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Spain: El Rocio Waits for VI Kaliber-Andalucia

El Raid Blog - Gabriel Gamiz

Thursday March 31 2011

We are at the foot of the White Dove participants waiting for Kaliber VI-Andalucia.

Tomorrow begins the reception of the pairs who come to this land marshy excited to start the pilgrimage from the Shrine of Our Lady of Rocio in Almonte (Huelva) to the Hill where is located the Sanctuary of the Virgin de la Cabeza in Andujar (Jaen), wandering in the provinces of Huelva, Seville, Cordoba and ending in Jaen.

When we arrived at Camping "The Village" which is mounted the Headquarters of the Organization of the VI Kaliber, we found that many participants were already enjoying the sand rocieras, walking their horses, among them Gunderson, Fernando Uriarte, some French and one Belgian, this Saturday to step back, but now in competition plan, when the departure of this great trial of strength Equestrian, the longest in Europe.
From the village of Rocio

Greetings - Gabriel en route.

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Australia: Queensland XXXX beer saves horse's life

Jeremy Pierce From: Herald Sun April 01, 2011 12:00AM

Diamond Mojo is feeling great after a diet of XXXX beer. Picture: Adam Head Source: Herald Sun

IT sounds like a load of XXXX, but beer saved this horse's life.

Diamond Mojo, a six-year-old Australian waler, had been given up for dead by his owner, Steve Clibborn, after being struck down by a bout of colic.

So, as desperate men do in desperate times, Steve turned to the bottle - not for himself, but for his prize endurance horse.

"I had pretty much kissed him goodbye," he said.

"I had spent 23 hours straight with him, but nothing worked and then I remembered an old bush tale that said you could feed them beer.

"I don't know whether I really believed it or not, but it was worth a shot and, as soon as he had that beer, he burped and perked right up. So I gave him another couple."

Over the following days, Steve repeated the dose - using Queensland's XXXX lager - until his horse found his mojo.

Colic produces acute abdominal pain and can be caused by stress.

It often proves fatal to horses and opinion is divided on how it can best be treated.

But Steve thinks he is on to a winner with the amber nectar.

"It bloody well worked," he said.

"I am not sure of the science behind it but, because it's gassy, it can give them some relief.

"He ended up taking quite a shine to XXXX.

"So I had to get him off the grog or he was going to cost me a fortune. He prefers carrots now."

Diamond Mojo is well on the road to recovery on Mr Clibborn's farm near Lismore, in northern NSW, and could soon make a return to endurance racing.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spain: Presentation of the VI Kaliber-Andalucia

El Raid Blog - Gabriel Gamiz

Tuesday March 29, 2011

This morning at 13 hours was made in Seville in Cruzcampo Foundation, the sixth edition of Kaliber-Andalucia.

The table was chaired by Mr. D. Julio Cuesta President of the Foundation Cruzcampo, D. Luciano Alonso Minister of Tourism, Trade and Sports of the Junta de Andalucia and D. José Manuel Soto Alarcon President of the Organizing Committee.

The event began with a presentation by the President of the Foundation Cruzcampo D. Julio Cuesta, giving the floor to José Manuel Soto, presented to all attendees this VI Kaliber-Andalucia, saying it is an opportunity to present a Andalucia the world, its culture, gastronomy, monuments and all the magnificent scenery that this test shows the whole world.

After recounting the glories of this trial as it passes through different regions and villages of Andalucia, Sevilla recalled the march of the race, which will join riders and carriages out of the race, which will accompany the participants on his visit to the City.

Upon completion of the dissertation of the race, a video project with the best pictures of last year, which to a tour through all the stages and better views of the competition.

The video ended thanked Mr Luciano Alonso Jose Manuel Soto Cruzcampo as an organizer and sponsor.

He referred to the Community Andalucia is more protected areas have with their parks of Doñana, Andujar, Cabo de Gata and Sierra Nevada.

Commented that the Junta de Andalucia supports sporting events in a number of 318, are sponsored this year for the attention of our territories.

These events are followed by the media for information of those who remain outside these tests.

His performance ended with congratulations and test out well.

At the end of the ceremony, the Cruz del Campo, a gift to all attendees with a magnifying glass to inaugurate the most fascinating and longest race of the World.
The magnificent ham Maximilian , shone in all its splendor.

José Manuel told us that to date there are about 40 pairs enrolled distributed among different nationalities are Swiss, French, Moroccan, Italian and Spanish, waiting to close the call on day 1 which is the day you start the test at Paloma Blanca plants and nine days after its finalization at the foot of the brunette, the Virgen de la Cabeza in Cazorla.

This is the beginning or starting gun for a big test and we will continue commenting on the daily route of all events occurring in the race, as well as classifications in stages, with the help of photos that show us and the wonderful landscapes of the riders and participants, so I will try that you can not attend this event, you can continue as if the race was.

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Great Britain: Endurance champion Abby, 15, to escort - Full Article

Tuesday 29 March 2011

Endurance Young Rider champion Abby Chisholm will escort eventing star Mary King in May when she takes part in the daunting 160k (100-miles) Golden Horseshoe Ride over Exmoor.

Mary, British champion a record four times and holder of an Olympic Silver medal, will be riding the first 25 miles of the course over terrain reckoned to be among the toughest in Europe.

Fifteen-years-old Abby, from Lydford on nearby Dartmoor, has competed in the Golden Horseshoe and knows Exmoor and its challenges. She had hoped to ride in the 160k class this year, but has decided to postpone it to concentrate on her studies which she hopes will lead to a place at Duchy College in Cornwall for an Equine Sports Performance course...

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Great Britain: Teenager guides Olympian Mary King in Exmoor race

A 15-year-old champion rider is set to escort Olympian Mary King around part of a 100-mile horse race in Exmoor.

Organisers have asked Abby Chisholm, from Lydford, Dartmoor, to guide her for the first 40km of the Golden Horseshoe Ride because of her experience in the event.

Miss Chisholm said: "I am over the moon that I will be able to ride with her."

The endurance challenge will be held on 16 May and is regarded as the toughest race of its kind in Europe.

Although Ms King is an experienced equestrian who has won silver and bronze eventing medals at the Olympics, endurance riding requires different skills.

Eventing is made up of three disciplines - dressage, show jumping and cross-country which test the horse's ability in areas such as speed and accuracy, as well as balance, rhythm and obedience of the horse with its rider.

Endurance riding requires physical and mental stamina for long periods of time and the ability to navigate on horseback on rough terrain, while judging the horse's speed and strength, ensuring the horse does not become exhausted.

Competitors of the challenge will normally ride alone but Mary is taking part in the race for the first time in Exmoor to help raise its profile and needed someone familiar with the course to guide her through.
Mental stamina

During last year's event, Abby completed 80km in one day in the endurance challenge and the year before achieved 80km over two days.

"I've been asked to escort her round, and ride with her and show her the ropes of my sport."

It will be Ms King's debut at this type of horse-riding. She will be borrowing eight-year-old part-bred Arab mare called Ishtar Spirit, owned by Kirsty Wiscombe.

Speaking of endurance riding, Abby said: "You need lots of stamina, mentally as well to keep going all those miles."

In 2010, Abby was named Young Rider National Champion after getting the most points in all the competitions she entered.

She hopes to secure a place on the Equine Sports Performance course at Duchy College in Cornwall.

Ful BBC News article

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Thailand Wins Endurance Horse Race

28 March 2011
Thai horse riders have won both the individual and team events at the Second Malaysia-Thailand Open Endurance Challenge Trophy 2011, an endurance horse race with a top prize of more than 300,000 baht, held from March 25 to 27.

Chon Buri Governor Wichit Chartpaisit presided over the opening ceremony of the Second Malaysia-Thailand Open Endurance Challenge Trophy 2011 at the Thai Polo and Equestrian Club in Pattaya.

The race, certified by the International Federation for Equestrian Sports, was a competition for total price money of more than 300,000 baht and was held from March 25 to 27, with a total race distance of 80 kilometers.

A total of 26 horses, four from the Malaysian Military, four from Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin, two from Terengganu State, two from Singapore, six from various equestrian clubs, and eight from Thailand, participated in the three-stage race.

Among those who represented Thailand at the race were Vice President of the Thai Equestrian Federation Pruttirat Rattanakul-Serireongrit; Wipawan Pawitayalarp, winner in an individual event; and Varis Khuntaraporn, runner-up in an individual event at last year's race.

The Thai riders won both the individual and team events in the race.

Thailand finished the team event with a time of 14 hours and 30 minutes, followed by Malaysia which recorded 20 hours and 10 minutes.

After the race, Pruttirat said all the riders were dedicated to the race.

However, he pointed out some mistakes which must be corrected before subsequent races to be held in Malaysia and Singapore.

He said the race was successful, as it was praised by all its participants.

The ASEAN Equestrian Clubs will try to push the sport as an event at the 27th SEA Games in Myanmar.

Colombia: Anthony wins in Villa de Leyva

(The following is a google translation of the original post which can be found at )

The vet Anthony Phillips became the winner of the first screening for the Enduro Pan American Games, which will be played in Chile.
The rider completed the 120 kilometers of the race within the required time with the beats of his horse. Phillips' horse "Tiawan" is owned by Cristina Mutis has the ticket to be in the Pan-American event.

In the same distance in juvenile pro winner was Natalia Balcazar with "Reminaja Ali" horse that was in the last World Equestrian Games Kentucky 2010. The athlete with great ability led to his horse by the different terrain without missing a beat and smooth. Mauricio Gaona, Daniel Vasquez and Cristina exit this time had no luck and did not reach the target before the competition provisions.

The appointment took place in the tourist town of Villa de Leyva, just outside the village on the road to Santa Sofía. With cold weather, very wet at times in competition and wet floors are faced with the challenge.

10 pairs took part in the First Selective specialty that seeks to form a team to represent Colombia in Chile. In addition to this test, the other participants of the Enduro ran distances of 80, 40 and 20 kilometers. In the first of these the victory went to Camilo Lievano in Adult FEI. In the second it reached the goal Alejandro Rodriguez, a novice, while her sister won the same way Camila in Youth. And in the category of monkeys tour winners were Carlos Lleras and his daughter Mary.

Congratulations to the participants and the organization of the race that had the Chilean authorities to Juan Ignacio Rodríguez, and Antonio FEI Foreign Veterinary Llompart, who acted as Foreign Technical Delegate and the contest judge. Doranne Wilcox was the National Delegate, while Daniel Amaya, Enrique Pinto, and Luis Fernando Valderrama Claudia Builes formed the Veterinary Commission. The Road Committee was composed Juan Rodriguez and Mauricio Mutis. All of a working group that tried his best to make the meeting will take place smoothly.

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Portugal: Cancellation of CEIO3 * CEI1 CEI2 * and * in Comporta Portugal.

26 March 2011

In a press release the FEI has announced the performance CEIO 3 * CEI CEI 2 * and 1 * tests in Comporta, Portugal that were to be held on 2 and 3 April have been suspended.

The Portuguese Federation announced at the same time they are looking for a new venue that could accommodate the evidence on those dates.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Abu Dhabi: Mohammed wins Giants Endurance Challenge

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By MOHAMMED AL NAQEEB March 25, 2011

ABU DHABI: Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum has been named champion of the Giants Endurance Challenge and won the gold sword of the 120-km race, which was held in Dubai International Endurance City with the participation of 36 equestrians.

The race was attended by Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Crown Prince, who honoured the winners, Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Deputy Ruler and Minister of Finance, and Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs.

The first-leg of the Giants Endurance Challenge was held in the Emirates International Endurance Village in Al Wathba and was won by Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who did not participate in Thursday’s race...

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White Paper published on Infrared Thermographic Imaging Hoof Study

EasyCare announced today the release of the first white paper on the results of the thermographic imaging study of horses' hooves before and after exercise.

Led by Duncan McLaughlin, the study used infrared thermography to investigate changes in temperature and heat patterns with various types of hoof protection at equine endurance events in the US and Australia.

"Infrared thermography is a tool that provides objective data about circulation and inflammation in the hoof by measuring heat and examining actual temperature increases and changing heat patterns of the hoof capsule," said Duncan.

"We're delighted with the results of this study: the data Duncan collected has provided us with a number of areas we would like to dig down into," said Garrett Ford, President and CEO of EasyCare. "We wanted to access cool, hard facts about the effect of exercise across various types of hoof protection."

The white paper achieves just that. One segment of the horses in the study had an average dorsal hoof-wall temperature increase of 8.9°C /16.1°F when comparing their pre-ride and post-ride temperatures. By comparison, another segment showed an average dorsal hoof-wall temperature increase of 2.9°C/5.2°F.

The study also compares and contrasts differences in hoof-wall temperature of horses using black hoof boots and those equipped with steel shoes.

Those interested in reading the white paper can click here to download the study in pdf form. The white paper includes summary charts of the data collected, color images from the test horses and a short summary analysis of the results.

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Spain: Presentation of the VI Kaliber-Andalucia

El Raid Blog

March 23 2011

Next Tuesday 29 March at 13 hours , will take place at the Foundation Cruzcampo the presentation of the sixth edition of the Raid Kaliber-Andalusia .

The event will be attended by Minister of Tourism, Trade and Sport of the Junta de Andalucía, Mr. Luciano Alonso, the president of the Foundation Cruzcampo, Julio Cuesta and the president of Raid Kaliber-Andalucía, José Manuel Soto.

The presentation ceremony will be announced the latest edition, as well as provide details of the stage show to be held on Sunday 3rd April in the city of Seville and will feature the participation of riders Raid and amateur horse.

For more information on the Raid Kaliber-Andalusia, see

Monday, March 21, 2011

France: Raid Yvelines Cancelled

March 21 2011

Volunteers of the association "Enduro Cheval" regret to announce the cancellation of the "Raid Yvelines" 2011 International Endurance rides (CEI** and CEI ***) originally scheduled on May 14th in Rambouillet (France), a subsequent decision of an administrative ban. It was just learned that the town of Rambouillet was withdrawing its permission for the organization of Raid. This is because of an event organized in the same city Weekend (safety not assured by the Prefecture etc.).

Any team apologize to riders, and its partners. Already, the association "Enduro Cheval" takes action to provide a new appointment.

Association Enduro Cheval

Contacts :
Alban Llorca (Président de l’association Enduro Cheval) : (33) 06 80 91 07 74 /

Spain: Qualifying for Championships

March 21 2011


To qualify for the Championships (European and world) through the selection usually require completion of a championship the same distance, previous qualifier.

In Spain we have two National Championships that will be held soon and on schedule.

Furthermore, in Comporta, Portugal, on 1 to 3 April next, there's a way and also CEIO3 CEIOJY2 * * for young riders.

Those who choose to participate will help to register.

In strict order, and if there is sufficient enrollment, official teams will be drawn up which will also help the movement, upon acceptance of the rules of the Commission and proper justification of expenses.

Commission Raid (google translation)

For more information see

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Netherlands: Fasna Trail adds a CEI-O

Fasna Trail

March 19 2011

A CEI-O has been added to the schedule of the Dutch Championships to be held on the 4th of June 2011 around the KNHS-Centrum of Ermelo, Netherlands.

"In addition to the 160km, 141 km, 120 km and 90 km CEI rides, the 160 km is also a CEI-O, as is the 120 km YJR," says Ride Organizer Eric Lamsma.

"We also have some new sponsors at the ride, including De Telegraaf (a daily newspaper), Eqi International (an event organisation), and Anemone (a horse truck company)."

The venue will take place in the beautiful area of the Veluwe. "It gives you an incredible sense of freedom," says Lamsma, 'trotting or galloping across the ancient deciduous forests, through the heath and across the old sandy roads."

For more information on the ride, contact Eric Lamsma at

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Australia: 2011 Tom Quilty Gold Cup Update

March 15 2011

South Australia, Barossa Ranges, 30 September to 1 October.

The SA Quilty is definitely on and with only 6 months to go the Committee is flat out. We have a number of members that were on the 2004 Quilty committee and their experience has been invaluable. We may be a small state but we are going to put on a Big Event! Thankyou to all the interstate people who have offered advice and manpower for the Event. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Ride Base
The Mt Pleasant Showgrounds (Talunga Park) is a flat grassed area. Sites will be 15m by 10m. Cost is $50 and you must purchase 1 site per horse. You may need more if you have a big gooseneck. Powered sites are an extra $30 (limited number) Water from mains taps is plentiful.

Preferably none, but if you must bring one, it must be on a leash at all times. Loose dogs will be reported to the Council Dog Catcher.

Only one ‘away from home’ checkpoint at the end of Leg 1.

Forms will be on the website before the end of March, Please download and send completed form to our treasurer with a chq or money order payable to SAQuilty Committee Inc. Entries are $360 per horse.

Pictures will be on the website before end of March with order forms and sizing chart. There will be 2 order dates and a stall at the event.

Final Dinner
On Sunday night there will be a sit down 2 course dinner with Band and Bar. Tickets are $40 and can be prepaid. It will be held in the Town Hall about 600m from the Ride Base.
That’s all for now, Please keep an eye on the Website which is being updated frequently. Feel free to email any of the committee for more info or ring Jean Sims on 0429781004 at any time. We look forward to seeing a large number of you at the end of September.

Enquiries to Jean Sims. Mobile: 0429 781 004 or 08 8284 5601,

Monday, March 14, 2011

Great Britain: Mary King to Ride in Golden Horseshoe

14 March 2011

Popular event rider Mary King, British champion a record four times and holder of an Olympic Silver medal, will take part in this year’s Golden Horseshoe Ride over Exmoor.

Mary, one of the favourites for the British team at next year’s London Olympics, will ride the first 25 miles of the daunting, two-day 160 kilometre (100 miles) Golden Horseshoe class on May 16.

“I watched some of the Endurance competition at last year’s World Championships and was really impressed by the fitness of the horses and the courage of the riders,” she said.

“When I was invited to the Horseshoe I jumped at the chance of trying it myself.” And she adds: “It also gives me the opportunity of seeing something of Exmoor and experiencing the kind of challenge the competitors face.”

Mary will ride a proven endurance horse and be accompanied by an experienced competitor.

Organiser Barbara Wigley hopes that riders aiming for a team place at the European Endurance Championships - due to be held in Florac, France, later this year - will use the event as part of their preparation.

“We are really excited that Mary has accepted our invitation,” Barbara said. “We hope that her interest will highlight the sport to the equestrian world in general and to the general public.”

The Golden Horseshoe takes place on 15th, 16th and 17th May 2011.

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Great Britain: Ten Minutes in the Tack Room With... Beccy Broughton - Full Article

12 March 2011

Endurance rider Beccy Broughton has been competing since she was six-years-old. She has represented Team GB at numerous events, including at WEG in 2010. Beccy also blogs for H&C where she shares her life with her horses and her training tips.

What would you do if you didn’t ride horses? Race cars or slalom racing! Both of which I did until I had to make the big decision and I chose horses.

Why did you decide to go into endurance riding? I competed because my mum did. I completed my first competition when I was 6 which was a 25mile CTR.

How often do you muck out? All the horses live out 24/7 and the fields are mucked out every day. However, Java who returned from WEG is stabled currently and the retired boy Murmansk is keeping her company.

Who has the best yard you’ve visited? Show jumper, Andy Saywell’s. It’s all contained under one roof, including the indoor school, feed and tack rooms, storage barn, wash and solar stalls, staff accommodation with access to Southwell racecourse just half a mile ride away. Wow!...

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Great Britain: Prizes awarded to endurance riders at Helmsley - Full Article

Thursday 10th March 2011

Endurance riding is becoming a popular sport and through local groups is encouraging more riders to try long-distance riding. As well as the enjoyment of taking part, members compete for trophies, awards and rosettes. Kilometres and points towards these awards are gained at rides throughout the season.

The North & East Yorkshire Group of Endurance GB held its awards ceremony at the Feathers Inn, Helmsley, recently.

Winner of the High Point Advanced Granat Amber Award was the newly-appointed group chairman, Tracey Thompson, with her pony Chrystal Joobar. This pairing also won the accolade of being the combination with most points and distance gained in endurance race rides in the group this season. Robert Blane and his gelding Ricco Esta Artisan were awarded the Hot Rod Trophy for gaining the most points in his first season of taking part in endurance rides...

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Spain: Parade Seville, Andalucia Kaliber VI

El Raid Blog

Thursday March 10 2011
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From the Organizing Committee Kaliber-Andalucia VI regulations refer us to participate in the Parade Riding in Seville on the 3rd of April, the sixth day Kaliber-Sevilla Andalucia passes on its way from Andalucia.

"Dear Friends;

We get in touch with you to inform you that the next day April 3 and on the occasion of the arrival in Seville, Andalucia Kaliber Raid VI, will be a parade through the streets of Seville (with character display) starting from the Park Alamillo and landmarks through the historic center of Seville.

We believe it is an event that any horse enthusiast should not miss, having the opportunity to stroll through parts of Seville that he never believed he could do on horseback. It is therefore our intention that in addition to the riders of Kaliber Raid-Andalusia, may be present the many riding schools in our community, associations, clubs and fans in general. We have also extended invitations to local police, Guardia Civil, Real Club de Andalucía Hooks and Banda del Sol
Riders must be properly dressed according to the discipline of English Dressage, Doma Vaquera short suit, etc.

At the end of the parade will enjoy a wonderful appetizer during which an exchange of views, experiences, etc.. the horse world, our great hobby.

Andalusian horsemen and fans should be proud of this test, which happens to be the longest and the hardest of all those held in the world and is attracting considerable international interest. That's why this parade we can show the world the great love of the horse that exists in this land since time immemorial.
Below you will find a registration form (not mandatory but recommended) you must complete to participate, which you must send to the following address: or by fax No.: 954-491601 "

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

UAE riders dominate GCC women’s endurance


UAE’s Afra Khalifa Al Suwaidi from Al Reef Stables won the CEN 90-km endurance ride held as part of the second GCC Women’s Games at the Emirates International Endurance Village, Al Wathba in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday.

The ride was attended by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

The six-day Games are being held under the patronage of Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, chairwoman of the UAE General of Women’s Union and Family Development Foundation.

The ride drew 53 riders from the GCC countries and participants were required to cover the distance divided into four phases of 30 kms, 24 kms, 20 kms and 16 kms.

The UAE also won team gold medal with Kuwait and Qatar taking the silver and bronze medal respectively.

Suwaidi, a student at the Higher College of Technology in Al Ain, riding 11-year-old gelding Webbs Creek Firefly, completed the ride with a time of three hours, five minutes and 5 1 seconds. Her average speed was 29.06 kmph.

Her compatriot Haya Mohammed Al Shanqiti on Lucien De Loube from Fazaa Endurance Team secured the second place having completed the ride in three hours five minutes and 57 seconds.

Sheikha Mahra Bint Mohammed Al Maktoum, daughter of Sheikh Mohammed also finished a creditable third with a time of 03.12.38.

The prize giving ceremony was attended by Taleb Dhaher Al Muhairi, secretary general of the Emirates Equestrian Federation, Noura Khalifa Al Suwaidi, head of the Higher Organising Committee of the Games Committee, Abdullah Al Qubaisi, director of communication at Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage, Stephen Bowey of Invest AD, Lara Sawaya, director of Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global Arabian Flat Racing Festival and managing director of Tasweeq.

“I have won races before but this is my first win of the season and it was a competent event as it drew a number of prominent riders from all over the GCC countries,” she said.

“My strategy was a slow start and reserves the energy for the final loop and I succeeded in it with a consistent ride. I am happy with Webbs Creek Firefly’ as the horse responded well,” said Suwaidi.

Adnan Sultan Al Nuaimi, director general of the Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club, said it was the first time endurance ride has been included in the GCC Women’s Games.

Qualification Criteria for the 2011 Pan American Endurance Championship/Pan American Young Rider Endurance Championship

Vonita Bowers
Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Pan American Endurance Championship/Pan American Young Rider Endurance Championship will be held near Santo Domingo, Chile on October 22, 2011. Qualification criteria for the event has been released. The USEF intends to send a Team and/or Individuals to represent the U.S. in both the Senior and Young Rider Divisions.

The U.S. sent four horse/rider combinations to the most recent Pan American Championships held in Uruguay in April of 2009. The Team won Silver, with a combined time over the 120km course of less than five minutes off the Gold Medal pace. A Young Rider division was offered at the championship, however, no Young Riders from the U.S. competed.

For the first time, Endurance will be included in the Adequan FEI North American Junior and Young Rider Championships presented by Gotham North ( July 27-31 at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY), providing Young Riders the opportunity to hone their skills in a championship competition featuring only Junior/Young Rider entries.

The qualification for both the Pan American Championship and the Pan American Junior/Young Rider Championship can be found HERE.

If you have questions concerning the Pan American Endurance Championships or the USEF Endurance program, please contact:

Vonita Bowers
Director, Endurance & Reining
(859) 825-6001

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Portugal: Nations Cup 2011

Portugal Nations Cup 2011
March 31-April 3 2011

The Nations Cup is the third most important event in the international endurance calendar. Right after the World and the European Championships, the Nations Cup is part of the European circuit and is organized, this year in Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, and Germany. Portugal Nations Cup is an open event and counts with the presence of the best horses and riders from the entire world, with a strong Arabian presence, represented by their Sheiks and Princes who practice the sport.

Regarding distance, the Nations Cup is institutionally categorized as a 3 Stars International Official ENdurance Contest (CEIO 3*), developed in 160 km/day, played by one set horse/rider.

The level assigned to the Nations Cup means that there is a very strong turnout of audience, participants and media, generalist and thematic, with the permanent presence of journalists from magazines, newspapers and sports TV's, foreign and domestic. For this year there is alread a 120 minutes contract with RTP2 and SPORT TV and 15 days of promotion on the Ardio M80 10 times a day, making this event not only a safe mean of visibility for the sponsors but also a way to establish strong business relations with those countries in the Middle East, that strongly bet in this sport as a strategic relationship with the West.

The program:
* Press Preview
* Opening ceremony

*10h00 - 15h00 - Veterinary Inspections
*16h00 - Show Paradressage
*19h00 - Briefing CEIO 3* Portugal Championship
*20h30 - Presentation of Pure-bred Arabian from APCA

For more information, contact
Isabel Sampaio at, or
Antonio Saldanha at

Monday, March 07, 2011

Great Britain: World Class Start and Potential Squad Update

7th March 2011

Squad Chefs Andrea Baker (WCSPS) and Helen Boston (YRs ) were very impressed with the facilities at Bury Farm, which allowed nearly all of the activities to be indoors.

The WCSPS met recently at Bury Farm, Bucks for the Spring Squad assessment and training weekend. Following on from the Joint squads training day last November, this was a joint weekend with the Young Riders Squad.

Squad Chefs Andrea Baker (WCSPS) and Helen Boston (YRs ) were very impressed with the facilities at Bury Farm, which allowed nearly all of the activities to be indoors. We had two adjacent indoor arenas where EGB Level 3 coaches - Sally Hall for the World class squad and Rachel Atkinson for the Young Riders - put the riders through a set of exercises and routines designed to improve the balance and rhythm of both Horses and Riders. During the Saturday afternoon - the World Class Squad riders took part in a dressage test - which had been much practised judging by the improvements and comments from Sally Hall - who kindly marked the test for us.

A series of lectures and workshops took place during the weekend - and thanks go to Sally Hall, Rachael Claridge and Claire Bruce for their individual talks. Squad vets Anna Maria Nagy (orthopedic issues in the Endurance horse) Charlie Briggs ( metabolic problems, how to spot, deal with and avoid) and Georgina Hirst - Preparing and riding a 120k ride, along with Practical demonstrations by Squad Physio Lee Clark - Stretching your horse, and Jamie Goddard - Yrs’ Farrier on the Importance of foot balance, were all well attended and well received by all. We also welcomed Emma from Baileys Horse feeds who ran a series of lectures on Saturday to cover all aspects of feeding the Endurance Horse. Many thanks to all.

Following on from the weekend - riders all went away with a clearer idea of what is expected of them this season, projects to work on and how to get there!

The short listed riders for the World Class Start Squad will be in action at Kings Forest ride - which will be the selection ride for Mont le Soie. The selectors and Team management will select the team of 6 combinations immediately following the ride.

They are:-

Fiona Griffiths - Dear Kate
Lindsay Comben - Radhwan
Annie Ings - Alpha
Gill Brown - Nougat du Villard
Alex Freaks - Maresha
Lesley Dore - Firebird
Sue Higgins - Aberllwyds Another Rose
Penny Pearce - Oakthwaite Suddara
Andrea Champ - Druimghigha Luxor

Some of the Potential Squad riders are also considering joining the trip to Mont le Soie to use the ride as part of their qualification progression to the Elite Squad. Those also in attendance at Kings Forest will be

Sue Rich - Czako
Claire Bruce - Ah Diba
Rachael Claridge - Prince Melodias
Rachel Atkinson - Vanaash
Louise Rich - Cziko (Young riders squad )

We wish all of them well at Kings Forest.

Andrea Baker
Chef déquipe - World class Start and Potential Squad

Scotland: Protesters promise summer of action on highway to Highlands - Full Article

EXCLUSIVE By Rob Edwards Environment Editor

6 Mar 2011

Countryside campaigners angry at being barred from a historic route across the A9 in the Cairngorms are planning a series of protests that will blockade the road and delay motorists.

Unless the government’s Transport Scotland digs a tunnel or builds a bridge at Crubenmore, just south of Newtonmore, it will have “blood on its hands” because people will be killed attempting to cross a new dual carriageway, they claim.

Walkers, cyclists and horse riders are demanding politicians commit to constructing a crossing in the next few weeks. Otherwise, on April 20 they will launch a summer of protest walks along the A9 that will delay traffic.

“If our protests are unsuccessful, I am quite prepared to drive up and down the A9 roadworks all summer with my horse and carriage to show my contempt,” said Ruaridh Ormiston, who runs Newtonmore Riding Centre.

He is furious that dualling the A9 will prevent him from taking pony trekkers along one of the old military roads built by General Wade to control the Jacobites in the early 1700s. The route is also popular with walkers, cyclists and local people...

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Sunday, March 06, 2011

UAE: Patient Al Faresi stays strong but woe for leader Khan

The National

Amith Passela
Mar 6, 2011

ABU DHABI // Patience was the key for Ahmed Saeed al Faresi who won the Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Cup after the overnight leader Iqbal Khan's 11-year-old gelding Brookleigh Junior was vetted out for lameness in the final loop of the CEI Three-Star 240km race.

It was a close call for al Faresi, though. He had to overcome late challenges from Omair Hussain al Baloushi on Oh-Jay and teammate Thani Mohammed al Muhairi riding Akasha Sansation to win the feature prize of three-day Endurance Festival at the Bouthdib Endurance Village yesterday.

"Anyone in the top eight positions overnight could have won this race," said al Faresi, who covered the final day's 80km of the race in over three-and-a-half hours to complete the gruelling distance in 9hrs 57mins 42secs.

"The first two days was about working up to a good position. It was very close and exciting finish for a long distance race worked off over three days. The first four horses battled all the way to the finishing line, but it was my horse that stayed the strongest to win.

"That was not surprising because Ohio is a top-class horse and has won some top-class races in Europe when ridden by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed. I must thank Sheikh Hamdan for providing me the opportunity to ride this horse."

Ohio, an 11-year-old bay gelding, finished second in the 160km World Championship qualifier and was sixth behind Oh-Jay in the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Cup, a 160km CEI Three-Star race in January.

"He has run consistently well in all his races and we are all happy he ended the season on a high," said al Faresi, avenging his defeat to Oh-Jay in January.

Khan, the overnight leader, held a lead of more than 20 minutes but his horse was vetted out in the second last loop. And while the Indian work rider for the Dubai Endurance Stables held a sound lead, less than a minute separated the next seven riders.

"It was always going to be a close contest on the final day and certainly turned out to be closer than anyone would have guessed," al Faresi said.

Al Baloushi from the Al Reef Stables prevented a clean sweep for the Seih Al Salam Stables of Dubai by finishing ahead of the al Muhairi brothers Thani and Ali Mohammed who were third and fourth. Only 14 of the 60 starters completing the race.

The last rider to finish was Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin, the King of the Malaysian State of Terengganu, who completed the race in 12.28.40 on Chalileo PDP.

UAE: Al Faresi wins Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Cup

photo: Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan (2nd right) and King of Malaysia HM Al Wathiqu Bilah Tuanku Mizan (2nd left) pose with the winners
Sunday, 06 March 2011

Ahmed Saeed Mohammad Al Faresi dominated the last phase of the final day of the 240-kilometre endurance race to emerge winner of the Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Cup.

Al Faresi, who was lying 13th at the end of the first day, bettered his standings on Friday to start the final day in the third place.

Riding on 11-year-old Ohio, Al Faresi began the gruelling final day to move into the second place in the first 30km first stage.

But he lost pace and slipped to third place in the second 30km stage to Thani Mohammad Al Muhairi on Akasha Sensation.

Al Faresi, however, gathered pace in the final stage of 20km riding at an average speed of 24kmph to overtake the top two to ride away with the title

Al Faresi covered the total distance in nine hours, 57 minutes and 42 seconds.

Ali Mohammed Al Muhairi, his trainer-cum-rider, said: “This was Al Faresi’s second win and Ohio’s first. The long distance race is different and one must utilise good tactics to achieve good results.”

Omair Hussain Al Belsoushi, astride Oh-Jay, finished in nine hours, 58 minutes and 42 seconds for the second spot while Ali Mohammad Al Muhairi, riding Gazyl Al Sundari, sealed the third place with a total time of 10 hours, one minute and two seconds.

Iqbal Khan Allauddin Khan, leader on the first two days, failed to qualify in the eighth phase.

In the 120km Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nayhan Endurance Festival for Junior and Young Riders, Rashed Ahmed Al Bloushi emerged the winner after covering the distance on Silversprings Kabir Arwa in a time of four hours, 47 minutes and 48 seconds.

Abdullah Rashid Mohammed Al Naqbi finished second in a time of four hours, 48 minutes and 26 seconds atop Braka Sidi-Ifni, while Mohammed Hassan Al Hammadi riding Coolaroo Jubal was third.

The CEI 1-star 80km ride was won by Rachel Harriet Harvey on Caramelo in a time of three hours, 27 minutes and 24 seconds. Shamsad Alam Mohammed Zaid took second place on Tres Jolie Endurance (3:47.42) and Michelle du Plessis on Pindarem finished third (3:53.14).

The three-day festival was organised by the Emirates Heritabe Club, in co-operation with the Emirates Equestrain Federation and held under the patronage of Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Representative of the President and Chairman of Emirates Heritage Club.

By Jai Prasad

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Qatar: Ladie's Endurance

Gulf Times
The winners of the Ladies Endurance Championship pose with their trophies after the presentation ceremony on Friday. About 40 Qatari and expatriate riders took part in the 80km race which was held for ladies for the first time in Qatar. Amany Hosam Saber atop Sior Mabrouk was first, while Haya Mohamed al-Kuwari riding Mansor finished second. Victoria Louis on Debawy took third prize.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Netherlands: the Dutch Championship returns to the Fasna Trail

1 March 2011

The Dutch Championships have returned to the Fasna Trail on 3-5 June 2011. Multiple rides will take place on 4 June: a CEI3* 160km, a 141km CEI3*, a CEI*2 120 km, a CEI2* Young Rider 120km, a 90km CEI, and a CEI* 90 km Young Rider.

"In 2010 there was no Dutch Champion in the 160km Endurance, due to a lack of endurance sport in the Netherlands," says Eric Lamsma, Ride Organizer. "However, the organization has worked hard to be the only Dutch CEI to get back on the map. And successfully. Many new sponsors are supporting us, as well as Havens and Nissan.

"Havens and Nissan also had the confidence in us last year which laid the foundation for 2011."

There are still opportunities to support the event. The Fasna Trail organization intends to also link a CEI-O to the event.

The first International participants have already reported. Harald Grinschgl has also committed to the 2011 Fasna Trail to record the timing information.

The board of the Fasna trail is extended:

* Eric-Lamsma
* Geke Verhoog
* Arjen Jansen-Kieneker
* Wier Peter Inge (adv)

For more information, contact Eric Lamsma at

Stay updated with news at

Spain: Urban tour of Seville, Andalucia Kaliber VI

1 March 2011

Since the organization of Kaliber-Andalucía Raid invite all fans to the sport of horse racing in any discipline, to join us in the city tour we will do in Seville next April 3 (Sunday), as an display, with which we intend to give this test and all the more striking equestrian world and category. The tour will depart from the Parque del Alamillo, at 11 am and will run approximately 3 hours. It is our intention that, in addition to the riders of Kaliber Raid-Andalusia, may be present the many riding schools in our community, associations and clubs and fans in general, whenever they are ready to show at all times the necessary discipline and good behavior for the better development of the march. We have also extended invitations to the Local Police, Guardia Civil, couplers and club music Banda del Sol to join us riding on our tour of Seville.

At the end of the course will be offered a drink and a bowl of stew to participants in the Cortijo del Parque del Alamillo.

Andalusian horsemen and fans should be proud of this test, which happens to be the longest and the hardest of all those held in the world and is attracting considerable international interest. That's why we thought it would be nice to organize a large caravan riding in Seville that might serve to show the world the great love of the horse that exists in this land since time immemorial. It will also be a nice way to share a good time with people from all over the world with which unites our great love of horses and nature.

It will not be necessary to formalize any registration, but the horses participating must be properly federated and insured, and must keep abreast of relevant vaccinations.

Raid organization shall not be liable for any claims for damages or any other eventuality.

US Equestrian Announces Team for 2024 FEI Endurance World Championship for Seniors Lexington, Ky. – US Equestrian is pleased to announce the athlete-and-horse combinations that will represent the U.S. at the 2024...