Friday, August 16, 2013

Mongolia: Brit wins endurance race - Full Article

Jan Heine | August 16, 2013

BRITAIN's Laura Prior-Palmer has become the first woman to win a 1000km horse race across Mongolia.

Prior-Palmer, 19, the niece of Britain's elite eventer Lucinda Greene, crossed the line second, but took first place due to a technicality.

She is the first British person and the youngest rider to win the 1000km race.

American Devan Horn, 20, crossed the finish line in pole position but due to his horse's heart rate staying elevated for too long he was given a two hour penalty to take 2nd place.

The Mongol Derby is recognised as one of the longest and toughest horse races in the world crossing Mongolia.

With approximately eight days of riding, travelling light was of the utmost importance and the need for washing during the eight days was given little importance.

Prior-Palmer travelled light with only her sleeping bag on her back along with a GPS and water - as the horses used were barely broken they were unlikely to accept saddlebags...

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