Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Twenty month suspension and fine for false entries in FEI horse passports - Full Article

April 7, 2021

A prominent figure in the equestrian community has been suspended for 20 months and fined 5000 Swiss francs for falsifying veterinary entries in the FEI passports of four Endurance horses under his care.

Pierre Arnould, in a decision released by the FEI Tribunal, was also ordered to pay 7000 Swiss Francs in legal costs.

The case against the 61-year-old Belgian national was heard by FEI Tribunal member Martin Gibbs.

Three of the passport entries related to vaccinations; the fourth related to an entry in the medical treatment section to record the horse was not destined for human consumption, thereby allowing certain veterinary treatments that otherwise would be prohibited.

Arnould has been involved in equestrian sport for 35 years, in particular Endurance. He served as team leader of the Belgian national team for many years, organised two FEI Endurance European Championships, one FEI Endurance World Championships, and is an active trainer of Endurance horses. He was also a member of the FEI Endurance Committee from 2011 to 2014.

The FEI brought its case to the tribunal after receiving information that Arnauld had falsified the FEI passports of several horses by using an old stamp previously used by an FEI Veterinarian, Dr Wijnendaele, when he worked in Belgium. The stamp was used to make it appear that Dr Wijnendaele had vaccinated horses when he had not done so...

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Bahrain: Never give up! - Full Article

Mai Al-Khatib-Camille (
Wed, 07 Apr 2021

Gulf Weekly: AFTER being away from the podium for more than five years, endurance racer Manal Fakhrawi hopped back in the saddle to gallop her way to victory in the King Endurance Cup ... and she hopes her win will inspire more athletes to never give up.

The win means the world to the new mum, who spent the past year training rigorously for the four-day, 160km competition held at Bahrain International Endurance Village.

“Winning the King’s Cup means the world to me as it’s the most important race in the kingdom,” said Fakhrawi who races for Team Victorious, led by Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, His Majesty King Hamad’s representative for humanitarian work and youth affairs, Supreme Council for Youth and Sport chairman, and Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation honorary president.

“I worked hard last year to make a comeback after being blessed with a baby girl. It was a challenge, I am glad all that hard work paid off.”

Fakhrawi, who has been competing for more than 20 years, clinched first place in 6 hours and 31 minutes...

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Tuesday, April 06, 2021

FEI Tribunal Decision: Former Belgian National Endurance Coach Pierre Arnould Suspended and Fined

April 6 2021

Clean Endurance acknowledges a significant FEI Tribunal decision concerning former Belgian National Endurance Coach Pierre Arnould (FEI ID 10021954).

Mr Arnould has been suspended for 20 months, fined 5 000 Swiss Francs and ordered to pay 7 000 Swiss Francs in costs, for falsifying vaccination records in 4 endurance horses under his care.

This is, we believe, the first time the Tribunal has considered the offence of bringing the sport into disrepute in such a case, and the first time a FEI suspension has extended to forbidding the party from being a spectator at FEI and National events.

Clean Endurance agrees with the FEI that this was a "top-end" offence according to article 164.14 of the FEI General Regulations. We are relieved that the FEI Tribunal has applied a severe and exemplary sanction.

Mr Arnould, 61, has been involved in endurance for 35 years. He served as Team Leader of the Belgian national endurance team for many years, organised 2 FEI Endurance European Championships and 1 FEI Endurance World Championship and is an active trainer.

He was a member of the FEI Endurance Committee from 2011 to 2014 and recently acted as a representative of the Equestrian Organisers on the FEI Endurance Calendar Task Force established to deal with the impact of Covid-19 on events.

In 2020, with the support of his National Federation, Mr Arnould put himself forward to be a member or to chair the FEI Endurance Committee.. These positions were appointed at the FEI General Assembly in November 2020 when Mr Arnould was already provisionally suspended.

The FEI Tribunal found that:

• Mr Arnould falsified the FEI passports of 4 endurance horses by forging vaccination entries, forging the signature of a veterinarian and using an old stamp from the veterinarian who was no longer practising in Belgium.
• the Respondent’s conduct involved the maltreatment of horses by exposing them and horses they came into contact with to infection is likely correct.
• Mr Arnould, as someone of high profile who has assumed positions of leadership should be held to a high standard of behaviour, therefore going to the issue of bringing the sport into disrepute. Behaviour which is both fraudulent and undermines confidence in the systems established by the FEI to keep horses safe is serious.

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Monday, April 05, 2021

UAE: Spanish Rider Tops In Endurance Cup

Dubai Equestrian Club photo - full article

'Weather made it challenging'

Updated 3rd Apr 2021

Spanish rider Eulalia Gonzalez Guardia proved her class as a leading endurance athlete after she emerged victorious in the 2021 edition of the 160km HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Cup Presented by Longines, on Saturday at the purpose-built Dubai International Endurance City.

Guardia who rides for M7 2 Stables and trains under Mohammed Ahmed Ali Al Subose was aboard 10-year-old grey gelding Bilal De La Belange as the pair emerged victorious in impressive style.

Speaking after the event the winner said: “It is amazing. I am very happy for our team. It is unbelievable. I still can’t believe that we won. This is the first time my horse raced here. I was not very sure we would win. But it feels really good...

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Friday, April 02, 2021

Young rider ready for endurance test at New Zealand championships - Full Article

3 April 2021
By Kayla Hodge

Isla Mutch loves a challenge.

And what is more difficult than riding 120km through the unknown East Otago countryside, more than 1000km away from her home in Taranaki?

The 11-year-old was unafraid as she prepared for the National Endurance and Competitive Trail Ride Championships this weekend, in Nenthorn Valley, Macraes Flat.

She is no stranger to the endurance circuit, having won the North Island Endurance Championships 100km earlier this year, but tomorrow would be her first time taking on the 120km event.

It will also be her first time riding in the South Island, but she was confident in her, and her horse Moondance’s, ability...

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Twenty month suspension and fine for false entries in FEI horse passports - Full Article April 7, 2021 A prominent figure in the equestrian community has been suspended for ...