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2013 Pan American Championships

September 27 2013

Oriana Ricca of Uruguay won the 125-km 2013 Pan American Championships on September 26, 2013 at Trinidad, Uruguay, aboard Amrillo HLM. She finished 27 seconds ahead of Argentina's Gabriel Morgui and HLP Astica. Uruguay's Nicolas Rodriguez Villamil riding JQ Safi Zafra won the bronze medal. USA's Mae Chase-Dunn finished 12th aboard Chamalu. Uruguay won Team Gold, Brazil won Team Silver, and Chile took Team Bronze.

Maria Pereira of Uruguay won the 125-km FEI Young Rider Pan American Championship aboard SM Lady Adela, by 2 minutes over Uruguay's Frederik Maidana aboard JQ Zarial. Paula Llorens of Chile, riding Sandek, took the bronze medal. Two USA Young Riders participated in the race. McCamey Kimbler finished 13th aboard SB Nazeem, and while Mallory Capps crossed the finish line on Serena Hab, her horse did not pass the final vet inspection. 21 Young Riders started the ride and 13 finished. Uruguay won Team Gold, and Chile took Team Silver.

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US Riders Head to Pan American Endurance Championships

By Kathleen Landwehr

Lexington, KY - Three individuals will represent the U.S. at the Pan American Endurance Championship on September 26. McCamey Kimbler, Mallory Capps, and Mae Chase-Dunn have traveled to Trinidad, Uruguay with Chef d'Equipe Emmett Ross to contest the championship. The Pan American Endurance Championship has divisions for both Senior and Young Riders/Juniors, as the competitors travel 120km in an attempt to earn top honors. 

Seventeen-year-old Kimbler (Aberdeen, South Dakota) will compete in the Young Riders/Juniors division with SB Nazeem, an eight-year-old gelding owned by Haras Santa Barbara. Kimbler has had several top performances this year, beginning 2013 with a third-place finish in the CEIJY2* at the Indian Springs Endurance race. She followed this up by winning two 120km CEIYJ2* races over the weekend in early May at the Spruce Woods Provincial Park. In July, Kimbler finished fourth in the 120km race that was part of the Adequan/FEI North American Junior & Young Rider Championships presented by Gotham North. With top placings under her belt this year, she hopes to have another top performance in Ururguay. 

​Capps, a 19-year-old resident of Cumming, Georgia, will also compete in the Young Riders/Juniors division. She will partner with Alex Robaina's 12-year-old mare Serena Hab. Capps began the 2013 season with a win at FITS in the 90km race, as well as an eight-place finish the following day in the 120km race. In May, she and Serena Hab finished ninth in the CEIJY2* Costa Azul, Canelones in Uruguay. The pair aims for a similar result at the Pan American Endurance Championship. 

​As the sole U.S. competitor in the Senior division, Chase-Dunn (Riverside, California) will ride Chamalu, a 12-year-old gelding owned by Gabriel Alvarez. She has accumulated three fourth-place finishes this year at the Shine and Shine Only, Biltmore Challenge, and Almanor Hustle races.

Great Britain: Endurance challenge comes to Newbury - Full Article

Friday, 27th Sep 2013

Reporter: Malcolm Howe Sports Editor
Contact: 01635 886629

NEWBURY will be hosting its first ladies Endurance long distance horse riding event next year as part of the fifth World Arabian Horseracing Conference.The conference itself will be staged at London’s St James Theatre but the 400 delegates from around the world will be decamping to Newbury for two days on May 31 and June 1 for racing and the endurance run.

The endurance run will see an early morning start from The Racecourse with riders covering 120 kilometres.

Final course details and vantage points have yet to be arranged, but John Robertson of Endurance UK said: We hope to be able to stage the race for international teams of five lady riders aged 14 and up and with seven horses, of which the top three will score...

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Great Britain: Shahkeira Wins Highest Futurity Evaluation Score - Full Article

Equestrian by Kathryn Pearn, September 25, 2013

THE potential endurance horse, Shahkeira, gained the highest score ever awarded to an endurance horse in the 2013 Baileys Horse Feeds/British Equestrian Federation Futurity Evaluation series held at Tall Trees Arena, Camelford.

Jo Claridge from Phoenix Field Arabians, Cardinham, has been breeding horses for 23 years and Shahkeira is out of her mare, Shahlua.

The filly scored 9.23 to emerge with an elite premium indicating that this youngster has the potential and outlook to perform at international level.

"Shahkeira is the sixth foal we've bred from Shahlua and the fifth one by R Ali Bey," said Jo. "Shahkeira's full brothers, Ali Shahrif and Ali Shahmahl did well at the Futurity and Ali Shamahl has just competed in his first pleasure ride..."

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Australia: Howe lost for words - Full Article

John Howe would never know the feeling of scoring a century in an Ashes Test at Lords but winning the Best Managed Horse award at the annual Shahzada ride could come close.

The Green Gully horseman was the “overall winner” of the ultimate endurance event.

He becomes the third local in five years to win the event’s top award after Garry Bennett in 2009 and Sue Todd in 2010.

Howe, who achieved his 10,000 kilometres rug at the Mudgee Endurance Ride in May, was stunned to be named the winner of Shahzada.

“I was absolutely speechless. It was a big surprise,” he said.

“I came to Shahzada hoping to get my ninth buckle because I’m 60 next year and I always want to get my 10th when I turn 60..."

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FNB Namibia Endurance Champs

Submitted by editor on Fri, 08/23/2013 - 14:05.

The annual FNB Namibia Endurance African Championships will be held in Walvis Bay on Wednesday, August 28.

FNB Namibia has supported this event for the past five years and recently announced a sponsorship of N$50 000 for this year’s event.

Ingrid Goeieman, Manager Sponsorships and Donations at FNB Namibia:

“Apart from the fact that this is a sport event and FNB Namibia is the number one supporter of a variety of sporting codes in Namibia, we also appreciate the fact that this event is about endurance, stamina and a never-give-up- attitude,” she said.

“These are all qualities we admire in our staff as well as clients, ranging from SME owners to big corporate clients and we therefore wholeheartedly support such occasions,” she added.

Zelda von Schauroth of Namibia Endurance said:

“Namibia Endurance hosts their 18th flagship event with an expected record amount of entries. Apart from the four Namibian teams, heavy weight, senior standard weight, no weight and young rider teams, there are also teams from South Africa and Botswana. We expect between 180 and 200 horses to depart before sunrise in very misty conditions on a course lit with blinking lights.”

She went on to say that the course this year was very challenging and interesting with the second loop of the 120km being over the notorious Dune 7, a huge challenge for horse and rider.

The third leg is a picturesque loop along the coastline allowing horses and riders to enjoy the welcome sea breeze. An expert panel of veterinarians will be ready to examine horses after every loop of approximately 30km, making sure the horses are fit to continue to the next loop. Should a horse have the slightest signs of lameness or dehydration, the horse would not be declared fit to continue.

Von Schauroth: “Exciting changes were made to the course and the safety of horses and riders were the primary motivation for the changes and riders were relieved that the danger of riding close to the tar road has been eliminated. The tar road to the airport has become extremely busy due to increased mining activities in the area and is therefore a significant danger to competitors. Prevailing winds have also changed the face and ascent of Dune 7. The changes are a great improvement and will certainly enhance the quality of the event.”

The FNB Namibia Endurance African Championships is run under the auspices of the FEI, Federation Equestrian International, the mother body of equestrian sport worldwide. Distances are national rides of 40km and 80 km and FEI distances are 90 km and 120 km.

Namibian Endurance horses have become extremely popular and have attracted many foreign buyers. This has brought about a professional dimension to the sport with owners and trainers becoming more scientific and market related. Interest from foreign clients has also boosted the breeding programs in Namibia and has resulted in the improvement of the full spectrum of the sport and horses.

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Australia: Wagin to host endurance ride - Full Article

Sept. 18, 2013, 10 p.m.
IN October next year Wagin will host the Tom Quilty Gold Cup 100 Mile Endurance Ride.

The Tom Quilty ride is the premier event on the national calendar and the one event that every endurance rider wants to compete in.

Riders leave with pitched excitement at midnight on Friday night, trying to complete the gruelling course before midnight on Saturday. It is a test for both the horse and rider against the terrain and the elements.

Horses are vetted stringently before the ride and along the way at various checkpoints and then at the end of the ride. If all vet criteria is met the horse and rider are deemed fit to continue and ultimately receives the coveted silver buckle for completion.

In 1966 RM Williams organised the first 100 Mile (160km) endurance ride in Australia. At that time he approached his friend Tom Quilty, of Springvale and Bedford Down stations in the Kimberley, to sponsor the ride...

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Statement from FEI President HRH Princess Haya on FEI Governance

Lausanne (SUI), 25 September 2013
Statement from FEI President HRH Princess Haya on FEI Governance
In my first meeting in Lausanne with the FEI Bureau after my election in 2006, I proposed limiting FEI Presidents to two four-year terms. I suggested that reform, which was later adopted as an FEI Statute, because it is essential to ensure fresh thinking and avoid a sense of entitlement within the leadership of an International Sport Federation.
Whilst I very much appreciate and am honoured by efforts of the FEI Regional Group Chairpersons and the National Federations to amend the FEI Statutes to permit me, or any FEI President to seek a third term, my views on the benefits of a two-term limit have not changed since the day I was elected. I love being FEI President. I am passionate about the work and our sport. I love the people I work with at the National Federations and at headquarters.
However, I cannot in good conscience put aside my beliefs and the commitment I made seven years ago now that the term limit I supported applies to me. I am deeply grateful to all the National Federations that favour changing the Statutes to allow me a third term. I am confident they will understand why I feel I must keep my word when my current term ends next year.
I was first elected to this job seven years ago because our National Federations wanted transparency, good governance and change and I promised a transformational presidency. Together, through thick and thin, we have achieved more than 80% of all pledges laid down in my manifesto and programme in an open, democratic and transparent manner. I am so very proud of the people who worked together with me to achieve this.
My focus in my final year in office is on delivering the remaining pledges. I will complete this shared mission with respect, determination and energy — and with the support of the entire community and above all the help from 132 National Federations.
I intend to leave the FEI in November 2014 knowing that our International Federation is fit for the future. I will work as hard as ever towards that goal until my final day in office. And then I will step aside, confident that I have done the right thing.
FEI Media Contacts
Grania Willis
Director Press Relations
+41 78 750 61 42
Malina Gueorguiev
Manager Press Relations
+41 78 750 61 33
Ruth Grundy
Manager Press Relations
+41 78 750 61 45

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Czech Republic: European Championship - Most - Article and photos

by Leonard Liesens

14 September 2013

Sensationalistic story? We all know how much it costs to set-up an endurance championship and how difficult it is to get regular sponsoring. Criticizing the Most championship comes to criticize the organizer. But did he not declare – of course he was pushed by repeated questions from the Belgian Chef d’Equipe- “They pay, so they have the right to receive a special treatment”. Let’s just figure a Grand Prix of showjumping where the obstacles would be lowered by humhm 10cm when the son of the Prince of Wales enters the show ring. Exaggerated… Think about!

Let’s start with the good points, because there were a lot at this championship. The venue of the Most racetrack is superb. A velvet grass which didn’t –surprisingly- killed the mental of the horses as they had to cover one and a half lap of the racetrack at the start of every loop.
Then the vetgate. Perfect. The Veterinarian Committee played its role to perfection. Sympathetic and correct in their judgment.

The grooming area was also of a good level, but only after that the stewards changed the setting by designing corridors to access to the vet-in. Otherwise that would have been a mess. It’s a pity there were not enough stewards for policing and refraining the stables from the Gulf from doing wrong things.

The opening ceremony was fine, except that hundreds of people had to wait one hour, guess why, because Mr the Sheikh of Bahrain was late trying his horse. :?ù#@’ »

The trail was not bad. Of course there were some hazardous places but tell me a place where there aren’t any. Endurance is and should remain an equestrian discipline in open areas with all kind of natural hazards. The rider has always the responsibility to read the trail and slow down if it’s necessary. What was unfortunate was to repeat two times two loops (the yellow of 30km and the green of 19km). Many would love getting the 36km loop (the most technical) as first and second. Anyway… It was the same –at least something- for everybody.

The Chefs d’équipe meetings. Ouch… Did they prepare something or was it just improvisation? There should be computer shops in Most to get a beamer. That would have been soooo easy. Good Lord.

The technical delegate… Come on… Of course, she tried her best taking into account the pressure from the main sponsor. During the litany of speaking all names of riders and horses – go figure, pronouncing Arabian names and Arabian horses names- I thought about the 11th of November celebration. Circulate a printed list, please !

What about the ‘verbal warning’ awarded to Pierre Arnould. What else did he do more than just asking for the complete and strict enforcement of the FEI regulation : equality for all teams, a final list of definite entries, same parking for every team, same grooming space for everyone, alphabetic order of bibs numbers. Indeed the guy has a strong voice and english is not his native language. And if you don’t get a satisfactorily answer, you have to ask again. On top of that, why repeating a second time this global warning ? To get the community of European chefs d’equipe to applause, maybe. Are we heading to a Group of Toulouse Revival ?

Crewing points. Aie… Good that the first point of each loop was cancelled – actually the organizer promised to staff this point with stewards, but we didn’t see anything. On other points, it was a mess –I don’t find a stronger word. We saw some crew members almost fighting. We know it’s not easy but with the sponsoring money, developments could have been possible.
The award ceremony. Can’t say anything. Nobody was informed about which riders (podium, top ten, all) would be awarded. So we went home. Too bad to see a championship deserted before its happy end. Disappointed people didn’t want seeing again the celebration of the open champions. Are we becoming nationalists?

The grooming area. Burlesque. The number and size of water tanks has to be limited. Also the number of grooms. Tarbes (WEC YR) and Sartilly (WEG preride) gave the good example. Why not following? Why not just showing a yellow card at transgression of the rules? It was even decided that the tents should be open an the four sides, to allow stewards to control what's going on inside. Oh yeah, almost forgetting the mess of water bottles and caps all the way along the trail. Europeans grooms waiting for their riders were so pissed that they collected the bottles at every crew point. They should have been paid for the service! You remember the old promotion of endurance : symbiosis between horse and rider, ecological way to discover a region, to complete is to win, fair-play among the sport community... Poor sport.

Back to the sport… Jaume Punti is a big champion. Congrats. He was riding an exceptional horse. He is a great rider and trainer. Despite the stress of the competition and the tension toward the UAE people (his employer), Jaume is the guy who salutes people, asks about you, and gives news about his family. Bravo.

France did a good job, ‘as usual’ would we say. They did nevertheless jockey for position like champions, all the time in the second group whom size reduced loop after loop. What would have been the outcome if JF Francès had believed a little bit more in his chances to catch up with Punti ? He had almost closed the 8min gap. And at the finish it was obvious that Punti’s horse was cantering in slow motion.
Belgium. Our troops first crossed the Berezina then went home (pfft… how the hell translating ‘morne plaine’ referring to Waterloo and getting understood). Pierre Arnould easily admits that his riders tried to follow the front runners, but the horses didn’t cope with this high pace. It’s difficult to gain 2 km/h on his personal record.
Spain won team silver thanks to the well-controlled pace chosen by the four other riders, with the exception of Jaume Punti of course. And what to say about Italy who cruised grouped all the way ? Of course they took profit of the others breaking down. That’s part of the game. Bravissimo.

Will the 2018 World Equestrian Games jump back into Kentucky? - Full Article

FEI to reopen bidding process for 2018 Games

September 23 2013
By Mark Green

Eight countries initially indicated an interest in bidding for the 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games, according to recent world news reports. The countries indicating interest were Canada, Morocco, Austria, the U.S.A., Hungary, Australia, Russia and Sweden.

Australian, Swedish and Russian applications were withdrawn prior to the start of the official bid process, leaving five bidders for the 2018 games – Wellington, Fla., USA; Rabat, Morocco; Bromont, Quebec, Canada; Budapest, Hungary; and Vienna, Austria.

For various reasons, all bidders but Bromont, Quebec, elected to withdraw from the final bidding process.

In July, the FEI rejected the Bromont bid and announced it would reopen the bidding process because Bromont did not provide the necessary financial guarantees on or before the day it was due to be awarded the bid for the 2018 World Games...

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Great Britain: Championship riders go the distance in Cheviot Hills - Full Article

ONCE the preserve of the Border Reivers, the rolling Cheviot Hills rang to the noise of hooves again earlier this month.

But this time with peaceful intent. The annual championships of the Scottish Endurance Riding Club, based at Kelso Racecourse and sponsored by Simple System horse feeds, took riders south-east of the town into the Cheviots for an exhilarating 60km circuit in fine autumn weather.

More than 200 entries were taken for the weekend, which began gently on Friday afternoon with a pleasure ride heading north-west through stubble fields. The real action started on Saturday morning, as riders set off on the flagship class – the two-day 160km ride – and 80km race route...

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Princess Haya of Jordan faces fight to continue as FEI president due to Sheikh Mohammed 'conflict of interest'

By Pippa Cuckson
18 Sep 2013

International Olympic Committee member Princess Haya was elected to the FEI in 2006 on a clean sport mandate, and stood herself down from the disciplinary processes in 2009 while the ruler of Dubai himself was given a six-month endurance ban in connection with a positive steroids test.

But FEI attempts to reduce overall doping offences in endurance — more than 20 positive tests since 2005 involved horses trained in Maktoum family-owned stables — are undermined by “conflict of interest in the highest appointment of the FEI”, says Charles Trolliet, president of the Swiss equestrian federation.

The Swiss and Dutch will now oppose changes in FEI statutes that would allow Princess Haya to stand again when her second term ends in 2014.

This comes after months of lobbying by the Swiss, Dutch, French and Belgians for action over doping and horse injury in Middle East endurance.

Concerns about endurance — in which Sheikh Mohammed is world champion — pre-date the horseracing doping scandal at his Moulton Paddocks racing stables in Newmarket...

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France WEG 2014: Test Event Feedback


Numerous people took part in the three test events in August 2013: the riders and the pacesetters, of course, but also the Normandy 2014 Organising Committee, the discipline managers, the French Equestrian Federation (FFE), the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI), journalists, volunteers, etc. We take a look at what they thought of these events.

Vittoria Panizzon, winner of the Eventing on Merlots Magic:

I’m really delighted. I had never been to Le Pin National Stud before and I really liked the setting as well as the course. I’m sure that the Games will be watched by many people next year. And if we can benefit from the same support and the same atmosphere as last year at the London Olympics, it will be fantastic.

Chester Weber, winner of the Driving:

I was really impressed by the competition venue. There is nothing better than bringing sport to the people, so I’m really happy that the event took place here, in the centre of Caen. I was very impressed with the surface too. I still think that there are a few details to sort out with regard to the surface for the dressage and the cones, but I liked the sand surface a lot. You can tell that the organisers have worked really hard on it.

Jean-Marc Varillon, manager of the Eventing discipline:

The review is positive on the whole: the cross-country course is excellent, the new timing technology works well, the convoy that took the horses from Le Pin National Stud to Caen went smoothly, the members of the Organising Committee and the volunteers worked well together... There are still a lot of things to do in preparation for 2014, but we’re confident.

Nicolas Wahlen, manager of the Endurance discipline:

The hardest thing is done: the route has been approved by the majority of the riders. Nevertheless, the 4 loops ridden in 2013, plus the new loop for 2014, still need to be improved so that the surface is better quality. The race went smoothly thanks to the new timing and pulse-taking technology, as well as the competent and well-respected judges. I would like to thank the competitors, who all got on board with the idea of a more eco-friendly race...

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German completes epic 25,000km ride in Alaska - Full Article

By on Sep 18, 2013

German adventurer Guenter Wamser has completed his epic 20-year ride from Patagonia to central Alaska, ending one of the greatest horseback journeys in human history.

“A few days ago we arrived at our final destination in Alaska,” Wamser told Horsetalk by email.

“This is the end of my long horseback ride from Argentina to Alaska.

“We found a big pasture for the horses, so they got a few days to relax before we travel south to their wintering pasture at a friend’s place in Canada...”

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France wins team gold at European Endurance Champs - Full Article

By on Sep 18, 2013

France has again won team gold at the FEI Open European Endurance Championships, but Jaume Punti Dachs kept the individual title in Spanish hands when he won on Quran El Ulm.

The UAE’s Sheikh Rashid Dalmook al Maktoum won the Open European Individual gold with Yamamah...

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Czech Republic: Dachs keeps it in the family with the European Gold - Full Article

September 15, 2013
By Pamela@horsereporter

September 16, 2013, Most, Czech Republic ~ As the 88 competitors representing 23 countries left the start it was minus the current European Champion, Spain’s Maria Alverez Ponton and her steady champion mount, Nobby. Husband, Juma Punti Dachs, commented that after the recent birth of their third child, Anna, his wife did not currently feel fit enough to compete in a 160km Championship.

From the onset Dachs was up front and with a broad smile he crossed the finish to yet again have the family name on the winners trophy. Riding the 9-year old French-bred grey stallion, Quran El Ulm, he won the Meydan FEI European Championship in 7h 42m 40s ( 20.879kmph). Quran El Ulm (Ulm de Domenjoi x Movoska by Persik)

Another name missing from the line-up was that of HH Sh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, winner of the test ride last year, who is recovering from a leg injury. So the question was could the UAE’s Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri retain his crown of Open European Champion. After a closely fought contest between the Middle East countries it was Sh Rashid Bin Dalmook All Maktoum who stormed ahead to win the Open Gold trophy for the UAE in 7h 24m 44s ( 21.721kmph)...

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Latest drugs scandal casts shadow over Sheikh Mohammed - the most powerful man in racing - Full Article

14 September 2013
by David Yates

Backer: Horseracing would be in dire straits without Sheikh Mohammed's cash

It was back in June 1977 that the John Dunlop-trained Hatta won Brighton’s Bevendene Maiden Stakes to give Sheikh Mohammed his first victory as a racehorse owner.

In the intervening years, the sheikh, his family and associates have won thousands of races — including hundreds at the highest level — and reshaped the landscape of the British turf.

The universally accepted way of viewing the Maktoums’ patronage of racing — not once have I heard contrary sentiments expressed in public — is to see it as nearly four decades of beneficence.

Racing is needy and the Maktoums are wealthy. We are lucky to have them — but, in every relationship, there is a tipping point. On Tuesday, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs announced the seizure of a cache of 124 unlicensed veterinary medicines at Moorley Farm, part of Sheikh Mohammed’s Dalham Hall Stud estate in Newmarket.

Moorley Farm is where endurance horses — who compete in long-distance events of up to 100 miles, held in Britain and all over the world — not thoroughbreds, are housed, so the British Horseracing Authority immediately distanced itself from action.

On Wednesday, the Maktoums’ endurance trainer Jaume Punti Dachs issued a statement to protest there was “nothing sinister” about the affair — although DEFRA has yet to conclude its report, and a criminal investigation by the police remains a possibility...

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Spain: Jauma Punti Wins Gold Medal in European Championship Raid

El Raid Blog - Gabriel Gamiz

[google translation]

September 16 2013

On the official website of the Catalan Federation of Equestrian, have published Jaume Punti triumph in the European Championship 2013 in Most Raid and the Silver Medal won by the Spanish team.

This is the news:

The Jaume Punti, new European champion RAID

The Catalan rider, Jaume Punti, has achieved Gold medal in the European Championships of RAID, which was held during this weekend in the Czech town of Most. In addition to the gold medal, the Spanish team also added the silver medal in a team of Jaume Punti, Laia Muixí and Javier Cervera.

The new European champion, competed on the back of Quran The Ulm, getting make the journey in a time of 7 hours, 42 minutes and 40 seconds, beating Jean-Philippe Frances Qrafik The Majorie and Kamila Kart with Raila des Sables, which finished second and third respectively. The also Catalan Laia Muixí, made a good tournament, finishing in eleventh place, while Javier Cervera, was ranked fourteenth.

For teams, the Gold Medal, would finally for the France, while Spain achieved the silver medal, while the bronze would be for the Italian team.

Source: FCH.
Greetings from Gabriel.

Royal Cavalry shines in Czech endurance race

MOST (Czech Republic) Rider Abdullah Bin Said Al Siyabi astride ‘Punjab’ of the Royal Cavalry, passed the stages of the Europe Open Endurance Championship, held at Most city in Czech Republic. The 160km race saw the participation of 91 riders from 23 countries.

The Royal Cavalry team for the event comprised of five riders, who qualified for the finals of the championship after passing international races, which were organised by the International Federation for Equestrian Sports.

Brigadier Abdul Razaq Bin Abdul Qadir Al Shahwarzi, Commander of the Royal Cavalry, said the participation of the Royal Cavalry at the finals of the Europe Open Endurance Championship is an achievement for the Royal Cavalry as the team was thoroughly prepared to continue its good show at various international events.

He added that six riders from the Royal Cavalry qualified for the World Endurance Championship 2014 to be held in France.

Major Sinan Bin Sulaiman Al Abri, head of the team, said the participation of the Royal Cavalry riders at the Europe Open Endurance Championship came after they passed international races, besides taking part in major European races, which will benefit the technical team to assess the level of the team before participating at the World Endurance Championship 2014.

Oman News Agency

Australia: Saddling up for Biggenden ride - Full Article

16 September 2013
By Ross Kay

In the middle of the bush, miles from anywhere, a track winds through the gum trees and rocky terrain around Biggenden.

Riders on horseback make their way through the course, intent on finishing with a fast time, but also cautious of not pushing the horses too hard.

This is the core idea behind endurance riding; finish the course, but look after the horse.
"Basically you're looking at taking your horses over a set distance and bringing the horse back in a healthy, fit condition," said Brett Wright...

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Australia: Riders muster up strength for long trek - Full Article

By PETER SANDERS Sept. 14, 2013

ENDURANCE riders from around the country competed at yesterday's North-East Equine Endurance Club Aayan Dubai 120-kilometre endurance ride.

Lebrina's Shannon Hill won in what organiser Carolyn Foley described as a ``very fast'' six hours and 38 minutes, from Alex Jones, of Queensland (7:28), and Ellie Maddick, of Railton (8:14).

Ms Foley said that Hill's winning time was a little over an hour more than some people had to take to complete an 80-kilometre ride...

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Spain's Jaume Punti is 2013 European Champion

September 14 2013

Adbulla Ghanim al Marri of the UAE has won the open division of the 160-km 2013 European Championship at Most, Czech Republic, riding Nikos in 6:41.53, at an average of 21.2 km/h. Finishing in second place 18 seconds later was the UAE's Rashid Dalmook al Maktoum, riding Yamamah (Kurrajong Concorde).

Finishing 3rd, and winning European gold, and the European Championship, were Spain's Jaume Punti Dachs, riding Quran el Ulm, in 6:42.28.

Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad al Khalifa of Bahrain finished 4th, riding Dhab, in 6:42.32.

For more coverage, photos and results, see

Friday, September 13, 2013

FEI Endurance Strategic Planning Group Holds First Meeting

By Edited Press Release
SEP 12, 2013

The Endurance Strategic Planning Group, which was set up following a round table session at the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, on July 24, held its first meeting via teleconference on Sept. 10.

The group, chaired by Andrew Finding (GBR), consists of Brian Sheahan, BVSc, MACVSc, (AUS), chairman of the FEI Endurance Committee; Jean-Louis Leclerc (FRA); Saeed Al Tayer (UAE); Joe Mattingly (USA); and the FEI’s Ian Williams (endurance director) and Graeme Cooke, MA, Vet MB, MBA, MCIM, MRCVS, TD (veterinary director).

“Together we reviewed the FEI Bureau’s direction to us and considered the mission statement we have been given,” Finding said. “We have all agreed that we are comfortable with accepting that mission statement and working to achieve the objective which is to create an environment within which athletes compete in the spirit of fair play while horses compete in partnership with human athletes where at all times their welfare is of paramount concern. The mission statement says, ‘The strategic plan for endurance over the decade 2013-2023 will define a global rate of growth for the sport; growth that is manageable and effectively supervised by the FEI and (national federations). Increased levels of participation, more events and improved standards are to be encouraged where all (national federations), athletes, trainers, officials, and organizers adhere to and promote the highest 'Clean Sport' standards and meet the FEI Code of Conduct for the welfare of the horse.’

“This was a really good and positive meeting in which all members of the group provided valuable input with a determined commitment,” he continued. “Every member has undertaken to add detail in their area of special insight and knowledge over the next two weeks. We will review this work when we meet for our first face-to-face session in the first few days of October. Progressively through September and October we will develop the draft strategic 'plan in outline' which we will reveal at the endurance session which will take place on Nov. 6 in Montreux (Switzerland) in the framework of the FEI General Assembly. As we move through our work, Dr. Brian Sheahan and Ian Williams will be consulting the FEI Endurance Committee.”

Sheahan added, “I am very happy. We have already made a big step forward.”

Bahrain: Royal Team ready for European ride

September 13, 2013

BAHRAIN'S Royal Endurance Team is set to compete in the 2013 FEI Open European Championship, scheduled to take place tomorrow in Most, Czech Republic.

Leading the kingdom's riders will be Royal Endurance Team Captain Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa as well as Al Khalidiyah Stables leader Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa.

The ride is 160 kilometres in distance and it will be divided into six stages. The first will be 31km, the second 25km, the third 35km, the fourth 31km, and the final two phases will each be 19km.

Around 90 participants are entered in the event representing 22 countries.

Shaikh Nasser and Shaikh Khalid both arrived at the venue yesterday. They went directly to undertaking their final preparations for the event, which is set to feature many of Europe's leading endurance riders plus many from across the GCC and the rest of the globe.

Shaikh Nasser and Shaikh Khalid both expressed their confidence in Bahrain's riders doing well in tomorrow's ride.

The team has recently been outstanding in their most recent participations across Europe, which included a fine showing in the territory of Normandy in France, where Bahraini ace Raed Mahmoud finished as the overall runner-up amongst an international field of competitors.

Shaikh Nasser and Shaikh Khalid added that the European ride can only be beneficial for the team as they continue to gear up for bigger global races, culminating with the world championships where they hope to be amongst the very best.

Meanwhile, Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation president Shaikh Faisal bin Rashid Al Khalifa is also in Most to attend the event. He said yesterday that the European championship is a great opportunity for Bahrain's Royal Endurance Team to showcase their abilities at a top-class event and wished the entire team, especially Shaikh Nasser and Shaikh Khalid, success in tomorrow's race.

The veterinary examination will take place today in Most, along with the other final preparations for the ride.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Great Britain: Nothing sinister in drugs seizure claims trainer - Full Article

By Tony Smurthwaite 7:25PM 11 SEP 2013

THE endurance trainer at the centre of latest furore to hit Sheikh Mohammed's Newmarket headquarters has insisted that there was nothing sinister about the consignment of 124 unauthorised equine medicines seized by government officials last month.

On the contrary, Jaume Punti Dachs, who trains endurance horses on part of Sheikh Mohammed's Dalham Hall estate at Moorley Farm East in Newmarket, said that Defra's Veterinary Medicines Directorate was concerned only that he had bought them overseas and imported them rather than buying them in the UK.

Punti Dachs and his wife Maria Mercedes Alvarez Ponton compete regularly in endurance sport and claim to expect such official visits. In addition to releasing a statement in which he denied any suggestion of wrongdoing, the trainer listed the names and quantities of medication he had brought in from overseas alongside the equivalent product, some under different trade names, he had ordered later that day and which were delivered to him the following day from the Newmarket Equine Hospital.

His statement read: "My stables in Newmarket was visited by the Defra Authorities in early August, where they searched the premises and found normal medications that I brought to the UK and they confiscated them because they were not licensed in this country...

Read more here:

Great Britain: Rider Ginny Gidley helps South West win 100-mile Celtic Challenge - Full Article

September 12 2013

ENDURANCE rider Ginny Gidley praised her "amazing" horse after they helped the South West team win the Celtic Challenge.

Ginny and Desert Kudos, her super-fit nine-year-old horse, finished sixth in a 100-mile race over the Wiltshire countryside.

In a test of speed and stamina against the best from Wales, Scotland and Ireland, they led Devon and Cornwall to first place overall.

Ginny had trained four times a week to ensure they were ready for the arduous task of crossing the terrain of Barbury Castle.

Racing over two days, they had to cover loops up to 20 miles at a time and pass through various checkpoints where the horses were given stringent health checks.

"It's a bit like marathon runners the way you train," said Ginny...

Read more here:

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Great Britain: Unauthorised medicines seized at Sheikh's stud - Full Article

By Graham Green 4:56PM 10 SEP 2013

SHEIKH MOHAMMED is facing fresh embarrassment following the seizure of 124 medical products, none of which have been approved for use on horses in Britain, at part of his Dalham Hall Stud operation in Newmarket.

Although there is no suspicion the haul was destined for the thoroughbred side of the sheikh's operation, the discovery of so many unauthorised medicines on the premises comes in the wake of the doping scandal earlier this year caused by disgraced Godolphin trainer Mahmood Al Zarooni, since banned from the sport for eight years.

The products, which have not been named, were found at Moorley Farm East, which provides the base within the sprawling estate for the endurance horses owned by members of the Maktoum family...

Read more here:

Czech Republic: Entries announced for European Championship

September 11 2013

Definite entries have been announced for the 2013 Meydan FEI Open European Championship in Most, Czech Republic. 89 riders and horses from 22 countries will start and run for the title of European Champion 2013 on Saturday the 14th.

The race will be 160 km long and will be divided into six phases of 31 km, 25 km, 35 km, 31 km, 19 km, and 19 km.

The race will begin at 6:30 AM. Best Condition judging will take place 3 hours after the finish. The prize giving ceremony will take place Sunday at 11:00 AM.

Great Britain: Meds Seized at Sheikh's Farm Overseas - Full Article

By Claire Novak, @BH_CNovak
Posted: Tuesday, September 10, 2013 1:57 PM

Britain's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has seized 124 veterinary medicinal products not authorized for use in the United Kingdom from a farm in Newmarket housing endurance horses owned by the Maktoum family, the Racing Post reported Sept. 10...

Read more here:

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Great Britain: Raided: Moorley Farm East, Newmarket #DopingInSport

Daniel Kelly Blog - Full Story

September 9 2013

On the back of Horse & Hound’s article published yesterday, I’ve spent most of the day trying to find out further details regarding this flight. However, I seem to have stumbled across something bigger.

While British trainers have been raiding prizes throughout the racing world in recent weeks, DEFRA sent a raiding party of their own to Moorley Farm East, Newmarket.
Moorley Farm East, Newmarket. 124 veterinary medicinal products were seized because they were not authorised in the UK and had not been imported into the UK in accordance with the Regulations. These medicines, in varying quantities, were to be used on horses and included injectables, anaesthetics, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics.

Moorley Farm East is listed on the Directory Of The Turf as part of the Darley Stud Management Company...

Read more here:

Great Britain: Illegal veterinary drugs seized at Stansted Airport - Full Article

5 September 2013
Sophia Heath

A shipment containing thousands of pounds worth of unlicensed veterinary goods — including steroids, bute and anti-inflammatories — was stopped and seized at Stansted Airport at the beginning of the summer (3 May), it has emerged.

The shipment is understood to have contained performance-boosting drugs. They were listed as “horse tack” and brought in on a private plane, which was seized by Border Force officers.

“These medications have the potential to be used to enhance performance in horses, as well as more routine use in general equine practice to combat disease,” said H&H vet Karen Coumbe...

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Monday, September 09, 2013

Endurance race first for Newbury next year - Full Article

Martin Stevens
8 September 2013

A PRESS conference held by the organisers of the HH Sheikh Mansoor bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global Arabian Horse Flat Racing Festival at the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition on Saturday contained news that British racegoers may find interesting.

On May 31 next year, immediately after the three-day World Arabian Horse Racing Conference in London, Newbury will host two Arabian races, including a Listed contest. It is the first time two Arab races have taken place on a thoroughbred card in Britain.

The two races boast purses that put a lot of British contests to shame. £70,000 is on offer for the Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Cup and £30,000 is up for grabs in the HH Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak Al Nahyan Ladies World Championship.

Then, on June 1, in another first, Newbury will also be the scene of the first All Ladies Endurance CEIO Championship...

Read more here:

Spanish Team Confirmed for the European Championship

El Raid Blog - Gabriel Gamiz

Next week will meet in Most, Czech Republic, the whole raid European teams to compete for the gold medal in singles defending Spain and France for equipment. The team, which will reach Most on the 10th, will consist of:

Jaume Punti Dachs with QURAN EL ULM.

Laia Muixi Crusellas with FLYNG TORNADE

María Uriarte Cañellas with RUFO

Angel Soy Coll with FOR-XINXETA

Javier Cervera-Arnedo with STRAWBLADE

Primer reserva: Ibon Alberdi Sanchez with ABANDO AB BAKAR

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Italy and Portugal to host Arabian horse flat racing events - Full Article

Hisham Al Gizouli / 7 September 2013

The Shaikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global Arabian Horse Flat Racing Festival continued its partnership with the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) to sponsor two endurance events in Italy and Portugal, Lara Sawaya, director of the Shaikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global Arabian Horse Flat Racing Festival and Head of the International Federation of Arabian Horse Racing (IFAHR) Ladies races confirmed on Friday.

“Under the directives of Shaikh Mansoor bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, and Shaikha Fatima bint Mubarak, we are delighted to announce the sponsorship of the FEI World Endurance Championship Young Horses, Garda Endurance Cup at the Lago di Garda, Verona, Italy from September 26 to 29 and the Portuguese National Championship as well as the Portuguese Junior & Young Riders National Championship at Atoleiros, Portugal during the period from April 25 to 27, 2014,” Sawaya told newsmen at the Exhibition Centre.

“I would like to thank Princess Haya, wife of His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai; in her capacity as President of the International Equestrian Federation for the great help which she has provided for our move.

“The ultimate objective of the festival is to bring together people from all over the world under one umbrella and extend the image of the Arabian horse in all disciplines, including flat races and endurance championships,” she added...

Read more here:§ion=nationsports

La Garda Endurance Championship for Young Horses Detailed at ADIHEX - Full Article

September 7, 2013
By Pamela@horsereporter

September 6, 2013, Abu Dhabi ~ The fourth day of the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition delivered more in the way of exhibits and entertainment and included a Saluki Dog Beauty Contest, Birds of Prey Show, and a Camel auction.

At a press conference held earlier in the day, the details of the 2013 FEI La Garda Endurance Championship for Young Horses was top on the list. Lara Sawaya, Director of the HH Sheikh Mansoor Global Arabian Horse Flat Racing Festival and Head of International Federation of Arabian Horse Racing Authorities (IFAHR) Ladies Racing announced that the Championship will be held for the first time in Italy, taking place on September 28 along the scenic shore of Lake Garda...

Read more here:

Friday, September 06, 2013

Uruguayan Ride History

El Raid Blog - Full Article

5 September 2013
Gabriel Gamiz

From Uruguay, friends of the Endurance of that great country, where the Equestrian Endurance is a passion, I forwarded this article about the history of Uruguayan raid, so you do not know you do not love, and history must know it to be taken into account and save a respect for those who preceded us in this beautiful hobby riding.

This is the story written by Eduardo Lerena in

"Riders and our raid Amazon

Written by Eduardo Lerena .

100 years ago, October 13, 1913, first gear is disputed equestrian endurance Sarandi Grande - Florida - Sarandi Grande, reason enough to remind riders only two of the thirteen who participated, who completed the course, full of incompetence and ignorance.
The winner of the competition was Amadeo Rodriguez and second place was Eduardo Grajales.

It was two years before, silenced the harsh criticism for the excessive burden on the horses, the second test will be played again, this time to the city of Durazno, resulting Bentancour Coralio winner.

It is impossible to name the thousands of riders who have participated since 1935 to date, but just as we did in "Great horses in history", we feel an obligation and duty to appoint who, in controversial final out the winner of the 1st Raid Equestrian of the modern era, the dean "Battle of Sarandi" Don Eladio Gonzalez Cespedes, who won by a length to the eminent rider Alcides Cassani, the late "Toad", which had the great joy of seeing run the "33 East", being that his last appearance, in which he defended a position far one of his best students, Enrique Arroqui "The Twisty"...

Read more here:

Raid on the Camino de Santiago for Madrid 2020.

El Raid Blog - Gabriel Gamiz

September 4 2013
[google translation]

A Raid Rider, President of the Federation Equestrian Cántabra, Roberto Laherrán, is one of the forty riders that has been implicated in the march "A Horse to Santiago in Madrid 2020", another one of those riders, with horses PRE, are doing the Camino Frances, to reach Santiago, supporting the Madrid 2020 Olympic bid, one hour before the appointment by the Olympic Committee of the 2020 Olympic host.

This is the chronicle published Cántabra Equestrian Federation:
Cantabria present in the challenge: 'A horse Santiago Madrid 2020'

By Federation on September 4, 2013 20:12 News

The president of the Cantabrian Federation Equestrian, Roberto Laherrán, between 40 horsemen and horse riding representing the Spanish who are walking the Camino de Santiago to support the Madrid 2020 Olympic bid.

The French Way of Santiago has been the route chosen by the Spanish Equestrian Federation (FEI). Reach Santiago Square on September 6, just hours before the IOC makes known its decision.

On September 7 is the date marked on the calendar of many Spanish. That day the Hilton Hotel in Buenos Aires will host the International Olympic Committee session in which the agency will designate the host city of 2020 Olympic Games. A race in which Madrid is facing the cities of Istanbul (Turkey) and Tokyo (Japan). To help achieve that result the elected Spanish capital, the FEI has launched, through the Department for the Promotion of Equestrian Tourism in Spain-an unprecedented move in the industry.

On August 30, 40 horsemen and women have gone from across the country for the Camino de Santiago with French purebred Spanish horses. On September 6, on arrival at the Plaza del Obradoiro, accede to the Cathedral to ask the Holy his intercession on behalf of the Madrid 2020 Olympic bid.

This initiative was created as a public show of support for the achievement of this dream and is headed by different territories of Spain linked to horses. Indeed, in a year in which the pilgrimage route has emerged as the great symbol of Spanish rural tourism boom, surpassing all expectations and hovering around 200,000 visitors.

On the other hand, the FEI and its Department intended to use the occasion to promote equestrian tourism in Spain and the Camino de Santiago, whose route from Valencia has been the first to obtain approval code equestrian IE-016 number. Equestrian tourism is a growing activity, which in the years to assist in the economic recovery of the regions with approved equestrian routes.

The initiative also involved various collaborating organizations, the organizing committees of major equestrian events are held every year in Spain and all regional federations. They have been involved in the design aspects of the project, setting path or the attainment of the necessary infrastructure. In short, we have shown as an example of interregional collaboration with one goal in mind: to show support throughout the equestrian sector the Madrid 2020 bid.

Have a nice way and those horses PRE take them to the foot of the Saint to intercede with the IOC to Madrid will host the 2020 Olympics.

Greetings from Gabriel.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Multiple Endurance Champion Nobby Heads European Championship Nominations

September 5 2013

Multiple World and European Champions Maria Alvarez Ponton and the incomparable Nobby of Spain head the list of the nominations for the 2013 Meydan FEI Open European Championships to be held in Most, Czech Republic on 14 September 2013.

Most popular with endurance fans around the world, Alvarez and Nobby won the World Endurance Championships in Malaysia in 2008 and in Kentucky in 2010; the European Championship in Assisi, Italy in 2009, and the European Championship in Florac, France in 2011. In their last race, the pair finished a close 4th in the 2012 World Championship at Euston Park, Great Britain.

25 countries will be represented.

The French will bring their habitual strong team, this year consisting of Virginie Atger, Jean Philippe Frances (2007 European Champion on Hanaba du Bois), Julien Lafaure, Melody Theolissat and Philippe Tomas.

Malaysia brings a contingent led by His Majesty Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin.

Valerie Kanavy will be the lone rider representing the USA on Priceless Gold. The gelding most recently finished 10th in June in the 160-km CEI*** Dillingen race with Gabriela Forster aboard.

See the nominations:

To follow the race see

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Monpazier Raid Chronicle - France

El Raid Blog - Gabriel Gamiz

Good results of the binomial Spanish in Monpazier Equestrian Raid (FRA). Test run on this past weekend, on 30, September 31 and August 1, where we have run a series of tests CIS.

This is the chronicle of Equestrian:

"Victoria de Oier Etxenike in France

Oier Etxenike completed a superb weekend in Monpazier: Friday was fifth in the CEI2 * riding "Hodei", while Saturday won the CIS * with "Foque de Quijas”". In the various French tests dozens of Spanish competed.

On Friday August 30 ran in France CEI2 * Monpazier, a test of 130 kms. which had among its 73 participants to 12 Spanish. Riding "Hodei" which debuted in the distance, Oier Etxenike was fifth, with an average speed of 19.98 km. / Hr. (25.72 kms. / Hr. In the fourth and final phase).

The test was won by the Emirati Rashid Mohd Ibrahim Al Baloushi, who made an average of 20.26 kms. / Hr. with the horse Extremadura "Bucanero". Besides Etxenike, which last year was second in this race with "Farad", were classified four Spanish: Ander Mato (23 º with "Kin"), Aiora Urkiaga (29th with "Hiaben"), Olatz Areitio (30th with "Ainhoa ​​Catharilis") and Miguel Astiz (40 ° on "Lan Bugati").

The next day was even happier to Etxenike, as the Gipuzkoa and "Foque de Quijas" were imposed on 39 rivals in the CIS *, with an average of 19.62 kms. / Hr. (24.54 km. / Hr. On the third and final phase.) Among the 24 was also classified Eulalia Gonzalez (16th with "Polo de Galeon").

The CIS3 * (39 classified 66 participants) was won by Cecile Totain locally, with the former Alex Luque mare "Koheilan Kincso" (18.45 kms. / Hr.). Eulalia Gonzalez also qualified in this test, it was 14th on "Gazal Biborka". Laia and Agda Muixí were 25th and 26th with "Tbo Rematador" and "Vaincre Kossack" respectively, while Rachel Pratcorona was 32nd ("Erika"), and Xabier Aitor Unanue, 34 ("Ab-Zita").

Finally, in the CEI2 * 2 × 70 (31/47), won by local Sebastien Miermont and "Badra d'Aiza" (19.69 km. / Hr.) Were classified Xavier Maxenchs (7th with "Killa de Masferrer ") and Juan Carlos Ruiz de Villa (17th with "Rohf Joram").

Click on the following link to view the results: CIS Monpazier."

Source: Equestrian Online.
Greetings from Gabriel.

European Championship in Most, Czech Republic

by Leonard Liesens

There will be finally three teams coached by Belgians at this championship. Of course, Belgium will be managed by his indefatigable Pierre Arnould. The chef Belgian d'equipe for Netherlands is since a few years dressed in orange (Emile Docquier). And for the first time the viking amazons will be lead by (how to present myself... your writer...) Leonard Liesens.

Arnould said that "we present a reviewed team with for the first time a rider from Flanders". Belgium has changed several horses from the team staffed at Euston Park. The five at Most will be : Karin Boulanger (Anouk de Rendpeine Ewalraid), Pietro Di Geronimo (SD Mengali), Martine Luyckx (Akrevpa Adisha), Celine Maquet (Quick des Sauvlons) and Maritza Pereira (Bidjanne).

On the other (northern) side of the border, the Dutch have to perform well "if we want to keep getting the support of our federation" said Emile Docquier. "A fifth place at the team ranking is almost necessary" he continues. So big pressure on the shoulders of the four amazons and the unique male of the team: Marly van Ditzhuyzen with her stallion Eenhoorn's Dahman, Carmen Romer and the Belgian mare Oceane d'Havenne, Janet Van Wijk on Zaira Star, Marijke Visser with another Belgian horse Wamid and the only man in the team Theo Heldens riding D-Prodigy.

Regarding Norway, that will be the first time that the country enters a full team. The 'new coach effect' ??? "It is for sure anyway that the Norwegian endurance is surfing on the wave and just a bit of luck mixed with a higher rigour and here we are". Our main rider Olaug Carstensen owns five 160 km-qualified horses. One (Opal, Shagya) will be ridden by the junior rider Jeanne Holum. Olaug can still (until definite entries) choose between Yassir II (winner in Germany) or Al Thaka (winner at Ermelo). Ellen Suhr brings the experience thanks to her long career at international level and she will be riding the good but sometimes complicated Shah Nahim (winner in Estonia). Another experienced rider is Tonje Danielson with her horse that completed Florac 2011. And the new one, Mariann Seglem who qualified at Ermelo with Mynt.

So just ladies, and just strong personalities... hopefully they will listen :-)

Regarding France, once again the riders from the Hexagon will be the biggest contenders for the gold. They are : Virginie Atger / Milah de Jalima - Jean Philippe Frances / Qrafik la Majorie - Julien Lafaure / Phaena Cabirat - Melody Theolissat / Azelle de Jalima - Philippe Tomas / Quotien Persky.

Read horse rider wins bronze for GB in Belgium endurance contest - Full Article

Teenage equestrian Kate Atkinson is riding high after winning a bronze medal with the Great Britain team in a top European endurance event.

Kate (15) from Read, was the youngest in a four-strong team in the FEI European Young Rider Endurance Championships at Mont le Soie, in Belgium, where 19 national teams were competing on a super-tough 120-km Ardennes mountain route. It was Britain’s first junior medal win in the competition in 15 years.

Kate’s determined performance, riding her 13-year-old bay Arab gelding Vanash to 23rd place overall helped the GB team to clinch bronze as one of the only three teams to have the required minimum three riders complete the course.

Team mates Carri-Ann Dark and Beth Langley, both in their last year of junior competition, came in 14th and 18th. France won gold and Italy silver...

Read more here:

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

High-powered group to look at future of endurance - Full Article

By on Sep 03, 2013

An FEI committee has been named to draft a road-map to prosperity for the fast-growing sport of endurance, following unease among some national federations over fracture rates and drug infractions in the Middle East.

The FEI has named its Endurance Strategic Planning Group, which follows on from the Round Table meeting held late in July to discuss endurance concerns.

The new group has been tasked with developing a strategic plan for endurance to cover the next decade...

Read more here:

Australia: Jolly ride for equine endurance race - Full Article

3 September 2013

MORE than 60 endurance riders gathered at Santarena Park on August 24 for the annual Jolly Lette Memorial Endurance Ride.

The North East Endurance Equine Club ran the event which saw Ellie Maddick riding Davlyn Park Camille cross the line in 5 hours 2 minutes to claim first middleweight, best-condition middleweight and first across the line.

The prize for the first junior and best-condition junior went to Sarah Parker riding Moment, who finished in 5:27...

Read more here:

Great Britain: Beccy Broughton Withdraws from the European Endurance Championships

2nd September 2013

Press release from Holdsworth PR: Very sadly, Beccy Broughton Booker has been forced to withdraw from the British team for the FEI European Endurance Championships 2013.

Beccy stated, “It is with regret and disappointment that I will have to withdraw Tawmarsh Muharram (Mayday) and myself from the team travelling to Most for this year’s European Endurance Championships. After a very successful 80km training ride complete with full vetting and vet gates he unfortunately pulled out of the stable slightly lame yesterday (Thursday 28th August) morning. My vet, Derrick Grantham, visited during the day and has diagnosed a suspected deep flexor tendon injury to be confirmed with a scan in several days’ time. I am bitterly disappointed as Mayday felt fit and strong and his recoveries during training were excellent. I wish the team at the Championships all the very best”.

Chef d’Equipe, Annabelle Scofield said, “We are now taking a team of three to the Championships and we will do our utmost to help the riders get the team round. The withdrawal of Beccy does narrow our chances of team completion but we will all do our very best. With that in mind we will be travelling out to the Czech Republic with a positive outlook and it will be good experience ahead of WEG next year”.

Chair of selectors, Di Latham said, “It is always disappointing and sad when a selected combination is unable to go to a Championship. As horses are living creatures capable of injury, it is never a given until passing the initial vetting. All our riders do their best to bring their horses to the start line in the best possible condition of fitness and health, but sometimes things do not go according to plan. Beccy was delighted to have been selected, a culmination of a lot of hard work to achieve the ultimate goal. It is not to be for this year, but the selectors would like to thank Beccy for her commitment and honesty and doing all that has been asked of her. We wish Tawmarsh Muharram a speedy recovery to full fitness again, ready to challenge for a place on the Team for WEG in 2014”.

2013 Brazilian Championships

31 August 2013

Maria Vitoria Liberal Lins won the 28th CEI 3* 160-km Brazilian National Championship at Fazenda Olhos D'Agua, Caetanópolis, Minas Gerais, Brazil, on 31 August 2013. Riding RSC Burbara, the duo completed the course in first place, 6 seconds ahead of Rafael Sabino Salvador, riding SM La Turca. Third place Newton Lins Filho riding Quick Girl HEB crossed the finish line 4 seconds later.
The winners averaged 19.21 km/h. There were 18 starters and 7 finishers. SM La Turca won Best Condition.

In the CEI 2* 120-km Championship, Leonardo de Carvalho Barbosa finished first riding Ayalla HNP, who also received the Best Condition award. Averaging 19.3 km/h, the pair finished 4 minutes ahead of second place Thiago Freitas Martins and RSC Natacha. Pedro Godinho riding La Barca Endurance finished 3rd, with Jose Carlos Alves riding Falbalah do Bom Viver in 4th. Five of 14 starters completed the race.

For complete results, see:

Monday, September 02, 2013

World Championship Young Horses at La Garda, Italy

On September 28, the World Championships for Young Horses will take place along the scenic shores of Lake Garda and the breathtaking landscape of Parco Giardino Sigurta' in Valeggio sul Mincio. This is the the first time this event will be held in Italy.

Team UAE make a clean sweep to clinch Endurance Cup honours in Italy - Full Article

Kelly Ann Clarke / 1 September 2013

Team UAE reigned victorious on Saturday at the Horse Country Endurance Cup held in Sardinia, Italy – a first for the autonomous Italian region – with Dubai-based horses and riders snapping up the top three places of the tough 120-km race.

With competitors from the UAE, Italy, Spain, Great Britain and Algeria all vying for the top spot, it was the strength and agility of His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai’s; horses that proved winner worthy.

Crossing the finishing line first at 14.08pm – nine and a half minutes ahead of the runner up and just over six hours after setting off – was Saeed Mohammed Khalifa Al Mehairi from MRM Stables in Dubai. Wearing the number 15 jersey and riding Qaid Larzac, Al Mehairi had a tense wait to confirm his winning position as the vets checked over the horse, but as the thumbs up were given, the rider and his team erupted into cheers and began throwing water over each other in celebration...

Read more here:§ion=sportstalk

Want to learn the skills you need to take on the Mongol Derby? The Mongol Derby Academy 2024 will take place from 25th July 2024 to 31st July 2024. The Mongol Derby Academy is desi...