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2013 Mongol Derby: Participants have Arrived in Ulaanbaatar

July 31 2013

Participants for the 2013 1000-km Mongol Derby have arrived in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and will begin their race training August 1-3. The race begins August 4th across the Mongolian Steppe, and will last approximately 10 days.

USA Rider Devan Horn has posted updates from Ulaanbaatar:

July 31:
Mongol Day 2: Naran Tul and Bus Rides!

My second and last free day in the capitol started with a trip to Naran Tul, the local black market. This market is so large, it regularly hosts 60k people and sells everything you could possibly imagine. I spent hours there, occasionally meeting up with a couple of riders, and promptly getting lost in the rows of stalls. In the afternoon, I amused myself with more walking of the city, and riding the different busses. Bus fair is about 10 cents American, and a great way to learn and meet people. This evening, about ten of us met for drinks at the Ramada’s bar. The first day of Derby Training starts tomorrow! I find Ulaan Bator fascinating and exciting…but I am more than ready to start riding!!!

July 30
Day 1: The flight and the capitol!

My flight from Houston to Beijing was awesome, mostly because I got 3 seats in a row empty, so I shamelessly slept the whole way. I got held up in the Beijing Airport because I had to wait for the ticketing office to open, and then because security wanted to check my entire derby kit piece by piece (I assume to make sure I didn’t forget anything!). I could write a novel about Ulaanbator. Think 80’s industrial city, surrounded by a slum where every other house is actually a felt tent! Horses, cows, dogs, and birds weave through traffic and people even in the city’s heart. The dogs are smart-they look both ways before crossing the street and know that I am soft hearted/carrying beef jerky. I don’t think there are any traffic laws here at all. I hiked for about 4 hours today exploring the city and people watching. The food pretty much sucks-I’m going to have to stop sharing my jerky with the feral dogs!

July 28
Well, I'm sitting in the Houston Airport, about to say goodbye to US soil for the 3rd time this year. My parents and Scott drove me to the airport and turned me loose. I raised a little hell trying to get packed today-may or may not have committing a 3rd degree felony. I guess its a good thing I'm going to Mongolia! Great way to start my trip! I'm so freaking excited!!!

For updates on the Mongol Derby, see

New Zealand: High Performance Appointments

22/07/2013 1:46:56 p.m.
Equestrian Sports New Zealand (ESNZ) announces the appointment of the following High Performance personnel effective immediately for a period to the end of December 2014:

Endurance - High Performance/WEG Chef d’Equipe – Tony Parsons
Tony Parsons brings a wealth of elite Endurance knowledge and experience to this role which will see him lead the campaign for the selected Endurance Team NZ rider/horse combinations that will compete at the 2014 FEI World Equestrian Games, enabling Team NZ to meet its performance targets and compete to the best of its ability. Tony will also become a member of the Endurance HP Panel. Tony, also ESNZ’s Veterinary General, has excellent experience at international Endurance events including as Olympic and WEG Team Vet for both Endurance and Eventing in the past.

Endurance - High Performance/WEG Vet – Nick Page
Nick Page has been successful in being reappointed to this role, which he has held since 2010. Nick is responsible for providing equine health leadership to the ESNZ Endurance HP Programme, squads and team members which will enable Team NZ to perform to their peak during training and at international competition including the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France.

Nick sits as a member of Endurance HP Panel and has significant experience of elite Endurance through his equine clinical veterinary background, previous international team experience and frequent role as head of the veterinary commission at FEI rides in NZ.

Jumping – High Performance/WEG Chef d’Equipe – John Cottle
John Cottle has been appointed as the WEG Chef d’Equipe for Jumping and will lead the campaign for the selected Team NZ Jumping rider/horse combinations that will compete at the 2014 World Equestrian Games. John has a wealth of experience as a rider, coach and Chef d’Equipe to numerous NZ teams at international event over many years.

John has recently also been appointed by the Jumping Board as the Chef d’Equipe for the trans-Tasman senior and young rider tests in Melbourne in September. John will sit on the new Jumping High Performance Panel and have a direct involvement in the Jumping HP programme as well as the WEG campaign.

Endurance - HP Selectors – Kevin James & Tony Haywood
Kevin and Tony have been reappointed to their roles as the Endurance HP selectors, a position that they have both held for the last two years. The HP Endurance selector’s role is to effectively select Endurance HP Squads and Endurance HP Teams for international competitions (including WEG 2014).

New Zealand: Trails of Endurance - Full Article

Gerald Ford
30th Jul 2013 9:21 AM


Knowing your horse is the key to endurance riding, according to the president of the club responsible for an early season event at Clareville on Sunday.

Wairarapa Endurance and CTR Club held the early ride mainly to qualify young horses in the sport - before a rule change comes into force in August.

Thirty-one riders from as far north as Maramarua and Reporoa and across to Otaki came to participate.

Most of the riders and their horses - 19 of them, hit the road as early as 7am for the 40km ride - a frosty start to the day.

There were half-a-dozen riders each for the 25km category and the 15km fun ride.

President Shane Dougan said during the long training rides, "you really get to know your horse", and this becomes key during competitive events.

"You've got to read your horse; you've got to know when to back off and when to push - there are a lot of tactics involved."

However, Mr Dougan said that entry level in the sport "is very easy and anybody can have a try"...

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World Endurance Champion for Junior & Young Riders 120km won by UAE’s Kahlifa Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri - Full Article

July 28, 2013
By Pamela@horsereporter

Tarbes, France ~

New Champion in the Family

He made his father proud. The 2013 World Champion of the 92 horse field for the seventh running of the World Endurance Championship for Junior & Young riders was 14-year old, Khalifa Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri, who won the Gold Medal on Niac Armor in the ride time of 06:34. Young Khalifa had the best of coaches, his father, rider and horse trainer, Ali Khlafan Al Jahouri, reigning European Open Endurance Champion.

Especially of note for the win by this mare was that she is by the stallion, Fadasir, whose sire, Persik is an endurance legend, and especially well- known in this area of France. The twelve-year-old mare was bred by Olivier Yvon at Haras Les Chevaux d’Armor.

The senior Al Jahouri spoke to the press after the ride. “I am very happy to bring this horse back to France. This mare is very tough and I liked her from the first and we are lucky to have her. We try hard to keep her in good condition but it is very difficult in the desert as it is so hot…but finally it does seem we did a good job...”

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2013 FEI World Endurance Championships for Young Riders and Juniors

Barbara Miller/FEI Photo


Host nation France stormed to team gold at the FEI World Endurance Championships for Young Riders and Juniors 2013 in Tarbes at the weekend (July 27th), with 14-year-old Khalifa Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri (UAE) and Niac Armor clinching the individual title.

Riders, horses and crews from 28 nations were tested in hot and humid conditions at the venue in the foothills of the Pyrenees, close to the world-famous pilgrimage site of Lourdes, where July temperatures are usually a moderate 24ºC. On the day of this year’s Championships, they peaked at 34ºC – just four degrees below the highest recorded temperature in Tarbes, but thanks to good horse management and sensible riding there was close to a 60% completion rate.

Combinations from all continents
With each continent of the world represented in the quality field, there was no knowing who would finally clinch the sought after podium positions, when the 86 combinations crossed the start line at 6.30 on Saturday morning.

The track was made up of four loops with a wide variety of terrain and many challenges, all made even tougher by the soaring temperatures and humidity. On the 36.6 kilometre first loop, riders took advantage of the rolling track and cooler conditions to cover it at a good speed. Less than 3.5 minutes separated the top 30 horses at Vet Gate 1, with all athletes arriving within 30 minutes of the leaders.

The UAE made their intentions for the day clear with their five riders in the top six, and the UAE’s Khalifa Ali Khalfan al Jahouri headed into the second 30.5km loop in the lead having covered the initial stage at 19.58kph. But with a much tougher stage ahead of him, it remained to be seen if he could hold onto the advantage.

As the temperatures continued to rise, and on a hilly, stony track, 11 combinations failed to qualify for the third stage. The UAE continued to dominate, looking equally strong in the team competition, but with a number of other nations hot on their heels the competition was far from over.

Loop 3 was considered the toughest of the day, measuring 32.1km, and in soaring temperatures (34ºC) and high humidity. The arrival into Vet Gate 3 saw a change in the leader. Quick presentation times were so influential throughout the day, and a speedy time here ensured that the sole Australian representatives, Erin Krahnen and Emily Jones TE, were first out on to the last loop, if only by a couple of seconds. The experienced 10-year-old grey mare, inched into the lead with just 21.1km to go on the final loop. Emily Jones TE is more often seen competing with Alexandra Toft (AUS) and the pair successfully completed last year’s Senior World Championships in Euston Park (GBR). Unfortunately for Toft, she had to withdraw her own mount from this year’s Championships prior to the event due to lameness and could only watch from the sidelines as her compatriot left on the final stage to battle for gold.

Final loop decider
The final loop was certainly competitive, with a front group of UAE horses setting a cracking pace. At this stage they still held top position in the team competition and, it seemed, were in line to take the individual honours too. Their dream however was not to be, however, when only one combination of the leading group passed the final vetting. Al Jahouri (UAE), who had been in the front running with Niac Armor from the very beginning, clinched the title, following in the footsteps of his father, Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri (UAE), who took victory in the Open European Championships in Florac (FRA) in 2011. It must have felt like a home-coming for the winning horse, the talented grey mare Niac Armor, which started its international career in France some years ago.

The silver and bronze were still up for grabs and crowds waited excitedly at the finish line to see who would be claiming the next on the podium. The Dutch combination of Marijke Visser and her wonderfully consistent 10-year-old gelding Eomer took silver following a storming final loop at 23.4kph. This incredible pair finished 17th in the World Championships in Abu Dhabi (UAE) in 2011 and stepped up to fourth in last year’s European Championships in Mont-le-Soie (BEL). With the 2013 medal now in the bag, and with one year left as a Young Rider, she must be wondering if that elusive gold medal is on the cards next year when the European Championships moves to Italy.

The final step on the podium was taken by Krahnen (AUS), whose mount Emily Jones TE also took the coveted Best Condition title. The pair held onto third despite Oriana Ricca (URU) with Talita Kumi 50 and Kelsey Russell (USA) on My Wild Irish Gold closing in on the final stages but ultimately, Ricca and Russell had to settle for fourth and fifth.

Déjà-vu for teams
The team competition was, as always, hotly fought and in the end saw a replica of the 2010 European Championship podium, with France scooping team gold yet again, followed some distance behind by Belgium (silver) and Spain (bronze).

The 2013 edition of the FEI World Endurance Championships for Young Riders and Juniors saw the initiation of a new formula for the team competition. All Nations can now enter five athletes without the need to declare a team. The top three positions from the five count for the team score – but now medals are only medals are awarded to the three athletes whose scores have contributed to the final result.

It was a family affair for the home squad, as Roman and Morgane Lafaure came across the line in sixth and seventh, followed closely in ninth by compatriot Robin Cornely, ensuring that France remained supreme, and now holds both the European and World titles. Their total time of just 19:44:49 put them almost one hour ahead of Belgians (Olivia Antoine, Louna Schuiten and Raphael Van Cauter), who finished just 10 minutes ahead of bronze medallists Spain (Agda Muixi Crusellas, Cristina Yebra Altimiras and Yvette Pi Masnou).

FEI Endurance Director Ian Williams praised the management of the horses throughout the day and was very pleased with the level of the competition: “This Championship was technically challenging, both in terms of the track and the weather conditions we were faced with, but it was a real privilege to see the youth of our sport caring for their horses so well and producing such great results”.

FEI World Endurance Championships for Young Riders and Juniors 2013 – Teams: GOLD – France, 19:44:49 – Petra Cabirat (Roman Lafaure); Rhial Cabirat (Morgane Lafaure); Rusty James (Robin Cornely); SILVER – Belgium, 20:40:22 – Wigor ZA (Olivia Antoine), Nasrik de Rendpeine (Louna Schuiten), Okba de Chaussy (Raphael Van Cauter); BRONZE – Spain, 20:50:32 – Oursai de Oassa (Agda Muixi Crusellas), Calzadilla (Cristina Yebra Altimiras), Pink Floid (Yvette Pi Masnou).

FEI World Endurance Championships for Young Riders and Juniors 2013 – Individuals: GOLD – Niac Armor (Khalifa Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri) UAE, 06:00:34; SILVER – Eomer (Marijke Visser) NED, 06:13:05; BRONZE – Emily Jones TE (Erin Krahnen) AUS, 06:21:10.

2013 Junior Young Rider Best Condition to Australia's Emily Jones TE


In addition to winning the individual bronze medal at the YRJ WEC,
Emily Jones TE, under Australia's Erin Krahnen, won the Best Condition Award in Tarbes, France yesterday. TE Emily Jones is bred and trained by Peter, Penny, and Ali Toft of Toft Endurance.

For more on the race see:

Sunday, July 28, 2013

France: Khalifa tops World Endurance

Khalifa Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri on way to winning the World Endurance Championship for Junior and Young riders; the presentation ceremony for the winners. — Supplied photos

UAE’s endurance prodigy and gold medallist Khalifa Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri followed in the footsteps of his father, Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri, a former European Open Endurance Champion, after the teenager won the seventh leg of the 120-km FEI World Endurance Championship for Junior & Young riders at Tarbes Stud Farm in Southern France on Saturday.

The event was sponsored by the Shaikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global Arabian Horse Racing Festial under the directives of Shaikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs.

The brilliant performer left 91 international contenders behind his back to put his 12-year-old Arabian mare Niac Armor on top gear and stormed home unchallenged.

“I’m truly delighted to see a new generation of UAE riders winning such huge international event. Khalfan gave his mare a great ride and she has been trotting keenly all the way. I think there’s much work that has been done to keep the mare in a sound condition after her trip from our headquarters in Abu Dhabi to France. But, at last everything went according to plan,” a jubilant endurance trainer Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri said later.

Meanwhile, 92 riders aged 14-21 from 28 countries have assembled to battle for the title of the grueling ride in Southwestern France.

“This is a great moment in my life and career and represents a promising start at the international level,” the brilliant rider said in a post race chat.

“I have been keeping trying and my father has been always supporting me. He’s too patient and tough at the same time. I would like to thank him for availing me the opportunity to display my skills as a rider and for preparing this lovely mare for the competition. It was a tough race and the speed was very high. My mare was always surprising me and I didn’t feel at any stage that she’s going to be beaten,” he said.

Mrijke Visser, astride Eomer, finished second to claim the silver as the Australian contender Erin Krahnen aboard Emily Jones TE walked away with the third place honours and the bronze medal. Then came Uruguay’s Oriana Ricca and USA’s Kelsey Russell.

Lara Sawaya, director of the Shaikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global Arabian Horse Flat Racing Festival and head of the International Federation of Arabian Horse Racing Authorities ( IFAHR) Ladies Racing thanked Shaikh Mansour for his support of Arabian racing and endurance.

“We appreciate Shaikh Mansour’s initiative and directives to sponsor this event that brought the juniors and youngsters of the world under one roof to promote the Arabian horse riding and racing,” she said.

“The Shaikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global Arabian Horse Flat Racing Festival will now be the major sponsor of the September 26-29, Garda Endurance Cup & Italian Championships, the FEI World Endurance Championships for Young Horses at Valeggio Sul Mincio, Italy,” she confirmed.

“There’s also more pleasant news to come in respect of the activities during the next season which marks the fifth anniversary of the World Arabian Racing Conference 2014, to be held in London,” she added.

[More ...]

Saturday, July 27, 2013

France: USA's Russell finishes 5th; UAE's Khalifa Al Jahouri wins YRJ World Endurance Championship

July 27 2013

The UAE's Khalifa Ali Khalifan Al Jahouri won the 120-km**** Young Rider Junior World Endurance Championship in Tarbes, France today in 6:00.34, 12 minutes 31 seconds ahead of second place rider, Marijke Visser of the Netherlands, riding Eomer. Australia's Erin Krahnen riding Emily Jones TE took the bronze medal in 6:21.10. Uruguay's Oriana Ricca riding Talita Kumi 50 finished 4th, in 6:21.10.

USA riders Kelsey Russell and My Wild Irish Gold, and Christina Kimery and Wallace Hill Shade completed the WEC. Russell finished in 5th place in 6:28.47, 28 minutes behind the winner, averaging 18.519 km/h. Kimery finished in 41st place, 2:18.56 behind the winner, averaging 14.414 km/h.

3 USA riders were eliminated on course: Katherine Gardener and AF Big Bucks at Gate 3 for lameness; Mary Katherine Clark and Chasing the Wind at gate 2 for lameness; and Sarah Jack and FYF Dutch at gate 1 for lameness. Clark's horse lost a shoe on loop 1 and was sore.

Unofficial Team Results are:
1st Place: France; 2nd Place Belgium; 3rd Place Spain; 4th Place Malaysia.

49 of 86 riders completed the course. It was described as a "tough technical trail, with mud and rocks."

short video of Kelsy Russell finishing the race

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Friday, July 26, 2013

USA Horses Vet In for Junior Young Rider World Endurance Championship


The 5 USA Team horses trotted out for the Vet Inspection for the Junior Young Rider World Endurance Championship in Tarbes, France today.

All the horses passed inspection. Riders will be: Kelsey Russell, Christina Kimery, Sarah Jack, Katherine Gardener, and Mary Katherine Clark. The race begins tomorrow at 6:30 AM (France time - 11:30 PM West Coast Time).

Updated starting list can be seen here:

Timing for the event can be followed here:

Live video will stream here:

Trot Outs for the US Team for the WEC can be seen here:

My Wild Irish Gold, owner Valerie Kanavy. Runner is John Crandell. Rider #90 is Kelsey Russell.

Trot VIDEO of Wallace Hill Shade, owner Amy Whelan, runner is Jeremy Olson. Rider #89 is Christina Kimery.

Trot VIDEO of FYF Dutch, owner/breeder/runner - Nicki Meuten. Rider #88 is Sarah Jack.

Trot VIDEO of AF Big Bucks, owner Pam Weidel, runner Jeff Gardener. Rider #87 is Katherine Gardener.

Trot VIDEO of Chasing the Wind, runner and owner is Mustafa Tehrani. Rider #86 is Mary Katherine Clark.

Mongol Derby: Less Than Two Week Away


The "longest, toughest, horse race in the world" is coming up, August 4-14, 2013, the Mongol Derby, a 1000-km multi-horse race across the Mongolian steppe. It's a recreation of Genghis Khan's legendary postal system.

Pre-race training will take place August 1-3, and the race will start August 4th. The race is expected to end August 13-14.

US endurance riders Lynne Gilbert and Devan Horn, and former-US-now-French endurance rider Sandra Fretelliere will participate.

For more information, see:

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Meet Your USA Team for Junior Young Rider World Endurance Championship

Left to Right
1-Christina Kimery  of Bixby, Oklahoma AERC #M33998 Total competition miles 1380. Riding ½ Arabian Wallace Hill Shade owned by Amy Wallace-Whelan AERC#H40746 Total competition miles 1915

2.Mary Kathryn Clark of Eatonton, Georgia AERC #M22809 Total competition miles 4335. Riding Arabian Chasing The Wind owned by Mustafa Tehrani AERC#M42389 Total Miles 1305

3-Sarah Jack of Nottingham, New Hampshire AERC #M35443 Total competition miles 2135. Riding Arabian FYF Dutch owned by Nicki Meuten AERC#H44049 Total Miles 1950

4.Katherine Gardener of Coventry, Rhode Island AERC #M38226 Total competition miles 850. Riding Arabian AF Big Bucks owned by Pamela Weidel AERC#37359 Total Miles 1440

5-Kelsey Russell of Williston, Florida AERC #M39343 Total competition miles 1575. Riding Arabian My Wild Irish Gold owned by Valerie Kanavy AERC#44134 Total Miles 1325

6-not shown McCamey Kimbler of Aberdeen, South Dakota AERC #M33852 Total competition miles 1560 Elite Rider and Team Alternate

For more information see:

France: Opening Ceremonies for JYR World Endurance Championships

July 25 2013

Opening Ceremonies for the Junior Young Rider World Endurance Championships will take place today in Tarbes, France. 91 riders from 26 countries will participate.

The 120-km**** race will begin Saturday, July 27th at 7 AM.

Live GPS tracking can be seen here:

Video streaming can be seen here:

Drug breaches in endurance must be cut, delegates agree - Full Article

By on Jul 25, 2013 in Focus

A round-table meeting called by the FEI on endurance has mapped out a strategy for the discipline, but only time will tell whether it will ease tensions over worrying levels of drug infractions and injuries in the Middle East.

The world governing body for equestrian sport said Wednesday’s meeting at its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, achieved unanimous support for a strategy mapped out for endurance by the FEI.

The meeting drew 22 delegates, including representatives from Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, the European Equestrian Federation, the FEI Endurance Committee and FEI Headquarters...

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New Zealand: Need for speed carries Walton long distances - Full Article


Trevor Walton knows all about endurance riding.

The 71-year-old is a national champion in his chosen sport, receiving the award at a special function in Christchurch last Saturday night.

There's no engine power, just good old horse power with Walton claiming the New Zealand endurance title on his 12-year-old Arab gelding, Lotus Blue Moon.

Walton, who has a block of land near Bell Block, had the best points tally in the national series, beating competitors young enough to be his grandchildren.

Riders had to compete in at least five races in the series, over distances between 40km and 79km.

"You take your best five rides over the year from rides in different areas and different types of terrain . . . from Wairarapa to Pukekohe. I'm up against riders from 21 or 22 right through. I was the oldest rider competing in the series," he said yesterday...

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Great Britain: Abbie, 14, and 50 horses raised £1,500 for mother - Full Article

Written by HELEN KREFT

A 14-YEAR-OLD has joined 50 horse riders on an epic trek across the National Forest to raise £1,500 to beat cancer.

Abbie Mae Trayford, who attends Abbot Beyne high school, was given the challenge by Kathryn Parker, the school’s library assistant, after the pupil’s mother was diagnosed with lung cancer.

After months of planning and advertising for riders, Mrs Parker, Abbie and friends -Marissa Golding and Holly Lindsey, along with 50 riders and their horses took part in a 12-mile Long Distance Horse Ride.

Mrs Parker said: “It came about as I know Abbie has an interest in horses and her mother suffers from lung cancer. I thought what can we do to entertain Abbie at this time?

“I thought about horse riding. It is lovely where I live, there are lots of paths, but we needed to get permission from landowners to ride across their land but it all linked up...”

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Canada: Flesherton's Webb wins two silvers at youth equestrian championships - Full Article

By Bill Walker, Sun Times, Owen Sound
Sunday, July 21, 2013

LEXINGTON, KENTRUCKY - LEXINGTON, KTY.. – Flesherton's Emma Webb won two silver medals at the North American Junior Young Riders Championship's endurance division on Friday.

The 19-year-old Webb rode Vagas in the 120-km race against the top riders in North America, claiming the individual silver with a time of 7:29.40.

Webb also led Team Canada – which included Alberta's Jessica Yavis on Jahlad (8:33.11) and Jaylene Janzen on Sakic (9:42.51) – to a silver medal. Canada finished with a total time of 25:45.42.

Webb was part of the gold-medal winning team at last year's North American Junior and Young Riders Championships...

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Meg Wade completes her first 20km ride in Australia Since Accident

July 22 2013

Meg Wade completed a 20 km ride on July 20th at Colamon in Australia, her first endurance ride since her horrific head injury in April of 2009 when she was thrown from a horse and was critically injured with a fractured skull. It's been a long road of recovery from ABI, Acquired Brain Injury, for Meg, and returning to ride endurance was a major accomplishment.

She rode a "wonderful mare" named Actress. "Actress is the real star, she is so good with me." The duo persevered through the cool, wet and windy weather with good friends Kristie Taprell and Linda Tanian to finish the ride.

Australia: Riders take on Kundabung endurance event - Full Article

July 18 2013

LOCAL riders from the Hastings Trail Riding Club took the opportunity to ride in Kundabung's annual Endurance Ride even though the odds were against them with the extremely bogey wet course.

Gary and Ashley Thomas finished 80km with Gary coming in third spot in the Heavyweight division while his daughter Ashley came in fourth in the Middleweight section.

HTRC members who entered the 40km ride were Maz Tattam, Jackie Tattam, Margaret Bentley, Helen & Ari Riek, Joan Barnes, Denise Wagner & Robyn Coombes.

Stephanie Hunter & Sarah & Danika Glover participated in the social 20km ride.

Well known local Robyn Coombes is no stranger to Endurance riding and riding in general...

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Burnley rider Kate ready for GB outing - Full Article

16 July 2013

Kate Atkinson showed she has the endurance to succeed after she was selected to represent Great Britain at the 2013 FEI World Young Rider Endurance Championships in Tarbes, France at the weekend.

The 15-year-old from Burnley will tackle the tough 125km course in the foothills of the Pyrenees riding her own and her mother Rachael Atkinson’s horse, Oakthwaite Samara.

The five strong British team for the Championships was chosen after a hotly contested team selection trial held on the 16th June at the Endurance GB Wimpole Way ride in Cambridgeshire.

Kate was a member of the bronze medal winning British team at the 2012 European Young Rider Championships...

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Hendra jabs hurdle to the horse export trade - Full Article

Michelle Slater
16th Jul 2013

SOME trainers are refusing to vaccinate their horses against Hendra, because vaccinated horses will not be accepted into export markets.

Countries including the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and Singapore have closed their borders to Hendra-vaccinated horses because blood tests show up as Hendra positive.

Warwick showjumper Dave Goodwin is about to take his top horse to Europe where he may go on to compete in the UAE.

"I wasn't going to vaccinate him because I'm going travelling with him and I didn't want to worry about travel delays," he said.

Mr Goodwin sells horses to China and Japan where a good horse will sell for between $50,000 and $100,000.

Toowoomba trainer, Jay Randall, exports Arabian endurance horses to the UAE at around $30,000 per horse...

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

2013 Adequan/FEI North American Junior & Young Rider Championships Update

Freestyle medals go to Uhlir and Tetreault, Roberts wins endurance gold, and USA Southeast takes endurance team gold at the 2013 Adequan/FEI North American Junior & Young Rider Championships presented by Gotham North

July 21, 2013 -- On Saturday afternoon, dressage riders competed for their Freestyle Individual medals in the Rolex Stadium at the 2013 Adequan/FEI North American Junior & Young Rider Championships presented by Gotham North (NAJYRC). Ayden Uhlir (Region 6) and Sjapoer won their second Individual Gold medal of the week in the Young Rider division. Laurence Blais Tetreault and Lowelas also won another Gold medal in the Junior division. Endurance riders competed in their 75-mile race yesterday, and it was Cassandra Roberts (Team USA Southeast) who won the race for the Gold medal with Viktory Banner. The USA Southeast team took Gold in endurance. [More ...]

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

American Endurance Ride Conference: Letter of concern over FEI Endurance Sport

Mr. John Long, Chief Executive Officer
United States Equestrian Federation
4047 Iron Works Parkway
Lexington, KY 40511

June 25, 2013

Dear Mr. Long,

As President of the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC), and at the direction of our Board of Directors, this letter serves as a request that the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) submit a letter to the Federation Equestrian International (FEI) in regards to increasing concerns regarding Endurance at the international level; and specifically as support for the letters publically issued by Equestrian Federations of Belgium (October 2, 2012), France (October 12, 2012) and Switzerland (March 26, 2013).

We share the alarm voiced by the European federations of Belgium, France, and Switzerland in regards to profoundly disturbing evidence of deficiencies in horse welfare issues; including an increase in equine fatalities, orthopedic injuries and serious drug violations. We note that these letters have been widely circulated throughout world press, and that the reputation of the sport and all those federations involved is likely to become irreparably tainted if decisive action is not taken at once to resolve these issues.

The AERC prides itself on our motto, “To Finish is To Win”, which illustrates our uncompromising bedrock principles that welfare of the horse must remain of paramount importance and never become subordinate to an attitude of “win at all costs”. We are further disturbed that AERC’s cornerstone principle of remaining a drug-free sport has in recent years deteriorated at the international level to the extent that FEI Endurance has the highest number of violations of anti-doping rules, specifically in regards to teams originating from the Middle East.
AERC remains very dismayed over an apparent unwillingness on the part of FEI to follow through with their own Code of Conduct for the Welfare of the Horse as described repeatedly throughout the FEI’s rules and schedules for every equestrian FEI discipline. May we draw your attention to the FEI Endurance Rules:

    “800.1 Endurance Riding is a competition to test the competitor’s ability to safely manage the stamina and fitness of the horse over an endurance course in a competition against the track, the distance, the climate, the terrain and the clock. Therefore, the most important responsibility of the Technical Delegate, the Ground Jury, the Stewards, the Veterinary Commission, the Chef d’Equipe, the Team Veterinarian, the Grooms and ultimately the Athlete is to ensure the health and welfare of the horse by diligent application of their skill together with a caring, knowledgeable attitude by the Athlete. To be successful, the competitor must have knowledge of pace and efficient and safe use of the horse across country.”
We support these principles, in which the health and welfare of our equine athletes is held as primary importance. As such, it is of the highest priority that the rules previously set in place to support these values be consistently and strenuously upheld, regardless of the influence and financial sponsorship of one or more individuals involved as competitors, owners of vast racing stables, and/or as elected officials within the highest echelons of FEI. A failure to do so on the part of FEI threatens the integrity of the entire sport, but most especially endurance racing at its top international levels.

In addition to the above issues, AERC is alarmed about the increasing speed requirements in order to obtain a Certificate of Capability. It is understood that endurance events are a race, and therefore the winning horse and rider is by definition those who complete the course in the fastest elapsed time. However, we are dismayed that FEI endurance has evolved from its prototypical roots of challenging, technical courses requiring advanced horsemanship, strategy and judgment to a long distance flat race where horsemanship is subordinate to speed and speed alone.

While we understand the desire expressed by some individuals to make endurance a more spectator-friendly sport, such choices in course design and venues also encourage racing at unsafe speeds on the flat courses. It is therefore of little surprise that the incidence and types of injuries and fractures within FEI Endurance now approach those observed in traditional flat-track racing. Specifically in 2010, a peer-reviewed scientific journal, Equine Veterinary Education, documented musculoskeletal injury rates of one limb fracture per 236 FEI starts in the 2007-2008 European endurance season.

We note that articles in highly respected publications such as the New York Times detailing drug rule violations and catastrophic injuries within flat-track racing has resulted in increased scrutiny and negative perceptions by the public, animal welfare groups and governmental agencies. Additionally, the New York Times has even detailed official blatant partiality to certain Middle East nation teams at FEI's highest level (world) competitions. Should FEI fail to take decisive action to correct the current serious deficiencies within the federation and Endurance discipline, we cannot help but predict a similar fate for the entire sport of endurance.

It is therefore AERC’s request that USEF add their strenuous support to those federations which have previously expressed their concern over the current state of horse welfare issues in the Endurance discipline. We look forward to working with you on this very important issue.

Entries for FEI YR & J World Championship in France Announced

July 16 2013

The definite entries have been announced for the FEI Young Rider & Junior World Championship to be held in Tarbes, France, on July 27, 2013. 91 riders from 26 countries are scheduled to be on the starting line for the CEI4* 120 km race.

Entries can be seen here:

For more updates on the race, see:

Endurance Riding Gets Up to Speed in Iran - Full Article

July 15, 2013
By Pamela@horsereporter

July 15, 2013, Report from Iran thanks to Shirin Salartash - Iran has had organized Endurance Riding since 1997 and in 2012, after approving the National Endurance Regulations, every season there is one National ride; team and individual and in the winter, and there will be an Iranian Endurance Championship.

During the year the provinces and private clubs organize their rides in their own region. The distance for the novice riders and horses start from 20k, after that one 40k and then the combination of the horse and the rider are qualified for 60k, which is also in the National rides.

In 2012 we had 60 and 80 k and this year the in first National ride, with riders competing in two distances : 60 and 80k as well.

We are starting slowly as we need experienced riders and healthy horses; we are doing our best to get to international levels and standards...

Read more here:

Ireland: Dartrey Forest, Rockcorry

Dartrey Forest, Rockcorry
Sun Jul 7 2013

Endurance riders in Ulster pursued their sport through the usual extremes of Irish summer weather recently, with a rather soggy Barbeque in Gosford Forest at the end of June, followed by a sizzling summers day ride in July, at Dartrey Forest, near Monaghan. While the wet weather dampened the barbeque fire, it did little to quench the enthusiasm of the participants, who donated raffle proceeds to Irish Horse Welfare and celebrated the results of the early season Fun League. Many thanks to Kate Russell, who organised the day, and her band of helpers.

Dartrey Forest, outside the picturesque village of Rockcorry, was once part of the great Dartrey Estate and the Famine Wall which borders the forest on the Rockcorry/Cootehill road is a reminder of former times. Once through the wall, riders cross the Iron Bridge, (famed at the time of its construction for having "cast iron lattice work of the same import and design as that of the Eiffel Tower in Paris”) to access a network of paths winding through the forest. So congenial are these tracks that several riders had planned for this route as their ultimate challenge of a 50mile (80km) ride. Despite the extra problems created by the sudden increase in temperature, all were successful. Once again thanks are due to Kathy Conly and Kirsten Conly Devlin for marking, organising and generally making this ride happen! Also to the ever patient vet, David Nealham (at least he was able to soak up the rays while waiting for the 50milers!) Crewing, as ever, played an important role in helping horses to cope with the heat, by providing hydration (for both horse and rider) and cooling sloshes (supposedly for the horse, but sometimes "accidentally" for the rider too!)

Congratulations to Erin Fowler on I'm Ami, who both achieved their Gold Shamrock Final Award and to Tasha Anderson, whose pony Annasach Bugatti completed his Gold Shamrock Final Award. It is worthy of mention that neither of these two horses is a "typical" endurance model, with one a being a thoroughbred and the other an Exmoor, which gives a good indication of the widespread appeal of the sport.

ILDRA's next competition will be in Donard, Co.Wicklow, where a full programme of events will take place on Sat 20th and Sun 21st July, followed by a pleasure ride from Millyard Riding Centre (with Go-as-you-please-weather permitting) on Sun 28th July. Pleasure riders can turn up on the day to all events, without pre-booking. For more details see or find us on Facebook.

Results Dartrey Forest 7th July

50 miles(80km)

Erin Fowler/I'm Ami
Tasha Anderson/Annasach Bugatti
Helen McFarland/She Stoops to Conquer

30 miles(48km)

Sharon Perry/Cumbria Alabass
Jenni Cunningham/Kilgarry Breeze

25 miles(40km)

Susan Hunter/Lucy
Robert Clarke/Harry
Robyn Catterall/Ellanora
Helen Perry/Thai Express
Niamh Doyle/Gypsie
Aoife Grace/Breeze


Scotland: Riders endure scorching temperatures at annual festival around Broughton - Full Article

14 July 2013

ON the hottest day of the year so far, most sane people were taking it easy in the shade with the Sunday papers and a cold drink to hand.

Not the 70-odd riders who took to the hills around Broughton on the third day of the endurance festival that has become a flagship event for the Scottish Endurance Riding Club.

Based at Corstane Farm, the event attracted more than 230 entries from all over Scotland and the north of England.

Starting with a leisurely pleasure ride on Friday evening along the old railway line to Biggar, riders really kicked into gear on Saturday morning.

Classes ranged from 80kms over two days to another two different pleasure routes.

The first set of routes took riders south-west of Broughton towards Coulter Shaw and over the hills affording wonderful views of the Clyde valley. The warm sun was toned down by a strong breeze that made for perfect riding conditions - a marked contrast to 2012 when the weekend event had to be cancelled as both routes and venue were water-logged...

Read more here:

Oman: Six Horse riders from Royal Cavalry Qualify for World Endurance 2014 Finals in France

Paris, July 14(ONA) ----Six of the Royal Cavalry horse riders cruised for the third time to the world endurance championship in 2014 to be held in France. The championship will be organized by the International Equestrian Federation.

The following horse riders qualified to the finals:

Mahmoud bin Marhoon al-Fori, after passing 160km French Florac race, riding the horse Ghazali, and passing 160 km French Fontainbleau race on horseback Punjab, Ali bin Hassan al-Farsi, after passing 160 km German Deligen race, riding Kalam, and passing 160km French Compaign race, riding Kalam, Ahmed bin Salim al-Hamdani riding Rakas, after passing 160km French Florac race, Sami bin Said al-Balushi riding Khanjar, after passing stages of 160km French Florac race, Hisham bin Saleh al-Farsi, riding Rifal, after passing 160km French Compaign race and

Abdullah bin Said al-Siyabi on Punjab, after passing the stages of the 120 km British Royal Windsor race.

Brig. Abdulrazak bin Abdulqadir al Shahwarzi, Commander of the Royal Cavalry affirmed that this achievement has been accomplished through a plan outlined by the Royal Cavalry for its riders to participate and compete in the World endurance Championship through a program prepared especially for this purpose, particularly after the great world achievement made by the Royal Cavalry in World endurance Championship in 2012 , held in Britain as its riders won the third place at the world level with the bronze medal.

He added that the Royal Cavalry will seek to train another group of riders and horses alongside with riders already qualified to be on the substitute list of the team through their participation in races organized by the International Equestrian Federation, such as the Europe's endurance Championship 2013 to be held in the Czech Republic in September. He concluded that this achievement came with the support of the Secretary General of the Royal Court Affairs who is always keen to follow the team in its various participations.

It should be noted that Florac race, held in Southern France is one of the most difficult races faced by the riders of the Royal Cavalry due to the difficult topography of the region for different slopes as 56 horses participated in the race and 14 horses qualified, including two from the Royal Cavalry.

USEF Names 2013 FEI World Endurance Championship Team

The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) has announced the horse and rider combinations to represent the U.S. at the FEI World Endurance Championship for Juniors and Young Riders, July 27, 2013 in Tarbes, France.

The following horse-and-rider combinations have been named by the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) to represent the U.S. at the FEI World Endurance Championship for Juniors and Young Riders, July 27, 2013 in Tarbes, France.

The five following combinations will represent the U.S. at the FEI World Endurance Championship for Juniors and Young Riders:

Mary Kathryn Clark (Eatonton, Ga.) will ride Mustafa Tehrani's Chasing The Wind. Chasing the Wind is a 2001 Arabian gelding

Katherine Gardener (Coventry, R.I.) will ride Pamela Weidel's AF Big Bucks. AF Big Bucks is a 1999 Arabain gelding

Sarah Jack (Nottingham, N.H.) will ride Nicki Meuten's FYF Dutch. FYF Dutch is a 2004 Arabian gelding

Christina Kimery (Bixby, Okla.) will ride Amy Wallace-Whelan's Wallace Hill Shade. Wallace Hill Shade is a 2002 Half-Arabian gelding

Kelsey Russell (Williston, Fla.) will ride Valerie Kanavy's My Wild Irish Gold. My Wild Irish Gold is a 2003 Anglo-Arabian mare

The following horse-and-rider combinations are the ranked alternates:

McCamey Kimbler (Aberdeen, S.D.) and Melody Blittersdorf's Empiric. Empiric is a 2002 Arabian gelding

Kelsey Russell (Williston, Fla.) and Pamela Weidel's AF Big Bucks. AF Big Bucks is a 1999 Arabain gelding

Katherine Gardener (Coventry, R.I.) and Mustafa Tehrani's Chasing The Wind. Chasing the Wind is a 2001 Arabian gelding

Jessica Di Camillo (Las Cruces, N.M.) and Karen Binns-Di Camillo's SHA Strike Two. SHA Strike Two is a 1999 Arabian gelding

Kelsey Kimbler (Aberdeen, S.D.) and Melody Blittersdorf's Empiric. Empiric is a 2002 Arabian gelding

To learn more about the event, visit

Monday, July 15, 2013

Spanish team for the World Youth Endurance Riders in Tarbe (FRA)

El Raid Blog - Gabriel Gamiz

July 15 2013

We have team of young riders for the Raid World to be held in Tarbes (FRA), July 27, 2013.

From the Spanish Federation and on their official website, have posted the binomials that will defend the national colors in Tarbes (FRA), after preliminary tests that have been developed in Catalonia.

This is the note of the FEI:

World Youth Team riders Raid.

Last week I met in Catalonia pre-selected the raid, to carry out the selection of young riders traveling to France on July 27 to compete in the World Raid. In these hardships, the pre-selected that showed a high level professionalism and in two days made ​​for stress testing, recovery controls, jog and even measurements of lactic acid during exercise.
Finally this is the team that has been selected and to represent Spain:

Agda Muixi Crusellas con OURASI DE CASSA
María Dulcet Molina con LUCERO MIKI
Cristina Yebra Altimiras con CALZADILLA
Raquel Busquet Recasens con CHESTER DE GRAELLS
María Ledesma Feliu con TRA DRUIDA

First Booking: Ivet Pi Masnou with PINKFLOID
Second booking: Arnau Blanch with DJAM Djou Cabanas

Good luck to the team, which will face riders from around the world and we hope to dispute the podium with the other great nations of raid. "

Source: FEI.
Greetings from Gabriel.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mongolia adventure awaits 20-year-old local endurance athlete - Full Story and video

by Kevin Reece / KHOU 11 News

Posted on July 10, 2013 at 10:25 PM

HUMBLE, Texas -- Devan Horn, 20, is a senior Criminal Justice major at Sam Houston State considering a path that will take her to law school. But the path she’s already traveled, on horseback, is taking her around the world.
Next stop -- Mongolia.

Horn, who trains daily at the Cypress Trails Equestrian Center in Humble just north of Bush Intercontinental Airport, has been competing in equine endurance races since the age of 10. Competitions have taken her throughout the United States and as far away as the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and Australia. She’s traveled more than 3,000 miles total on horseback in 55 events.

But the next 650 miles will be the toughest.

"I don't have any idea how my body is going to react when I go past 200 miles,” Horn said. “I have no idea if my body is going to be able to withstand it..."

Read more here:

Australia: Hendra warning after Macleay horse dies - Full Article

By Todd Connaughton
July 9, 2013

HORSE died at a property west of Kempsey on Friday night after contracting the Hendra virus.

Kempsey veterinarian Andrew Bennett yesterday confirmed laboratory tests on samples from the horse tested positive to the virus.

The veterinarian that took samples from the horse, the veterinarian that handled the samples and the owner of the horse have all been contacted by the Department of Health for risk assessment.

A second horse on the property was to be tested yesterday by the district veterinarian.

The death of this horse represents the southern most spread of the virus since it was first recorded in Queensland in 1994, when it killed leading trainer Vic Rail and 14 horses at his property...

Read more here:

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Uruguay Celebrates its Youth Team Riders

El Raid Blog - Gabriel Gamiz

July 3 2013

[google translation]

The Sports World Equestrian Resistance Uruguay, is celebrating the departure of their National Young Riders Raid, that on July 27, 2013, will defend the pavilion Celeste in the French city of Tarbes.

Making her delivery of your banner Junior National Team (in this case composed entire females), lay off this team that will defend its colors Celestial, but earlier in the day tomorrow, held a party with barbecue and lively with music and singing, to raise funds to defray the expenses of such selection.

The conponentes of this selection are the Amazons:

Cecilia Garcia. (Team Leader).

Oriana Ricca.

Maria Pereira.

Good luck in the World Cup.
Greetings from Gabriel.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Australia: 70 hit Kundabung trail for 23rd annual endurance ride - Full Article

By Shellie Morrison July 2, 2013

RIDERS were treated to magnificent weather conditions for the 23rd annual Kundabung Endurance Ride on the weekend.

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The event attracted more than 70 riders who travelled from as far Sydney and two hours south of the Queensland border.

Zone Six Endurance Riders Club member and NSW Committee member Mary Lou Locke said fresh faces competed in this year’s event.

“It is something you can get hooked on,” Mrs Locke, who has been riding horses for more than 20 years said.

“There is a lot of potential for more riders in the area.”

Two riders shared the accolades at the end of the 80km trek...

Read more here:

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Big field for Gingin endurance ride

THE Gingin Endurance Horse Ride held on June 15 was a great success.

Once again the peace and quiet of Gingin town was disturbed by the rumble of floats and horse trucks of all shapes and sizes as they drove through the main street and headed up Cheriton Valley to the ride base at Jarrah Downs.

A total of 97 horses and riders entered the three rides - the 20 kilometre social ride, the 40km training ride and the 80km endurance ride.

About half of the riders had not been to an endurance ride before and it was wonderful to see so many new faces.

Riders came from as far afield as Denmark, Yerecoin and Geraldton.

Several local people entered the ride and a few pony clubbers completed the 40km ride for their 'K' certificate.
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As for the horses, they came in all shapes and sizes and all ages.

The well attended 20km social ride was an easy pleasant ride and there was only one early pre-ride vet out.

However, the 80km ride was considered a tough and challenging ride because of the hills and the sand.

The motto of endurance riding is 'to complete is to win' and so there were 84 winners on the day. [More ...]

Penny gets GB call-up

photo: Penny Amond on board Rosie’s Brown Sugar.

BROMSGROVE endurance rider Penny Amond has been selected as reserve for the British Young Rider Team at the 2013 FEI World Young Rider Endurance Championships which takes place in France later this month.

Amond, who is 18, and her Appaloosa horse ‘Rosie’s Brown Sugar’ will travel to the foothills of the Pyrenees for the championships.

She was selected after a hotly contested team trial which took place in June at Endurance GB’s Wimpole Way ride in Cambridgeshire.

Last year, she rode Rosie’s Brown Sugar to second spot at the FEI ride at Euston Park in Suffolk. They have also represented the Heart of England and Cotswolds Endurance team on several occasions.

Amond is currently studying Horse Management at Hartpury College in Gloucestershire and plans to embark on a degree course in Equine Business Management this September.

Her long term ambition is to complete a 160-kilometre endurance ride while representing her country. [More ...]

US Equestrian Announces Team for 2024 FEI Endurance World Championship for Seniors Lexington, Ky. – US Equestrian is pleased to announce the athlete-and-horse combinations that will represent the U.S. at the 2024...