Friday, August 09, 2013

2013 Mongol Derby RACE REPORT: Day 5

Lara Prior-Palmer is all smiles getting in first to horse station 17, 8th Aug 2013 Mongolderbyblog - Full Story

08 August 2013


• British rider Lara Prior-Palmer overtakes USA’s Devan Horn to take the lead, but only just
• First and second placed riders separated by minutes at close of riding but will a potential time penalty for Lara have a major impact on who wins the race?
• Lara Prior-Palmer rides 4.5 legs in one day – possibly a Mongol Derby record at 160km
• Four riders withdraw from the race and head back to Ulaanbaatar
• Several riders accept assistance or lift forward and ride on ‘hors concours’ (riding but not officially still in the race for a leaderboard position)

Read the Day 5 Leaderboard for final positions at the end of racing and individual rider status.

Read the full report here!

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