Wednesday, August 27, 2003

On our way west to PAC

On Behalf Of Laura Hayes
Thought I would drop a line to let RCers know Cia Ries and I are in Rock
Springs WY in our fourth stop over from PA/NY on our way to get Cia and
Wave to PAC.

We have been driving 400-500 miles each day, stopping at farms we find in
the travel book, and going riding each evening.

We stopped the second nihgt in Geneseo Illinois at the Doerfeld's of
Sandarac Arabian Fame. I spent much of my childhood and teens there, but
hadn't been back in 17 years. It was SOOO good - a lesson in life to keep
up with those you really love...

I have my Music horse, who is Wave's buddy and traveling companion. The
two of them are doing great together and we are really happy we brought

We are staying in Utah tomorrow and Washington the next night to be in
Trout Lake WA the following day.

What fun! We haven't even listened to our books on tape and I have not
read any of the several books I brought- Cia and I TALK too much, and laugh

The scenery is gorgous and we read all the local literature as we go from
town to town - so interesting!

Till I find another computer.....

Laura Hayes AERC#2741 (Am I Thelma or Louise???)

Thursday, August 14, 2003

PanAm 2003 Canadian Squads

Canada: Squad lists for 2003 Pan American Championship

Canada WEST

Chef d'Equipe - Monika Smith Canada
Team Veterinarian - James Carmalt
Assistant Chef d'Equipe - Jan Marsh
Crew Manager - Marin Marsh
Ride Rep - Eve Comrie

Canada West Squad in Ranked Order
1) Larry Handziuk and XXX Flashman 5653
2) Audrey Grieb and Special Delivery 5478
3) Myna Cryderman and SCA Dartagnan 5449
4) Daphne Richard and Cuchulain 4567
5) Trisha Dowling and AU Kari On 4314
6) Kevin Myers and Wyatt 4058
7) Lana Halisheff and BH Rinnah 3530
8) Karen Badger and What a Breeze 2121
9) Eve Comrie and Zephryr 2053
10) Kelvin Godin and Nero 1825
11) Susan Wensink and Rio's Amigo 656
12) Jenny Loverock and Indy 614
Canada West Alternate Horses in Ranked Order
1) Myna Cryderman and Night Skye 4547
2) Myna Cryderman and TA Tango 4174
3) Kevin Myers and Dostoyevsky 3591
4) Trisha Dowling and ZF Porsche 3514
5) Lana Halisheff and XE Dream Catcher 2259

Canada West Alternate Riders in Ranked Order
1) Christy Janzen and Special Delivery 7011
2) Christy Janzen and BH Rinnah 5198
3) Christy Janzen and Nero 4998
4) Christy Janzen XE Dream Catcher 3927

Canada EAST

Canada East Chef d'Equipe - Kay Melvin
Canada East Team Veterinarian - Stan Alkemade

Canada East Sqaud in Ranked Order:
1) Wendy Benns and Flirt With Ecstacy 5539
2) Carol Steiner and MX Tio Vivo 4867
3) Yvette Vinton and EH Malachi 4756
4) Ruth Sturley and RBF Super Sport 3936
5) Deborah Strand and Aaristocat 3160
6) Nancy Beacon and Traverston Cob 2947
7) Joan Storrey and Aquilla (Soaring Eagle) 2338
8) Teresa Finnerty and Red Express 1682
9) Richelle Burnside and Briggadeere 1024
10) Jacquie Breckner and CH Kahlua 466

Canada East Alternate Horses in Ranked Order
1) Yvette Vinton and JS Sedona Sun 3566
1) Jancquie Breckner and Traverston Cob 2180

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

AERC May 2003 conf call minutes

The AERC has published the minutes and the audio of their most recent Board
of Directors meeting:

2003 PanAm Pacific South Zone Squad

Pacific South Squad and Alternates:

Brenda Brinkly/Windswift Taabi
Karen Bottiani/Movin' on Blues
Jonathan Bowman/Heigh Ho
Dave Cootware/Talasmans Cruzer +/
Nancy Elliott/Rbar Silver Storm
Carolyn Hock/GT Sando
Alexandra North/CV Butter Bea
Judy Reens/Benjih
Tammy Robinson/TR Sharkee
C.Louise Smith/Nelm's Sundance
Jeff Townsend/Kann Sam Count
Dennis Tracy/San Ffrancisco

Nicole Wiere/Rebel Fire Bask
Suzanne Ford-Huff/Chase Thewind AH

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John Teeter
208 875 1206 (208 834 2788)

2003 Cracked Oats Crunch (NE) ride location change

On Behalf Of Mollie Krumlaw-Smith

We are having to change the ride location for the "Cracked Oaats Crunch"
ride being held on September 20, 2003 in the NE. We lost the entire trail
system in Cuyahoga during a flash flood a few weeks ago. The new ride
location will be the Scioto Trails State Forest in Chillicothe, OH. This
is the same trail system used for the Scioto Run Rides this past spring.

If you could put this on the web site it would be great. Need to get the
word out ASAP.

Thanks much,

Mollie Krumlaw-Smith
Ride Manager

2003 PanAm East Zone Squad

USA East Squad for 2003 PAC
Vicki Crance/RA Jestic Diamond
Kathryn Downs/Pygmalion
Cia Reis/Catch A Wave
Stagg Newman/Jayel Super
Valerie Kanavy/Emphatic /Shahdon
Meg Sleeper/Syrocco Blair / Shyrocco Troilus
Becky Harris/Ga Tyfa Mynte
Dinah Rojek/Phoenix
Lois McAfee/Galant Legacy
Steve Rojek/Smokerise Finally
Sue Greenall/Ramegwa Sharli
Lynne Gilbert/GM Chagall


Heather Hoyns/Just Bill
Bonnie Tobias/Mercury's Rahina
Lana Wright/Nathans Pride
Steve Rojek/Misu Nikki
Wendy Bejarano/Bie-Kin

2003 PanAm Pacific North Squad

Pacific North Zone Squad

Tony Benedetti/WA Absalute "Lou"
Dewayne Brown/Gulastras Splash
Elise/Geske/Ravi Das
Carol Giles/SAR Tiki Stranger
Shellie Hatfield/Shebas
Pat Murray/CR Flash Gordon
Sue Nance/Excalabar
Michele Roush/PR Tallymark
Sandy Schuler/ELO Triton
Marcia Smith/SA Proud Endeavoer
Joyce Sousa/LV Integrity
Kenny Stickler/Ofir me the Wind "Kidd
Dennis Summers/ SHA Ebony Rose
Susan Summers/Raymond Blur
Gloria Vanderford/ BA Dardanelle
Karen Vilander/NYR Crown Royal
Sharon Westergard/ MCM Phantazem "Taz"
Jazon Wonders/Milarepa


Elise Geske/Milarepa
Sharon Westergard/ CR Farazi
Jazon Wonders/Gandhi

Julie Barnfather/Peek-A-Boo
Tom Dean/Flame O Fyre
Randal Francis/OMR Silver Star
Tiffany Leonard/Prarie PK Glenda

April Burton/MC Sinatra
Vicki Giles/Robinhood
Marie Mallon/Zahin Al-Din "Zen"
Susan Summers/AM Humvee

2003 PanAm Mountain Zone Squad

Mountain Zone Squad and Alternates

Kim Abbott, AZ Zionastar
Karen BinnsDicamillo,NM RGS Snickerman
Crockett Dumas, UT OT Moniet Nessous
Pat Gisvold, MT Tezero's Khadesha
Bev Gray, UT Regalidon
Suzanne Hayes, MT Tezero's Gold
Suzanne Hedgecock, UT AA Montego
MJ Jackson, UT Eden's Bay Rum
Alexandra Luck, NM Mommesin
Martha McMurray, ID Crona Prince
Christoph Schork, ID DWA Sabku
Stephanie Teeter, ID Jaziret Bey Musc


Susan Obermeyer, CO Devosion
Abigail Allen, CO Barbaria
Linda Fisher, CO Misttique
Mark Daily, CO Big Sky Tezmartu
Joanne Thomas, CO Counts Magic Spel

2003 PanAm Central Zone Squad

2003 Pan-American Championships Central Zone

Final Squad Selection

Candy Barbo on Zalmara Din
Shelley Bridges on Laredo Bey
Darolyn Butler-Dial on Rockin' Adios
Margie Burton on Gypsy's Spirit
Michael Campbell on Mystic Music
Karron Goodman on Chance
Patsy Hoffman on Faa Iq
Cameron Holzer on Bru Fancy
Mark McBride on AJ Wyldfyre
Andrea Pace on Amber Orzelost
Doug Sandlin on Omars Apachee
Jan Worthington on Brown R.Timothy
Final Alternate Selection

Shelley Bridges on Windswift Pharrah
Joyce Mocilan on Louis Lafite
Jan Worthington on Mastermind
Genie Wunderlich on Reklassyc

2003 Swanton Pacific results

On Behalf Of Barbara McCrary

I have tried several different approaches to posting SP results and all of
them have failed. Mostly the server says the files are too large. So I'll
distill it down to particulars:
Linda Dollar placed first in the 100 miler, Joyce Sousa in the 75
miler. B.C. in the 100 was won by Lori Oleson on Aleclipse, owned by Becky
Hart, and Alexandra North on CV Butter Bea took B.C. on the 75.
The weather was wonderful, and the moonlight was bright
that one could almost see colors. It was a beautiful day.
There were no metabolic pulls; only one horse pulled for lack of recovery
in the allotted time, the rest were lameness. No horses were pulled at all
until Cascade V.C., and that's well into the ride. Quite remarkable. The
vets were delighted with the care given the horses by their riders, the
wise pacing and the quality of conditioning.
A minute number of riders picked up on the flagging a 50k race on the same
day; their trail crossed ours in one place. But the riders soon got back on
trail. A few riders connected with the usual yellowjacket's nest, but we
had Benedryl along with us for just such an eventuality. All in all, the
ride went very well and we had an extremely high finish rate in the 75: 36
starters 32 finishers. The 100 started 25 and finished 17. We were
generally quite pleased with the way everything went.

Barbara McCrary
Ride manager, Swanton Pacific 75/100
"The most beautiful trail in the world"

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

2003 Helldiver, eh?

On Behalf Of Heidi Smith

With all the ride cancellations in the NW, hubby and I got a streak of
adventure and decided to make the trek all the way from the SE end of the
NW region to about as far away as we could get and still be in our
region--to the Helldiver ride on Vancouver Island, British
Columbia! That's right--up in the land of the eh!

Of course, this wasn't quite a last-minute decision--we DID have the lead
time to get Coggins tests, Canadian health papers, health papers on the
dog, certified weed-free hay, and all that good stuff that we have to get
for crossing the border. In addition, I found the website for the BC
ferry, so that we knew how much it was going to cost us to take our LOOOONG
rig over on the ferry.... (I can recall chiding my dog that if not for
him, we could have a regular truck instead of the extended cab with the
doggy bed in the back, and just LOOK what we could have saved! ) We
decided to make a bit of a sight-seeing trip of it, so went to the ride on
the Washington side, and came home on the Canadian side, and saw lots of
great scenery. And for those of you who have not been on the BC
ferry--they are really nice folks, and if you get there at least 30 minutes
before sailing with livestock, you are guaranteed on, even if there is a
big line. :-) (I DID learn that one has to cover one's hay on the
ferry--flamable and all that--thank heavens there was still a stray tarp
under the seat in the living quarters of the trailer...) Oh, yeah--and the
food is good on the ferry, too! So after all that driving, we got to kick
back and enjoy ourselves while BC ferry did the driving....

From the ferry, one drives partway up the island, just past Courtenay, to
the ride site in a meadow that is a part of an equestrian center. Lots of
room, good directions, plenty of water, plenty of outhouses, and lots of
friendly Canadians! As we were pulling in, I turned to my husband and
said, "Gee, I wonder if we should have asked before we came just what Hell
we are supposed to dive off of?"

The ride was VERY well organized--with some of the best-marked trails I've
seen in a long time, water on the trail, well-organized vet checks, and
lots of friendly and efficient vets. It was 50 miles with no returns to
camp and very little repeat trail (what there was consisted of some two-way
going out and coming in)--so for those bored with repeat loops, HERE'S ONE

And they fed us not once but TWICE--barbequed burgers right off the grill
with all the fixin's the night before, and a REALLY big feed the night
after with awards....

But speaking of food--one question I've ALWAYS wanted to ask--maybe one of
the Canadians on the list has the answer, eh? WHY do you have to rub it in
by having a grocery chain called "Overwaitea?" I've wondered that for
years--I mean, I KNOW I'm "overweightea" but do you have to call a GROCERY
STORE that?? I mean, gee, that's how I GOT to be a heavyweight after
all... Anyway, Overwaitea donated the food for the big feed (thank
you Overwaitea for making me even more overweightea...), and ride
management had also drummed up lots of good support and donations for some
GREAT awards--including--get this--a SADDLE for BC on the 50....

We had one small mishap--hubby's horse took a bad stumble, and although he
seemed fine, he started to go off about 5 miles before the finish, and
despite walking the rest of the way in, was not quite fit to
continue. (The good news is that he is pretty much better after some icing
and wrapping and ionizing--just sore and bruised from hitting his fetlock
on the rocks.. ) My own horse sailed through with flying
colors--rack up one more 50 for the tubby lady making a comeback... :-)

And as we've mentioned before--the real successful ending is coming home
and having the horses feel so good coming off the trailer that they go
bouncing out to prance and trot and gallop with their tails up over their
backs, telling their pals all about it... Tudor didn't slow down for half
an hour, I don't think. (Guess that means I'm not riding him hard enough, eh?)

But back to the ride--this is one that any of you within range should put
on your calendar next year--take an extra day off, enjoy the ferry ride
over, and ride the Helldiver, eh?


PS: Turns out Helldiver is a lake up there--yeah, pretty lakes along the
trail--and we didn't have to dive into Hell after all.... :-)

2003 Gold Country Ride

On Behalf Of Lucy Chaplin Trumbulll

Did some volunteering at the Gold Country ride on Saturday
and took some pics - they aren't great (I was in a bad spot,
lighting-wise owing to the fact I was supposed to be directing
traffic, not taking photos), but...:

If anyone can help me put names to horses/riders, please
drop me a note.

Fireworks 50

On Behalf Of Sandy. Holder

The recent Fireworks 50 was a great ride (location, food, EVERYTHING -
which I could write an entire story about and will - soon). It was a tough
ride as my boy and I are only used to 25/30 mile rides. He's only in his
second season of long distance riding and this was a real test/effort for
us both. Tally and I came into the last vet check and he'd been doing quite
well all day. When we came in, Kiki and Peter - two wonderful volunteers,
assisted us (no crews were allowed). And although Tally had been doing
well (EDPP stuff), we'd lost our last tube of electrolytes. My concern
grew as I remembered that the last 7 miles were going to be tough (river
crossing, steep inclines/declines, sand, etc.) and it had gotten hot. In
addition to that, I'd finished off my last water bottle w/ e-lytes and knew
that Tally would have to carry us back without me getting off.

Well, all I can say is, there are endurance riders and there are great
endurance riders, and there are a lot of definitions for dividing the
two. In the end, two great endurance riders offered and shared their
e-lytes (even use the same brand) at that check point, and I know in my
heart that it made all the difference to my boy on that long final phase of
the ride. At least one of them are heading to the Pan Am's, and even if I
can't remember your name, I'm sure you know who I'm talking about. So to
you, and to all of those who share with those of us still learning (advise,
e-lytes, etc.), a big THANKS!!!!

Happy trails to all of you,
Sandy (who finished 'lame') and Tally (who but for a B in gut sounds had
all A's at the end)

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