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Poland: Endurance Season 2007 Recap - Full story

Endurance season 2007: a few bright marks albeit a crisis

Author: Maciej Kacprzyk | 2007-12-10

The 2007 endurance season in Poland has come to an end. Contestant-and-horse pairs bravely took on the long kilometers during 10 events: one of international rank (Warka), four labeled as All-Polish (thrice in Koczek and once in Bieruń) and five regionals (Gieniusze, Zabajka, Bieruń). A couple of events scheduled in the calendar did not come to pass, including an international competition in Ciosny near Łódź. There were also problems with the attendance, only the Polish Championships in Warka drew a larger number of contestants and horses.

This year in the riders’ ranking, composed by the website which adds up points for each start using the same method for the last 4 years, 48 riders were classified. The winner was Beata Dzikowska from KJ Champion, who gained 454,9 points (with three completed events). Second came Kamilia Kart, also from KJ Champion, who scored 452,8 points (with five completed events). The third place belonged to Marcin Tobiasz from JKS Pogórze, who achieved 432,2 points (with two completed events). Among the juniors and young riders the highest classified contestant was Olga Ciesielska from KJ Champion Łódź – placing ninth in the general classification with 222,9 points for three completed events.

In the horses’ ranking, composed using the same rules as the riders’ ranking, 54 horses were classified. The most points were gathered by Cyryl 1995 (Sinus – Cyrla by Algomej), bred by Kurozwęki, who scored under Beata Dzikowska. Together they grabbed the silver medal of the Polish Senior Championships, among others. The second place belonged to Ester 1994 (Wermut – Eskadra by Algomej), bred by Kurozwęki, who competed under Kamilia and Marcin Tobiasz. It is worth to mention that Ester and Marcin Tobiasz were the only Polish pair who completed the 160 km ride this year. At third spot we find Shanokk 1998 (Santos – Sinjah by Eskan), bred by Saleska Arabians (DE), who gained his points under Olga Ciesielska and Kamila Kart.

In the young horse championships, which for many years have been compiled by Ewa Szarska, 19 horses were classified in all (six 4-year-olds, four 5-year-olds and nine 6-year-olds). The young horse classification is based taking into consideration marks from the veterinary card and the length of the race, while the 6-year-olds also have the additional factor of speed.

And so the 4 year old classification was won by the Kabardian gelding Neron under Patrycja Bereznowska.

In the 5 year old age group the winner was the pure bred Arabian mare Pisarka (Pesal – Pytia by Pepton), bred by A. Wójtowicz, under Maciej Kacprzyk (author of the article). This robust mare, after a very successful season, was purchased by Dorota Krzywicka, who plans a further sport, as well as breeding career for her.

Among the 6-year-olds the top spot was occupied by the Małopolska breed gelding Koral under Maja Kijowska.

Summarizing the 2007 season we must say that there was as much crisis as during the last two years. Few contestants, few horses, neglect from the organizers – these are the problems that have haunted this equestrian discipline for years. The positive aspects are the numerous and successful starts of our contestants abroad – anyone who was able to tried their luck in Germany, Holland, France, Slovakia or Hungary. These results can be considered as the most valuable:

- 2nd and 3rd place over 100 km in Ermelo (Holland) by Beata Dzikowska on the mentioned Cyryl and Dorota Krzywicka atop the Małopolska breed Sahib (by Grandorr oo),
- 2nd place over 160 km at the event in Topolcianky by Marcin Tobiasz atop Ester
- 45th place at the Young Horses’ World Championships by Ewelina Preis atop Ashmin 1999 (Fawor – Aktorka by Embargo), bred by Z. Górski, who after a successful performance was sold to France.

Also the Senior Polish Championships, won in style by Sebastian Karaśkiewicz atop Grand 1997 (Entyk – Greczynka by Etogram), bred by Kurozwęki, can be considered successful. Their level was indeed high.

For the upcoming year three All-Polish events have been initially planned (April – Gieniusze, May – Ciosny, October – Koczek) and two bearing an international rank: in Ciosny (Young Riders’ and Juniors Championships) and in Warka (Senior Polish Championships). I personally still lack such places as Janów Podlaski or Białka on the endurance event map. As a comparison the stud in Babolna, which has been organizing international events for a couple of years now, will organize the Young Riders’ and Juniors European Championships in 2009.

The overall picture of endurance after the 2007 season is not heartwarming, but among the chaos of amateurism and mishaps it is possible to notice some bright marks, which allow for some cautious optimism. Endurance rides, being the quickest developing equestrian discipline in the world, are simply destined for success, especially in Poland – a country renowned for not just beautiful, but also valiant Arabian horses.


New Mexico CEI*** - USA and UAE take top FEI honors

Photo: Sheikha Madiya Bint Hasher al Maktoum
New Years in New Mexico - Las Cruces CEI***
by Endurance.Net, December 31

Valerie Kanavy and King Ali Gold finished first at the Las Cruces CEI*** held December 30. After missing the trail in the dark and repeating most of the first loop, Kanavy and Ali worked their way up all day with steady progress on the trail and fast recoveries at the vetchecks, to overtake the leaders and finish well in front.

Sheikha Madiya Bint Hasher Al Maktoum was the top finishing foreign rider on Faberge (owned by Flight Leader Farm) with a 2nd place finish in the FEI division. Sheikha Madiya exhibited her 'Get Tuff or Die' farm motto as she rode the final loop with her left eye bandaged as a result of wind blown on an earlier loop.

Abdul Hamil from Malaysia and Kiyoshi Ozawa from Japan rounded out the foreign rider finishes in 4th and 5th place. His Royal Higness Mizan Zainal Abidin of Malaysia competed on the beautiful Dashing Lady but lameness at mile 50 forced his retirement.

The unusually cold temperatures and sandy tracks that became deeper as the day progressed took their toll on horses and riders at this ride with a 23% completion rate in the FEI 100 mile ride. The overall completion was 42% including the non-FEI division.

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Bahrain: First Women's Endurance Race Set - Dec 30 2007 - Full Story

The first women's endurance horseride race, to be organised by the Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation (Breef), will be flagged off on Saturday at 6am at the Bahrain International Endurance Village in Sakhir.

The event, to be held under the patronage of the National Guard, will be over 100 kms split into four stages. The first two stages will be over 30 kms each, the third stage will be over 25 kms and the fourth 15.

A men's race over 100 kms and two qualifying events over 85-kms and 60-kms which will be open to new riders and horses will also be held simultaneously.

The championship is being organised following directives from Breef president Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa. The federation organised a similar women's race last season.

The federation has already received several entries, including a few from the Kingdom's Stable from Saudi Arabia who will be taking part in this event for the second year.


The women's team include Alya'a Al Huwaiti, Latifa Al Shaikh, Noora Al Yousif, Sara Baban and team head Najeeb Al Burjus.

The Saudi team will be sponsored by the Kingdom Holding Company chairman Prince Al Waleed bin Talal.

Registration will continue till Friday.

Meanwhile, the organising committee approved the technical and judging teams for the championship.

The judging committee will be headed by Abdulsamad Al Busta and includes Ghalib Al Alawi, Haider Al Zo'bi, Ali Ghuloom and assistant judge Haider Rafii.

The official commissioner is Mohammed Dadulla who will be assisted by Mahmood Abdulsaheb and Fahad Al Rumaihi.

Dr Abbas Al Haiki was named head of the veterinary committee which includes Ibrahim Yousef, Abu Obaida Adam, Mohammed Al Hammad, Mohammed Safi, Khalid Ahmed, Adam Sabeel, Abdulrahman Abulshook, Farida Abdulrazzaq, Sabad Al Ka'ab, Mirghani Jelani and Ahmed Dhaif.

Dubai: Redha Trimuphs - Dec 30 2007 - Full Story

By Amith Passela

30 December 2007

DUBAI — Layla Abdul Aziz Al Redha celebrated an early New Year gift when Foxtrott 42 (WFA Foxtrot) won yesterday’s Shaikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Challenge Round-1 for private stables and individuals here at the Dubai International Endurance City.

The 10-year-old Arabian gelding completed the 100-kilometre race in just over four hours to beat Hamad Ibrahim Al Marzouqi on Fareed by more than half-a-minute. Rashid Saeed Al Kamda finished third after leading the race until the halfway mark of the final 12-kilometre loop on 12-year-old Anglo Arab gelding Sham Zhangira.

Layla, who claimed a similar prize earlier at the Boudthib Endurance Village on the same horse, revealed it was her horse that carried her to victory than she trying to win the race on him.

Layla said, “Honestly I was quite satisfied to settle for second place, but he didn’t want to. He’s a champion, and my champion and my best friend. He’s always given 100 per cent. This is the fastest time he has ever clocked over the distance and it was he who took me to first past the winning post than me trying to win the race.”

Layla enjoyed some good fortune on her last victory when she awarded the race in Boudthib after the first two horses to cross the finish line were vetted out for metabolic and lameness respectively. It was a different story this time around. She took up the running on the final three kilometers stretch of yesterday’s race to beat the field fair and square for the prize, a Nissan Patrol, handed over to her by Shaikh Saeed bin Hamdan Al Maktoum.

“This prize is definitely for my dad (Abdul Aziz Al Redha),” she gleamed. “He’s helped me all the way and has done a wonderful job in keeping this horse in great shape. He deserves every bit of the success we have had today.”

Abdul Aziz Al Redha, the owner and trainer of the horse, and himself an accomplished horseman, added, “Foxtrott 40 has been in training with us for the last four years and has run consistently in every race. He was third in this race last year, and has now won three times and been placed in all his 11 career starts.” The season’s second race for private stables and individuals drew 51 entries, and Layla was with the lead group from the onset. She was seventh at the end of the opening 31-kilometre loop and was second behind Kamda in the next two loops.

Kamda admitted his horse got tired on the final loop of the race. “He was traveling well until it came to the business end. I still think he ran a big race and was beaten by two better horses on the day.”

Results of the top 7 finishers: 1. Layla Abdul Aziz Al Redha, 4hrs 01 min 17 sec, Foxtrott 40 owned by Abdul Aziz Al Redha; 2. Hamad Ibrahim Al Marzouqi, 4.01.50, Fareed (Al Ain Stables); 3. Rashid Saeed Al Kamda, 4.05.30, Sham Zhagira (Saeed Al Kamda); 4. Saif Naser Al Falasi, 4.36.49, Lautaro (Al Ain Stables); 5. Saif Hamoud Al Shamsi, 4.41.42, Sheikh Acus (Al Faisal Stud); 6. Mansoor Ibrahim Ahmad, 4.42.47, Tio Elmo (Saeed Al Kamda); 7. Mubarak Awad Al Khatiri, 4.45.18, Klinger (Mubarak Awad Al Khatiri).

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Bahrain: Royal Victory

Bahrain: Gulf News Article

December 16
ROYAL Endurance Team captain Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa was crowned champion of the senior race while Abdulla Al Khatri notched the junior title yesterday in the National Day Endurance Horseride Championship at the Bahrain International Endurance Village in Sakhir.

More than 80 riders from Bahrain and Jordan took part in the inaugural race of the season which featured 120-km races for both senior and juniors besides two qualifying races open for new riders and horses.

Sponsored by Batelco, the main races were divided into five stages with 30 kms set for the first two stages, 25 kms for the third, 20 kms for the fourth and 15 kms for the fifth and final stage.

Shaikh Nasser, the Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation (Breef) president, astride Omsura Nasrohn, clinched the top prize, worth BD4,000, in five hours, 41 minutes and nine seconds.

Shaikh Nasser was just seven seconds ahead of Mohammed Al Dawadi, also of the Royal Endurance Team, who came second on Rebound among 48 riders.

The Royal Endurance Team rounded off the podium with Jaffar Merza finishing third in 5:41.22 on Mexico.

In the junior race with 23 riders in the fray, Al Khatri, astride Nekir Des Vernes, completed the race in 5:45.27, to bag the top prize of BD3,000. Mohammed Al Hasan was second in 5:05.52 and Fahad Sulaiman third in 6:14.14.

Royal Jordanian Equestrian Federation president Princess Alia bint Al Hussain, who arrived in Bahrain specially for this event, presented the trophies.

His Majesty King Hamad also witnessed part of yesterday's races. His Majesty was welcomed by Shaikh Nasser, Breef first vice-president Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Breef endurance committee chairman Shaikh Faisal bin Rashid Al Khalifa, federation officials and other riders.

His Majesty also met Princess Alia


Name of the horse within brackets:

Seniors: 1 Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa (Omsura Nasrohn, 5:41:09); 2 Mohammed Al Dawadi (Rebound, 5:41:16); 3 Jaffar Merza (Mexico, 5:41:22); 4 Singh Soong (Hurst Star, 5:41:58); 5 Sameer Singh (Shalum, 6:01:45); 6 Ahmed Al Ruwaie (Lorman Lorrane, 6:02:08); 7 Raed Mahmood (Djid De Bozouls, 6:15:39); 8 Subhi Jawarsheh (Bull, 6:37:54); 9 Alan Lyon (Max, 7:00:41).

Juniors: 1 Abdulla Al Khatri (Nekir Des Vernes, 5:45:27); 2 Mohammed Al Hasan (Hirouste Outlaw, 6:06:52); 3 Fahad Sulaiman (Al Hafeez, 6:14:14); 4 Ahmed Al Gaoud (Sumara, 6:28:12); 5 Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalid Al Khalifa (El Khar, 6:47:21).

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UAE: Cupid strikes for Ali Khalfan

Gulf News Article
Abdul Rahman/Gulf News
Winner Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri in action during the National Day Cup at Al Wathba Endurance Village in Abu Dhabi.

By M. Satya Narayan, Staff Reporter
Published: December 16, 2007, 01:03

Abu Dhabi: Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri partnered the seven-year-old Cupid to his third National Day Cup triumph and in the process rewrote the record books with the fastest time in a 120-km endurance ride.

The Nakheel-sponsored three-star FEI endurance ride at the Emirates International Endurance Village attracted almost all the top horses in the country and, after a fascinating contest over five stages and 120km, Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri, on Cupid, finished ahead of UAE champion Yousef Ahmad Al Beloushi on Estaban with Pan Arab Games double gold medallist Shaikh Mayed Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, on Omani Iman, in third place.

The winning time of 4hrs 32mins 46secs at an average of 26.40 km/h broke the earlier record held by Yousef Ahmad when he clocked 4: 39.10 on Jibbah Enog during the Damas Championship held at this very venue on January 20.

Ali Khalfan, who had finished second twice behind Yousef this season, finally struck at the prestigious National Day Cup, winning it for the third time for Al Wathba Stables.

Thani Mohammad Al Muhairi and Hassan Bin Ali, two other winners this season, finished fourth and fifth respectively - a perfect ending to one of the strongest-ever fields of riders and horses among the 112 pairs who started.

With Ali Khalfan on Cupid, the best bet from Al Wathba Stables, Yousef Ahmad on Esteban, winner of last year's National Day Cup ride and the Bab Al Shams ride earlier this season, Shaikh Mayed on Omani Iman, winner of the Pan Arab gold medal and Hassan Bin Ali on Blackheath Kira, winner of this season's opening ride, along with some of the top riders and runners in the UAE, yesterday's contest witnessed one of the fastest ever final loops too.

Ali Khalfan led Yousef Ahmad by about 31 seconds as they set out on the final loop of 16 kms.

Twice earlier it was Yousef Ahmad who edged out Ali Khalfan to second place but yesterday the Al Wathba rider gained sweet revenge on the Al Reef champion.

Ali Khalfan on Cupid recorded a speed of 35.78 km/h on the final loop and though Yousef on Estaban did a faster loop averaging 35.98, the small lead came in handy in giving the bearded Al Wathba rider his third National Day Cup victory.

Ahmad Al Jaziri of Nakheel, Adnan Sultan Al Nuaimi of ADEC and Lara Sawaya of Tasweeq gave away the trophies and also picked Afghan national Gafour Jan as winner of the Kia car in the raffle for spectators.

"I just wanted a lead of about a minute going into the final loop and the 31 seconds helped. It made the others go faster to try and catch me while I waited and then made my final run," said the experienced Ali Khalfan.

Chile : Las Brisas Santo Domingo

Posted by Endurance.Net
December 15, 2007

photo: RICARDO ARCAYA on DON PANCHO winning the 160km event

Las Brisas Santo Domingo Endurance Ride, CEI**/*** was held near the Pacific coast of Chile on December 7. Over 120 horses entered the ride in all of the divisions. The event was also FEI sanctioned, and was attended by a contingent of Malaysian riders seeking to qualify riders and horses for the 2008 World Endurance Championship.

Malaysian rider Dato Kamaruddin finished the 160km distance in second place, and his horse Navidad earned the Best Condition award.

More: results and Endurance.Net coverage

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Bahrain: Endurance race offers BD30,700 prize money

Bahrain Gulf Daily News
Saturday, December 15

A TOTAL prize-money of BD30,700 is up for grabs in today's 120-kilometre National Day Endurance Horseride Championship which begins at 6am at the Bahrain International Endurance Village premises in Sakhir.

The top 15 riders in the junior and senior races will receive cash prizes. The winner of the junior race will get BD3,000, runner-up BD2,000, third-placed rider BD1,500 fourth-placed BD1,200 and the fifth placed BD1,000.

In correspondent figures in the senior races are BD4,000, BD3,000, BD2,500, BD2,000, BD1,500 while the sixth placed rider will receive BD1,000.


Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation (Breef) president Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa will lead riders from Bahrain and Jordan in this event being sponsored by Batelco.

Also taking part is Breef first vice-president Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa.

Both Shaikh Nasser and Shaikh Khalid will take part in the senior race which will see a total of 48 riders in the fray while 23 entrants are confirmed for the junior race.

Royal Jordanian Equestrian Federation president Princess Alia bint Al Hussain has arrived specially for this event.

The race's judging and technical committee will be headed by Breef general secretary Ghalib Al Alawi, and includes Abdulsamad Al Busta, Haider Al Zo'bi and Ali Ghuloom.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Strong field likely for National Day Cup - Dec 12 2007 - Full story By M. Satya Narayan, Staff Reporter
Published: December 12, 2007, 23:32

Abu Dhabi: The starting line-up for Saturday's Nakheel-sponsored National Day Cup endurance ride could end up as one of the largest ever for an endurance ride with over 150 riders having provisionally entered.

Among those who have entered is Shaikh Mayed Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the winner of the individual as well as team gold at last month's Pan Arab Games in Cairo.

Final list

Addressing a press conference here yesterday, Adnan Sultan Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club said, "As of now we have over 150 entries and this could increase. However the final list of starters will only be known after the pre-ride veterinary check. But we do expect one of the largest fields of riders for this event which is now an important one in the UAE season."

The FEI three-star ride, which will be held at the Emirates International Endurance Village (EIEV) in Al Wathba in Abu Dhabi, will be contested over five stages of 32kms, 30kms, 24kms, 18kms and 16kms.

Ahmad Al Jaziri, Nakheel's Senior Manager, Events & Sponsorship, said Nakheel was getting involved for the third time with an endurance ride at the Emirates International Endurance Village.

"This is the second time we are supporting the National Day Cup and this is a matter of pride for us. The response to the event has been terrific and we are glad to be involved with this heritage sport of the UAE."

Apart from Dh400,000 on offer for the winners and other top finishing riders there are also a lot of awards for the spectators.

Lara Sawaya, Managing Director of Tasweeq said a Kia car was on offer for the spectators.

"The first 2,000 fans will be given free raffle tickets which will help them to win the car."

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Guatemala: Malasia es el destino

Para los jinetes guatemaltecos Byron López, Clarissa de Wit y Fernando Paiz, el sueño de clasificar al Mundial de Endurance del otro año en Malasia, está muy cerca.

Y es que el fin de semana pasado los tres cumplieron una de las dos pruebas que la Federación Internacional Ecuestre pide como requisito para participar en el Malasia Challenge 2008.

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Bahrain: Endurance race to feature five stages

Gulf Daily News
December 11

FIVE stages will be featured at the 120-km National Day Endurance Horseride Championship, scheduled for Saturday at the Bahrain International Endurance Village in Sakhir.

The race, to be organised by the Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation and sponsored by Batelco, consists of a 30 kms for the first two stages, 25 kms for the third, 20 kms for the fourth and 15 kms for the fifth.

Additional 85-km and 60-km qualifying races will be held during the event. The races are open to new riders and horses as the 85-km race will be divided into three stages with the first two stages over 30 kms while the third is over 20 kms. The 60-km race consists of two stages of 30 kms each

The veterinary examination will be held on Friday near the race venue in Sakhir from 2.30pm till 5pm. The weight of the participants in the main race should not exceed 75 kms.

Meanwhile, the organising committee announced members of the judging and technical committee which is headed by Breef general secretary Ghalib Al Alawi and includes Abdulsamad Al Busta, Haider Al Zo'bi and Ali Ghuloom.

Breef president Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa earlier said that the race marks Bahrain's National Day Celebrations and is open to riders of all ages and nationalities.

Shaikh Nasser thanked Batelco which recently announced its sponsorship to the federation's programmes.

The Breef chief said that valuable prizes will be given away to the top riders, adding that the race promises to feature stiff competition among the participants who started their preparations much earlier for the event.

Great Britain: Eskar's an Endurance Star

Full Article - Midweek Herald
12 December 2007
ENDURANCE rider Kirsty Wiscombe, from Lyme Regis, has just returned from the Endurance Great Britain Annual Awards ceremony where she picked up an armful of awards.

They were Reserve Supreme Champion, Best Arab, second in Senior Trophy and third in Best Graded. Kirsty, and her horse Eskar, were 27 points behind the Supreme Champion (having missed the last qualifier to compete in France) and several hundred points ahead of the next horses.

She has battled back from the death of her GB team horse Crimson Skye in January and breaking her own ankle in several places.

She said: "I just wanted to give up. My injury meant withdrawing from the World Equestrian Games squad, and we fought for two months to heal Crimson Skye's broken leg before having to have him put down. It was a terrible season."

A new horse, the seven-year-old pure bred Arab Eskar managed to change her mind. "He achieved things I didn't think were possible for a horse of his age," she said.

He was fourth in the tough 160km ride at Cirencester in June, also winning the best condition award. He had another best condition award at Firle two day ride and the season, curtailed by the Foot and Mouth outbreak restrictions, ended with a 16th place in the two day FEI three star ride Les 2 Jours de Montcuq in the South of France.

Kirsty said: "He is now one of the few 160km qualified seven year olds in the world and I had several French riders wanting to buy him."

It was a remarkable effort considering as well the marathon of actually getting there - 815 miles, 26 hours, including ferry trip, door to door.

Eskar finished the season 194th in the FEI world rankings and the combination are back on the GB senior squad. Their first team assessment will be in February.

Next season Kirsty will have four horses competing. Eskar and Connie (who also had a good season and is aimed at the 160km Golden Horseshoe class next year) and two new novices, Yawl Hillbilly, a homebred stallion, and Ishtar Spirit, a four year old part bred Arab mare who will be ridden by young rider Stevie Jones.

Junior rider Shelby France (who lives in Lancashire) who Kirsty has been training/escorting, was also crowned Junior Champion.

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Dubai: A fast 120km


1. Hassan Bin Ali (Al Jamaal Jafar) 4 hrs 50 mins 17 secs:
2. Omair Hussain Al Beloushi (Koringkloof Indian Star) 4:56.24;
3. Mohammad Rashed Saeed Al Subose (Kishon Zeal) 5:11.09;
4. Hamad Mohammad Al Ahbadi (Agecroft Jos) 5:15.20;
5. Roshan Ali Shiraj Khan (Le-Wardi Daneska) 5:16.10.

Ali's fast pace guides him home

Hassan Bin Ali victorious in endurance race

Endurance has changed, says winner

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Jeni Gilbert EnduranceGB Supreme Champion 2007

At the EnduranceGB Annual Awards Dinner on 1st December Jeni Gilbert was announced as our new Supreme Champion and was awarded a Saddle, kindly donated by Lorna Winn of Saintwestwell Saddlery Full results now available....

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Trophy Winners

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FEI: Endurance Task Force update

FEI Bureau Meeting. November 2007

The main item brought to the attention of the Bureau for information and approval following the meeting of the FEI Endurance Committee in Paris (FRA) on 2 April 2007 was the progress made by the Endurance Task Force established to carry out a full review of the discipline.

The Task Force’s mandate is to proactively gather ideas/suggestions and propose changes indicative of the collective wish to continue to develop and raise the standards and perception of international Endurance around the world, keeping Horse Welfare issues as a primary concern.

Assigned areas of responsibility include:
1. Qualification – James Bryant (CAN): Criteria for Championships, Horse Log book/Results Record, Weights, Regional Championships, Handicap System, Leasing of Horses
2. Organization – Vijay Moorthy (IND): Public perception, Dress, Terminology, Abandonment of Events – Protocol, Approved technology, Handicap system.
3. Equine Protection - Fred Barrelet (SUI): Equitation training, Equine research, Minimum rest period between events, Local environment monitoring, Hold/Presentation/Criteria evaluation, Progression through ride distances.
4. Education – Maurizio Stecco (ITA): TD/Course designers, Availability of qualified officials, Maintenance of Official status, FEI database, Courses and development, Star rating of officials.
5. Legal Controls – Art Priesz (USA): Metabolic eliminations, Rider suspension, Enforced rest periods (horses).
6. Competition Structure – John Robertson (GBR): Low level distances (are they a danger?), star rating of distances, Number of vet gates – climate, TD responsibilities, Progressive closing of vet gates, Best Condition Rules.

The areas that have been looked at by the Task Force are:

- Qualification criteria for horses and riders to compete in FEI events
- Logbook
- Event Development (Public perception)
- Dress
- Terminology
- Abandonment of Events
- Approved Technology
- Handicap System
- Roles of Official
- Training of Officials
- Categories and Rankings of Officials
- Low Level Distances
- Star Rating - distances
- Technical Delegate Responsibilities
- Best Condition Rules
- Minimum weight

National Federations to Report Metabolic Eliminations

The FEI has requested new reporting procedures of all National Federations and Ride Organizers. This entails reporting metabolic eliminations for all events, both CEI and CEN. Note that riders (and horses) Certificate of Capability (CoC) will be withdrawn if:

1) a metabolic elimination which requires invasive treatment occurs within 6 months of the Nominated Entries Date for the 2008 WEC.

2) two consecutive metabolic eliminations occur within the same 6 month period.

This loss of CoC will likely effect the decision by riders, trainers, and owners with respect to the application of invasive treatment following an endurance event. It is assumed that intravenous re-hydration following a metabolic elimination will cause the withdrawal of the CoC. Report

FEI Letter to National Federations

FEI Article 825.6 - Final Qualification Criteria

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2008 HH Presidents Cup - Foreign Rider Invitations

December 2
Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club

Invited Riders and Horses, H.H. Presidents Cup, 16 February, 2008

Susan Haves and 'Jade Rani'

Eloina Fernandez and 'Rayito'
Patrizia Mariscal and 'Kat Adal Kaiser'

Joao Rapos and 'Quinza'
Filipe Cacherinha and 'Papoila'

Gabriela Foerster and 'Priceless Gold'

Marilyn Lemoine and 'Sheraki'
Phillipe Benoit and 'Akim Du Boulve'
Virgine Atger and 'Kangoo D' Aurabelle'

Maura Liviana and 'Cyriak'
Chiara Marrama and 'Magic Start'
Patrizia Giacchero and 'India'

John Crandell and 'HH Saba Shams'
Kathy Brunjes and 'Theatric'
Steve Rojek and 'Seyvilla Triproof'

For previous Endurance.Net coverages of HH President's Cup:

Uruguay to host 2009 Pan American Championship

December 3, 2007
Steph Teeter

The FEI has accepted Uruguay's bid to host the 2009 Pan American Championship. The competition will be held during the month of April, which is autumn in South America and the weather is typically cool and pleasant. The exact location of the competition has not been determined, but a possible venue might be Punta del Este, the popular resort town on the southern coast of Uruguay. This area, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Rio del Plata River, is modern and upscale and a very popular vacation destination with a wide range of hotels, restaurants, country clubs and resorts. It also offers everything for a beautiful and challenging competition - forests, grasslands, lakes and long stretches of sandy beach. The Club Burnett, a large equestrian center is being considered as a venue which would provide a large competition area complete with stabling for the horses.

According to Ketty Friedman, a Uruguay FEI 4* Judge who has been involved with International Endurance in Uruguay since 1997, there is a very dedicated core group of people who have been working together to build the sport in this country. They will work during the next several months to finalize the date and the venue for the 2009 event. Gustavo Sclavo, president of the Uruguay Equestrian Federation has strong ties with Endurance discipline, has also been instrumental in building International Endurance in Uruguay, and in helping secure the bid for the 2009 Pan American Championship. They are certain that Uruguay will host a world class event and they look forward to introducing the world to this small South American country.

Uruguay Endurance - Endurance.Net coverage of 2007 Rocha Internacional

Photos: Beach at Punta del Este, Ketty Friedman and Gustavo Sclaro at Rocha Internacional Endurance, Pueblocasa - artist Carlos Paez Vilaro, Sailboats at Punta del Este

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Al Beloushi's dominating display - Dec 1 2007 - Full Story
Winners of 120 KM international and 100 KM for junior and young riders of Endurance Ride with Mohammad Saif Al Neyadi, Head of Board of Directors of Emirates Heritage Club at Boud Thieb Endurance Village. Photo by Abdul Rahman

Al Beloushi's dominating display gives him another first-place finish

By M. Satya Narayan, Staff Reporter
Published: December 02, 2007, 01:07

Abu Dhabi: Yousuf Ahmad Al Beloushi and Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri featured in their second successive 1-2 finish in two weeks to bag top honours in the Sorouh-sponsored - 120km UAE International Endurance Cup ride here on Saturday.

Yousuf, the champion of last season and representing the all-conquering Al Reef Stables, came up with another superb ride on Charlande El Sharif to finish ahead of the Al Wathba star Ali Khalfan.

Yousuf, who won the ride on November 24 at the Dubai International Endurance City ahead of Ali Khalfan, completed the 120-km ride in a time of 4 hours 56 minutes and 58 seconds.

The Al Reef trainer-cum-rider has almost a 100 per cent record on the 10-year-old chestnut gelding, yesterday's being his second win while the pair also completed a 240-km three-day ride before the runner failed the final vet check after finishing first.

Important ride

It was yet another dominating performance by the Al Ain-based champion as he forged ahead on the first loop and then allowed the others to gather pace and pass him before making his run in the final two stages of the five-stage ride.

"Yes, being one of the favourites has its own share of pressures. Most of the riders want to stay close to me and watch for what I do," he said after his win.

"I maintained the same speed for most part of the first four stages while the others did get ahead. Charlande is a great champion and he stayed good till the finish which helped me win today," said Yousuf, who now turns his attention towards the National Day Cup ride.

"That is an important ride and I have two horses earmarked," he added.

Ali Khalfan's second place finish for Al Wathba Stables came after young stable-mate, Abdullah Rashid Mohammad Saeed Al Naqbi, rode Leblond to a smart win in the 100km ride for Juniors and Young Riders.


Surouh-sponsored - 120 km UAE International Endurance Cup

(top five):

1. Yousuf Ahmad Al Beloushi (Charlande El Sharif) 4 hrs 56mins 58 secs;

2. Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri (SB Silver Choice) 5:01:49;

3. Majid Mohammad Salam Al Sabri (Manana Travis) 5:16:56;

4. Hassan Bin Ali (Nassat) 5:21.33;

5. Ahmad Salim Al Beloushi (Silversprings Kabir Arwa) 5:21.38.

Surouh-sponsored - 100 km UAE International Endurance Cup for Juniors

(top five):

1. Abdullah Rashid Al Naqbi (Leblond) 3:49.52;

2.Kimberley Dean -GBR-(Karabil Wyoonah) 4:32.09;

3. Omair Hussain Al Beloushi (Al Galahn) 4:32.32;

4. Kayleigh Smith -GBR-(Torryburn Gallant) 4:32.45;

5. Aliya Ali Mohammad Al Marzouqi (Kyama De Lux) 4:44.32.

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