Friday, September 10, 2010

WEG Endurance - A Preview of the Major Teams

By Leonard Liesens,

It's on 18th September that most of European horses will embarq to Kentucky. They will all head from all over Europe to the Liège's Airport in Belgium. All endurance horses, but also all European horses representing all disciplines. A huge promotion for the Airport of Liège and for the region which has invested a lot in this new airport for boosting its economical activity.

Back to endurance... Lexington will not reach the record level of participation of Dubai in 2005. But nevertheless there will be a huge contingent participating at the endurance event. Actually, all nations represented in Lexington will have at least one couple competing in endurance.

What about Nobby

Maria Alvarez gave birth to a daughter, another little Maria. Just in case, Jaume Punti qualified himself with Nobby during a 160 km race ran in Dubai. But it will be Maria who will defend her title with her small bay Nobby. "Three weeks after the birth of our little Maria, her mother was already riding 40 km workout. Then after six weeks she rode Nobby on 80 km. Both were already ready for a 160 km" said Jaume.

The Spanish team won the team gold in Italy last year, thanks to the good time made by Nobby but also because France was out of the competition with just two horses. It is very unlikely that this could happen again. But who knows...

In the individual competition, it is another business. Nobby is capable of reaching a good speed (he demonstrated that at Dubai) and he has the temper of a champion. He will the one to beat...

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