Monday, October 30, 2023

Ban for rider who ‘ran away’ and ‘escaped’ from anti-doping sample collection - Full Article

Eleanor Jones
28 October, 2023 19:51

A rider who “escaped”, and “ran away” when FEI officials wanted to take a mandatory sample for dope-testing after his horse failed a hyposensitivity test, has been suspended for two years.

The FEI Tribunal has ruled on the case of Saudi Arabian rider Ayedh Al Maghamer, in relation to a charge of evading, refusing or failing to submit to sample collection, with eight-year-old Talaqah at a CEI1* endurance ride in Saudi Arabia on 11 February this year...

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Saturday, October 21, 2023

Female Saudi jockey aces 100 km endurance race in France - Full ArticleRahaf Jambi
October 21, 2023

Razan Al-Rajhi is riding high after completing a 100 km endurance race in France

RIYADH: Saudi jockey Razan Al-Rajhi is riding high after completing a 100 km endurance race in France — less than a year after taking to the saddle.

And her achievement in Le Pertre was recently celebrated at an event organized by the Al-Sarim Al-Battar Academy at its stable in Janadriyah, on the northern outskirts of Riyadh.

The academy offers a program dedicated to training female jockeys.

Al-Rajhi told Arab News: “The endurance race in France was challenging, but I was determined to demonstrate that Saudi women are capable of achieving anything...”

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Monday, October 16, 2023

Spain: First Andalucia IRONHORSE. Almeria el Rocio in May 2024

October 2, 2023 Gabriel Gamiz El Raid Blog

October 2, 2023
By Gabriel Gamiz

We have scheduled the First Andalucia IRONHORSE, the test that replaces the mythical Al-Andalus and later Kaliber Andalucia, that will be held from May 4 to 11, 2024.

It will be an test of about 60 kilometers. with two phases. From Almería to El Rocio, it is one of the routes of the Caminos del Rocio.

We will inform you about the Progress of the Program and the regulations.

It is a way to enjoy the routes of Andalusia, and share with friends for seven days. I have very good memories of the two old, different endurance tests.

And many national and foreign fans ask me about this test.

I will continue to inform.

Greetings from Gabriel.

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Two Qatar endurance horses test positive

FEI Tribunal issues two Consent Awards in equine anti-doping case

10 October 2023
Author: FEI

The FEI Tribunal has issued two Consent Awards in an equine anti-doping case involving a Banned and a Controlled Medication Substance.

In this case, the horse Zaime (FEI ID 106SS76/QAT), ridden by Mohd Jubal Ahmed Sayadur Rahman (FEI ID 10093895/QAT) and trained by Jassim Hilal H Abuhadoud (FEI ID 10030706/QAT), tested positive for the Banned Substances 5α-estrane-3β and 17α-diol, and the Controlled Medication Substance Cobalt, following samples taken at the CEI1*100 in Doha, Mesaieed (QAT) on 12.11.2022.

The athlete and trainer both admitted the rule violation and accepted the consequences. In its final decision the FEI Tribunal disqualified the horse from the event and imposed an 18-month ineligibility period on the athlete and the trainer; the provisional suspension they already served shall be credited against the imposed ineligibility period. They were each also fined CHF 5,000. In addition, the Horse was provisionally suspended for 2 months.

The full Decision for Mohd Jubal Ahmed Sayadur Rahman is available here.

The full Decision for Jassim Hilal H Abuhadoud is available here.

Thursday, October 05, 2023

FEI Tribunal issues Final Decision in human anti-doping case

03 October 2023
Author: FEI

The FEI Tribunal has issued its Final Decision in a human anti-doping case.

A sample taken from the Brazilian athlete Pedro Stefani Marino (FEI ID 10017829) on 5 December 2021 during the CEI3* 160 Punta del Este (URU), returned positive for the Prohibited Substance Carboxy-THC. Carboxy-THC is a metabolite of THC (Cannabis) and is included in the Class “S8 Cannabinoids” of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List 2021. The athlete was notified of the violation of the FEI’s Anti-Doping Rules for Human Athletes (ADRHA) on 2 February 2022.

In its Final Decision, the FEI Tribunal decided to suspend the athlete for a period of two years, starting from the date of the Final Decision (2 October 2023). Additionally, all competitive results of the Athlete obtained at the Event and from the date of the hearing onwards (15 May 2023) were disqualified with all the relevant consequences (forfeiture of any medals, points and prizes, etc.). Any competitive results from the conclusion of the Event up until the date of the hearing remained valid. Finally, the Athlete was imposed a fine of CHF 7,500 and ordered to pay costs of CHF 5,000.

The parties can appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) within 21 days of receipt of the decision.

The full text of the FEI Tribunal’s Final Decision is available here.

Sunday, October 01, 2023

Podcast: The Longest & Toughest Horse Race in the World – Racing the Mongol Derby - Beyond the Barn Podcast - Listen

New Beyond the Barn Podcast Episode

Episode 67: The Longest & Toughest Horse Race in the World – Racing the Mongol Derby On this episode, co-host Katy Starr chats with horse trainer and back country pilot, Lena Haug, about her multi-worldly equine adventures, mainly surrounding her time competing in the longest and toughest horse race in the world, the Mongol Derby, including:

• Being completely immersed in the honorable Mongolian culture
• Self-navigating horses who are racing at top speed, all the while dodging military fields and wild dogs
• Getting kicked in the face from an unintentional dismount, only to get immediately back on for what felt like a rocket headed to space

Listen at:

St. George horseman completes one of the world’s toughest endurance races - Full Story Written by E. George Goold May 10, 2024 ST. GEORGE — The Gaucho Derby is a 500-kilometer horse race throug...