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The British Equestrian ID Service, for Riders, Horses, Clubs and Property

August 26, 2011 | Author: AlertIDGroup | Posted in Equestrian

The British Equestrian ID Service provides personal identification for horse riders, their horses and their property. It allows the rider to store vital information on an online profile which can be accessed by the BEIDS 24/7 Emergency Support Team in an emergency. Still wondering how this can help you? Read on for the benefits of BEIDS to riders, their horses and their riding school.

To riders:

* BEIDS provides riders with the peace of mind that if they are involved in an accident they will receive the most effective treatment based on their medical conditions, requirements or the medication they are currently taking, information that is included in their online profile.
* Riders can be reassured that if they are involved in an accident their next of kin will be contacted and informed of what has happened to them, who’s looking after them and where they have been taken, e.g. hospital.
* BEIDS Hat & Property Badges can also be used as an effective way of identifying a rider’s property and increasing the chances of it being returned to them.

To horses:

* By attaching a Horse ID Toggle to your horse you know that if it bolts or escapes, whoever finds it will easily be able to find out who it belongs to, who needs to be contacted and where it should be returned to.
* Their vet’s contact details can be added to the online profile in case the horse is injured.
* Information about the horse’s dietary needs, medical information and temperament can also be added, basically any information that could be useful to the person who has found, or is looking after, the horse.

To riding clubs and schools:

* If members email their profile to their riding school, club or equestrian college they belong to it means that group leaders and teachers will be able to keep an organised record of their students’ medical details and next of kin contact information. This information could prove vital should there be any kind of emergency situation.
* As the information can be updated by the rider at any time, club leaders or instructors will be safe in the knowledge that they always have the most up to date information.
* This system could also prove beneficial at events, when you either have visiting riders or your own riders are on a trip. In these situations event leaders are unlikely to know all of the riders personally and therefore wouldn’t know of any medical conditions or who to contact in an emergency. Using BEIDS would work in a similar way to the British Eventing medical armband card but would be able to provide more detailed information.


The British Equestrian ID Service (BEIDS – exists through a unique partnership with the British Horse Society, British Eventing, British Dressage and Endurance GB.

For further information on the service please visit the BEIDS website where you can find more information, find out how to sign up and how to get in touch.

You can also become a fan on Facebook (, follow us on Twitter @BEIDS247 or visit the Alert ID Group blog (

France: Florac riders selected

25/08/2011 By fhc

The Endurance European Championship will take place at Florac on September 10. The selectors have announced the following pairs:

Virginie Atger / Antall of Jalima,
Sunny Demedy / Nerval of Beder, owned by Johnson and Marc Delphine Labrunie
Pierre Fleury / Kergof owned by Stéphane Fleury
Julien Goachet / Frity Coat of Lubiana, owned by Jean-Pierre Le Hegarat
Romain Laporte / Osmos Caussanel, owned by Claude and Virginia Popper Creche
Gregory Tilquin / Leila Montamel, owned by Edith Schwartz

Bénédicte Santisteva / Djour of Bozouls, owned by Marcel Mezy

Click here to visit the Florac 160km Endurance site:

Great Britain: Story of a powerful bond between man and horse

Friday 26 August 2011 07:28

The inspirational true story of a Brechin man’s miraculous journey from paralysis to recovery thanks to the powerful spiritual bond between man and horse is the subject of the new book - Drinking the Wind: At the limits of endurance by John Tytler Thomson.

John lies in hospital unable to move. Struck down by a sudden stroke, paralysed, brain damaged and on the edge of death he must make a choice: whether to give up, or to fight.

As he hesitates between life and death, a ghostly figure passes before his eyes; an undulating, magnificent horse, beautiful, terrifying and mysterious. At that moment John realises he has to turn back and fight to live.

Having glanced beyond the veil and seen this spirit guide, without knowing why or how, John understood that if he was ever to recover from the effects of his stroke he would have to seek out the horse in his vision.

So as a critical element in his rehabilitation, John decided to learn how to ride.

During months of painful and demanding physical and psychological training, and despite the concerns of his family and friends, John developed a truly remarkable relationship with horses; within just eighteen months he was riding solo in the Trans Scotland Endurance Ride; no mean feat for a fully able-bodied rider.

With the help of his pure-bred Arabian, Prince Omar, John conquered the most dangerous terrain and harshest natural elements of the British Isles on his profound two-hundred mile journey from the East coast to the West coast of Scotland.

So moved was John by the sense of achievement, but also by the close bond he now shared with his beloved horse, that he decided to devote himself to his new passion by entering into competitive endurance racing.

Within two weeks John and Prince Omar were climbing up the rankings, progressing quickly through the novice, then advanced classifications and winning a host of competitive titles along the way.

Drinking the Wind: At the limits of endurance is a remarkable testimonial to the powerful connection between human and animal, man and horse.

John Tytler Thomson reveals his awe-inspiring struggle to recover from a debilitating stroke, revealing the radical benefits that horse-riding brought him as a potent form of rehabilitation.

Thomson explains with terrific passion the uniquely powerful bond that can exist between horse and rider, and in doing so, illustrates the great beauty and strength of both the human spirit and the equine spirit guide.

Drinking the Wind: At the limits of endurance, delivers a compelling account of both physical and spiritual endurance and will bring tremendous encouragement to any victim of stroke, or a similar physical illness, when the road to recovery can at first appear too gruelling to contemplate.

Thomson’s emotionally charged narrative is life-affirming, tapping into our deepest fears and anxieties and revealing the positive effects of alternative therapies.

The sweeping beauty of the Scottish landscape comes alive in Thomson’s writing, as he evokes a mythical backdrop befitting of such an epic quest.

He relates the cultural gems of the North, the curiosities of an ancient land with a wonderfully rich culture, whilst conveying the subtly changing relationship between himself and Prince Omar, each at the mercy of the other but together learning to trust and protect one another with each difficult step of their journey.

Since his stroke, John Tytler Thomson has become a man who lives every day as if it were his last and the story of his incredible, saddle-bound triumph over adversity his both rousing and humbling.

At it’s heart is a story of friendship, love and support, engendered in that special alliance between one man and his horse.

Drinking the Wind: At the limits of endurance by John Tytler Thomson (published by Metal Rabbit Editions 2011, RRP £9.99) is available online at Amazon UK and can be ordered from all good book retailers.

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France: Spain's Monica Comas wins bronze in the World Cup 8 years Raid at Compiegne

21 August 2011

[google translation]

Riding "Princesse de Campagne", the Spanish Monica Comas took the bronze medal at the FEI World Championship for horses eight years, played on 19 August at the World Festival of Compiegne Endurance. Riders and horses from twenty countries took part in the French tournament.

The test was a CIS3 * 160 km was imposed on Salman Isa Al Radhi, with an average speed of 19.441 km / hr riding "Persepolia Larzac." Bahrain Rider excelled in just over three-four minutes, respectively, the French Sandrine Lance ("Movisko du Lauragais") and Monica Comas, whose third place confirms the quality of his Arabian mare from France, which last year was silver in the same place at the World seven years. Among the eleven classified 20 participants, was not the Spanish also Mary Nicholas, eliminated "Jascal" after the fifth and penultimate stage.

In the Championship for seven years (CEI2 *, 120 kms.) Was the UAE Sultan Shames Shames Al Marri who signed his first win with an average of 21.201 km / hr. sobre “Qatar La Majorie”. on "Qatar's Marjorie." Separated by just three seconds, the Frenchman Philipp Thomas ("Persky quoties") and Nasser Al Faleh catarí Bughaneim ("Querotz of Benech") were second and third respectively, just over four minutes behind the winner. The eleventh position, 16 minutes, corresponded to Marta Pujadas and "bin Kemal Troika", the only Spanish binomial classified as "Gazal Pakli" Alex Luque's horse did not exceed the metabolic controls in the fourth and final phase. Of the 41 participants, 23 were able to qualify.

Two days later he played the Patrons Trophy (Trophée des Sponsors) CEI2 * 120 km. completed by 57 pairs of 140 participants, including Spanish Javier Cervera (9 °, 19.611 kms / hr. with "Lara Lark"). Were not so fortunate fellow Alex Luque, Mary Nicholas, Silvia Yebra, and Elisabeth Ruth Comas Font (the four Amazons formed the team FEI). The victory was again Arab Emirates thanks to Salman Ali Al Sabri and "Ojai dents de Lion" (21.305 km / hr.).

France: Bahrain and Uae Take Young Endurance Horse Titles

22 August 2011
by Louise Parkes

Horse and rider combinations from Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates claimed the titles at the FEI World Endurance Championships for Young Horses which took place at Compiegne in France last Friday. Over testing courses, and in intense heat, it was Bahrain's Salman Isa Al Radhi and Persepolia Larzac who returned the quickest time in the 8 Year Old division, while the UAE's Shames Sd Sn Al Marri produced a strong ride with Qatar La Majorie to win the 7 Year Old competition.

Endurance riding only developed into a competitive sport in the 1950s and arrived in Europe during the following decade. In 1982 it became an FEI-approved discipline, and gradually the number of events increased. In 1998 the World Championships were staged in the United Arab Emirates, with competitors from 47 Federations taking part, and this proved the catalyst for an explosion of growth in participation over the following years.

This year's FEI World Championships for Young Endurance Horses attracted competitors from 20 countries - Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Great Britian, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Portugal, Qatar, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay.

8 Year Olds
Of the 27 starters in the 8 Year Old Championship, a total of 14 were representing France, but the host nation had to settle for silver medal position when Bahrain's Al Radhi completed the 160 km course with an average speed of 19.442 kmh. Al Radhi, who only joined the Royal Endurance Team of Bahrain in 2011, was delighted with the performance of his mare Persepolia Larzac. "From the third loop I could feel her speed. I rode her in a 160km race in Germany this year and came fifth, but this is my first time in Compiegne" he explained.

Sandrine Lance and Movisko du Lauragais finished second for France with an average speed of 19.298 kmh, but felt she could have done better. "I now realise I could have gone faster" she said afterwards. "I was much too careful. When I saw the winner going faster I should have kept up with him but I didn't, and I left it too late to put things right. But I've had this horse since he was five so I'm pleased with my ride and my horse" she added.

Spain's Monica Comas Molist and Princesse de Campagne finished third when clocking an average speed of 19.269 kmh. "Princesse is a lovely mare, bred in France" said Molist. "Last year she was second in the 7 Year Old Championships. We only did a 90km ride earlier this year in preparation for coming here. My ambition is to be on the World Cup team for Spain, but it's been a dream to win in Compiegne!" she added.

7 Year Olds
There was an even larger field of 42 runners in contention for the 7 Year Old medals. This course ran over a 120 km track, and 14 of the starters were from France. But it was the sole representative from the United Arab Emirates who produced the winning performance, Shames Sd Sn Al Marri racing home with an average speed of 21.201 kmh from his horse, Qatar La Majorie.

"I've been riding in Endurance competition for five years, but this is my first win and my biggest win!" said the rider. "It's my first season in Europe. The course was difficult because of the hills, but I'm very happy. My ambition is to be always on the podium!" he added.

Once again a French rider came in second, Philipp Tomas crossing the line with Quotien Persky having recorded an average speed of 20.922. In modern Endurance competition, the emphasis is on the horse finishing in good condition rather than the one that finishes first, and it can take years for a partnership to develop to top level. Endurance requires extensive preparation, and key to success is the support crew who help ensure the health and well-being of both horse and rider during competition. Tomas carefully managed some concerns he had about his horse early in the race. "I was worried to begin with because he was not drinking that much, but after the third loop he was much better so I was happier. My policy is always to stay in touch with the leader and make my challenge on the last loop, but this time I just wasn't fast enough" he explained.

Qatar's Faleh Nasser Al Bughaneim came home third with an average speed of 20.919 from Querotz de Benech. "I've competed here five times now, and for sure it's a great place. I won the 7 year Old Championship here in 2009, but this is the first time to be here with this horse. I think I will be on the Qatar team for the Open European Championship next month", the rider commented.

Ian Williams, the FEI'S Director of Non-Olympic Sports, attended the event and said, "it was very competitive, with a tough battle for the medals. As always, the Compiegne organisers have done a tremendous job, and the good completion rate is testimony to both the skill of the competitors and the quality of the horses".

7 Year Old Championship: GOLD - Qatar La Majorie (Shames Sd Sn Al Marri) UAE; SILVER - Quotien Persky (Philippe Tomas) FRA; BRONZE - Querotz de Benech (Faleh Nasser Al Bughaneim) QAT.
8 Year Old Championship: GOLD - Persepolia Larzac (Salman Isa Al Radhi) BRN; SILVER - Movisko du Lauragais (Sandrine Lance) FRA; BRONZE - Princesse de Campagne (Monica Comas Molist) ESP.

Mongolia: World’s longest horse race comes to nail biting finish Photo - Full Article

By Jo Lane Aug 23, 2011

The 1,000 kilometre long Mongol Derby of 2011 was won by just two minutes after a 10 day ride across the vast Mongolian steppe on semi-wild horses.

South African rider Craig Egberink claimed the victory even after losing all his kit and equipment just 48 hours into the event.

His victory over Chinese rider Sanbayier (a Mongolian name by all accounts) came just two kilometres before the finish line.

Craig Egberink, eventual winner of the Mongol Derby 2011 on the course. Image from


At the penultimate horse station with just one stage and approximately 40 kilometres to go, four riders set out on the morning of Saturday 13th August to fight it out for the finish line.

Craig Egberink and the three riders from China, David Ha, Bayinmuenke and Sanbayier rode together until they were 12 kilometres from the finish. At that point Sanbayier “decided to make a race of it” according to Craig and when they were just 2 kilometres out there was still nothing separating them until a final tactical decision decided the outcome of the Derby.

As they approached the end a final hill lay between the two leader and victory. “He had some advice to go up the hill and I shot up over it and just beat him to the finish line” explains Craig.

After seven days, 8 riders withdrawing, extreme conditions and around 1000 kilometres of racing across the Mongolian wilderness, Craig won by just two minutes...

Read more here:

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France: Shaikh Nasser leads Royal Endurance Horse racing team to second place in French Championship


Paris, Aug 21 (BNA) Bahrain’s Royal Endurance Horse racing team continued its achievements at the French Endurance horse racing championship adding yet another win by clinching second place after the UAE team in the 120-km race led by Captain of the team Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa.

The French had to settle for third place in a tightly fought competition between all the top world teams. A total of 40 teams took place in the race and 142 riders from various world countries including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman.

The team came second place after covering the race in 19:35:57 after a tough challenge against world teams throughout the fifth stage.

On this occasion Shaikh Nasser extended his thanks and appreciation to His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa for his continued support and follow-up for the Royal Endurance Horse racing team in all participations that resulted in the achievements accomplished.

He also extended his thanks and appreciation to the President of the Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance horse racing federation Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa on his efforts in following up the team during its participation in the championship and his keenness towards elevating the moral spirits of the team and riders.

Russia: Kazakhstan horses win CIS cup

Kazakhstan’s national horseback riding team has won the CIS Cup in the city of Spassk-Ryazansky in Russia. The Kazakh team consisted of five horses of the Adai breed which is now being actively revived in the Mangistau region. Teams from Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia competed for the commonwealth cup. The Mangistau horses, that took the lead over the Kabarda horses, won the 80-kilometer race. Both jockeys and horse owners were awarded on their native land as well. The region’s governor Krymbek Kusherbayev presented representatives of the Kazakhstan Federation for Equestrian Sports, horse owners, and jockeys of Adai horses who contributed to the development of equestrian sport in the region with certificates and letters of gratitude. In addition, the Kazakhstan Federation for Equestrian Sports awarded owners of 23 horses with official documents, the «passport of competition horses of Kazakhstan». The CIS cup winners became holders of passports by the International Federation for Equestrian Sports. Breeders have been enjoying a growing state support in recent years thanks to which Mangistau is working successfully to revive the Adai breed. Athletes have a lot of competitions ahead of them and they expect to win prizes for a good reason.

Amangeldy Munaitbayev, jockey
«Horses that grew up in the Mangistau region got accustomed to harsh local climatic conditions. They are very strong and capable of great endurance. So they show good results during racing competitions. They performed well in Almaty and in Russia. I wish that the horses of this breed will always achieve good results.»

Omani Rider Qualifies to World Endurance Championship Finals

Muscat, August 22 (ONA) --- The Omani rider Ali bin Hassan al Farsi riding the horse (Rafaro) managed to qualify to the World Endurance Championship 2012 to be held next year in Britain. Al-Farsi is the third rider from the Royal Cavalry to qualify to the World Endurance Champion Finals 2012 after two other riders Mahmoud bin Marhoon al Fouri and Ahmed bin Salim al Hamdani who also qualified.

Al-Farsi's qualification to the World Endurance Championship Finals came after his success in French Kompian Endurance Championship for (125) km.

135 of the world's best riders have taken part in the race from Britain, Spain, France, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, South Africa, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and the Sultanate.

The race was held on five rounds. The first round is (32) km, the second is (27) km, the third is (25) km, the fourth is (21) km and the final fifth round is (20) km.

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France: Salman Al Sabri wins CEI** Sponsors Trophy at Compiegne

August 21 2011

Salman Ali Al Sabri of the UAE, riding Ojai Dents de Lion won the 130 km CEI** Sponsors Trophy at Compiegne on Sunday August 21 in a time of 5:49.47, besting second place France's Jean Philippe Frances by 1 second. France rode Ouedfik La Majorie. The top two averaged 21.3 km/h over the 130 kilometers. Third place went to the UAE's Saeed Al Marri, riding Oiseau du Breuil in a time of 5:55.24

141 started and 57 finished the race.

Stories, photos, and results of the World Endurance Festival at Compiegne can be seen here:

France: Shaikh Nasser for 120km ride

August 21 2011

SHAIKH Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa will today lead Bahrain's Royal Endurance Team in a 120-kilometre international ride taking place in Compiegne, France.

The gruelling event is scheduled to get underway at 8am, Bahrain time. It is the main race of the World Festival of Endurance, currently taking place in the northern French city with participants from all over the world.

The race will be the penultimate stop of the Royal Team in their ongoing European training camp, as they are currently gearing up for the forthcoming European Endurance Championship, also to be held in France in September.

Shaikh Nasser - who is the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports chairman, Bahrain Olympic Committee president and Royal Team captain - will be joined in today's race by some of the kingdom's top riders, including Ghazi Al Dossary, Raed Mahmood, Abdulrahman Saad and Jaffar Mirza.

Supreme Council for Youth and Sports first deputy chairman and Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation president Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa arrived in Compiegne yesterday but will not be competing in any races. His presence is a huge boost to the team, and he aims to show his full support to the Bahraini squad.

Some other Royal Team members will be competing in a 160km event, also to be held today. Among them are Ahmed Janahi and Mohammed Abdulsamad.

Each of the Bahraini riders took their horses yesterday to the mandatory pre-event veterinary examinations, conducted by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI).


Today, they will all be hoping to follow up on the success of Royal Endurance Team member Salman Isa, who won another 160km ride held on Friday for horses aged eight years old or younger. It also took place at Compiegne, as part of the ongoing festival.

Isa is also an Al Khalidiyah Stables rider. He clinched the six-stage race with a total time of eight hours 15 minutes 38 seconds, overcoming a quality field. France's Sandrine Lance was the runner-up, while Spain's Monica Comas came third.

Isa was yesterday presented his trophy and gold medal for winning his race. Isa received congratulatory calls and cables sent from His Majesty the King, Shaikh Nasser as well as Shaikh Khalid.

Meanwhile, Shaikh Nasser vowed to continue working towards His Majesty the King's goals of further promoting Bahrain through the sport, and to raise the kingdom's flag in various international competitions.

Also yesterday, Shaikh Khalid sent a cable of congratulations to His Majesty King Hamad, marking the outstanding achievement of the Royal Team Compiegne.

Shaikh Khalid described Isa's win on Friday as the result of the tremendous support of His Majesty the King to the equestrian sport. Shaikh Khalid also lauded the backing of Shaikh Nasser.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bahrain: Shaikh Nasser Congratulates Salman Isa On Winning the World Endurance Championship



Manama-August 19 (BNA) Royal Endurance Team captain Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al-Khalifa congratulated Salman Isa who won the World Endurance Championship for eight-year old horses. He finished first in the 160-km-race which was held in Compian, France. This is the first time Salman Isa takes part in European endurance championships.
He won the six-stage race, after fierce competition with EU and GCC riders. French Sandrine Lance and Spanish Monica Komas finished second and third respectively.
Salman Isa extended sincere thanks and appreciation to Royal Endurance team captain Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al-Khalifa for keenly following up his participation in the World Endurance race for eight-year old horses in France.

France: Isa wins 160-km ride in Compiegne

Saturday, August 20, 2011

HIS Majesty King Hamad made a congratulatory phone call last night to Bahrain Royal Endurance Team rider Salman Isa, who won a 160-kilometre ride for horses eight years old and under, held yesterday in Compiegne, France.

Supreme Council for Youth and Sports chairman and Bahrain Olympic Committee president Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa also made a call to Isa, congratulating him on his achievement.

Isa won the gruelling six-stage race in a time of eight hours 15 minutes 38 seconds. He overcame a top-quality field that included participants from Europe and the rest of the GCC.

France's Sandrine Lance was the runner-up, while Spain's Monica Comas came third.

Friday, August 19, 2011

France: Compiegne Young Horses

19 August 2011

Salman Isa Al Radhi of Bahrain, riding Persepolia Larzac, won the 8 Years Old CEI*** 160 km on Friday 19th August at Compiegne in a time of 8:15.38, averaging 19.44 km/h.

Finishing second was France's Sandrine Lance, riding Movisko du Lauragais, in 8:19.20, averaging 19.30 km/h. Spain's Monica Comas Molist, riding Princesse de Campagne finished third in 8:20.05. 20 started and 11 finished.


Saeed Sultan Shames al Marri of the UAE, riding Qatar La Majorie, won the 7 Years Old CEI** 120 km on Friday 19th August at Compiegne in a time of 5:39.53, averaging 21.20 km/h.

It was a close race for second, with France's Philippe Tomas, riding Quotien Persky edging out Qatar's Faleh Nasser Al Bughaneim on Querohz de Benech
by 3 seconds. Tomas' riding time was 5:44.25, averaging 20.92 km/h.

40 riders started and 23 finished.


Sunday is the Sponsor's Trophy CEI** 130 km Nations Sponsors Trophy. 130 are expected on the starting line.

Photos by Osama Mohammed, and more on Compiegne at:

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Spanish Riders in France

El Raid Blog - Gabriel Gamiz

[google translation]

Thursday August 18, 2011

In this month of August many Spanish riders move to neighboring countries to participate in the Raid of Compiegne and Pau.

This is the note from the Spanish:


A total of 12 pairs move next weekend to Compiegne (France) to compete in the horse 7 to 8 years and the Sponsor.

Three other pairs are planning to move to Pau.

They are movement patterns of August to compete at the World Championships for Young Horses waiting for our great tasting high mountain Ripoll celebrated on 27th of that month and is already heating engines.

Remember that juniors may qualify and rate their horses for the next World Championships are national tests which will have priority for screening.

Since it has not yet come forward Dabhi Abbu program continue to be graded all national tests and CEI CEI ** *** up the presentation of the nominated entries. "

New Zealand: Girls are riding to success - Full Article

Mark Dawson | Thursday, August 18, 2011

The success of young riders Charlotte Grayling, Tayla Mason and Georgia Smith should not be too much of a surprise.

The equestrian centre at Nga Tawa Diocesan School in Marton is reckoned to be the best school facility in the country.

It has 82 stables, three all-weather arenas and a 1200m all-weather track and about a third of the 270 girls at the school are involved in the equestrian programme which is run by Libby Whyte.

"We have developed a reputation for the equestrian centre and that, in turn, has attracted more up-and-coming riders," said Whyte.

Byline2The success of top equestrian stars like Mark Todd, Andrew Nicholson and Caroline Powell has provided a boost for a couple of local young riders.

Aspiring horsewomen Charlotte Grayling and Tayla Mason have been invited to attend national training camps in Taupo next month by Equestrian Sports New Zealand.

Such camps were discontinued some years ago when national sports funder Sparc cut the money it put into riding after equestrianism suffered a slump, starting with a poor 2000 Sydney Olympics.

A return to form has seen New Zealand take bronze at last year's World Equestrian Games in Kentucky, and Todd win the Badminton Horse Trials, Powell take Burghley and Nicholson claim the British championship at Gatcombe.

The resultant 40 per cent boost in Sparc funding means the re-establishment of a development programme that will help the 17-year-old Marton schoolgirls with their dreams of one day making the Olympic three-day eventing team.

And a third Nga Tawa Diocesan student, 14-year-old Georgia Smith, is also making her mark in the riding world. Smith, from Taihape, is one of four riders chosen to represent New Zealand at the Junior World Endurance Championships in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, in December.

Her speciality is distance events and at the world champs that means a 120km race which could take up to six hours...

Read more here:

Staveley breeders' Arabian horses at a premium

5:47pm Wednesday 17th August 2011
By Allan Tunningley

SOUTH Lakeland horse breeders Dom and Jan Atkinson have triumphed at a top equestrian event.

Their Arabian endurance horses impressed judges during a British Equestrian Federation evaluation held at Southview, Cheshire.

The Staveley pair, who run Seren Arabians, earned two first premiums with their colt Seren Hanau and filly Seren Bellatrix Malika, both three-years-old.

The BEF Futurity evaluation series aims to identify British bred young potential sport horses and ponies destined for careers in dressage, eventing, show-jumping or endurance – and may even find the Olympic Champions of the future.

Seren Hanau took the highest mark of the day for an endurance horse at Southview, and Seren Bellatrix Malika the second highest. Their respective scores of 8.43 and 8.14 and a first premium each indicate that they have the potential and outlook to perform at national level.

Dom said: “We have 15 horses, from foals to truly ancient, living in natural herds which gives them the temperament to cope well with difficult and unexpected situations and surroundings.

“We’ve been breeding Arabian endurance horses here at Seren Arabians above Staveley for 20 years, based on our foundation stallion Hanson. Sadly he died in 2009.

“This was also the year that the BEF futurity began to include endurance horses. In 2010, our first ever entry had the highest endurance score of the year nationally, and this year we entered the last two of Hanson’s youngsters that qualify: Seren Hanau and Seren Bellatrix.

“They both scored first premiums, and Hanson currently leads the all-time overall rankings for endurance sires – a fitting tribute to a wonderful old stallion.”

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Meanwhile, in Outer Mongolia… - Full Article

Pete Baker, Tue 16 August 2011

If you were wondering where the Northern Ireland Secretary of State, Owen Paterson, was [You were?! - Ed], he’s been in Mongolia [In a yurt! - Ed]. A “ger” actually. The NI Secretary of State is one of 23 riders, including his wife Ruth Paterson, who have taken part in the third Adventurists’ Mongol Derby – a 1,000 km multi-horse race over 10 days on the Mongolian steppes which began on the 6th August using “around 1000 semi-wild Mongolian horses” the Adventurists “select and train”, and changing horses at urtuus spaced at 40km along the 10o0km un-route.

The controversy surrounding the inaugral Mongol Derby in 2009 among endurance riders appears to have alleviated. And the official Derby site does note that the weight limit on equipment was halved in 2010.

There is a 5kg weight limit on equipment, so you’ll have to travel light. This may sound like very little but in 2009 the weight limit was 10 kg and riders soon discovered they needed far less than they had brought with them.

And there were other changes.

In 2009 a world class team of vets from Mongolia, Scotland, New Zealand and South Africa provided superb care for the horses taking part in the Mongol Derby. In 2010 the top class veterinary care will be provided by three emergency response vets from Massey University in New Zealand, as well as our 18 specially trained equine vets from Mongolia.

Though it’s difficult to get confirmation of official statements in such a remote event...

Read more here:

Northern Ireland: Minister's race plan raises £50,000 - Full Article
Sunday, 24 July 2011

Almost £50,000 has been raised for injured soldiers and other good causes by the Northern Ireland Secretary's planned participation in the world's longest horse race.

Owen Paterson will ride 1,000km (621 miles) across one of the world's last great wildernesses in the Mongolian steppe next month. The Mongol Derby is modelled on warrior Genghis Khan's legendary system for communicating across his vast empire.

Mr Paterson and his wife Rose have been raising money for the Royal Irish Benevolent Fund, the Midland Centre for Spinal Injuries and a Mongolian charity.

He said: "We have been stunned by the generosity of the people of Northern Ireland who have shown really incredible support for the Royal Irish Benevolent Fund. So far we have raised £47,500 and we are tantalisingly close to our goal of £50,000."

Three soldiers from the regiment were killed during their recent tour of Afghanistan and another 16 were severely injured.

The Conservative MP said: "The work of the benevolent fund supporting members, their widows and children is very important. That's why we are delighted that people have given so generously. It is starting to sink in that we are going to be riding 60 miles a day for 10 days on semi-trained horses, which is quite a daunting prospect, so in the final weeks we are really stepping up our training..."

Read more here:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Belgian Team for European Championship

15 August 2011

The final decision has fallen after a two-days clinic held last week in the south of the country, in the hilliest part of Belgium, to mimic a bit the environment of Florac.

The selection process was actually very simple for the Chef d'Equipe Pierre Arnould as two candidates on the short list had to give up.
They were Wendy Fallon (her mare has been injured) and Elisabeth Hardy (the mare Lutece de Crouz is back to the owner).

So the six couples who will represent Belgium are :
Maritza Pereira with Lima du Barthas (5th Florac2008)
Celine Just with Jahman (5th Tarbes 160km)
Raphael Van Cauter with Taborah de Sier (4th Tarbes 160km)
Michel Lequarre with Sahid des Fontaines(11th Castelsagrat 160km)
Pietro Di Geronimo with SD Mengali(21st Lexington 160km).

A good team with reliable horses which could do well at the team competition.

Other nations' selection for Florac
GERMANY: Six German Endurace Riders Participate at the European Endurance Championships in France After the last sighting the following endurance riders have been selected by the endurance commission of the German Olympic Committee (DOKR),
who will represent Germany at the European Championships in Florac, France to be held on 10 September 2011:
Joana Al Samarraie with Famosa
Klaudia Al Samarraie with Olymp
Sabrina Arnold with Beau
Dr. Gabriela Förster with Priceless Gold
Petra Hattab with Prince Sharif
Sybille Markert-Bäumer with Estopal Estopa

THE NETHERLANDS: Le chef d’équipe, Emile Docquier a désigné les couples suivants:
Jeanne Linneweever, Riki’s Macho Man
Suzanne Pen, Noniusz
Barbara Peterse, Pachinco
Carmen Römer, Gitana 220
Yvonne van der Velde, Joy Escobar
Jannet van Wijk, Zaira Star

Diana Origgi/Pervinca della Bosana
Alfonso Striano/Waligora
Danilo De Angelis/Present Jey
Simona Garatti/Badr Dell’Orsetta
Emanuele Fondi/Felicidad
Per la definizione del sesto binomio e della riserva, il tecnico si è riservato di procedere ad ulteriori valutazioni dei binomi formati da:

Spain: Selection for the European Championships

August 16 2011

Completed tests developed past day 13, in St Feliu Sasserra facilities, which were convened by the national coach, Quico Yebra, binomials shortlisted the final list of seven candidates (the team signed four pairs, with two more individuals) for the European Chamionships in Florac on 10 September is composed of:

Nobby with Maria Alvarez.

Fling Tornade with Laia Muixi.

Calzadilla with Anna Mª Yebra .

Faref Bugati with Ivan Autet.

Zarha de Vilaformiu with Oriol Casals.

Arizona de Lafon with Francesc Xavier Casellas.

Pal Partenon with Otto Velez.

Throughout the week, after analyzing the results of veterinary examinations carried out, will communicate the final composition of the list.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Germany: Endurance Riders Nominated for European Championships

Aug 15th, 2011 | By kr | Category: INTERNATIONAL NEWS

15 Aug 2011

Six German Endurace Riders Participate at the European Endurance Championships in France

After the last sighting the following endurance riders have been selected by the endurance commission of the German Olympic Committee (DOKR), who will represent Germany at the European Championships in Florac, France to be held on 10 September 2011:

Joana Al Samarraie with Famosa
Klaudia Al Samarraie with Olymp
Sabrina Arnold with Beau
Dr. Gabriela Förster with Priceless Gold
Petra Hattab with Prince Sharif and
Sybille Markert-Bäumer with Estopal Estopa

Source: FN press

2011 Mongol Derby Has Been Won - Full Article

by Mr Tom on: 13 Aug 2011 categories: Mongol Derby,

After a week of adventures, injuries and some of the toughest horse riding in the world we have a winner. Craig Egberink of South Africa who led the field for most of the race has crossed the line in first place. In what turned out to be a nail bitting finish Sanbayier who had been catching up over the last few days of the Derby crossed the line just 2 minutes later to claim second place. Below is the listing at the moment. These take a while to calculate with accuracy as we have to cross check all the results and timings from each station. As soon as we can give you full details we will publish them live here.

All the riders are now at the finish and the 2011 Mongol Derby has come to a close.

1st Craig Egberink

2nd Sanbayier

3rd and 4th Bayinmuenke & David Ha (positions to be confirmed)

5th Jo Dawson

Crossing Sunday around midday was a group of 7 riders (positions to be confirmed):

Owen Patterson

Rose Patterson

Olivia Swingland

Kevin Pricemoor

Richard Allen

Tyga Helme

Jason Tse

Coming in towards the end of Sunday our last 3 riders crossed the line,

Sophia Mangalee

Frederique Schut

Ronald Van Der Velden

Of the 23 riders who started this year's Mongol Derby, only the 15 riders in bold above were still in the competitive race for the finish.

Riders who did not make the finish-line on a horse (they are all fine and most are at the finish line now for the party tonight):

Paul Erskine

Regina Bueno Ros

Borja Jimenez

Cara Barnes

Tommy Tsui

Marcus & Sarah Chenevix-Trench

Barry Armitage

More news, and radio interview with the winner here:

France: Compiegne Festival Mondial d'Endurance

August 15 2011

The World Festival of Endurance in Compiegne will be held 18-22 August.

the Young horse championship CEI** 120 km - 7 years old, and the CEI*** 160 km - 8 years old will take place on Friday 19th August; and the CEI** 120 km Sponsors Trophy will take place on Sunday 21st August.

43 riders from France, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Oman, Spain, Sweden, Great Britain, Netherlands, and Luxembourg have entered the 120 km; 27 riders from France, Oman, Portugal, Brazil, German, Qatar, Bahrain, Spain, Great Britain, and Slovakia have entered the 160 km; 131 riders from France, UAE, SLovakia, Great Britain, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Bahrain, Qatar, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Oman, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Uruguay have entered the 130 km Sponsors Trophy

Great Britain: Animal event with lots of Punch - Full Article

Published on Monday 15 August 2011 01:00

COMPETITORS travelled from far and wide to take part in the heavy horse endurance event held at Euston Hall on Sunday, which also doubled as an opportunity to check the animals were in good health.

Before setting off on the 12-mile course, which the winner completed in 2hrs 46 minutes, the Suffolk Punches were placed on heart monitors by vets who also took blood samples.

Nigel Oakley, who has some 16 Suffolk Punches at Rede Hall Farm, said Sunday’s endurance event showed the animals were only needing to work at 50 per cent of their capability.

Entrants came from as far as Northamptonshire for the day, which is aimed to be mainly for the benefit of the animals, their owners and vets. Ten people with vehicles took part...

Read more here:

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Australia: Endurance riders go extra mile

10 Aug, 2011 12:11 PM
THE Margaret River Endurance Riders Club went to Wagin on the 29th to represent Margaret River at the annual Kazan Challenge. The ride, sponsored by Kazan Stables of Malaysia, attracted overseas and interstate competitors as well as buyers. It was a combined FEI and AERA event with ride distances up to 160km.

Margaret River Club members enjoyed the great tracks to compete in the AERA 80km and 40km divisions. Claudia Seke, riding Alcedo Mystique, qualified 1st in the 80km Lightweight division with Alcedo Mystique receiving the vet’s Best Conditioned vote. Noelene Cochrane came 2nd on Orchid Park Delilah. Tania Oosterhof completed 80km in Middleweight, riding Sileby Krystal Nile and congratulations to Emma Swarbrick and Redline Heaven Can Wait for completing their 80km in Heavyweight division - qualifying herself and her horse from Novice to Endurance status. Well done! Maria Bergstrom and Pagewood Ruby Shyne breezed through their first 40km ride.

Interested riders can contact us or can ‘have a go’ with our own Margaret River Ride on November 12. We also hope to hear from potential sponsors. Call president Emma Swarbrick 0438 778 058 Tracy Owen 0427 086 515 or 9758 2392.

-Tracy Owen

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Owen Paterson on the Mongol Derby - Full Article
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Owen Paterson and his wife are saddling up for the Mongol Derby.

By Cassandra Jardine

7:00AM BST 05 Aug 2011

Owen Paterson is on a diet. Carrying a few extra pounds doesn’t matter at Cabinet meetings, but the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland won’t be able to start the longest, most extreme horse race in the world unless his weight, including boots and clothes, is less than 85kg (just over 13st).

So he says no to a slice of bread with lunch at his home in Shropshire. But that, ominously, is all he has done to prepare for the Mongol Derby, a gruelling ordeal which competitors say “takes you through the pain barrier”.

Today he and his wife Rose, along with two dozen other competitors, will be dumped somewhere in the middle of the Mongolian steppe near UB, as the cognoscenti call the capital, Ulan Bator. They then have 10 days in which to travel 1,000 miles, equipped with only a pony, GPS and an 11lb bag of equipment. By the time they reach the finishing line, they will have encountered rivers, hills, thunderstorms, vicious dogs, dehydration, sunburn and, most likely, fallen off their semi-wild steeds...

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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Al Shaqab team shine in France

4 August 2011
By Sports Reporter/Doha

Al Shaqab Endurance Team, member of Qatar Foundation, experienced another double victory in France at the Al Shaqab Challenge Tarbes-Ibos Endurance Rides, on July 30-31. The team pulled in victories in the 160km and the 125km races and the silver medal in the 125km event.
Abdulrahman Al Sulaitin was the gold medalist in the 125km races with a total time of 6:22:57.
In addition, Al Sulaitin set a new record for the 125km race for the history of the Tarbes-Ibos event at 19.58 km/hr, greatly surpassing the previous record of 19.21. The silver medal for the 125km race went to Al Shaqab team member Hassan Tahous Al Nuami at 6:30:14 with an average speed of 19.22 km/hr.
Capturing another 2011 victory, Faleh Nasser Bhugnaim collected gold in the 160km race in a total time of 9:05:01 and average speed of 17.61 km/hr, riding Amir.
The races were held in the Tarbes forest in Ibos, France. Just last week in France, the team had also achieved gold and silver medals in the junior and senior races.

Endurance Bayinbuluke, Xinjiang, China

August 4 2011
by Leonard Liesens

China is developing at an incredible rate. There exists now a new class of wealthy, very wealthy entrepreneurs. They are interested in various things to occupy their life and spent their money. Equestrian sports are one of their occupations. China has a huge amount of horses, mainly in the Northern provinces, along the Mongolian and Kazakhstan borders, where nomadic people use the horse in their daily life. These horse are hardy ones, used to extreme climates, able to survive in harsh conditions, in the winter, digging into the snow to find some grey grass. Their horses are small, but with a correct conformation most of the time. The back are strong and able to carry a heavy riders on long distances. Traveling across the grasslands and the mountains has been their life since the era of Genghis Khan. Now, they are probably not the same anymore. They are taller, they have been mated with foreign blood, from Russia (Don and Orlofv). These horses are gentle, courageous and willing to work. Of course they are not treated the way we use to treat ours and they have a harder life. But they look good, the ridden ones (mostly the geldings are ridden) look a bit skinny for my taste (even if we were in a favorable period with plenty of grass). The breeding stock looked good (see photos of the herd of horses brought to the racetrack for the Mongol rodeo).

About the endurance race. They try hard. Mr Wu(manager of the Chinese Equestrians website) is working hard to organize all (or most of) competitions across China, trying to get everywhere the same model. Riders need probably a better education for riding long distance and coping with the art of pacing. I saw that also in other parts of the globe. They are willing to learn. Like us thirty years ago, they also learn from their mistakes. The horse from Xingjian (and also probably from Inner Mongolia) can do well with appropriate conditioning and pacing. Probably this kind of horse is limited in speed and will not be able to reach the speed of our Arabians, but 16..18 km/h doesn't seem to be a problem for well-trained subjects. That would be very interesting to condition and train them our way and see the results on tests. Introducing Arabian blood could be a plus of course, but China will have to wait for one generation to see how it goes. Will the part-bred survive in the same conditions? Will they not loose their rusticity? Will the owner accept to change a bit the training and maintenance regimen? Obviously, importing horses from abroad could be a quicker solution. But in the same time, the 'know-how' must be imported as well.

The race was very well organized. Almost like the European model, except the veterinary inspection. More metabolic parameters should be assessed and the gait's checking should be more strictly enforced.

Race time: 140 horses took the start. They went fast, too fast on the first stage. The three stages were drawn according to the model "Go to one point and head back". That's OK with cautious and experienced riders, but here many were letting the horse pick the speed(too high) -or even pushed them- at the return and were stuck at the vetgate (many not able to recover on time to 64BPM) for a very long time. And of course on the 2nd stage, many had to push to leave the venue, up to the return point where the horse understood that we was heading back. Same scenario as during the first loop. Only 38 completed. As far as I'm concerned: I took a conservative start, being the last all the way during the first stage. This allowed me the pass several dozens horse at the vetgate. During the second stage, at half way, my horse gaits were not the best. I dismounted and noticed the reason : "Actually, I arrived at the venue just one hour before the start. I was presented with one horse but he had some swelling along one suspensory and I asked to see another one. This one looked ok, but by lack of time, I could not check the hind feet. My mistake, always the rider's mistake!". His hind feet were very very asymmetric, probably 1.5cm difference between left and right part, forcing the horse to put his feet to the inside when walking or trotting. Of course, after 50km of this, he was sore. So I gently walked him back to camp and pulled.

The next days, we could attend the Mongol rodeo and the various activities and have a walk across the town. Very nice people, curious of our European look, everyone willing to be photographed with us. Very nice children, many saying the only English words they retained from school "Hello, how are you". Funny.

Also every noon and evening, eating and drinking and socializing. Amazing. Tasting the Mongolian food and the Chinese one. Accepting toasts from everyone during the whole dinner (numerous courses all served together on the Chinese round table). Of course, as special guests, we were the target of all toasts:-) A kind of Chinese vodka, 40degrees, during four days in a row, that's another kind of endurance...

I want to thank our guests for this incredible welcome and all the good time.

Photo gallery here:

Great Britain: Endurance horse wins top futurity spot - Full Article

August 4, 2011

The top four scores at The 2011 Baileys Horse Feeds/British Equestrian Federation (BEF) Futurity Evaluations at The Grange, Devon all came from different disciplines and attained Higher First Premiums.

The popular event on July 14 attracted a wide range of entries and an endurance horse went home with the highest score of the day.

The top score of the day 8.82, was awarded to three-year-old Yawl Hill Maverick, by successful international in-hand Arab show stallion, H Tobago. Endurance rider and breeder Kirsty Wiscombe has owned Yawl Hill Maverick's dam, the exceptional Burrowshot Lass, since she was a three year old, she was on the endurance intermediate squad in 200 and has also evented. She has had five foals altogether including the FEI 3* stallion Yawl Hill Billy...

Read more here:

Australia: Riders enjoy Kazan Challenge

Photo by Chris Ros - Full Article

04 Aug, 2011 04:00 AM

WAGIN hosted this year’s Kazan Challenge on the weekend which saw 90 riders from across the world compete in seven different endurance events.

Sponsored by the Kazan Stables Malaysia, the Federation Equestrian International (FEI) event was selected by the National Endurance governing body to be a World Championship Qualifier – one of only three being held in Australia this year.

Australians Seeking Performance in Ridden Endurance (ASPIRE) event secretary and local rider Anita Lunt said the weekend was a huge success.

“We've had very positive feedback from everybody involved which is fantastic because this was a big event that was great for the town,” Anita said.

“We (ASPIRE) applied to host the event in Wagin to help WA riders with their international aspirations and help them to achieve their goals, rather than having to travel over east.”

Anita said that they would now like to host more events and especially carry on with this particular event in future years.

“The whole weekend wouldn't have been possible without the fantastic support of all of the sponsors, the community and especially the Shire of Wagin,” she said.

“We are also very grateful and thankful to all the people that were involved in the actual running and organising of the event.”

Competitions like the one held on the weekend are how WA riders qualify and compete on the international stage...

Read more here:

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Australia: Young Riders Qualified for Abu Dhabi 2011

Horse and Rider combinations in alphabetical order. These following combinations have fulfilled the qualifications as required by the FEI Endurance Rules (Art. 816.3.1 – 816.3.11) and have attained AES Level 4 (Young Riders):

Alexandra Toft, Qld - High Society te, Emily Jones te, Zalman, Travina -

Allix Jones, NSW - Castlebar Moonlight, Castlebar Topaz

Brook Warner, NSW - Kunama Safira, Quinta Essentia

Georgia Toft, Qld - Bremervale Arrogance, Zalman

Talea Haskow Stewart, NSW - Blakes Heaven Bombora, Blakes Heaven Venus

The Selection Panel congratulates these young riders and their horses in achieving the qualifications necessary to represent Australia at the forthcoming World Championships. This is an exciting and very experienced group of young riders and magnificent horses, who certainly have the ability to bring home medals.

The short list of 4 riders and 5 horses will be announced on September 30 (at the SA Quilty ).
The Team will leave for Abu Dhabi mid November.

Anne Barnes, Chair of Selection Panel

FEI Goes Quiet on Sanctions Against Countries with a Doping Problem - Full Article After a huge spike in positives in Saudi Arabia, last year the FEI told it would discuss a co...