Wednesday, September 01, 2010

African endurance in Walvis Bay - Full Article

01 September 2010

WALVIS BAY - The coastal town of Walvis Bay is hosting the First National Bank (FNB) African Endurance Horse-riding Championship.

The event, organized by FNB, is said to be “the biggest ever” in Walvis Bay with 195 participants. Apart from hosts Namibia, South Africa and Germany will be represented by riders in various categories, and who are expected to endure an ultimate 120 km ride in the hot Namib desert.

“It is a difficult ride because of the desert and the weather. All the horses were thoroughly checked by veterinarians. We have 14 vets to check the horses before the game.

“These horses will be going in different directions. Some to Dune 7, along the beach up to Guano Island, while some will go to the salt pan,” said Annette Hanekom one of the main organizers of the event...

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