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Bahrain: Riders set for endurance test

Monday, November 30, 2009

BAHRAIN Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation (Breef) president Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa approved the programme of Saturday's 100-km Endurance Horse Ride Championship at the Bahrain International Endurance Village in Sakhir.

The event, which is the third this season, will be organised by Breef and is sponsored by Swiss Bahrain Holding Company.

The veterinary examinations are set for Saturday between 3.30am to 5am at the village's veterinary area in Sakhir.

The 100-km ride will then begin at 5.30am while the two qualifying rides, which are over 85 kms and 60 kms, will start at 6am.

Registration for the event opens today at Breef and will continue until race day.

Those who wish to follow up the progress of all three rides may log in to Al Fursan's webiste

Shaikh Khalid earlier announced that the winner of the 100-km ride would be awarded a grand prize of an SUV four-wheel drive.

He said that the previous races and qualifying events held in recent weeks revealed the immense talent and capabilities of Bahrain's riders and the care they receive from their respective stables.

Meanwhile, the veterinary and ground jury committees were formed. Breef's general secretary Ghalib Al Alawi was chosen head of the ground jury committee.

Other committee members are Abdulsamad Al Busta, Mahdi Al Klaiti, Ali Ghuloom, Fahad Al Rumaihi and foreign commissioner Haider Al Zu'bi of Jordan.

International commissioners for Saturday's rides are Mahmood Abdulsaheb and technical representative Mohammed Dadulla.

The veterinary committee is being headed by Breef's assistant general secretary Dr Khalid Ahmed Hassan while Saudi Arabia's Dr Mohammed Al Hammad is the foreign veterinarian representative.

Veterinary clinic and laboratory includes Dr Farida Abdulrazzaq of Bahrain, Dr Milo Canabo of the Dominican Republic, Mirghani Jilani of Bahrain, Ahmed Dhaif of Bahrain and Stefan Banks of France.

New Zealand: Endurance riders hit the beach - Article, Photos, and Results

November 30, 2009

Nine-year-old Jorja James stole the show on her classy endurance pony Glenvar Kit Kat at the Mount Linton Endurance Club's ride at Sandy Point yesterday.

The combination, which has been together only since Easter this year, had an impressive completion in the 80km Open Junior ride, winning the division and Kit Kat also taking out the best conditioned junior horse title.

Run over two 40km loops, the course took riders along the surf and sand at Oreti Beach and through forestry and river-side tracks.

Damp and windy conditions cleared to leave a good riding temperature and no horses suffered any metabolic stresses.


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Spain: 2010 V Raid Kaliber Tierras de al-Andalus

Las etapas para el V Raid Kaliber Tierras de al-Andalus han sido anunciados. Las fechas son 10 al 18 de abril.

The V Raid Kaliber Tierras de al-Andalus stages. It will be from 10th to 18th of April.


• 1st etapa/stage, 10 de abril: Cazorla-Ubeda
• 2nd etapa/stage, 11 de abril: Linares-Andujar
• 3rd etapa/stage, 12 de abril: Andujar-Montoro
• 4th etapa/stage, 13 de abril: Montoro- Cordoba
• 14 de abril: Descanso y traslado a Palma del Rio (rest and transfer)
• 5th etapa/stage, 15 de abril: Palma del Rio-Carmona
• 6th etapa/stage, 16 de abril: Carmona-Dos Hermanas
• 7th etapa/stage, 17 de abril: Italica (Santiponce)-El Rocio
• 8th etapa/stage, 18 de abril: El Rocio-Sanlucar de Bda.

FEI president Princess Haya defends controversial drug rule - Full Article
By Pippa Cuckson
Published: 6:24PM GMT 27 Nov 2009

The levels at which controversial anti-inflammatories can be tolerated in equine sport were advised by team vets from Germany and USA, two of the federations that spoke against them, it has emerged.

In a letter defending last week's vote by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), its president HRH Princess Haya stressed the right of the majority to decide - the substances were approved by 53-48, with most European federations voting against.

Princess Haya said the levels were in line with those applied for non-steroidal anti inflammatory (NSAID) use in humans by the World Anti Doping Agency and had been advised by "experienced national team veterinarians".

The aim was to enable supervised treatment no more than 12 hours before competition so that the medication was 'performance restoring' rather than 'performance enhancing'.

Europe, which organises 80 per cent of world equestrian sport, has damned the move.

Princess Haya was replying to a letter from Prof Leo Jeffcott and other distinguished international veterinary surgeons who urged a re-think on the FEI's newly approved "progressive" medications list which they feared would lead to horse abuse.


FEI painkillers rules contradicts their research in 2004 - Full Article

Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor
26 November, 2009

Horse & Hound has uncovered paperwork that shows the International Equestrian Federation's (FEI) decision to allow horses to compete on painkillers is in direct contradiction to research they undertook five years ago.

At the 2004 FEI General Assembly national federations agreed to cut the allowable level of salicylates (asprin) from the level they are now proposing because they believed it was open to abuse by "topping up".

In the release from 2004 the FEI says: "The 2004 FEI General Assembly agreed to change the threshold for salicylates, in line with the proposals submitted by the Veterinary Committee.

"The previous thresholds for salicylates were 750 µg/ml in urine and 6.5 µg/ml in plasma. Experiences in testing had indicated that abuse of salicylates was possible, obtaining a clinical effect in the horse by administration of low doses without exceeding the threshold."


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

British vets say bute in competition will lead to 'catastrophic injuries' - Full Article

Abigail Butcher, H&H head of news
25 November, 2009

Leading equine vets in Britain have slammed a decision to allow horses to compete on painkillers. They say using bute on a competition horse could lead to "catastrophic injuries".

The British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) says the International Equestrian Federation's (FEI) decision to allow six medications in competition is an "extremely retrograde step for horse welfare".

"This decision obscures the distinction between therapy and subjecting unsound horses to the stresses of competition," said a statement from the group of leading horse vets.

"Furthermore, we have grave concerns that horses competing while under treatment with pain-relieving medicines, are at an increased risk of musculo-skeletal lesions progressing to catastrophic injuries."

As part of its so-called "clean sport programme" the FEI decided last week to allow six substances — many of which are painkilling — to be used during competition.

Before that, the FEI has always had a "zero tolerance" policy on drugs in sport, and the about-turn caused outrage.


Aachen takes a stand for clean horse sport and will not allow bute - Full Article

Abigail Butcher, H&H head of news
25 November, 2009

One of the most prestigious events in the horse sport calendar has been the first to take a stand against the International Equestrian Federation's (FEI) rule to allow bute in competition.

Horses will not be allowed to compete at the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen in Germany next year if they have been given bute or any of the other five controversial substances permitted by the FEI last week.

"We do not want unsound or injured horses in our sport," said Michael Mronz, general manager of the Aachener Reitternier GmbH.

"The CHIO Aachen 2010 will not be carried out on the basis of the current FEI regulations, but according to the ethics of clean sport."


Senior vets demand Princess Haya reopens 'bute debate' - Full Article

Abigail Butcher, H&H head of news
25 November, 2009

British vets say bute in competition will lead to 'catastrophic injuries'

Senior vets from around the world have written to FEI president Princess Haya condemning the decision to allow medication in competition horses.

The letter has been written by Prof Leo Jeffcott and signed by leading vets from the UK, France, Germany, USA, Australia and Finland.

"We believe a decision has been made that was premature, ill-considered and seriously retrograde," say the equine vets. "This decision will have a serious and negative effect on welfare and profound repercussions for equestrian sport."


World of equestrianism dismayed after FEI take 'bute' off banned list - Full Article

By Pippa Cuckson
19 Nov 2009

The controlled use of phenylbutazone ("bute"), banned 20 years ago, and two other anti-inflammatories will be allowed in competition after the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) voted to reintroduce them by 53-42, to audible gasps of dismay from the floor.

Major equestrian federations including the USA, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, Australia and Ireland spoke passionately against the move at the FEI's General Assembly in Copenhagen yesterday, but with many third countries emerging in the sport with limited expertise in the management of the soundness of top class competition horses, the argument against was always going to be difficult to win.

A wide package of anti-doping reforms were passed by 90 votes to eight, but the controversy lay in the separate choice between continuing with the current list of prohibited substances, and adopting a "progressive list."

The latter does not prohibit phenylbutazone (up to 8 mcg/ml in plasma or serum), three times the level tolerated in the 1980s before the ban, salicyclic acid (up to 750mcg/ml in urine and up to 6.5 mcg/ml in plasma or serum) and flunixin (up to 500 mcg/ml in plasma or serum,) so long as those substances are not detected in a horse's sample above the prescribed limits noted and are used in isolation and not combined.


Petition against the FEI - "Progressive List"

A petition was started on 23 November 2009 opposing the "Progressive List" of substances approved by the FEI for the welfare of the horse, at the FEI's General Assembly in Copenhagen on 18 November. This list allows, among other previously banned substances, the use of "Bute" in certain amounts and two other anti-inflammatories, as part of the FEI's "Clean Sport" campaign.

The vote which approved the Progessive List caused shockwaves throughout the horse world.

Frank Kemperman, FEI Dressage Committee chairman and CHIO Aachen show director said, "In an attempt to improve the situation, it went completely insane. They now have allowed limits of a certain substance that can make a lame horse go sound. This has never been the intention."

German NF secretary-general Sonke Lauterbach called it "a disaster" and said "it is a clear step backwards on our way to a clean equestrian sport. The Progressive List does not answer to our image of healthy, unmanipulated horses in competition."

In the U.S., AERC president Connie Caudill commented: " It would be hard for me to think that this vote was pushed through from the endurance world. I am certain the US endurance world had nothing to do with pushing this new ruling through. As far as I can see the US (especially when it comes to endurance) has very little, if any, influence on FEI anyway. FEI is made up of many different equine disciplines that are not accustomed to endurance strict drug rules, so it is my belief that some of these may have influenced the FEI decision. It is unfortunate for FEI's equines long term welfare as they will suffer because of this ruling. I [am] confident AERC members will continue to do what is best for their horses long term health in keeping them virtually drug free during competition as our horses always come first."

A partial list of the drugs on the "Progressive List" and their amounts can be seen in this article in the

The Petition against the FEI "Progressive List" can be seen at The petition will remain on-line at least until mid-December. After that, the signatures will be printed out and sent to the FEI.

"The signatories, ask the Federation Equestrian International not to apply the resolutions of the so called 'Progressive List'. It violates animal welfare to allow a horse to show in a competition although it needs painkillers. We request the FEI to immediately put their focus back on the welfare of the horse."

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bahrain: Shaikh Hamdan invited to endurance races

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

BAHRAIN's Royal Endurance Team captain Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa sent an open invitation to Dubai deputy ruler Shaikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum to take part in endurance horse ride events in Bahrain this season.

The invitation followed the successful participation of Shaikh Nasser at the 120km Endurance Horsride Championship held last Saturday in Dubai where Shaikh Nasser took joint victory with Shaikh Hamdan.

During the ride, Shaikh Nasser took part under Fazza Endurance Team from the UAE and managed to complete the race in four hours, 46 minutes and 10 seconds to share with Shaikh Hamdan the top prize of the day which was for Dubai Endurance City Cup.

Commenting on the Dubai ride, Shaikh Nasser said he was surprised with the high speed averages of the riders, especially at the closing stages which featured speed average of 27km per hour despite the hot and humid weather conditions.

Shaikh Nasser said he was honoured to represent Fazza Endurance Team and wear their jerseys in the event, highlighting the strong ties linking Bahrain and the UAE in equestrian sports.

The Bahrain Olympic Committee president also thanked UAE's Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for inviting him to take part in the ride which he described as a huge success.

Meanwhile, Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation president Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa expressed pride over Shaikh Nasser's victory.

Shaikh Khalid praised the outstanding performance of Shaikh Nasser at the five-stage ride and wished him success in future events.

Bahrain: Support for FEI chief

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BAHRAIN Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation's vice-president Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa yesterday vowed his support to Princess Haya bint Al Hussein of Jordan to maintain her post as International Equestrian Federation (FEI) president.

Shaikh Khalid, chairman of the seventh group at the FEI, headed the Bahrain delegation at the FEI's extraordinary general assembly meeting held in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he approved a new law forbidding steroids in equestrian sport.

Commenting after the meeting, Shaikh Khalid said that the decision will serve equestrian sports in the world through protecting all horses from using steroids which may affect their health conditions.

Shaikh Khalid said other members of the group also voted against the adoption of new statutes for the restructuring of the FEI Bureau, the current governing body.

One hundred and two national federations were represented, 85 in person. Out of 98 valid votes cast, there were 49 against, 48 in favor and one abstention.

The FEI also condemned all training methods and practices that are contrary to horse welfare. The welfare of the horse has always been at the core of every aspect of the federation's work as the international governing body for equestrian sport, it said.

Christine Yeoman: suspension from endurance competition lifted
Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor
24 November, 2009

Endurance rider Christine Yeoman may compete in international competition once more after a provisional ban was lifted by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) on 16 November.

In a statement Mrs Yeoman said she was "delighted", adding: "I am not guilty of any wrongdoing and feel this is a very positive step towards clearing my name."

A spokesman for the FEI told H&H that although the temporary suspension had been lifted a final decision is still to be made by the FEI tribunal.

Mrs Yeoman was suspended after her horse Forest tested positive for the banned substance ractopamine at Euston Park on 9 August.

She suggested a contaminated tub of the equine antacid Neigh Lox had caused the positive test (news, 12 November).

A spokesman for Saracen, who distribute Neigh Lox in the UK, said discussions were still ongoing with the American manufacturers and he could not confirm if the substance had caused Forest to test positive.

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Canary Islands: Iban Fernandez revalidated his triumph - Full Article

Iban Fernandez, ganador el pasado ano en La Palma, revalido el oro en el Campeonato de Canarias de Raid en la categoria de Adultos. Jonathan Morera y Samuel Santos completaron el podio. La categoria absoluta se disputo sobre 120 kilometros de recorrido en las pistas forestales del Monte de La Esperanza.

El jinete palmero Iban Fernandez con su angloarabe 'Dakan' se proclamo Campeon de Canarias Absoluto de Raid, en un acto que tuvo lugar en el Centro Hipico Altoana (La Esperanza) despues de que la Comision Veterinaria de la prueba realizara el ultimo control veterinario a los caballos clasificados...

Iban Fernandez, winner of last year in La Palma, Spain retained the gold in the Canary Raid Championship in the category of Adult. Jonathan Morera and Samuel Santos completed the podium. The absolute level was played over 120 miles of trail in the forest trails of Mount Hope.

The rider Iban Palma Fernandez with Anglo-Arab "Dakan" was proclaimed Champion Raid Absolute Canary in a ceremony held at the Equestrian Center Altoana (The Hope) after the Veterinary Commission conduct the ultimate test for veterinary control classifieds horses...


Brazil: Compeonato Brasileiro Dia 05 de Dezembro em Brasilia

The Brazilian Championship 2* and 3* FEI International Competition will be held on 5th December at the Brasilia Country Club. It will be Step 6 of the Championship Enduro
Equestre do Distrito Federal 2009 Equestrian Federal District 2009.

There will be a 160 km CEI 3*, 122 km CEI / CEIYJ 2*, and a 88 km CEI / CEIYJ 1*.

More information can be found at

Sunday, November 22, 2009

FEI vice president publicly slams decision to allow bute in sport - Full Article

19 November, 2009

Abigail Butcher, H&H head of news, in Denmark

The vice president of the FEI has publicly slammed the decision taken today to re-introduce bute into horse sport.

Sven Holmberg addressed the 102 national federations gathered in Copenhagen for the FEI's general assembly just before he was voted to remain chair of the show jumping committee.

"I support 100% the clean sport programme but the progressive list cuts the legs off that," he said to a quietened room.

"It allows treatment of horses in competition, and it will be rejected by the social media."

Mr Holmberg, who is number two to Princess Haya, FEI president, added: "If you thought recent media reaction against rollkur has been tough, just wait to see what happens with this.


Spain: Developments for 2010 Lands Kaliber V Raid al-Andalus

Con motivo de la celebracion del SICAB 2009, tenemos el placer de invitarle a la presentacion del V Raid Kaliber Tierras de al-Andalus donde el Sr. Don Diego Antonanzas, director de Sponsoring y Eventos de Imagen de Kaliber, y el Sr. Don Jose Manuel Soto, presidente del Comite Organizador, presentaran las novedades del proximo ano.

El acto tendra lugar el proximo miercoles 25 de noviembre a las 13:00h en la Sala Bahia de FIBES. A continuación se servira una cerveza en el stand de Cruzcampo (Heineken Espana)

SICAB es una feria dedicada exclusivamente al caballo de Pura Raza Espanola, es la maxima expresion de las ferias monograficas en todo el mundo. No existe otra feria dedicada a una sola raza que convoque a un mayor numero de ejemplares.

Se celebra cada año alrededor del tercer fin de semana de noviembre. Pero dentro de este paquete conjunto, se engloban una serie de actividades complementarias que ofrecen una muestra representativa de las características por las que nuestro caballo ha sido admirado a lo largo de la Historia.

Estas actividades son el Campeonato de Espana morfologico, la Copa ANCCE de Doma Clasica, la Copa ANCCE de Doma Vaquera y el espectaculo nocturno.

Finalmente, se organizan tambien unas jornadas tecnicas dirigidas a aficionados y especialistas veterinarios sobre temas especificos.

On the occasion of the celebration of SICAB 2009, the Tierras de Al-Andalus team are pleased to invite you to the presentation of Lands Kaliber V Raid al-Andalus where Mr. Don Diego Antonanzas, director of Sponsoring & Events Image Kaliber, and Mr. Don Jose Manuel Soto, president of the Organizing Committee, present developments next year.

The event will take place on Wednesday November 25 at 13:00 pm in Room FIBES Bay. Then be served a beer at the stand of Cruzcampo (Heineken Spain).

SICAB is a trade show dedicated exclusively to Purebred Spanish Horses; which is a maximum in terms single-theme trade shows. No other event in the world is dedicated exclusively to a single breed that brings together such a large number of horses.
The event is held once a year, about the third week of November. A number of performances and complementary activities are held during the trade show with which a sample of the unique PRE characteristics that have been admired for centuries can be enjoyed.

These activities include the Spanish National Conformation Championship, the ANCCE Dressage Cup, the ANCCE Doma Vaquera Cup, and the evening performance. Likewise, technical workshops are organized for both enthusiasts and veterinary specialists on a number of specific topics.

UAE: Singh and Al Merri post victories in Abu Dhabi

Gulf News
November 23, 2009

Abu Dhabi: Narayan Singh Dungar Singh and Abdullah Ganem Al Merri emerged victorious in the two endurance rides held at the Boutheib Endurance Global Village at Al Khatem, Abu Dhabi on Saturday.

Riding Al Marek, Singh registered his first-ever win in an endurance ride in a close finish with Ahmad Ali Amer Omar.

Singh and his 15-year-old- grey gelding Al Marek did Al Ain Stables proud as they completed the 120km distance in the UAE Endurance Cup, a national ride organised by the Emirates Heritage Club.

Al Marek's timing of 5 hours 49 minutes and 51 seconds was one second better than the second-placed Rowallan Shanty under Omar.

Top condition

"This is my first ever win since I have been working with Al Ain stables as a work rider. Today the horse looked in top condition and was very convincing in his win," said the 27-year-old Indian rider.

The UAE Endurance Trophy for junior and young riders attracted 42 entries and winning the 100km event was Abdullah Ganem. Shaikh Hazza Bin Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Adviser to the National Security Council Vice- President of Al Ain club, and President Abu Dhabi Sports Council, along with Shaikh Khalid Bin Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan distributed the trophies to the winners of the two rides.

Two Federation Qualifier rides over 40kms and 80kms were also held on the busy day at the Boutheib venue.


Top three in 120 Kms ride

1 .Narayan Singh Dungar Singh (Al Marek) Al Ain Stables (5.49.51)

2. Ahmad Ali Amer Omar (Rowallian Shanty) Al Ahli Stable 5;49.52

3 Abdul Jalil Khalid Mohammad (Zaeen) 06.15.51,

Top three in100 kms Juniors' ride:

1. Abdullah Ganem Al Merri (JQ Beka) Fazza Endurance Team Stables, 3:47.30, 2.Mohammad Sulaiman (Dona Juana) W'rsan Stables,

3.Ahmad Saeed Al Farsi (Jaami) Al Reef Stables.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mohammed crowns winners of Dubai Giants endurance race

Khaleej Times
21 November 2009

DUBAI - Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has honoured Shaikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, and Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khaifa, Captain of the Royal Bahraini Endurance Team, as winners of the Dubai Giants Endurance Championship, run today for 120 kilometers.

Shaikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid and Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad jointly clinched the championship’s title when they finished first at the same time. They were presented with the Golden Sword as winners of the championship. Emirati rider Ali Salman Al Sabri came third.

His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum took part in the race which was contested by 75 riders from different countries. Shaikh Mohammed withdrew from the race after his horse ‘Al Ayed’ appeared too exhausted.

Bute will be allowed in horse sport throughout the world
Abigail Butcher, H&H head of news, in Denmark
19 November, 2009

Bute will be allowed in horse sport around the world from 1 January 2010.

National federations have this morning voted in favour of adopting the "progressive list", on which low levels of phenylbutazone (bute), flunixin and salicyclic acid (aspirin) will be allowed in competition.

There were gasps of shock and dismay as, out of 102 votes cast, 53 voted for the progressive list, 42 for the current list and 7 abstained.

The FEI has set the level to allow for a small single dose of one of the three non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to be given 24 hours before a competition. The doses have been set to ease muscle stiffness but, supposedly, not to mask a problem such as arthritis.

But FEI director Graeme Cooke declined to comment on whether the new rule would be open to abuse, and allow for a small dose of bute to be given on the day of competition. He added: "We need to do more research".

Britain voted against allowing NSAIDs in competition.

British Equestrian Federation chief executive Andrew Finding explained: "We voted against the adoption of the progressive list. Not because it isn't worthy of consideration but as there was insufficient time to consider and debate the issues fully and to consult with our member bodies and experts on the implications."

The clean sport recommendations and rules were this morning adopted by overwhelming majority, just before the national federations voted to adopt the progressive list.

FEI president Princess Haya refuses to allow a re-vote on bute
Abigail Butcher, H&H head of news, in Denmark
19 November, 2009

Britain's and Ireland's calls for a re-vote on the decision to allow bute in competition have been dismissed.

Damian McDonald chief executive of Horse Sport Ireland has questioned this afternoon whether delegates at the FEI general assembly understood fully what they were voting for.

"On 13 November it was stated by the FEI that we would get a choice between the 'progressive list' and a list legally called the '20 October list'," he said.

"But this morning we were asked to vote on 'progressive list' and 'current list', and the current list we had until now is very different from the list of 20 October."

He urged to allow a revote to be absolutely certain that federations were clear on what they were voting for, a call backed up by British Equestrian Federation (BEF) chairman Keith Taylor.

"I suggest that if there is sufficient doubt in the room that a vote should be retaken," said Mr Taylor.

But FEI president Princess Haya refused to allow a re-vote, claiming a number of delegates had already left the assembly. Before they left, the Princess said they had told her of their concern that the FEI might backtrack on the decision taken this morning.

"The vote has been taken," said Princess Haya. "We will not take it again."

German equestrian federation president Breido Graf zu Rantzau warned: "How can we leave Copenhagen like this? It divides the FEI."

FEI: Overwhelming Support of Clean Sport Campaign

FEI News
In a landmark moment for equestrian sport, the FEI General Assembly today voted overwhelmingly in favour of new Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations which will ensure the welfare of the horse and guarantee a fair playing field. A series of far reaching recommendations – part of the Clean Sport Campaign led by the Ljungqvist and Stevens Commissions – were also adopted by a massive majority amongst the 105 National Federations represented in Copenhagen.

Delegates also approved in a close vote a new Prohibited Substances List itemising more than 1000 substances not allowed in competition. The adoption of the so-called “Progressive List” now permits in-competition use of a limited number of medications under strictly prescribed limits.

FEI President HRH Princess Haya thanked the delegates on behalf of the sport for their support of the Clean Sport Campaign. “This is a true landmark moment in the history of our sport,” HRH Princess Haya commented. “The overwhelming support of the National Federations for the Clean Sport Campaign is proof that we are moving in the right direction thanks to the incredible work done by the Ljungqvist and Stevens Commissions. This vote has given us the power to roll out Clean Sport and allow us to restore the public image of our sport as a clean and uncorrupt product.”

The Clean Sport Campaign is the result of a year-long consultation process which has brought together the viewpoints and expertise of the entire FEI Family and the professional recommendations of the Commissions led by Prof. Arne Ljungqvist, chairman of the IOC Medical Commission and vice president of the World Anti Doping Agency, and Lord Stevens, formed Metropolitan Police Commissioner.

Professor Ljungqvist said, “Ultimately it was down to the equestrian community to make the final decision and they have voted in support of the package as a whole. The two Commissions have put in an enormous amount of work to come up with these recommendations and it is particularly gratifying that we have received such overwhelming support for the Clean Sport Campaign from the National Federations.”

Lord Stevens stated afterwards, “We said yesterday that the FEI needed to adopt these recommendations before it could be given a clean bill of health. They have been approved by a massive majority and now the sport can move forward.”

Voting Facts and Figures:

Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations: 95 in favour, 5 against
105 NFs represented (101 participated, 100 valid, 1 abstention)

Commissions Recommendations: 90 in favour, 8 against
103 NFs represented (100 participated, 99 valid, 1 abstention)

Lists of Prohibited Substances: 53 in favour of Progressive List, 48 in favour of other List
105 NFs represented (102 participated, 101 valid, 1 abstention)

FEI Veterinary Regulations: 86 in favour, 9 against
105 NFs represented (102 participated, 95 valid, 7 abstentions)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Great Britain: Horse tax to be mentioned in Queen's speech

Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor
18 November, 2009

Plans for a "horse tax" were due to be mentioned in the Queen's Speech at the State Opening of Parliament today.

The government aims to publish a draft Animal Health Bill in January, outlining its plans for a new independent body for animal health in England.

The new body would be responsible for animal health but not welfare and a levy would be raised on each farm animal, and possibly horse, in the UK to help fund it.

There is a strong lobby against the plan from the horse industry which has launched a petition calling on the government to Rethink the Horse Tax.


Uproar at FEI proposal to allow horses to compete on bute - Full Article

Abigail Butcher, H&H head of news, in Denmark
18 November, 2009

Should riders be allowed to compete on horses that have been given a small amount of bute?

That has been the subject of heated discussion this afternoon at a meeting of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The liveliest debate during a meeting to unveil the FEI's completed work on "clean sport" centered on the proposal for a complete policy shift to allow horses to compete on low levels of painkillers.

A new list of banned substances and controlled medication is the lynchpin of plans unveiled this afternoon in advance of voting during tomorrow's general assembly.

But there are two lists. The first - "current list" - continues with the FEI's zero-tolerance policy. The second "progressive list" would allow low levels of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) within horse sport around the world.

"If the FEI accepts this, there will be uproar in many countries," warned Bo Helander of Sweden. "It's completely unacceptable for horse welfare, and changes the whole philosophy of the FEI."

Tomorrow the nearly 100 national federations assembled in Copenhagen will vote on whether phenylbutazone (bute), flunixin and salcyclic acid (aspirin) should be allowed.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hussein International Endurance Race WADI RUM - JORDAN - full story and results
World Champion Miguel Vila Ubach wins CEI* 90 km ride


HRH Princess Alia, president of the Royal Jordanian Equestrian Federation, attends the Hussein International Endurance Race in Wadi Rum on Saturday. Eighty-seven international, regional and local participants took part in the 80km race.

The desert of Wadi Rum has to be one of the most spectacular settings for an endurance ride, famous as a location for many films including Lawrence of Arabia. It is a beautiful area of sandy desert and semi-arid plains broken dramatically by steep limestone cliffs and rugged deep pink and red mountains. The course was over five different loops of 30, 30, and 20km. Although predominantly flat it was not easy with stony ground, an abundance of deep sand and billowing dust.
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Monday, November 16, 2009

DLF International Seeds to Provide Grass Seed for 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games

By Press Release in Industry on 16th Nov 2009 14:00

Lexington, KY-The World Games 2010 Foundation today announced that DLF International Seeds will become a supplier to the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, which will be held at the Kentucky Horse Park September 25-October 10, 2010.

The World Equestrian Games are the world championships for eight equestrian sports recognized by the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI), and are held every four years. The first World Equestrian Games were held in Stockholm, Sweden in 1990, and the 2010 Games in Lexington, Kentucky are the first to be held outside of Europe.

DLF International Seeds will provide the grass seed for the cross country course of the Kentucky Horse Park. The course will be used during the Games for the Endurance competition, the cross country phase of Eventing competition, and the marathon phase of the Driving competition.

The course is located north of the main stadium at the Kentucky Horse Park and covers more than four miles of rolling landscape. DLF will lay more than 9000 Kg of seed for the course from 2009 through 2011, assuring that the integrity of the landscape is maintained before, during and after the competitions.

"As an international company and proud member of the Bluegrass state, we are honored to become a supplier for the 2010 Games," said Steve Reid, DLF Chief Breeder for the United States. "We have every confidence that the mixture of tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass varieties will stand up to the rigors of the competition and be aesthetically pleasing to spectators."

"DLF's commitment will make a lasting impact on not only our event, but also to the Kentucky Horse Park," said Terry Johnson, Vice President of Sales for the Foundation. "Their product and expertise will ensure that the Kentucky Horse Park is showcased as a beautiful backdrop to host and broadcast this prestigious event to the world."

DLF International Seeds is a member of the DLF Trifolium Group, which is the world's largest producer and marketer of grass and clover seed. The U.S. production, marketing and shipping services are located in the Pacific Northwest-the site of more than half the world's cool season grass seed production. DLF market the Masterline, Foragemax & Johnsons sports seed ranges in the UK and supply many of the leading equestrian venues.

The Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games are the world's most prestigious equestrian competition. In 2010 the Games will be broadcast on NBC Sports, which will mark the largest commitment to network coverage of equestrian sport in U.S. television history. The 2010 Games are expected to have a statewide economic impact of $150 million, and current sponsors include Alltech, Rolex & John Deere.

For more information on this story or the DLF seed range contact:
Derek Smith Amenity Sales Manager
Tel:01386 791102 Email: dsmith @ Web:

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bahrain: Shaikh Nasser wins 90km race - Full Article

November 15, 2009

SHAIKH Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa was the overall winner in the 90km qualifying endurance horseride, organised by the Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation at the Bahrain International Endurance Village in Sakhir.

Riding Razor Back Indigo, the Royal Endurance Team put up a spirited show in the fourth and last stage of the race, crossing the finish line first in a total ride time of three hours, 43 minutes and 48 seconds with an average speed of 24.13km per hour.

Behind him was runner-up Ahmed Al Gaoud, also of the Royal Endurance Team, in 4:05:27 riding TBO Heredero, followed by teammate Ahmed Samad on Drumlin Cruiser in 4:05:47.

Another race over 60km took place which was dominated by Al Khaldiya Stable who took all three places on the podium.

Hari Singh steered Blythswood Akabar to finish the race on top with a total ride time of three hours, 10 minutes and 21 seconds, and with an average speed of 18.91km per hour.


Abu Dhabi: Al Reef off to a winning start - Full Article

By M. Satya Narayan, Senior Reporter, Gulf News
November 15, 2009

Mohammad, Mansour attend season opener at Al Wathba

Abu Dhabi: The all-conquering Al Reef Stables got off to a winning start with Ahmad Salem Al Beloushi on Silversprings Kabir Arwa winning the 120-kilometre Sorouh Challenge, the season's first ride at the Emirates International Endurance Village in Al Wathba on Saturday.

It was in fact a repeat of last year's winning start to the season here by the 11-year-old chestnut gelding, trained by one of the UAE's top trainer-cum-rider — Yousuf Ahmad Al Beloushi.

It was a dominating win for the young Ahmad Salem, who led in three of the five stages to complete the 120-kilometre ride in four hours 45 minutes and 13 seconds at an average speed of 25.24 kilometres per hour with veteran Hassan Bin Ali on Kalkadoon Vagabond finishing second.

"It is always great to ride a champion horse and right from the beginning I knew Silversprings Kabir Arwa was in top shape," said the winning rider, while trainer Yousuf said the horse will now aim for the President's Cup.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Abu Dhabi: Al Baloushi expects much from Jayhal Ghost

Amith Passela
November 13. 2009

ABU DHABI - The Al Reef Stables leading rider and trainer Yousef Ahmed al Baloushi spearheads a three-pronged attack in tomorrow’s 120km Sorouh Cup, the opening race at the Emirates International Endurance Village in Al Wathba.

Al Baloushi, in charge of the Al Ain wing of the endurance stables, rides the 10-year-old Jayhal Ghost on whom he won an 80km race in Dubai a fortnight ago.

"This horse was returning from injury after a year," said al Baloushi. "He ran a good first race for me on his return and I am pretty happy to jump on board him again. I would like to think he will run another good race and stay over the longer distance."

But al Baloushi felt the two entries from the stables Abu Dhabi wing, Silverspring Kabir Arwa and Kipp, would be the ones to watch.

Silverspring Kabir Arwa is the defending champion of the race and was second in the 160km President’s Cup. The two-times President’s Cup winner Abdulla Khamis Ali Saeed rides the 10-year-old Australian mare Kitt, who was third in a 120km race in her first run in the UAE last season. And al Baloushi added: "I won on Kitt in Australia and she's got loads of ability to win first time out in the season. These three are the fancied entries for the stables but then it's now always the fancied runner who wins.

"There are more than 100 entries and it's always tough."

Bahrain: Top riders for endurance season opener

Friday, November 13, 2009

PROMINENT riders will vie for supremacy today when they battle it out in the opening races of the 2009/10 endurance horse ride season at the Bahrain International Endurance Village in Sakhir.

Among top entrants are veteran Royal Endurance Team members Yousef Taher and Ghazi Al Dossary who will lead a group of young and experienced riders in the 90km ride which gets underway at 4pm.

Jaffer Mirza, Abdulla Khalifa, Abdulrahman Al Zayed, Ahmed Al Moawda and Abdulrahman Al Saad are the other favourites expected to claim a place on the podium.

Three additional qualifying rides are also set on the same day.

They are over 50kms, 65kms and 90kms.

In the 90-km event, riders will compete over three stages of 35kms for the first stage, 40kms for the second and 25kms for the third.

The 90-km qualifying ride was also divided into three similar stages, the 65-km ride consists of 35km and 30km phases while the two-stage 50-km ride features 25km for both phases.

The Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation (Breef), under the presidency of Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, has finalised preparations or today's championship.


Shaikh Khalid said the federation extended his backing to endurance competitions this season after the remarkable turn up of local stables and riders in taking part.

The Breef's chief indicated the outstanding success of the qualifying rides held last month at the village which saw more than 70 riders in the fray.

He also stressed on the noticeable preparations from all stables for the new season and their eagerness to win a place on the podium in each race they take part.

Shaikh Khalid admired the amazing participation of many young riders in last month's qualifying rides, adding that this initiative will certainly contribute to expand this sport in the kingdom.

Mongolia becomes 40th nation to join the Long Riders’ Guild - Full Story
November 2009

Since its inception nearly ten years ago, the Long Riders’ Guild has assisted more than a hundred equestrian expeditions on every continent except Antarctica. During that time equestrian explorers and long distance travellers from every corner of the world have joined the Guild. With the completion of the journey made by Temuujin Zemuun and Batmonkh Muntuush, Mongolia becomes the 40th nation to join ranks of the Long Riders.

Canadian Long Rider Bonnie Folkins organized the journey in which she was joined by Temujiin and Batmonkh. Having just hung up her saddle, Bonnie reported on the difficulties, and unexpected emotional discoveries, of that ride.

"The dust and electrical storms are totally off the scale in Mongolia but the worst problems are the horse thieves who lurk around every corner. They are so bold that they rode through the centre of our camp in the daytime to check out our stock." Bonnie reported that horse thieves cut the hobbles off their horses and made several attempts to rustle the expedition horses. Yet despite the physical hardships, the new Canadian Long Rider reported the surprise she felt upon returning "home."

"I was looking out the window, day-dreaming and all I could think about was, I wish I had a horse to ride. But having a horse to ride is not the issue. It is the travelling and the day to day adventure on horseback. Having a horse and travelling by horse, especially if you are en route to an unknown destination, are absolutely separate. I knew at the end of the first week of our ride that because the adventure was on horseback it was completely different than anything I had ever done in my life..."


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Abu Dhabi: More than 70 riders to take part in challenge - Full Article

By M. Satya Narayan, Senior Reporter
November 13, 2009

Total prize money for those who finish at the top is Dh300,000 while winner gets a 4WD

Abu Dhabi: More than 70 riders are likely to start in tomorrow's Sorouh Challenge 120-km Endurance Ride, which kickstarts the season at the Emirates International Endurance Village in Al Wathba.

The annual ride, sponsored by Sorouh Real Estate in co-ordination with the Normandy-based Breeding Stables of Shaikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, will be held along with an 81km Sorouh Challenge Ride tomorrow.

Big hit

Addressing a press conference here yesterday, Adnan Sultan Saif Al Nuaimi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club (ADEC), said: "Over 70 entries have been received so far for the 120km ride while the 81km event has attracted over 150 entries."

"The total prize money for those who finish at the top is Dh300,000 while the winner will drive away a 4WD car," Sultan said.

"This season we have also decided to award a Rider's and Trainer's overall championship award at the end of the season for their performance here at the Emirates International Endurance Village," the official, himself an endurance rider, said.


Canada: Toronto to host 2015 Pan Am Games - Full Article

November 8, 2009

By Justin Piercy, CBC Sports

It's mission accomplished for Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, Toronto Mayor David Miller and all other members of the delegation supporting Toronto's bid to host the 2015 Pan Am Games.

On the first ballot of Friday's vote in Guadalajara, Mexico, Toronto was tapped as the host city.

"Our commitment, our pledge, our undertaking, our promise is to provide you with the best Pan Am Games ever," McGuinty told delegates after the results were announced. "It's an exciting time for so many of us here."

Miller also took the podium to express his gratitude for the first-ballot win.

"I would like to say thanks for all of the confidence shown in Toronto," Miller said. "See you all in 2015."

Bid adviser Bob Richardson said before the vote that he was confident his team did all it could to sell the region to Pan American Sports Organization voters.

It seems they did just that, beating out the two other bidding cities — Lima, Peru, and Bogota, Colombia.


USEF Announces Date and Location for the 2010 Adequan FEI North American Junior/Young Rider Championships Pending Final FEI Approval

Release: November 12 2009
Author: By Joanie Morris

Lexington, KY – Pending final FEI approval, the USEF is announcing the following date and location for the 2010 Adequan FEI North American Junior/Young Rider Championships (NAJYRC). The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) has received preliminary approval and is awaiting final allocation from the FEI Bureau.

Pending this approval, the NAJYRC will be held at the Kentucky Horse Park July 28-August 1, 2010. This is a unique opportunity to use a venue which has been completely redesigned. Less than two months later, the world will begin to arrive in Lexington, KY, for the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

As competitors begin to plan their 2010 competition seasons the USEF is providing this information so juniors, young riders and their chef d’equipes can plan accordingly. In 2009, the Kentucky Horse Park welcomed a record number of juniors and young riders for these championships in the three Olympic disciplines of dressage, eventing and jumping and the Western discipline of reining.

Vaulting will again hold an exhibition during the championships and endurance will run a CEIY** concurrently in Louisville, KY.

For more information, please contact Joanie Morris at

Spain: Triumphs of Asturias and Andalusia Interautonomias Cup - Full Article

Diego Haces ("Esso Starlet") y Tadeo Iglesias ("Halar 50%") ganaron respectivamente las pruebas nacionales de dos y una estrellas disputadas el sabado 7 de noviembre en El Molar (Madrid), donde los equipos de Asturias, en una estrella y en la combinada, y Andalucia, en Promocion, se hicieron con la VII Copa Interautonomias.

Organizadas por la Federacion Hipica de Madrid, Hiponatura S.L., y Ayuntamiento de El Molar, tres pruebas se corrieron el sabado 7 de noviembre en la sierra madrilena: una de Promocion (40 kilometros en dos fases), un CEN* (82,2 kms. en tres fases) y un CEN2* (120,6 kms. en cuatro fases). Las dos primeras constituyeron la VII Copa Interautonomias.

Diego Haces ("Esso Starlet") and Thaddeus Church ( "Halar 50%") respectively won the national trials two and one stars played on Saturday November 7 in El Molar (Madrid), where teams of Asturias, a star and in combination, and Andalusia, Promotion, seized the Interautonomías Cup VII.

Organized by the Equestrian Federation of Madrid, Hiponatura SL, and City of El Molar, three tests were run on Saturday, November 7 in the mountains of Madrid: a Promotion (40 miles in two phases), a CEN * (82.2 kms . in three phases) and a CEN2 * (120.6 kms. in four phases).


New Zealand: Endurance High Performance WEG Focus Squads

9 November 2009

The Endurance selectors are pleased to announce the following WEG focus squad.

WEG Qualification attained:
Jennifer Chandler & Lace and Fineness
Jenny Champion & Freckles
Mark Tylee & Class Act
Teresa Hoult & SS Kaleb
Vanessa Tiffen & Astek Lauralea
Phillip Graham & Wolfgang Armadeus
Kevin James & Glendaar Iraklis

WEG Qualification to be completed:
Kylie Avery & Silands Mia Bella
Debby Wolsfold & Northwinds Bradley McGregor
Angela Doel & SS Shahrayar
Murray Smith & Glenmore Toyboy
Rupert Kurghan & Blackjack Davey
Kevin Prangley & WD Amir IBN Kaliph
Sarah Hamer & Diamid
Alison Higgins & Twyham El Omar
Shane Dougan & Taralea Sheer Illusion

The squad is not limited to this list and will be added to following all remaining FEI events and at the discretion or invitation of the selection panel.

Invitations are also sought from those not already associated with a rider, who may wish to be on the WEG Team as a groom or support person. All rider grooms/crew will be required to meet selection standards.

It is envisaged that a WEG long team will be announced following the National Championships in April and until then the opportunity for selection will not be closed to any potential combinations that achieve required criteria.

Final selection for the WEG team will be based on, but not limited to, the following principles:

· Meet all FEI entry requirements.
· A shown ability to ride at a controlled but consistent canter for an entire race.
· Display consistently fast vet gate times. Lag times over 4 minutes will not be considered appropriate for representation at WEG and considerable attention needs to be paid to this aspect of your racing performance.
· Proficient and well practiced grooms and vet gate crew must be integral to your presentation. If not already established, all riders are encouraged to create a WEG crew/groom partnership as soon as possible.
· A shown appreciation to be part of a team atmosphere and culture will be fundamental and you must demonstrate desire for success of the overall WEG focus program.
· You will be required to commit to individual targeted performances and show consistent improvement.
· Riders and crew will be required to participate in scheduled squad camps.

It is envisaged that a full team of six riders will be selected to represent NZ Endurance at WEG 2010, should enough individual combinations met the selection criteria.

All final team members will be required to contribute to the cost of participation. The WEG Endurance race day is September 26, 2010. If you are planning on attending – PLAN NOW.

Should you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact

Madonna Harris
Endurance High Performance Leader

Australia: Trans-Tasman Team Announced

The Trans Tasman Team riders for 2009 that will be attending the CEIO/YJ 1* 90km, CEIO/YJ 2* 120km to be held in Ruahine on the 21-22 November are as follows:

Young Riders - Tarnia Kittel (Qld), Talea Haskow Stewart (NSW), Reserve - Lisa Stoffel (Qld).

Senior Riders - Ady McIntosh (WA), Sonya Ryan (Qld), Reserve - Linda Tanian (Vic).

Derek Armitage (Qld) is the Team Manager.

They will be starting their journey next week and we wish them all the best for the competition.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cuba: San Vicente Ranch: a School of Excellence - Full Article

By Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez / Radio Cadena Agramonte

11 November 2009

Since the year 2000 when San Vicente Ranch, located in the Cuban province of Camagüey, became a unit of the National Company for the Conservation of the Flora and Fauna, its workers set some superior goals which are definitely a must for the raising, breeding and genetically improvement of the Arabian horse, a breed of excellence and recognized for its fine bearing and prestige.

The reputation of the Arabian horse relied on its intelligence, strong character and outstanding stamina. With a typical head and the tail always tilted up, is one of the most recognized breeds in the world.

These horses were also used to improve other breeds injecting speed, refinement, resistance and a good bony structure. Today, the Arabian features can be found in almost every modern breed of horses commonly used in endurance riding, Olympic horse sports and stunt horse riding.

Individuals of this species, renowned in Cuba and abroad as Rohara Renuir, Cabalier and Sabiel, are always in the minds of the ranchers at San Vicente; and there we can find Maharajah, son of Rohara. Specialists assure that Maharajah surpasses its father with better standards, and is appraised at over one million dollars.


Neigh-Lox contamination claims are "unsubstantiated" says maker - Full Article

Abigail Butcher, H&H head of news

11 November, 2009

The health of horses who have been fed a possibly contaminated consignment of the equine antacid Neigh-Lox should not have been compromised, says US American manufacturer Kentucky Performance Products (KPP).

A batch of Neigh-Lox was recalled last week by UK distributors Saracen Horse Feeds. The supplement had been implicated as the possible cause of a positive dope test on a British endurance horse.

"We take such allegations very seriously, and our main concern is for the health and wellbeing of horses that depend on this product," said KPP president Karen Isberg. "We have been working to investigate the claims, and at this time, the allegations are unsubstantiated."

Traces of ractopamine — a feed supplement given to pigs to promote muscle growth — were found by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) in a random sample taken from Forest, a horse ridden by British rider Christine Yeoman at Euston Park on 9 August.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Zealand: Horror horse injury sparks call for fireworks ban - Full Article

November 11, 2009

by Neil Clarkson

A woman whose Arab stallion suffered a terrible side wound on Guy Fawkes night says it is time to ban fireworks.

Jackie Chamberlain wants to start a nationwide petition to bring an end to the fireworks that terrify horses, other farm animals and pets around the country.

Her stallion, Prestige, suffered a massive wound to his side when he smashed his way through a post-and-rail fence to escape fireworks last Thursday on Guy Fawkes night, probably just after nightfall.

Jackie told Horsetalk that Prestige, 17, is her quietest horse.

"He ended up out on the busy Morrinsville/Hamilton Highway.

"He found his way into someone's paddock 1 kilometre down the road and was discovered there early the next morning. Luckily, these people had the good sense to call a vet and go searching for the owner."


Monday, November 09, 2009

Bahrain: Endurance season opener set for off

Monday, November 09, 2009

PREPARATIONS are underway for the first endurance horseride of the 2009/10 season, to be held on Friday at the Bahrain International Endurance Village premises in Sakhir.

The season opener will be over 90kms while three additional qualifying races are also set to take place on the same day. Distances for the three races are over 50kms, 65kms and 90kms.

The Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation, under the presidency of Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, had already started receiving applications from riders representing different stables from across the kingdom.

Shaikh Khalid said the federation is keen to continue its support to endurance competitions this season after the remarkable number of local stables and riders taking part in past events.

The Breef's chief indicated the outstanding success of the qualifying rides held last month at the village which saw more than 70 riders in the fray.

He also stressed on the noticeable preparations from all stables for the new season and their eagerness to win a place on the podium in each race they take part.

Shaikh Khalid admired the amazing participation of many young riders in last month's qualifying rides, adding that this initiative will certainly contribute to expand this sport in the kingdom.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Agong Heads Classy Field In Gruelling Endurance Challenge

KUALA TERENGGANU, 7 Nov (Bernama) -- Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin was among 100 riders who started their campaign at the Sultan Terengganu Cup Endurance Challenge held at the Terengganu International Endurance Park (TIEP), Lembah Bidong, Setiu here on Saturday.

Tuanku Mizan, representing Royal Terengganu Endurance Stable (RTES) together with 12 others, started the endurance challenge astride Jakim Murphy in the 120km race which started at 5pm.

The race which is expected to end tomorrow morning, saw riders from Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Uruguay and the United States participating.

The race which started under ideal weather conditions is expected to remain competitive as the wet conditions due to the rainy spell brought by the monsoon season, would provide an ideal condition for the horses.

The other teams in the race are Wilayah Equestrian Team, State Terengganu Endurance Team (STET), PENN Endurance, Tengku Mahkota Kelantan (TMKN), Tanjung Keling Riding Club, Ar-Raudah Equine Centre, Langkawi Endurance Team, Masterscaff Endurance Team, D'Bali Stable, Kimi Stable and Iskandari Stable.

Winner of the race will receive USD$10,000 (RM43,000) and cup, second USD$7,000 (RM25,000), third USD$5,000 (RM18,000), fourth USD$4,000 (RM13,500), fifth USD$2,000 (RM6,800) while riders who finish the 120km race in the allotted time would receive USD$1,000 (RM3,400).


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Friday, November 06, 2009

Qatar Horse Endurance Racing Season Opens Friday

Al Shaqab Focused on Preparation for 2010 World Championships
(Doha, Qatar – Nov. 5, 2009) Al Shaqab’s Endurance Team, member of Qatar Foundation, returns to action on Friday, Nov. 6, as the Qatar season gets underway with two events scheduled. This marks the team’s first race since returning from a successful European campaign in France this past summer.

The team will compete in both the 80km and 60km races at the Qatar Endurance Village in Mesaieed, Qatar. The pre-ride vet check will start at 1 p.m, and the ride starts at 4 p.m.

This summer, the Al Shaqab Endurance Team experienced great success in Europe, winning five of the ten races in which they competed. Faleh Nasser Al Naimi captured the team’s most outstanding victory this summer, winning the individual World Championship 130km title for 7-year-old horses in Compeigne, France.

The Al Shaqab Chairman is H.E Sheikh Mohammed Bin Hamad Al-Thani and the Director is Claudia Starr. Al Shaqab’s Endurance Department is headed by General Supervisor Owaida Al Hajeri, Manager and Trainer Hadi Nasser Al Naimi and Assistant Trainer Jabr Nasser Al Ramzani.

The team will compete in Qatar throughout the season in preparation for the World Endurance Championship to be held in Lexington, Ky., USA, in Sept. 2010.

Al Shaqab was founded in 1992 by The Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani to preserve and further develop the Arabian horse in Qatar; the Endurance Team was added in 1997. In 2004, Al Shaqab became a member of Qatar Foundation. Al Shaqab’s mission, to promote the highest standards in the breeding and showing of Arabian horses and provide innovative, educational and competitive opportunities in all of the equestrian arts.

Uruguay: Diyo Bayo - Mourning in Uruguay - More...

By Paula Nascimento

Adeus ao imponente Diyo Bayo

"Durante a premiacao era impressionante a atmosfera que cercava o momento da entrega dos trofeus e medalhas. Quanto mais proximo o momento da premiacao de 120 Km - Seniors, mais a expectativa aumentava. Cantavam músicas com o nome de Diyo Bayo e quando foi anunciado o Best Condition e o cavalo se colocou a frente do podium, no meio do publico, houve uma explosao de emocoes, que mais parecia com um gol em final de Copa do Mundo. Diyo Bayo foi literalmente um idolo, nos bracos de seus fas" – Silvio Arroyo Filho.

"During the awards was amazing the atmosphere surrounding the delivery of the trophies and medals. The closer the time of award of 120 km - Seniors, more expectations increased. They sang songs with the name of diyo Bayo and when it was announced the Best Condition horse and stood in front of the podium, in the audience, there was an explosion of emotions, which more resembled a late goal in the World Cup. Diyo Bayo was literally an idol in the arms of his fans" - Silvio Arroyo Son.

Me lembro como se fosse hoje o dia em que eu conversava em "chat" com Julio Olascoaga sobre o Campeonato Panamericano que aconteceria no Uruguai. Falavamos de trilhas, favoritismo, equipes. Quando então Julio comentou sobre Diyo Bayo. Foi a primeira que ouvi falar sobre este cavalo e não mais esqueci.

I remember like it was today the day that I talked to "chat" with Julio Olascoaga on the Panamerican Championship would take place in Uruguay. We talked of trails, favoritism, teams. When Julio then commented on diyo Bayo. It was the first I heard about this horse and not forgotten.


Thursday, November 05, 2009

Malaysia: Agong Will Lead Endurance Challenge

November 05, 2009

KUALA TERENGGANU, Nov 5 (Bernama) -- Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin will lead the Sultan Terengganu Cup Endurance Challenge at the Terengganu International Endurance Park (TIEP), Lembah Bidong, Setiu starting Friday.

State Youth and Sports Committee chairman Datuk Abdul Rahin Mohd Said said it would be participated by 100 riders and teams from Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Uruguay and United States.

"The wet condition due to the rainy spell brought by the monsoon season makes it ideal for the horses," he said.

Tuanku Mizan will represent Royal Terengganu Endurance Stable (RTES) together with 12 others.

The others are Wilayah Equestrian Team, State Terengganu Endurance Team (STET), PENN Endurance, Tengku Mahkota Kelantan (TMKN), Tanjung Keling Riding Club, Ar-Raudah Equine Centre, Langkawi Endurance Team, Masterscaff Endurance Team, D'Bali Stable, Kimi Stable and Iskandari Stable.

First prize winner will receive USD$10,000 (RM43,000) and cup, second USD$7,000 (RM25,000), third USD$5,000 (RM18,000), fourth USD$4,000 (RM13,500), fifth USD$2,000 (RM6,800) while riders who finished the 120 kilometre race in time will receive USD$1,000 (RM3,400).

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

New Zealand: The WAHO Trophy

Mary and Chris Tylden with Cyden Sun

CYDEN SUN Chestnut Stallion, 1982. (Ngapa Joussif / Ngapa Ayda). Breeders and Owners: Mary and Chris Tylden. Strain: Dahman Um Amr of Ibn Hemsi (Dahma, 1876).
The New Zealand Arab Horse Breeders Society Inc. has awarded their 2009 WAHO Trophy to the veteran 27-year old stallion, Cyden Sun. He was bred Mary & Chris Tylden at their Cyden Arabian Stud in Morrinsville in 1982, and is still owned by Cyden Stud, being their senior Stud Sire. He is of ‘Ngapa Arabian Stud’ Colonial Crabbet bloodlines and is by the well known Endurance sire 'Ngapa Joussif' (born 1977, died aged 31 in 2008) who was himself awarded New Zealand’s WAHO Trophy in 2006.

Cyden Sun himself has earned a reputation for siring correct and very athletic, free moving determined progeny with an excellent work ethic and all-round ability for various equine disciplines and in particular Endurance competition, with a "Will to Win". He has definitely helped to lift the overall profile of purebred Arabians in Open competition in NZ with progeny competing in Pony Club events, In-hand at Arabian, A&P and All-breed Shows, under saddle at A&P shows, Open Pony and Hack Championships, Eventing, Dressage, Equine Sports days and especially Endurance competition.

Cyden Sun has a delightful gentle honest personality. He has been a very important part of the Tylden family since his birth and his bloodline is greatly valued at Cyden Arabians. He has always been a very active horse who enjoys keeping himself fit ~ he is very free moving and agile and is still in very good health with no signs of arthritis at all and still fertile at 27 years, with two mares due to foal to him in August 2009. He always enjoys following his owners along the fenceline to check out what they are doing and is interested in anything new happening on the farm, in any visitors to the stud and is always keen to see if there are any "treats" being offered. Sun is a very quiet gentlemanly stallion and always easy to handle, very well mannered and kind with his mares and visiting mares, he runs with his own mares all year round. His herd mares foal with him and he is very protective of them, very kind and good with foals ~ he also enjoys playing with the foals.

He was broken in at 3 years old, then ridden on the 560 acre drystock farm as a working stock horse, a role he really enjoyed and he was a smooth and energetic ride with a very willing "go anywhere" attitude to work. He has always had a natural ability and aptitude for working stock and in particular cattle. Unfortunately his own riding career was limited due to no fault of his own as there were always other youngsters needing to be ridden and exercised and he was usually assigned to Stud duties.

New Zealand: Parade of Horses at Holly Farm

November 4, 2009

The inaugural Spring Sale with a Parade of Horses will be held on the afternoon of 8th November 2009 at David Marshall and Sandie MacLean's Holly Farm, in Leeston, Christchurch, New Zealand. "22 Quality Arabian Horses of proven bloodlines suitable for breeding, halter showing, performance,
showing, endurance, trail, and your best friend will be for sale," says MacLean.

"On parade will be a true selection of Arabian horses from Straight Egyptians to up and coming Endurance Horses."

The sale coincides with Shaaltarah's 30th birthday celebration.

"This brilliant mare is the dam of 19 foals spread around the world - New Zealand, Australia, the UAE, Qatar and Germany."

A preview of the horses can be seen at

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Chile: the Fourth Annual International Enduro Equestre

En la V Regioon se corrioo una etapa mas del circuito nacional e internacional de Enduro Ecuestre, en un terreno muy rapido que obligo a los 127 binomios participantes a preparar estrategicamente la carrera.

In Region V the national and international circuit of Endurance Riding was a very strategic race over a very fast course for the 127 entries.

Complete article here.

Complete results here.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Bahrain: Royal Team dominate Breef events

November 01, 2009

ABDULLA Johar, Jaffer Mirza and Isa Abdulrasool won their respective events in the Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation's (Breef) endurance horse ride qualifying races held at the Bahrain International Endurance Village in Sakhir.

A total of 73 riders saw action in last Friday's qualifiers which featured three races of different distances.

The Royal Endurance Team dominated the show as Johar finished on top in the three-stage 80km race in three hours, 55 minutes and eight seconds with a 20.41 kms per hour speed average.

He was followed by teammate Ahmed Abdulsamad (3:44:03) in second place with Ahmed Jaffer (3:55:38), also of the Royal Endurance Team, came third.

Fourth and fifth places were respectively won by Royal Endurance Team members Abdulhaq Qadori (4:08:05) and Raed Mahmood (4:11:43) while Jaffer Salman (4:22:16) of Awal Riding Stable was sixth.

In the 60-km race, which was divided into two stages of 30kms each, Royal Endurance Team rider Mirza led both stages right from the start to complete the race with a total ride time of two hours, 40 minutes and 17 seconds.

Behind him was Abdulrahman Al Zayed, also of the Royal Endurance Team, who came second in 3:10:12 and Al Asayel Stable rider Salman Al Thawadi (3:17:23) was third.

Fourth place was won by Khalifa Sharida (3:27:43), followed by Shaikha Najla bint Salman Al Khalifa (3:28:46) of Al Fateh Stable, while sixth position went to Hussain Aref (3:28:42) of Al Fateh Stable.

Abu Youns Stable rider Abdulrasool took victory in the 40-km race which was divided into two stages of 20kms each.

Crossing the finish line in two hours, 34 minutes and 31 seconds, Abdulrasool was closely followed by Singh Song (2:34:59) of Al Talia Stable who came second while Harry Singh (2:35:31), also of Al Talia Stable, followed in third place.


Fourth place was won by Hareth Mohammed (2:37:40) of Ahmed Janahi Stable and ahead of Lydia Martin (2:45:36) of Wadi Ali Stable in fifth place while Najat Singh (2:52:31) of Al Muntaser Stable came sixth.

Races were witnessed by Royal Endurance Team captain Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa and Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation (Breef) president Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa.

Both Shaikh Nasser, the Royal Endurance Team captain, and Shaikh Khalid congratulated the winners in each race and wished others success in future competitions.

Shaikh Nasser extended appreciation for the efforts being exerted by the federation in making this event a great success.

On his part, Shaikh Khalid expressed delight for the wonderful turnout of the riders in the first qualifying event of the season, which were regarded warm-up races for the upcoming competitions.

Bahrain: Breef Qualifiers

40-60-80 km qualifiers on October 30 2009

Photos by Osama

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