Thursday, September 09, 2010

Namibia: Can’t wait for the next ride - Full Article

8 September 2010

WALVIS BAY - After a very successful event in 2009, FNB Namibia again supported the 2-day Endurance Ride, which took place on the 2nd of this month at the harbour town, to the tune of N$50,000.00.

In response to FNB’s ongoing support, Namibia Endurance decided to officially call the competition the FNB Africa Endurance Championship.

Hosts Nambia entered three teams in various categories, South Africa also entered three and a senior team came all the way from Germany, while a significant number of individual riders also took part, bringing the total number of entries to 186 of which 156 finished the ride.

The competition is undoubtedly the biggest horse endurance ride in the entire Southern Hemisphere.

The various competition divisions were won by: Senior Heavyweight Riders – George Wessels on Aracos Armak; Senior Standard Weight Riders – Collen Tjandja on El Sham Khemo; Senior No Weight Riders – Martell Dormehl on Romeo; TYOung Riders – Alice Krenz on Hidalgo; 120km Child Ride – Chane Viljoen on Zabubega Hakim. ..

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