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Seiichi Hasumi 1942-2023

Japanese Endurance rider/athlete and horse owner, Seiichi Hasumi, passed away from heart failure on December 14, 2023 in Tokyo, Japan. He was 80 years old, 8 days shy of his 81st birthday.

Hasumi-san started riding a horse first time at age 59 (2002) after watching a documentary film on TV about the Tevis Cup 100 Mile One Day Ride - Western State Trail Foundation. His very first Endurance ride was in October 2002 at Comstock Arabian Association Endurance Ride in Nevada (USA) with Limited Distance of 25 mile/40km. His last one was in November 2019 in Ito, Shizuoka (Japan) with CEN 80km.

Hasumi-san’s Endurance career (18 years, 2002 – 2019) was essentially cut short by the pandemic. During his career as a rider/athlete, Hasumi-san completed the Tevis Cup 8 consecutive times (2003 – 2011) and participated 4 FEI world championships (2005 WEC Dubai in UAE, 2008 WEC Terengganu in Malaysia, 2012 WEC Euston Park in England, and 2014 WEG Normandy in France). He was honoured by the Japan Equestrian Federation [JEF] for entering four horses in the 2010 World Equestrian Games [WEG] in Lexington, KY, USA.

Hasumi-san's USA AERC Endurance career spanned 12 seasons, with a record of 1555 miles, including 12 100-mile completions and 3 best Condition awards.

As a horse owner, he participated in 5 FEI world championships including 2010 WEG Kentucky (USA), 1 horse in 2005 WEC Dubai, 1 in 2008 WEC Terengganu, 4 in 2010 WEG Kentucky, 2 in 2012 WEC Euston Park, and 4 in 2014 WEG Normandy.

Under his vision, the Organizing Committee of Shining Moon Lake and Ito, Shizuoka in Japan has organized 46 CEI/FEI events between 2007 and 2019.

He was involved in the magazine and publishing industry, serving as president of the Takarajimasha company, which produces several titles in Japan.

For more on Hasumi-san’s Endurance career and the Endurance program in Japan, see the following two stories in 2006 and 2007 by Steph Teeter of

-2006 October story: Endurance in Japan, -2007 June story:

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Endurance GB bans the use of whips in elite competitions - Full Article

by News Team

Endurance GB, the national governing body for endurance riding in the UK, held its AGM at the Delta hotel in Warwick on Saturday 25th November.

Key elements of the AGM are board and member proposals to make change to the rules that govern the sport. These rule changes are voted on by the membership and ensure the sport remains agile and in touch with the environment in which it operates...

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Thursday, November 30, 2023

FEI Endurance European Championship 2025 award to Castiglione Del Lago Italy

The decision was made by the FEI Board at the FEI Hybird General Assembly in Mexico City.

Castiglione del Lago is preparing to welcome the FEI Endurance European Championship on 6 September 2025, in a setting of breathtaking beauty like the one offered by the green heart of Italy. After the experience of the continental event organized in 2001, will once again organize a new and exciting edition in 2025.

Double victory for, which is experiencing one of the best moments in its history thanks to the awarding of the FEI Endurance European Championship 2025 in Castiglione del Lago (Pg) and the FEI Endurance World Championship 2026 in AlUla in Saudi Arabia. The dates to be circled in red are 6 September 2025 for the appointment in Umbria and 17 October 2026 for the one in the Saudi desert.

The Board of the FEI - International Equestrian Federation, which met on Saturday 18 November in Mexico City on the occasion of the FEI Hybrid General Assembly, chose the candidacies of Castiglione del Lago and AlUla to host the major international events of the 2025 and 2026 endurance calendar. Fully involved will be the team, an Umbrian company led by CEO & Chairman Gianluca Laliscia, which for the European championship in Castiglione del Lago will act as a true organizing committee while for the AlUla World championship it will play the role of technical-sport partner supporting the organizing committee composed of the Saudi Arabian Equestrian Federation (SAEF) and the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU).

“The allocation of the World championship in AlUla and the European championship in Castiglione del Lago – states Gianluca Laliscia, Endurance World Champion – represent for the culmination of 24 years of hard work, passion and commitment in the world of Endurance. For me and for my entire team, reaching this goal is a source of great satisfaction and a starting point for new and important challenges. I therefore wish to express my sincere gratitude to the Italian Equestrian Federation, the Saudi Equestrian Federation, the Royal Commission for AlUla, the Umbria Region and the Castiglione del Lago Municipality for their constant support, trust and full endorsement in carrying forward the two bids".

As of next year, the staff will be largely involved in organizing the Test event of the European Championship in Castiglione del Lago; 2025 will instead be the year of the FEI Endurance European Championship in Umbria and the Test event for the World Championship in AlUla and then culminating with the world event in Saudi Arabia in 2026. Leading the now expert and consolidated team of will be Gianluca Laliscia and Brian Colin Dunn, key figures in world Endurance.

The breathtakingly beautiful scenery offered by Umbria, the green heart of Italy, and Saudi Arabia will once again be united in a common path in the name of Endurance, which will allow the two regions and the two countries to be able to create even stronger links and synergies.

More information at:

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Results from the FEI Endurance Pan American Championships for Seniors, YR & Jrs in Llay Llay (CHI) available online

29 November 2023
Author: FEI Communications

Chilean athletes showcased exceptional performance in the Valparaíso region (CHI) competition, securing their dominance. Local contenders clinched an impressive three out of the four gold medals up for grabs. The Brazilian Young Riders & Juniors team, however, thwarted a potential clean sweep by Chile, securing the remaining gold medal.

Check the full podiums:

Individual Podium - Seniors

1° Martin Garcia Lazo / Si Quililche (CHI)
2° Lukas Buckel / Chella Angostura (CHI)
3° Jose Caio Frisoni / Stud Brasil Itajara (BRA)

Full results here

Team Podium - Seniors

1° Chile (Martin Garcia Lazo & Si Quililche / Lukas Buckel & Chella Angostura / Vicente Mayol & Alcazar Praga / Josefina Paz Maturana & Suffa / Cristobal Larrain & Jota)

Full results here

Individual Podium – Young Riders & Juniors

1° Vicente Larrain / HF Eva (CHI)
2° Amelia Larrain / HC Tia Haydee (CHI)
3° Diogo de Oliveira / CP Latifa (BRA)

Full results here

Team Podium – Individual Riders & Juniors

1° Brazil (Diogo de Oliveira & CP Latifa / Rodrigo Storani & Miranda Rach / Helena Haaland & Valente Heb / Arthur Leonel Machado & Mojito HSSK)

Full results here

More information at:

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Iowa's Shelby Van Weelden to Compete in 2024 Mongol Derby - Full Article

Nov 27, 2023

VINTON — Shelby Van Weelden from Coggon has been riding horses for 20 years, since she was in the 6th Grade. Shelby, who is the daughter of Vinton Unlimited’s Melody Snow, will soon take her hobby to a new level when she competes in the 2024 Mongol Derby, which according to the race’s website is “the longest, toughest horse race in the world.”

“It was the nerve system of the largest empire in human history, and at its height, Genghis Khan’s mighty horse messenger system connected half the planet. For a decade we’ve been rebuilding this ancient network to stage the world’s greatest equine adventure race. You square up to 1000 km of Mongolian steppe on semi-wild horses, changing steeds every 40km. You navigate and survive on your own wits and skill, living among the herders. It’s you and your horse vs. the wild,” said.

Five years ago, a suggestion on Facebook led Shelby to a post about an old cowboy from Texas that was doing the Mongol Derby (MD). “I followed that race, and I followed it for a few more years, and I thought, yeah this is something that I have to do,” Shelby said...

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Sunday, November 26, 2023

U.S. Endurance Team Competes at 2023 FEI Pan American Endurance Championships in Chile

Francisco Boetsch Tagle photo

Nov 26, 2023, 6:00 PM

Llay Llay, Chile – Four U.S. athletes contested a challenging 120 km ride at the 2023 FEI Pan American Endurance Championships on Friday, Nov. 24. The event was a tough test and saw only one team, the host nation of Chile, have the required number of three combinations complete to earn a team result. However, the U.S. contingent did earn a successful individual completion thanks to young rider Uma Kraskin (Deland, Fla.), making her senior championship team debut riding CL Magnolia, a 2014 mare owned by Carlos Letelier of Haras El Molino in Chile. The pair finished 13th out of a field of 29 starters.

Kraskin connected with Haras El Molino Endurance through her mentor and coach, Cheryl Van Deusen, who was also her teammate at this event.

“El Molino paired me and ‘Maggie’ up as we were both ready and looking to do our first 120 km,” said Kraskin. “I rode her in two 120 km competitions before the Pan Am. Maggie is 9 years old and is very calm and relaxed. She’s incredibly sweet and loving and never gives up. Even at the start, she was focused and calm. Nothing really spooks her. I just let her do her job, which she is awesome at!”

Kraskin described the track as “technical but manageable,” and had good strategy support from the team.

“The ground was very hard with lots of hills, but also good flat spaces to gallop on,” she said. “I’ve trained on hills, but I’m more used to softer ground. My strategy was to read my horse and ride the horse I had on that day as well as observing the terrain and weather around me and adjusting as necessary. I found my Chef d’Equipe Lisanne Dorion and team vet Olivia Rudolphi very helpful in helping me make the best decisions for my horse.”

In addition to Kraskin, two other U.S. athletes partnered with Chilean horses for the championship. Cheryl Van Deusen (New Smyrna Beach, Fla.) rode C.L. Misteriosa, a 2012 mare owned by Carlos Letelier, and Tom Rajala (Hillsborough, N.C.) rode HF Barii, a 2010 Arabian mare owned by Maxi Wimmer.

“Some team members opted to partner with El Molino endurance in Chile to overcome logistical challenges and reduce the variables of training for a different set of course dynamics,” said Chef d’Equipe Lisanne Dorion. “Our one U.S.-based combination (Niki Beck (Gillette, Wyo.) and Majestic Cloudy Bay, her own 2009 Appaloosa gelding) smartly trained in Wyoming, is a Tevis-tested rider and horse, and managed the course and heat meaningfully.”

Dorion added that while borrowing horses from the host country does significantly change the way an athlete can prepare for a championship ride, the experience was beneficial for the team members.

“We had an amazing partner in El Molino Endurance,” said Dorion. “Our riders gained all qualifications for this ride over a multiyear period. This proved invaluable in understanding the course itself, the brilliance of partnership in endurance, and was a truly holistic life experience for the athletes.

“Like so many things in life, there is the outward, visible classification of success - in this case medals and placings,” said Dorion. “And then there are the intangible, less visible indications of success - deep team unity and respect. Team USA came home with the latter in spades, and this bodes well for rebuilding endurance in the U.S.”

Kraskin echoed Dorion’s sentiments, citing the bond with Maggie and the camaraderie with her teammates as highlights of the event.

“Some of my favorite moments from the race include cantering along with Maggie and just feeling happy and in unison with her,” said Kraskin. “I also really enjoyed the team spirit we had. Everyone was very supportive of one another, and all of our crew was the best to hang out with!”

For more information and results see:

Friday, November 24, 2023

U.S. Team Set to Compete at 2023 FEI Endurance Pan American Championships

by US Equestrian Communications Dept. | Nov 22, 2023, 8:00 PM

Llay Llay, Chile – Four athlete-and-horse combinations will represent the U.S. this week at the 2023 FEI Endurance Pan American Championships, competing as a team in the senior division. The opening ceremony took place on Wednesday afternoon, welcoming teams and individual competitors from ten countries.

Team USA Endurance in Chile

The following combinations will be representing the U.S. Endurance Team:

• Niki Beck (Gillette, Wyo.) and Majestic Cloudy Boy, her own 2009 Appaloosa gelding
• Uma Kraskin (Deland, Fla.) and CL Magnolia, a 2014 mare owned by Carlos Letelier
• Tom Rajala (Hillsborough, N.C.) and HF Barii, a 2010 Arabian mare owned by Maxi Wimmer
• Cheryl Van Deusen (New Smyrna Beach, Fla.) and C.L. Misteriosa, a 2012 mare owned by Carlos Letelier

The U.S. team will be led by Chef d’Equipe Lisanne Dorion, team veterinarian Dr. Olivia Rudolphi, and US Equestrian Director of Endurance Nicole Zerbee.

The first vet inspection will take place on Thursday, Nov. 23, at 3:30 p.m. local time (1:30 p.m. ET). The ride begins at 6:30 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 24, with the prize giving scheduled for 8:00 p.m. that evening.

The Pan Am course measures 121.22 km (~75 miles) and is located near the town of Llay Llay, Chile, in the mountains north of the capital city of Santiago. The course consists of four loops described as sandy roads through avocado orchards with approximately 100 meters of elevation change.

Competition Information

For more information on the 2023 FEI Endurance Pan American Championships for Seniors and Young Riders & Juniors, visit

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Saudia Arabia: Al Ula will host 2026 World Endurance Championship

A+ for the FEI World Championships 2026 as Aachen and Al Ula confirmed as hosts

19 November 2023
Author: FEI Communications

There will be two destinations in 2026 if you are looking to attend an FEI World Championship; Aachen in Germany for the lion’s share with Jumping, Dressage, Para Dressage, Eventing, Driving and Vaulting set to take place from 10 to 23 August 2026; and Al Ula in Saudi Arabia for Endurance on 17 October 2026.

Aachen is renowned internationally for its CHIO, which dates back almost a hundred years and offers excellent facilities and flawless organisation to the world’s best riders and thousands of spectators, who flock to the Soers venue evey summer. In 2006 – exactly 20 years prior to the FEI World Championships 2026 – Aachen hosted the fifth edition of the FEI World Equestrian Games™, the major event where from 1990 to 2018 World Championships in all the FEI disciplines were held at the same time at the same venue. The Aachen Games were a remarkable public and sporting success and attracted no less than 576,000 spectators generating unprecedented media coverage.

“We thank the FEI for their trust,” CHIO Aachen General Manager Michael Mronz said. “We feel honoured and pleased to host, together with the German Equestrian Federation, the FEI World Championships Aachen 2026 in six disciplines: Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Driving, Vaulting and Para Dressage. Already today we would like to invite the entire world of equestrian sport to Aachen so that we can celebrate an unforgettable event together in 2026.”

Al-Ula is an ancient Arabic oasis city in the Medina Province, located approximately 1000kms northwest from the Saudi capital Riyadh. It is a place of extraordinary beauty as well as rare human and natural heritage going back 200,000 years of largely unexplored human history. Al Ula, which is undergoing spectacular development as a nature, cultural, education and sporting centre, hosts the annual Fursan Endurance Cup, which attracts some 200 horses and riders from over 40 countries to each edition.

“The Saudi Arabian Equestrian Federation and the Royal Commission for Al Ula have collaborated to secure this honourable hosting opportunity,” HH Prince Abdullah Bin Fahad Bin Abdullah Al Saud, President of Saudi Arabian Equestrian Federation, said.

“This responsibility weighs greatly upon us, and we are confident that Al Ula will deliver an authentic and unprecedented sporting experience within a unique and fascinating context. We are diligently preparing for an event of this calibre, aligning with the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030," he concluded.

“We are proud to have been awarded the FEI Endurance World Championship 2026 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, at Al Ula,” Ziad Abdulrahman Al Suhaibani, Head of Sport Sector at the Royal Commission for Al Ula, declared.

“The majestic county of Al Ula has proven to be an ideal destination for endurance rides, boasting a technical track immersed in evocative natural beauty. Sport and equestrianism stand as pivotal elements in Al Ula's socioeconomic development.”

“The allocation by the FEI Board of the FEI World Championships 2026 to Aachen and Al Ula is a significant decision for the future of equestrian sport,” said FEI President Ingmar De Vos.

“We examined every aspect of the bids we received and especially the sporting infrastructures, the conditions for the horses, accessibility and sustainability. The FEI is delighted to have secured such outstanding hosts for our most prestigious Championships three years in advance, which allows plenty of time for preparation and planning.

“I would like to congratulate the winners, who submitted outstanding bids. We are all well aware of Aachen’s unique track record of organising extremely successful large-scale events. We were impressed with Al Ula’s proposal, which not only contains all the components of a successful event but seeks to showcase the heritage and potential of an entire region.

“And last but not least, I would like to thank all the bidders, who took part in this process for their strong bids and commitment to the sport. It was not easy to choose between such strong bids. We hope that those who didn’t get it this time will consider bidding for future events.”

In addition to the FEI World Championships 2026, the FEI Board allocated the FEI European Championships 2025 in Dressage, Driving, Endurance, and Vaulting. Details will be available in the wrap-up report, which will be issued following the meeting.

Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Bahrain: Team Victorious riders shine in key endurance qualifiers - Full Article

Sun, 05 Nov 2023

TEAM Victorious rider Shaikh Isa bin Faisal bin Rashid Al Khalifa was crowned champion of the 120km local race, the second round of the 2023/2024 endurance racing season organised by the Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation (Breef) at the Bahrain International Endurance Village yesterday.

His Majesty King Hamad’s representative for humanitarian work and youth affairs and Breef honorary president Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa congratulated Shaikh Isa and praised the team for their lead and winning top positions...

Read more here:

Monday, October 30, 2023

Ban for rider who ‘ran away’ and ‘escaped’ from anti-doping sample collection - Full Article

Eleanor Jones
28 October, 2023 19:51

A rider who “escaped”, and “ran away” when FEI officials wanted to take a mandatory sample for dope-testing after his horse failed a hyposensitivity test, has been suspended for two years.

The FEI Tribunal has ruled on the case of Saudi Arabian rider Ayedh Al Maghamer, in relation to a charge of evading, refusing or failing to submit to sample collection, with eight-year-old Talaqah at a CEI1* endurance ride in Saudi Arabia on 11 February this year...

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Saturday, October 21, 2023

Female Saudi jockey aces 100 km endurance race in France - Full ArticleRahaf Jambi
October 21, 2023

Razan Al-Rajhi is riding high after completing a 100 km endurance race in France

RIYADH: Saudi jockey Razan Al-Rajhi is riding high after completing a 100 km endurance race in France — less than a year after taking to the saddle.

And her achievement in Le Pertre was recently celebrated at an event organized by the Al-Sarim Al-Battar Academy at its stable in Janadriyah, on the northern outskirts of Riyadh.

The academy offers a program dedicated to training female jockeys.

Al-Rajhi told Arab News: “The endurance race in France was challenging, but I was determined to demonstrate that Saudi women are capable of achieving anything...”

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Monday, October 16, 2023

Spain: First Andalucia IRONHORSE. Almeria el Rocio in May 2024

October 2, 2023 Gabriel Gamiz El Raid Blog

October 2, 2023
By Gabriel Gamiz

We have scheduled the First Andalucia IRONHORSE, the test that replaces the mythical Al-Andalus and later Kaliber Andalucia, that will be held from May 4 to 11, 2024.

It will be an test of about 60 kilometers. with two phases. From Almería to El Rocio, it is one of the routes of the Caminos del Rocio.

We will inform you about the Progress of the Program and the regulations.

It is a way to enjoy the routes of Andalusia, and share with friends for seven days. I have very good memories of the two old, different endurance tests.

And many national and foreign fans ask me about this test.

I will continue to inform.

Greetings from Gabriel.

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Two Qatar endurance horses test positive

FEI Tribunal issues two Consent Awards in equine anti-doping case

10 October 2023
Author: FEI

The FEI Tribunal has issued two Consent Awards in an equine anti-doping case involving a Banned and a Controlled Medication Substance.

In this case, the horse Zaime (FEI ID 106SS76/QAT), ridden by Mohd Jubal Ahmed Sayadur Rahman (FEI ID 10093895/QAT) and trained by Jassim Hilal H Abuhadoud (FEI ID 10030706/QAT), tested positive for the Banned Substances 5α-estrane-3β and 17α-diol, and the Controlled Medication Substance Cobalt, following samples taken at the CEI1*100 in Doha, Mesaieed (QAT) on 12.11.2022.

The athlete and trainer both admitted the rule violation and accepted the consequences. In its final decision the FEI Tribunal disqualified the horse from the event and imposed an 18-month ineligibility period on the athlete and the trainer; the provisional suspension they already served shall be credited against the imposed ineligibility period. They were each also fined CHF 5,000. In addition, the Horse was provisionally suspended for 2 months.

The full Decision for Mohd Jubal Ahmed Sayadur Rahman is available here.

The full Decision for Jassim Hilal H Abuhadoud is available here.

Thursday, October 05, 2023

FEI Tribunal issues Final Decision in human anti-doping case

03 October 2023
Author: FEI

The FEI Tribunal has issued its Final Decision in a human anti-doping case.

A sample taken from the Brazilian athlete Pedro Stefani Marino (FEI ID 10017829) on 5 December 2021 during the CEI3* 160 Punta del Este (URU), returned positive for the Prohibited Substance Carboxy-THC. Carboxy-THC is a metabolite of THC (Cannabis) and is included in the Class “S8 Cannabinoids” of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List 2021. The athlete was notified of the violation of the FEI’s Anti-Doping Rules for Human Athletes (ADRHA) on 2 February 2022.

In its Final Decision, the FEI Tribunal decided to suspend the athlete for a period of two years, starting from the date of the Final Decision (2 October 2023). Additionally, all competitive results of the Athlete obtained at the Event and from the date of the hearing onwards (15 May 2023) were disqualified with all the relevant consequences (forfeiture of any medals, points and prizes, etc.). Any competitive results from the conclusion of the Event up until the date of the hearing remained valid. Finally, the Athlete was imposed a fine of CHF 7,500 and ordered to pay costs of CHF 5,000.

The parties can appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) within 21 days of receipt of the decision.

The full text of the FEI Tribunal’s Final Decision is available here.

Sunday, October 01, 2023

Podcast: The Longest & Toughest Horse Race in the World – Racing the Mongol Derby - Beyond the Barn Podcast - Listen

New Beyond the Barn Podcast Episode

Episode 67: The Longest & Toughest Horse Race in the World – Racing the Mongol Derby On this episode, co-host Katy Starr chats with horse trainer and back country pilot, Lena Haug, about her multi-worldly equine adventures, mainly surrounding her time competing in the longest and toughest horse race in the world, the Mongol Derby, including:

• Being completely immersed in the honorable Mongolian culture
• Self-navigating horses who are racing at top speed, all the while dodging military fields and wild dogs
• Getting kicked in the face from an unintentional dismount, only to get immediately back on for what felt like a rocket headed to space

Listen at:

Friday, September 22, 2023

Rider Charlotte gets England call for Home International Championships

Market Rasen rider Charlotte Scott has been ​selected to represent the England Endurance Riding Squad at the prestigious Home International Championships.

By Sports Reporter
Published 19th Sep 2023

The championship is set to take place at the iconic British Horse Feeds & Golden Paste Company Red Dragon Festival of Endurance, scheduled for September 29th to October 1st, at the Royal Welsh Showground in Builth Wells.

Charlotte, accompanied by her trusty equine partner Broomstone Red Adare, affectionately known as Oakley, will be part of the England squad competing against teams from Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. The event is expected to bring together more than 600 horses and riders from all four countries for four days of intense competition and camaraderie.

Charlotte and Oakley's journey in endurance riding is a testament to their dedication and hard work. Oakley, a remarkable 17.2hh horse, has defied expectations and demonstrated a true passion for endurance riding. Charlotte's unique bond with Oakley, built over years of training, has contributed to their success as a team...

Reaed more here:

Thursday, September 07, 2023

It’s Gold for Germany and France at the FEI Endurance European Championship

07 September 2023
Author: Stacey Stearns

After a thrilling final kilometers, Sabrina Arnold of Germany on Easy El Boheira won a thrilling ride in the final kilometers to win the individual gold medal at the FEI Endurance European Championship 2023 today, in Ermelo, the Netherlands.

María Álvarez Pontón of Spain and Bolchoi El Akim were the silver medal winners, a mere two seconds behind the winners, and Philippe Tomas of France and Biwaka De Chalendrat earned the individual bronze medal.

France captured team gold with four riders in the top 10. Spain, the defending champion, won the team silver medal. Germany sealed the team bronze. This event is the pinnacle of the season for European Endurance athletes, with many focusing their entire competitive season on it.

Sabrina and Easy El Boheira, a nine-year-old bay mare, maintained a steady pace throughout the day, at their own pace, quietly staying with the leaders. They left for the final loop in fourth place and then won in the thrilling ride against María and Bolchoi El Akim, a 12-year-old grey gelding. Both women are powerhouses in the sport of Endurance, with numerous wins and championship titles.

Meanwhile, France has consistently built their reputation for riding strategically and as a team. They won the silver at the FEI Endurance European Championships in 2021, also in Ermelo, and gold earlier this year in Butheeb (UAE) at the FEI Endurance World Championship. Three of their horse and athlete combinations from Butheeb were on the team in Ermelo.

“It was difficult, but it was our strategy to stay all together and have a safe ride with speed,” says Jean-Michel Grimal, France chef d’equipe. “I was very happy with my team; they did a very good job. Spain is very strong and have been leading this sport for 15 years now, I have respect for them, but we are very happy to be in front. We are the World Champions at the start of the year and European Champions now.”

Endurance is a distance equestrian sport that tests horses and athletes physically and mentally. It involves strategy and tactics, with the welfare of the horse coming first. The athletes and their horses train carefully for events such as the FEI Endurance European Championship with assistance from the Chef d’Equipe, team veterinarian, and farrier.

75 horse and athlete combinations started the event. The loop distances were 38-km, 22-km, 29 km, 20-km, 31-km and 20-km respectively, with mandatory rest periods after each loop.

The six tracks went through forests, past open pastures on tree-lined roads, and along beautiful heather-filled moors. Riders maintained a steady pace throughout the day, working with their horses to get through each phase of the competition, before increasing the pace on the final phase. Crew members met their horses and riders at various points throughout the course to offer additional cooling, and riders cheerfully greeted spectators as they passed by.

The last of the FEI Endurance main events for 2023 is the Pan American Championships for Seniors, Young Riders and Juniors in Llay Llay, Chile in November. The Endurance calendar is still busy with rides until the end of the year as horses and riders look ahead to the 2024 season, which includes the FEI Endurance World Championship in September 2024 in Monpazier, France.

Full Results

Wednesday, September 06, 2023

Excitement builds for FEI Endurance European Championship at Ermelo, Netherlands

05 September 2023
Author: Stacey Stearns

The names are in and the field is set for a thrilling competition at the upcoming FEI Endurance European Championship 2023 set for September 7 at the Dutch National Equestrian Centre in Ermelo (NED).

The 160-km course consists of six loops of beautiful countryside that includes forest tracks and heather-covered moors, with a mandatory veterinary inspection after each loop, where the horses must be declared fit to continue before heading out onto the next loop of the course. The tracks have been carefully prepared to offer a balance of technical challenges, all the while keeping the safety of the horses as a priority.

“In essence, our aim is to provide an unforgettable experience that encapsulates the spirit of Endurance while prioritising the well-being of our beloved horses,” said Eric Lamsma, President of the organising committee. “We are excited about the journey ahead and can't wait to witness the enthusiasm and camaraderie that will unfold during the FEI Endurance European Championship 2023 in Ermelo.”

Looking back…

Horse and athlete combinations include individual champions from multiple countries, who competed at the FEI Endurance World Championships 2022 in Butheeb (UAE), and the FEI Endurance European Championships 2021, which were also held at the Ermelo facility. Spain and France had the top seven individual finishers in 2021, earning team gold and silver respectively, and both countries are returning multiple athletes from those teams. Italy secured the team bronze medal ahead of Belgium and the Netherlands, and all these teams are looking to either repeat or improve on their past standings.

Ones to watch

Jaume Punti Dachs of Spain riding Echo Falls was fifth individually in 2021 and earned the bronze medal at the FEI Endurance World Championships 2022 in Butheeb, while Angel Soy Coll and Maria Alvarez Ponton, the individual gold and bronze medal riders respectively at the FEI European Endurance Championships 2021 are on the team again, with competitive horses.

France will have three of their combinations from Butheeb and their 2021 silver medal team at the Championships, including Virginie Atger on Raya de Jalima, Vincent Gaudriot on Bum Baya D’Aqui, and Clementine Chaud on Winaruz el Djin. France’s goal in Butheeb was a team medal, where their strategic and tactical riding paid off, and we expect to see more of that in Ermelo this year.

| Then there’s Tiina Kuusepuu of Estonia on Gabyrel, a 13-year-old Polish Arabian gelding. The pair were fourth at the Butheeb World Championships, and along with her teammates, are looking to put Estonia Endurance on the map.

Full List

There are 21 countries represented, including 14 in the team competition: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey. In total, 77 athletes and 83 horses are vying for the Championship title.

Individual entries include Tom MacGuinness of Ireland who has two horses qualified, including his mount Horseware HLM Fontana, who was 17th with him at Butheeb. Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Norway, and Turkey all have individual entries


“Our opening ceremony, scheduled for Tuesday, September 5th, at 7 pm, promises to be a big event, with all the athletes of the Championship making an appearance. In alignment with our ethos of ‘Horse Comes First’, we're excited to present captivating shows featuring acts such as Jesse Drent and the talented Vaulting team De Heerevelden. These performances will undoubtedly underscore the deep bond between humans and horses,” said Imke Lamsma, Media Manager of the organising committee.

Mandatory pre-ride veterinary inspections of all horses are occurring the afternoon of September 6 and the FEI Endurance European Championship 2023 begins at 6:30 am on September 7. The Championship results will be available by 6 pm.

More information is available at:

Nida Anjum Chelat becomes first Indian woman to complete Equestrian World Endurance Championship - Full Article

By successfully covering the 120-km distance four times with two different combinations, Nida Anjum Chelat has surpassed this mark.

September 6, 2023
by APN Live

Nida Anjum Chelat from Tirur, Malappuram in Kerala has become the first Indian woman to complete the Equestrian World Endurance Championship in France on Saturday last. 21-year-old Chelat represented India in the championship for Juniors and Young Riders and completed the 120-km distance in 7.29 hours.

After achieving the milestone, Chelat dedicated her win to India and thanked everyone for their support. The 21-year-old said she is grateful that she could complete this championship.

A rider and her/his horse must successfully finish a 120-km distance at least twice over the course of two years to be eligible for the World Endurance Championship. By successfully covering the 120-km distance four times with two different combinations, Chelat has surpassed this mark...

Read more here:

Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Bahrain's Royal Endurance Team triumph FEI Endurance World Championship - Full Article

Sun, 03 Sep 2023

The Royal Endurance Team triumphed in the team category at the FEI Endurance World Championship for Young Riders and Juniors in Castelsagrat, France yesterday.

Three riders successfully completed all stages, with Isa Hameed Al Anzi, of Team Victorious, securing the third position to claim the bronze medal. Abdullah Al Shaer Al Ruwaie, of Team Victorious, took the fifth position while Sultan Abdulaziz Al Rumaihi, of Al Zaeem Team, finished sixth.

The championship featured the participation of 70 riders from various countries around the world, covering a distance of 120 kilometres. It witnessed thrilling competitions throughout the four stages. The Royal Endurance Team will be officially crowned as the world champions in the team category today...

Read more here:

Monday, September 04, 2023

Avery Betz-Conway and RAS Istanbul Complete in Top 20 at 2023 FEI Endurance World Championship for Young Riders and Juniors

Photo by Claire Sapet

by US Equestrian Communications Dept. | Sep 3, 2023, 6:00 PM EST

Castelsagrat, France – U.S. endurance athlete Avery Betz-Conway (Kingsland, Ga.) and RAS Istanbul, a 2011 Arabian gelding owned by Estanar S. A., completed the 2023 FEI Endurance World Championship for Young Riders and Juniors on Saturday, finishing in 18th place out of a field of 70 starters and 37 finishers. The pair finished the 120 km ride in a time of 9:39:27.

“It was a very technical ride, but it was a lot of fun,” said Betz-Conway. “The beginning was a bit stressful because there were a lot more horses than we’re used to, but it was really good. I started in a really big group and we split off. The group that I split off with ended up becoming great friends, some that I had known before and some I made today. It was really great to ride and chat with people I enjoyed.”

Betz-Conway cited spending time with “Istanbul” and enjoying the course at Castelsagrat as highlights of her experience at the championship. She thanked her crew and Istanbul’s trainers and owners for supporting her in the preparation leading up to and during the competition.

“Istanbul was great,” she said. “He got stronger as the day went on, and I’m really proud of him. He did amazing. I had a goal of completing in the top 20, and I’m very proud to have completed top 20.”

The other American combination in the field at this year’s championship, Meghan Wert and Gilted Gold, were unfortunately pulled following the third loop of the four-loop race. In her second World Championship, Wert rode Valerie Kanavy’s 2015 Anglo-Arabian mare, Gilted Gold. Wert thanked her family, crew and owner for the experience of competing at this World Championship and is looking forward to future successes in competition.

“I am delighted that the U.S. team not only created unique pathways to the World Championship—one through a U.S.-based path and another through a partnership with a championship French endurance facility—but also continues to create amazing experiences for those who support our endurance athletes,” said Chef d’Equipe Lisanne Dorion. “There is certainly a wave for endurance building in the global equestrian scene and the U.S. has every right to earn our way onto the international stage. Meghan Wert and her mare Gilly showed us we can take home grown talent and succeed. Avery Betz-Conway showed us we can partner and learn from true leaders in our sport. I am grateful for each athlete and their route to the worlds. Every U.S. equestrian can celebrate the leadership and teamwork the riders, families and greater endurance community bring to the world stage.”

The winning combination was Rashed Ahmad Seghayer Alktebi (UAE) with Eddy de Montrozier, a 2014 gelding owned by M7 Endurance Stables. The Best Condition award went to Ema Chazel (FRA) and Cookie Hipolyte, a 2012 Arabian mare owned by the rider and Stephane Chazel.

Competition Information
Learn more about the FEI Endurance World Championship for Young Riders & Juniors here.

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UAE win FEI Endurance World Championship for Young Riders & Juniors for 4th time straight


CASTELSAGRAT, France, 2nd September, 2023 (WAM) – The UAE Saturday won the FEI Endurance World Championship for Young Riders & Juniors for the 4th time straight.

The championship was held in Castelsagrat, France, and testified to the UAE team's pioneering position in the world of endurance racing. The UAE won the championship three times in a row before, in 2017, 2019, and 2021.

The victory came after a fierce competition that lasted to the final meters of the final stage. The race's entire distance was broken up into 4 stages, with the first covering 28.6 km, the second 29.2 km, the third 33.8 km, and the final 28.6 km.

Under the supervision of the International Federation for Equestrian Sports, 70 male and female riders from 25 countries competed in the event, and the victors will be crowned tomorrow, Sunday, in Castelsagrat, in the south-west of France.

Major General Dr.Mohammed Essa Aladhab, the Administrative Manager of the UAE Team , and representatives from the French and international equestrian federations attended the race.

Hatem Mohamed

First Indian young lady rider to Compete in the upcoming WEC in France

News provided by Push 360 LLP
01 Sep, 2023,

NEW DELHI, Sept. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- For the first time ever in FEI's endurance championship, an Indian young lady rider will compete. Young Nida Anjum Chelat, all of 21, born in Tirur, Kerala, will represent India in the Equestrian World Endurance Championship for Young riders and Juniors conducted by FEI, International Federation for Equestrian Sports, the world's authoritative body on Equestrian sports. PUSH 360 manages this pride of India engagements and communications for her.

Nida Anjum on her horse Epsilonn Salou will prove her mettle in a lineup of 70 participants, from 25 countries vying for the prestigious Endurance prize. The Championship puts the manoeuvring skills and confidence of the riders and the fitness of the horses through a series of calibrated tests in loops, that stretch the capability of horse and rider to the maximum. The idea is the hearts of the horse and rider should beat as one...

Read more here:

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Meet the athletes and horses at the FEI Endurance World Championship for Young Riders & Juniors!

US Equestrian - video

August 28 2023

Meet the athletes and horses at the FEI Endurance World Championship for Young Riders & Juniors! 🏇 Meghan Wert and Avery Betz-Conway are ready to represent the U.S. and take on the competition in Castelsagrat, France.

Two ways to follow along are social media and the Yamamah App On the app look for the 120 KM Castelsagrat France Young Riders and Juniors World Championship

The Yamamah app provides real-time stats as riders come through vet gates and head out on the loops. Alex Shampoe and Fine Cut Gold withdrew prior to shipping Cut after he sustained a minor injury in the pasture.

See the video:

Sunday, August 27, 2023

FEI confirms bidders for FEI World Championships 2026

24 August 2023
Author: FEI Communications

The FEI has today confirmed the shortlisted bidders for the FEI World Championships 2026. The shortlist comprises five Organising Committees who have applied to host events in various disciplines, as follows:

Aachen (GER) – Jumping, Dressage, Para Dressage, Eventing, Driving Four-in-Hand, Vaulting;
Boekelo (NED) – Eventing;
Burghley (GBR) – Eventing;
Al Ula (KSA) – Endurance;
Samorin (SVK) – Endurance;

The FEI Board will allocate the FEI World Championships 2026 at its in-person Board Meeting on 18 November 2023 in Mexico City (MEX), following a thorough review by the FEI Evaluation Commission and taking into account recommendations by the Technical Committees.

Following three decades of a unique host formula for senior World Championships under the FEI World Equestrian Games™ format, in 2022 the FEI returned to a more flexible approach accepting single and multiple World Championship bids with a focus on catering to the needs and specificities of each discipline. Herning (DEN) hosted hugely successful events in Jumping, Dressage, Para Dressage, and Vaulting whereas Eventing and Driving Four-in-Hand competitions took place at Pratoni Del Vivaro (ITA), venue of the 1960 Olympic equestrian events. The FEI Endurance World Championships 2022 were held at Butheeb (UAE) last February.

“We are very pleased with the variety of bids we have received,” FEI President Ingmar De Vos said. “Following the outstanding FEI World Championships 2022 organised in Denmark, Italy and the UAE, we are confident this flexible approach with single and multiple bids serves not only the sport, but also the fans and the development of equestrian around the world, allowing different nations and venues to bid to host a major FEI event.”

Olympic qualifications

The FEI World Championships 2026 in Jumping, Dressage, Para Dressage, and Eventing will be the first qualifying events for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

A bit of history

The FEI World Championships have a long history.

Dressage is the FEI discipline with the longest tradition of Championships. A Grand Prix de Dressage, organised in Lucerne (SUI) as early as 1927, had hosted 12 riders representing five nations.

Official FEI Dressage Championships were organised on all non-Olympic years between 1930 and 1939 in Switzerland, France, Austria, Hungary, Germany, and Great Britain. The last such event took place in August 1939, only days before the outbreak of World War II.

The FEI tried to revive the event after the war with limited success. Participation gradually improved and European Championships were organised in 1963, which led to the first FEI Dressage World Championship held in Bern (SUI) three years later.

The first Para Dressage Championship, which took place under the leadership of the FEI, was held in July 2007 only a year after Para Equestrian came under the FEI umbrella. The event enjoyed a truly international representation gathering 133 athletes from 35 nations. Since 2010, FEI Dressage and Para Dressage Championships are being held concurrently.

The first FEI Jumping World Championship was organised in June 1953 at the Parc des Princes stadium in the south west of Paris (FRA). The event was drastically different from its modern equivalent as only 19 athletes from 11 countries, including Yugoslavia, Cambodia and the USA, competed. No women took part since female riders would not be able to enter Jumping competitions until 1956.

The first FEI Eventing World Championship was organised in 1966, the same year as the first FEI Dressage World Championship, at the beautiful estate of Lord Burghley in Lincolnshire, Great Britain. The Championship gathered 39 athletes representing five nations: Argentina, Great Britain, Ireland, USA, USSR.

The previous year the FEI had established the configuration according to which World Championships in the Olympic discipline of Jumping were held every four years in the non-Olympic even years and continental championships were organised in the odd years. This pattern is still in use today for all the FEI Olympic and Paralympic disciplines.

The non-Olympic disciplines

The first edition of the FEI Driving World Championship for Four-in-Hand was held in 1972 in Münster (GER) two years after Driving had become an FEI discipline. Since then, the event continues to be organised every two years.

Endurance became an FEI discipline in 1982, one year before Vaulting. The championship histories of these two non-Olympic disciplines have run in parallel from the start with World Championships organised every other year on even years.

FEI Endurance European Championships had been held in 1984 and 1985 until the first FEI Endurance World Championship was organised in September 1986 at Pratoni del Vivaro (ITA).

In 1983, one year after Driving, Vaulting also joined the FEI. In 1984 the first FEI Vaulting European Championship was organised and was followed by another European edition in 1985. This second European edition was open to the rest of the world. A strong showing from the USA convinced the FEI the time had come for a World Championship. The first FEI Vaulting World Championship took place in in the small Swiss town of Bulle from 18 to 20 July 1986.

FEI World Equestrian Games 1990 - 2018

The inaugural FEI World Equestrian Games™ were held in the Swedish capital Stockholm with the 1912 Olympic stadium as the main venue. On the initiative of the then-FEI President HRH Prince Philip, the World Championships in all the FEI discipline were held in the same city from 14 July to 5 August 1990. Given the smooth organisation and success of these Games, what should have been a one-off event, was extended and seven more editions took place in The Hague (NED) in 1994, Rome (ITA) in 1998, Jerez de la Frontera (ESP) in 2002, Aachen (GER) in 2006, Lexington, KY (USA) in 2010, Normandy (FRA) in 2014, and Tryon, NC (USA) in 2018.

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Endurance's Josefina Rolt: A Deeper Connection - Full Story

06 August 2023
Words by Stacey Stearns
Photos courtesy of Josefina Rolt

We speak to the young Argentinian Endurance athlete...

Josefina Rolt of Argentina grew up in an Endurance family. She’s the third generation to compete in Endurance, with her first podium finish in international competition in 2013 at the age of 13.

For Josefina, the sport is all about the horses and spending time with them.

Tatiana Chas, her grandmother, was one of the riders that helped Endurance flourish in the South American country. She in turn, taught her daughter, Josefina Chas to ride. Now, Josefina Chas and her daughter, Josefina Rolt, both ride Endurance and run Chas Endurance (also known as JC Endurance), a breeding and training operation in the Buenos Aires province where Josefina Chas is head trainer. The three are pictured below.

“I started with Endurance as a baby since my whole family is in Endurance,” Josefina said. “I rode my first race at age four with my pony Vicky, and then moved from the child races to young riders at age 13. The best part of the sport is all the time that I spend with the horses...”

Read more here:

Monday, August 21, 2023

Australia: Hoofing It - Full Article

by Paul Makin


Two intrepid adventurers, Sophia Homor at 26 years of age and her companion Stephanie Toms, aged 22, have embarked on an awe-inspiring journey along the renowned National Bi Centennial Trail.

This iconic long-distance trekking route spans an impressive 5330 kilometres, meandering from the historic town of Cooktown to picturesque Healesville in Victoria. The trail, an illustrious gem in Australia's outdoor landscape, seamlessly connects stock routes, bush tracks, fire trails, and surveyed roads, tracing the contours of the Great Dividing Range.

Newsport had the privilege of catching up with these enterprising young women as they reached Craiglie where they were poised to make a transition onto the challenging bump track. With a projected duration of nine months for this epic expedition, the resolute duo displayed a remarkable nonchalance. "Whether it takes ten or eleven months, our priority is the well-being of our horses," emphasized Stephanie. Since its inception in 1989, the venerable name of legendary Australian bushman R.M. Williams has stood synonymous with the National Trail. Williams, in collaboration with the Australian Trail Horse Riders Association, envisioned a trail that would immerse walkers, horse riders, and cyclists in the quintessential lifestyle of the drovers who once traversed Australia's historic stock routes...

Read more here:

Oman: 100-kilometre endurance horse race organized in Salalah - Full Article

By: Times News Service

Muscat: The 100-kilometre endurance race, Habot Dhofar, was held on Saturday evening on the shore of Khor Al-Dahariz in the Wilayat of Salalah. It was organized by the Dhofar Equestrian Committee in cooperation with the Oman Equestrian Federation.

27 riders from all governorates and wilayats of the Sultanate of Oman participated in the race...

Read more or listen here:

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Planting the Seeds for Endurance's Growth - Full Story

15 August 2023

Celebrating a first in Estonia...

Endurance is all about patience and longevity, which means the planting of trees to mark last weekend's FEI World Championship for Young Horses was a fitting tribute.

The Padise Equestrian Centre, located near Estonia's Baltic Sea coast and an hour's drive from the capital of Tallinn, successfully hosted the inaugural FEI Endurance World Championship for Young Horses in Northern Europe, showcasing the PEC's world-renowned infrastructure and commitment to responsible horsemanship.

The opening ceremony featured representatives from 13 National Federations (NFs) across three continents. Some 40 horses entered from countries including Argentina, Bahrain, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Iraq, Kuwait, Lithuania, Norway, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine, and the UAE...

Read more here:

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Swedish rider becomes the first Scandinavian to win the world’s toughest horse race

Riders with their steads during the 2023 Mongol Derby. Pakistani rider Omer Hayat Khan in the foreground – credit Shari Thompson

The Mongol Derby, the world’s longest and toughest horse race, has been thundering across Mongolia’s steppe for the last ten days. In one of the closest ever races, a Swedish woman, Linda Hermann, took home the win.

Based on the ancient horse messenger system used by Genghis Khan, in a country where the horse is king, at 1000km the Derby is the toughest test on the planet for equestrian endurance riders. Whilst horses are changed roughly every 35km, at checkpoints strung out throughout the country, riders must endure being in the saddle for up to 200km a day and face the

challenges of riding over twenty-eight different semi- wild horses - from the animals’ varying temperaments and bucking abilities and the inevitable falls and mishaps that happen along the way to navigating through challenging terrain, including giant sand dunes and freezing mountain passes.

The thirteenth edition of the Mongol Derby kicked off on the 2nd of August and looked set to be a firecracker from the off, with 42 riders, from eleven different nations, competing for the prestigious win.

Day one saw Spanish rider Xavier Ferrer riding at the front of the pack for most of the day, but he wasn’t in the lead as evening fell, having had a reversal of fortune when he abruptly parted ways with his horse enroute to HS3 (horse station 3) – resulting in him having to hitch a ride back to HS2. This left German rider Judith Jaeckle at the front of the race as night fell.

Over the next eight days Judith was never far from the front of the race and showed true horsemanship skills by never having to redraw a horse (new to the race this year, every horse station was a ‘lotto’, meaning riders had to ride the horse they were given, rather than picking a horse themselves, testing their horsemanship all the more. You could however choose to ‘redraw’ a maximum of three times in the race, if you didn’t like the look of the horse you were first given).

The real battle of the race would come on its final stretch, as Swedish rider Linda Hermann, who’d been in a game of cat and mouse with Judith over the previous days, finally managed to overtake the German rider to take the lead...but only just, and it certainly wasn’t a two horse race. Hot on the ladies’ tails was American marine Matthew Perrella, who’s navigation prowess and luck-of-the-draw, with some seriously fast race horses, now put him in contention for the win.

As it came down to the last two horse stations, Linda would find herself deep in a bog. Luckily her and her horse were fine, but it was a very tense moment and a vet team was dispatched before her horse was cleared to continue. This slowed the Swedish rider down, and allowed Judith and Matt to both gain ground, riding on very fast horses. It was down to the wire, but Linda was able to make it to the final horse station, before the finish line, in the lead clear the vet check (these checks happen at every check-point to ensure all horses are ok and they haven’t been ridden too hard), and remount on a seriously fit race horse.

The win seemed hers, as long as her horse passed the final vet check at the finish line. But Judith and Matt had other ideas and had reached the final horse station almost within eyesight of Linda. They both changed horses swiftly. With Matt on one of the most feral and fastest horses on the course, he crossed the finish line shortly after Linda, with Judith a mere few minutes behind him.

With bated breath everyone waited for Linda’s vet check to clear (a penalty would lead to her losing the win), but finally the news came that her horse’s heart rate was below the 56bmp required and the win was hers. Matt and Judith cleared their vet checks shortly after crossing- with Matt claiming 2nd place and Judith 3rd.

Not only was the race an incredible success for all those involved, but it also helped raise a huge amount of money for charity. The Mongol Derby to date has raised over $1 million for charities, with each rider asked to raise funds for good causes, including the race’s official charity partner Steppe and Hoof - - whose objective is to support the herders and their animals and work to save the unique traditions that are part of the Mongolian nomadic lifestyle as it comes under fire from climate change and urbanisation.

Comments from the finish line:

Linda on being stuck in the bog enroute to the last horse station

“I had a lot of pressure today...but he (the horse) just got up and nothing was wrong with him, the vet cleared him and we continued to the final station”

On her favourite part of the race:

Riding alone.

On expectation vs reality

The rodeos at the horse station, I expected that, and I got it. Most notably being kicked in the stomach.

On the horses she raced on

The thing is, when you’re going so fast on some of these horses, there’s a feeling that if my horse trips, I am dead, but they didn’t trip, the risk and the feeling was just incredible. For more details on the race visit

Monday, August 14, 2023

Bahrain Endurance team riders shine in Estonia race - Full Article

14 August 2023

BAHRAIN’S Othman Abduljaleel Al Awadhi, from the Royal Endurance Team, delivered an outstanding performance, earning a commendable 10thplace finish in the FEI Endurance World Championship for 8-year-old horses, held in Padise, Estonia.

Slovakia’s Dominika Kainova claimed the first place in the championship, crossing the finish line ahead of the UAE’s rider, Butei Ali Al Nuaimi. Spain’s Gill Beringer took third place, while the UAE’s Saeed Ahmed Al Shamsi finished fourth. Al Awadhi’s consistent performance throughout the different stages showcased his remarkable skills and determination...

Read more here:

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Mongol Derby 2023 Day 10: The final chapter - Full Story

Outlaw Kate
12th August 2023

It’s been a long journey for these riders who set out 10 days ago to pit themselves against 1000km of rugged steppe and relentless weather, not to mention a selection of the feistiest and finest horses that Mongolia has to offer. For some, the journey began months or even years prior: commitments have been rearranged to accommodate training, piggy banks have been emptied to fund the travel to the steppe, all to satisfy the drive to become one of a very select group of riders who have experienced this event. It’s no wonder that we often say that to make it to the start line is a big win in everyone’s book, and to ride any length of the Derby is something to be very proud of. In the words of one of our illustrious alumni Kevin Price-Moor, “More people have climbed Mt Everest than have competed in this event. This is our Everest.” Thus we salute all our riders, no matter where they placed. You are all very much winners in our book...

More story, photos, videos here:

Mongol Derby 2023 Day 9: A winner is crowned - Full Story

Outlaw Kate
11th August 2023

As the sun rose over the steppe on Day 9 there was a sense of expectation in the air. Lead rider Linda LHE was sitting pretty at HS27, a mere 60km from the finish and exquisitely positioned, should all go well, to claim the 2023 Derby title by mid-day. Crew were up at the crack of dawn, herders had horses organized and ready, and when the clock chimed 0700 Linda was out the door on her way to the finish.

Camped between HS26 – HS27 Judith JJA, Xavier XFE and Moazzam MHK were also well on their way first thing, looking to narrow the gap between themselves and the leader; and chaser Matthew MPE back at HS26 set out to continue his relentless push towards the finish line. With this tight of a race, it could still come down to the wire. One penalty, a slow horse, an unscheduled dismount and everything could change.

The crew watched Linda’s progress with bated breath while reports began pinging in that she had drawn a rather “measured pace” horse: in other words it was a somewhat leisurely ride to HS28 with the chasing pack baying at her heels...

More article, photos, videos here:

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Mongol Derby 2023 Day 8: Gunning for the finish - Full Story

Outlaw Kate
10th August 2023

Day 8 dawned bright and clear with the promise of another scorcher out on the steppe. Crew and riders alike were feeling the heat and stern warnings were given to all by the medics to hydrate well and often. Water for the riders is provided at the horse stations and they are cautioned to purify any other water they come across out on the steppe prior to drinking.

Water is a precious resource in this part of the world; it is essential for the health of their livestock and families will often move to where there is a good reliable source of water. Although our course is set well in advance, we occasionally need to move a horse station location slightly to accommodate the fact that the herding family needed to move closer to better grazing and water. It is a good reminder that the steppe is still home to many nomadic people with no fixed address. Such a great cultural experience for our riders...

More story, photos, videos here:

Mongol Derby 2023 Day 7: Sometimes we walk, sometimes we ride - Full Story

Outlaw Kate
9th August 2023

It’s Day 7 and the lead riders have now covered over 80 percent of the course, which to us mere mortals means they’ve ridden somewhere in the neighbourhood of 800 kilometers. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. The chasing pack, their accomplishments by no means any less significant, have covered over 700 kilometers. Are they still going strong? Absolutely. And the determination is still apparent in the many photos that come out over the day via our social media channels, showing the grins, grimaces and grit-your-teeth-and-get-it-done expressions on our brave riders’ faces. The point here is that no matter where positioned on the field, every rider who has come here to taste the Mongolian horse way of life has done something significant that will change who they are forever...

More story, photos and videos here:

Tuesday, August 08, 2023

Mongol Derby 2023 Day 6: Grit and camaraderie - Full Story

Outlaw Kate
8th August 2023

As usual , the Day 6 on the steppe started with some interesting weather. A heavy fog had descended, adding a very Game of Thrones-esque eerie atmosphere and riders and crew alike were nervously checking over their shoulders lest a white walker catch them unawares. By mid afternoon, however, the atmosphere had lightened noticeably, and the fog cleared up to reveal Mongolia’s signature blue skies punctuated with small puffy white clouds towards the horizon.

Our resident Swedish Viking Linda LHE held the lead throughout the day. It’s a well-earned lead and nothing has come easy to this intrepid rider: she has had a kick or two but has marshaled on without a complaint. We’ve met quite a few tough characters through this race but she may be one of the toughest thus far. According to the crew she’s battle-hardened and has definitely shown the world that she means business...

More stories, photos, videos here:

Monday, August 07, 2023

Mongol Derby 2023 Day 5: Teamwork and tenacity - Full Article

Outlaw Kate
7th August 2023

It was a hot and overcast kind of day today followed by an early evening thunderstorm which has become the norm since the start. Riders, knowing the routine, have been riding out of the last station of the day, rain gear on and ready. The lightning shows have been pretty spectacular.

Phoebe de Raeve has shown us her navigational prowess, taking an interesting route up and through the mountains instead of staying low and in the valleys. Understandable, because if there’s one thing we know about her, she’s got a thing for mountains. She’s a rough and tumble type, takes her training seriously, but found herself rough-and-tumbling down into a crevasse in the mountains two weeks before the Derby...

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Sunday, August 06, 2023

Mongol Derby 2023 Day 4: The hustle continues - Full Story

Tom Morgan
6th August 2023

Race Report Day 4

Lost Horse Saga

RCA steppe curse continues as he got thrown off another horse, ISD attempted to catch him, but they digressed and managed to find a herding family. RCA jumped on the back of a motorbike and he and his new found herder friend caught the loose horse whilst IDS enjoyed some lovely afternoon tea with the wife.

Invasion of the Flys

Today saw riders and crew crossing some seriously fly infested swamp land. It’s gorgeous at first sight until you slow down long enough for the fly hordes to find you.

Herding Fams

Purevkhishig. D has provided horses three times for the Mongol Derby and participated in our Herder Trials. His thoughts on the Mongol Derby: I’m very excited about the Mongol Derby because it showcases our culture and most importantly our horses. I love seeing the international riders and how well they can ride my horses, it’s really incredible.

Everyone has a plan until they’re kicked in the stomach:...

Read more, see photos and videos here:

Saturday, August 05, 2023

Mongol Derby 2023 Day 3: Gazelles and camels and spas, oh my - Full Story

Tom Morgan
5th August 2023

The weather continued to play a major part on Day 3 in this 2023 edition of the Derby, with the riders enduring another blistering day followed by a biblical downpour just around the time they were tucking into their tents/gers/goat sheds.. If you’ve never been caught in a Mongolian thunderstorm you are missing one of the finest examples of the power of Mother Nature. You can go from parched and dried-out tongue-hanging-out sticky hotness to saturated sogginess in a matter of minutes. Lucky for most riders, they had an initiation into the fickleness of weather at start camp and are by now experienced weather-weatherers.

Weather notwithstanding, the beauty of the steppe did not disappoint today. Jessie JDO had an incredible day of solo riding, even encountering a gazelle in the mountains somewhere around HS8. Not to be outdone, Micaiah, MSO and Alice ARO rode up to a rock in the middle of nowhere and promptly discovered it was a camel catching up on its beauty sleep. By the time these riders return to the former lives, they will have accumulated a plethora of visual memories to sustain them for a lifetime...

More stories, photos, videos here:

Friday, August 04, 2023

Mongol Derby 2023 Day 2: Are we there yet? - Full Story

Outlaw Kate
4th August 2023

Day 2 is when the reality of this race tends to sink in. The adrenaline has worn down a bit and the nerves have settled, but there are still a lot of miles to go. These riders are tough bunch though, and to even make it to the start line takes immense preparation and skill, not to mention a bit of bravado and disregard for comfort.

Day 2 saw a lot of unscheduled dismounts, a few lost horses, some more epic camping tales, and the field beginning to separate between the hard core racers vs the adventure seekers...

More at:

Thursday, August 03, 2023

Mongol Derby 2023 Day 1: The Journey Begins - Full Story

Outlaw Kate
3rd August 2023

The 2023 edition of the Mongol Derby kicked off under cloudy and cool skies; perfect riding weather for these 42 intrepid international riders who have come to the steppe hoping to make their mark.

As the riders lined up for the kickoff to this 10-day adventure, the feisty horses had their own ideas about what constitutes a good time, causing a few spills and thrills which added spice to an already charged atmosphere at the start line. Just a taste of what is to come over the next 10 days as these riders will change horses at each of the 28 horse stations: no two rides will be the same which is about as close to a certainty as we can get in this race...

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Wednesday, August 02, 2023

Follow the 2023 Mongol Derby Live

Tom Morgan
ShariThompsonPhoto1.jpg 2nd August 2023

Riders from 13 countries across the globe are mounting their horses at the start line right now. And you can follow the adventure unfold live right here on our website and socials without even getting chaffed. So make yourself a cup of tea, hit the button below, and watch our brave riders tackle the longest and toughest horse race in the world.

Follow Live

This year we’re making daily video shorts to sum up the days action, a bit like this one from yesterdays pre race training...

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Tuesday, August 01, 2023

The 2023 Mongol Derby is almost upon us

Tom Morgan
30th July 2023

The thundering hooves of brave Equestrianists from across the globe will soon resonate through the vast Mongolian steppes as the 12th Edition of the Mongol Derby is about to kick off. This awe-inspiring event brings together horse riders from eleven different countries, all eager to challenge themselves in the Guinness Book of World Records’ ‘World’s Longest and Toughest Horse Race.’ With a spirit of adventure and camaraderie, they are prepared to push the boundaries of endurance and skill in this ultimate test of horsemanship.

Returning Champions and New Hopefuls

Among this year’s contenders, we welcome back familiar faces and newcomers alike. Trinity Nelzen, following in her father’s footsteps, ventures to honor his memory after he triumphed in the Mongol Derby a decade ago. Her determination and heritage add an emotional touch to the already thrilling race. Notably, Phoebe de Raeve and Bianca Farmas-Griffith, seasoned riders who participated in the 2022 edition, are back for a second try at conquering the Mongolian wilderness. Their previous experience will undoubtedly aid them, but the unpredictable nature of the Derby keeps them on their toes...

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Australia: Winton to Longreach Endurance Ride revived for first run since 1988 - Full Article and videos

ABC Western Qld/ By Victoria Pengilley and Heidi Sheehan
Posted Sun 30 Jul 2023

The midnight, late-July air is dry and crisp as 32 people mount their horses and ride off under the cover of darkness.

The skilled horsemen and women are embarking on one of the toughest rides in the country — a relentless, 220-kilometre journey from Winton to Longreach.

The start of the endurance ride was once signalled by a shotgun when it took place 40 years ago.

Now it's a gentle "off you go" from the chief steward that sends riders on their way into the barren landscape...

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Friday, July 28, 2023

2023 Mongol Derby kicks off August 2

The Mighty Mongol Derby is kicking off on August 2, 2023!

Forty-five equestrianists from around the world are making their way to Mongolia. Stay tuned as The Equestrianists bring you all the action from the steppe.

If you'd like to follow along you can do so via the following:
-FB/Instagram @MongolDerby
-Twitter @MongolDerbylive
-Live Tracker Map via our website:

*Note the tracker map will not be visible/live until August 2nd when the race kicks off.

Thursday, July 27, 2023

‘Powerful’ Scottish horse ride helps charity to combat isolation - Full Article

18 July 2023
By Steph Brawn

A SCOT is hoping is close a widening gap between people and the outdoors in the wake of the Covid crisis after leading a “powerful” fundraising horse ride from St Andrews to Iona along an ancient trail.

Louis Hall began long-distance horse rides in 2020 after his friend tragically died of cystic fibrosis.

The 27-year-old rode from John O’Groats to Lands End across 57 days while raising a mammoth £38,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

What he thought would be a tough, solitary journey against the elements on his Highland pony turned out to be an “extraordinary magnet for human connection” as people from all walks of life joined him for parts of his adventure...

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Saturday, July 22, 2023

India: Saima Syed: A hijabi girl riding on horses of her dreams - Full Article

By: Dr. Shujaat Ali Quadri
July 21, 2023

With tricolour in her hand, 20-year-old Saima Syed proudly flaunts her unique achievement: She has become the country’s first One Star woman horse rider. Saima has achieved the feat of becoming a One Star Rider by qualifying with a Bronze Medal in the 80 km Endurance Race in Ahmedabad, Gujarat on 17 and 18 February this year under the joint aegis of Equestrian Federation of India and All India Marwari Horse Society, Gujarat Chapter.

Saima was being brought up in a small-town called Nagaur, near Jodhpur, when she made up her mind that she would become a leading horse rider of India riding on her favourite partner, Aravalli, which is her mare...

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Sunday, July 09, 2023

New Zealand: Katikati equestrian rider celebrates big win - Full Article

07 Jul, 2023 | By Taylor Rice

Protein bars, a 2am start and a 11-hour ride on horseback has led to Kayla Warbrooke winning the highest overall distance for the season at the Distance Riding NZ prizegiving.

Kayla is now the proud winner of the Youth Combination Award, after clocking up a whopping total of 633km for the season.

Her impressive distance was helped by her first ever 120km ride at the 2023 Renegade Hoofboots DRNZ championships, held in Taupo earlier this year.

The track consisted of four loops, ranging from 40km to 20km. The speed of Kayla’s ride was at 10 to 13km per hour, and was completed by Kayla in 11 hours and 42 minutes.

“It was such a foggy morning at the champs, me and my friend got lost a few times but got back on track quickly,” says Kayla...

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Friday, July 07, 2023

Midcoast dairy farmer to compete in the Mongol Derby, the longest horse race in the world - Full Article

Jessie Dowling, of Whitefield, will leave for Mongolia later this month to prepare for a 620-mile race against 44 riders from around the world.

July 5 2023
By Maria SkillingsTimes Record

A Midcoast dairy farmer and horse enthusiast will tackle the ultimate riding challenge when she competes next month in the Mongol Derby — the longest horse race in the world.

Jessie Dowling, 42, of Whitefield, will race in Mongolia alongside 44 riders from all over the world, two-thirds of whom are women. The elite race, which starts Aug. 2, follows the historical postal routes of Genghis Khan, the founder of the Mongol Empire.

“Mongolia is the birthplace of horsemanship,” Dowling said.

Riders will have eight to 10 days to complete the 620-mile race. Competitors can only ride between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Racers must weigh no more than 187 pounds when dressed in full gear and can only carry 11 pounds of supplies. In the evenings, riders stay with Mongolian families for food and shelter, according to the derby website.

Dowling is not the only Mainer to compete in the Derby...

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Thursday, July 06, 2023

Horse welfare at the forefront of proposed FEI Rules changes - full article

05 July 2023
Author: FEI Communications

The first drafts of the proposed FEI Rule changes have been published and are now available online here.

In accordance with the FEI Periodical Rules Revision Policy, the FEI Endurance Rules are the only ones undergoing a full revision but some modifications of lesser scope have been introduced to the other FEI Rules and Regulations as well. The focus of this year’s changes is on horse welfare with strong proposals featured in the FEI General Regulations, the FEI Veterinary Regulations, and several discipline rules.

“At the heart of the FEI's mission lies an unwavering commitment to horse welfare,” FEI Secretary General Sabrina Ibáñez said. “This year, we have been fortunate to receive insightful horse welfare-oriented proposals from the National Federations and Stakeholders alike. Our Technical Committees and Headquarters have attentively listened to the community and incorporated many invaluable proposals into the fabric of the Rules...

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Wednesday, July 05, 2023

Unity is Strength for Portuguese Endurance Athlete Leonor Moreira - Full Article

06 July 2023
Words by Stacey Stearns

"Endurance is a life lesson..."

The sun hasn’t risen yet when Endurance riders begin arriving at the barn to feed horses and prepare for a 160km competition. A horse whinnies a greeting, and other horses begin moving about their stalls. Excited anticipation fills the air as preparations quietly begin.

A couple hours later, grooms begin walking the horses in large circles around ride camp to warm up, while riders nervously watch and wait, reviewing the course and their ride plan one more time.

Before long, they head off into the dark morning, head lamps bobbing up and down as they quietly trot down the track, already separating into groups by country, ride plan, or with training partners.

This is Endurance, and the partnership with the horse and pure joy of the sport keep horses and human athletes returning to head down another trail in the early morning hours.

“For me the best thing about Endurance is the teamwork between the horse and rider, handlers, veterinarians and grooms,” Leonor Moreira of Portugal says...

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Sunday, July 02, 2023

Mission accomplished in the Tom Quilty

Sarah Sullivan photo - Full Article

Erle Levey

New Zealand endurance rider and horse breeder Ashley Cole came to Imbil on a mission – to take home the Tom Quilty Gold Cup.

Riding nine-year-old Arab stallion Tonki Dee Boo Novak, it was a matter of mission accomplished as Ashley crossed the 160km finish line in a time of eight hours, 44 minutes, 54 seconds.

From the Coromandel region of the North Island, Ashley was among almost 200 riders who competed in Australia’s premier endurance horse event.

The 2023 Tom Quilty was held at Stirling’s Crossing Equestrian Centre at Imbil, in the Mary Valley.

Catherine Bailey of Bullio Razorback Arabians at Orange, NSW, was second, riding Razorback Targayen, and Nikki Sample of Stirlings Crossing Endurance at Imbil, was third, riding Brookleigh Danu...

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Friday, June 30, 2023

Alstonville's Duncan Woodhead makes his way to the podium in the Tom Quilty Gold Cup.

Sarah Sullivan photo - Full Article

By Jon Fleetwood
Updated June 29 2023

Alstonville resident and president of the Tenterfield Endurance Riding Club, Duncan Woodhead, finished second in the heavyweight division of Tom Quilty Gold Cup.

This year's race was held in Imbil, Queensland, where 182 competitors took on a gruelling 160 kilometre course.

The 24 hour race began at midnight and competitors raced through the night with no sleep as they traversed the ranges of Imbil.

Not all were successful though, only 131 entrants successfully completed the course and passed the relevant vet checks.

The Tenterfield Endurance Riding Club has a long history of success at the race and this year was no different...

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St. George horseman completes one of the world’s toughest endurance races - Full Story Written by E. George Goold May 10, 2024 ST. GEORGE — The Gaucho Derby is a 500-kilometer horse race throug...