Thursday, September 02, 2010

Namibia: Horse riding fever in Walvis - Full Article

02 September 2010

by Albertina Nakale

WALVIS BAY - Approximately 200 international horse riders have joined their Namibian counterparts for the annual International Horse Endurance Riding Competition, at the Namibian harbour town.

According to the Namibia Endurance Ride Association (NERA), Walvis Bay remains the ideal location for the competition.

“It is difficult to imagine any other location where the stamina, perseverance and willpower of both the rider and their steed is challenged. Not only do the dunes provide for some of the toughest endurance and obstacle courses, this course is more difficult than similar races in the Middle East.

“We have been very fortunate to enjoy the support of the Municipality of Walvis Bay to host this particular event and would like to see this relationship continuing,” said NERA secretary, Annette Hanekom.

Hanekom noted that over the last few years since the competition was shifted to Walvis Bay, there has been an improvement in the skills and performance of Namibian endurance horse riders...

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