Friday, September 10, 2010

South Africa: Top three for Jenna at Hofmeyr Endurance - Full Article

The 32nd Hofmeyr 100 Miler Endurance Ride was held on August 28 with only 26 horses taking part. The Hofmeyr is known to be an extremely challenging course for both horse and rider and only three horses entered the full 100 Miler.

The competition among the junior riders all doing the 80 Miler was strong. Jenna Lucas won this division on Lormar Ceasar in a time of 8h49 followed by Ninine Erasmus on Fidel in 8h50 and St Francis Bay’s Jenna Masterson on Xantium Zulu in 9h13. Only 3 horses did not complete the ride.

The Hofmeyr 100 Miler is a ride that one has to attend to understand what endurance riding is all about. The winner and only rider to complete the full 160km, Barrie Badenhorst on Christal Razib, finished in a time of 12h40. Barrie said “if you haven’t done the Hofmeyr, you haven’t done Endurance. It is a must.”

The Hofmeyer 100 Miler is the second oldest Endurance Ride in South Africa...

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