada: Riders, horses to test their limits - Full Article


CORNWALL – Several passionate horseback riders from the area are getting ready for some serious riding as the Seaway Valley Arabian Horse Association hosts their International Endurance ride later this year in Finch.

The endurance race will be the third one held by the club but the only endurance race held in Ontario in 2012, one of three held in Canada and one of 11 races in North America.

“Usually in Ontario we try to have one international ride a year and nobody was stepping up to the plate,” said Dessia Miller, president of the club.

The races that are being held are in the one and two star levels.

In order for riders to qualify for the championship races (known as the four star level), they have to go through the star system.

The one star level requires the rider to complete an 80 km run at slower than 16 km an hour.

The two star level is a 120 km course with no speed restrictions.

The three star level is a 160 km course with no speed restrictions and finally, the four star level requires riders to complete a 160 km course in under 12 hours...

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New Zealand: Marlborough riders third in Canterbury

Last updated 09:20 10/02/2012

Marlborough Trail and Endurance club members performed well at last weekend's South Island Endurance championships at Harwarden in Canterbury.

On a new and challenging track, Anna Hynes, who lives in Westport but belongs to the Marlborough club, and Millenium Sensation were third in the 36km Intermediate CTR. Hynes finished on the best heart rates in the class but had misjudged the final 10km and rode slightly too fast, incurring 28 time faults.

Charlotte Wadsworth, 14, rode in the CEI 1* 100km Young Rider event and was also part of the Trans-Tasman New Zealand team. Charlotte had a very exciting gallop finish with the other Kiwi junior and finished in an impressive time of 5hrs 44min 04sec.

Charlotte's horse, Avaasha NZL, then went on to win the Best Conditioned Horse award for this Young Rider class. The Australians just won the Trans-Tasman Challenge, their three top scores beating New Zealand's by 1min 47sec.

Heidi Bulfin on Stonelea Sparkling Rose and Robyn Hill on Silands Rhaffety, competed in the CEI 2* 120km ride. Hill won the class with Bulfin runner-up, the first competition for both at that level and the duo rode most of the four-loop ride together.

It started at 5am on Sunday and travelled over fairly testing terrain. Hill's time was 8.27.07 seconds and Bulfin clocked 8.27.41.

The Marlborough riders beat some more experienced horses in their class even though everyone rode fairly conservatively in this one, mainly aiming for completions.

The vetting standards are very tough in endurance with just the slightest niggle being enough to put a horse out. Hill's horse was also awarded best conditioned.

Out of 56 total entries there was a completion rate of 69 per cent which is good as riders tend to push their mounts a bit more than usual.

- The Marlborough Express

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Spain: Raid Al-Andalus Ironhorse News

El Raid Blog - Gabriel Gamiz


Raid Al-Andalus The Ironhorse starts to move, says that soon will have prepared the application form and need volunteers to lend a hand in the test and the Organization of the Competition.
Here's the contact to communicate with them:

Together we must help Jose Manuel Soto, a man who is completely devoted to the organization of this event Equestrian Endurance, high-level sports event, all riders want to participate and compete in this competition, but this year is shorter than normal, hopefully next year, return to their usual characteristics, walking for half Andalusian geography, to show the beauty of our landscapes, our food and contact with our people.

This year test daisy with departures and arrivals in the village of Rocio at the foot of the White Dove, three days together in the Great Week.

Greetings from Gabriel.

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British endurance rider Catriona Moon heads to Abu Dhabi

Charlotte White, deputy news editor

7 February, 2012

Dorset vet Catriona Moon will be the only British rider at the 160km President’s Cup three-star endurance ride in Abu Dhabi on Saturday (11 February). Catriona, who has twice before represented Britain, expects conditions to be harsh as she and the 13-year-old Leila cross steep desert sand dunes in temperatures in the high 20s.

The duo fly to Abu Dhabi today (Tuesday 7 February).

Follow Catriona's progress with updates on Twitter via: @EnduranceGB

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Bahrain: Al Hammadi claims King's Cup

February 05, 2012

THE Royal Team rider Yacoob Yousif Al Hammadi, riding Hondo, claimed the coveted title in the King's Cup Endurance Race yesterday at the Bahrain International Endurance Village.

The pair completed the 120-km race in a time of five hours, eight minutes and two seconds, just 21 seconds ahead of fellow Royal Team member Ahmed Janahi on Oeops.

Having led for the majority of the race, Jaffar Mirza came in third in a time of five hours, nine minutes and 34 seconds.

Al Hammadi's victory was based on a well thought-out strategy worked out under the guidance of Royal Team leader Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa and coach Khalid Bu Lami and saw him overtake Janahi in the final stage of the race.


Speaking after the race, Shaikh Nasser praised the support of His Majesty for the event, which he described as one of the most important of the season.

He went on to highlight the continued success of the event and said this success was the result of great work done by the Royal Equestrian and Endurance Races Association and the King's Cup organising committee.

Shaikh Nasser admitted his delight in seeing the Royal Team members do so well.

He then expressed his appreciation to event sponsors Durrat Al Bahrain and Al Hawaj for their significant contributions.

Meanwhile, Supreme Council for Youth and Sports first vice-president and Royal Equestrian and Endurance Races Association president Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa praised all participants in the race.

He also joined in praising King Hamad for his support to endurance sport and said the presence of His Majesty at the race provided a huge boost to all the participants.

Shaikh Nasser and Shaikh Khalid were alongside Royal Equestrian and Endurance Races Association vice-president Shaikh Faisal bin Rashid Al Khalifa and Endurance Committee chairman Shaikh Daij bin Salman Al Khalifa. They were also part of the presentation party for the closing ceremony of the race.

As well as presenting the prizes to participants in the King's Cup race, they also rewarded those from the race for riders with special needs.

Photos by Osama Mohammed:

New Zealand: Endurance horse deaths prompt review - Full Article


The deaths of two horses involved in a national endurance riding competition have sparked a review by the country's governing body for equestrian sports.

One horse died during the Endurance National Championships near Turangi last year and another shortly after.

Equestrian Sport New Zealand (ESNZ) said the 13-year-old bay gelding Twynham El Omar was euthanased towards the end of the championship's 160km race, having failed the second-to-last veterinary inspection.

The horse had represented New Zealand at the 2010 world equestrian games in Kentucky.

Another horse, 8-year-old gelding Miro Astair, failed the last horse inspection and was taken to a nearby equine vet before being taken home.

He died from complications several days later.

Auckland-based endurance rider Keith McLeod said the sport was very well-managed and last year's event was an anomaly.

"Horses take years of conditioning to get to that distance, with lots of graduate steps along the way.

"You can't just jump in and do 160km. And even then they do it in five to six loops with a 40 to 60 minute hold in between.

"[In that time] they're thoroughly vet-checked for gut sounds, lameness, heart-rate, anything.

"If anything is not right they're vetted out...

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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Bahrain: Riders ready for endurance race

Saturday, February 04, 2012

THE much-awaited and the most prestigious races of the season - His Majesty the King's Endurance Race - will kick off this morning at the Bahrain International Endurance Village at 6am.

Supreme Council for Youth and Sports President, Bahrain Olympic Committee Chairman and Royal Endurance Team leader Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa will be one of the favourites to win this event.

Shaikh Nasser described the race as the most important and strongest races in the endurance calendar. He stressed the readiness of the Royal Team to put up a good show.

Meanwhile, the Royal Equestrian and Endurance Races Association President Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa welcomed all participants and asserted that the race is one of the most important races in the region.

The medical inspection committee have completed the veterinary examination process of the participating horses under the supervision of the Veterinary Committee headed by Dr Yaseen Al Motamiry of Tunisia and other foreign doctors.

The Route Committee has also completed the race stages and other formalities. The race is divided into five stages with the first stage, to be marked by red flags, covering a distance of 30km. The second stage will also be over 30km but marked with blue flags.

The third stage will be over 20km and marked with green flags while the fourth stage of another 20km will be highlighted by yellow flags.

White flags will line the fifth and final stage which will also be over 20km.

A race for riders with special needs will also be held on the sidelines of the main event. It will be a first of its kind in Bahrain and the region.

This race will be over 15km divided into three stages of five kms each. The race will be held as per endurance laws and the horses will be subjected to veterinary examination after each stage of the race. A total of six riders are participating in this race.

Another highlight of His Majesty the King's race is that a number of European riders will be taking part individually and as teams along with a couple of Saudi riders belonging to the Shawamekh stable.

Bahrain's Sports Channel will broadcast the race live with the help of an integrated crew.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Mongolian trek the next adventure for West grad

Tracypress - Full Article

by Bob Brownne/Tracy Press Feb 03, 2012

If her life as a shipping lawyer in London and Athens isn’t challenging enough, Erin Shanson can always turn to her lifelong passion of horseback riding.

Countryside treks close to home are fine, but this summer Shanson has something much bigger on her schedule.

Shanson, originally from Tracy, and about 30 other horse enthusiasts will dash across 1,000 kilometers (600 miles) of the Mongolian steppe from August 7 to 20. It’s the fourth Mongol Derby put on by The Adventurists, a United Kingdom-based outfit that organizes multiple-day races around the globe. The group’s goal is to take people as far as possible from hotels and guided tours.

In an e-mail from Greece, Shanson stated that her search for a new equestrian adventure led to the Mongol Derby, and it was just the opportunity she was looking for.

“I have also always wanted to go riding in Mongolia, and The Adventurists provide a way of doing so that has the back up of a normal endurance race in the states- veterinary checks on each horse at every stop, before and after, as well as medical back up and experienced hands all along the route,” she wrote...

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Great Britain: Edgware-based rider's horse accepted on to top programme

Friday 3rd February 2012

After countless hours, thousands of miles and unwavering dedication Rebecca Kinnarney has seen her horse Seren Capella accepted onto the World Class Start and Potential Squad (WCSPS) of Endurance GB.

The WCSPS is the national body which governs the sport of endurance and from it you can work up to the elite squad from which the Great British team is selected.

The decision is reward from Kinnarney, who suffered a stroke in 1995. After recovering, she decided to purchase the horse, nicknamed Ellie, five years ago.

The 11-year-old chestnut Arab mare, which was bred on a mountainside in Cumbria, is now kept in Edgware and currently competes in rides of up to 80km.

St. George horseman completes one of the world’s toughest endurance races - Full Story Written by E. George Goold May 10, 2024 ST. GEORGE — The Gaucho Derby is a 500-kilometer horse race throug...