Thursday, September 16, 2010

US Horse and Rider Withdraw from Selection Process for WEC

Thursday September 16 2010

Sir Smith (Smitty) has been withdrawn from consideration for the US Endurance Team for the World Endurance Championship. Sir Smith injured himself slightly either in his stall or turnout a week ago. The hind end lameness did not appear to be serious and appeared to get better, but it showed up again today. Rider Jeremy Reynolds formally withdrew him today. Wife Heather Reynolds said, "It would not be fair to Smitty, the team or himself to do this [warm Sir Smith up well so he'd trot out sound] for our final trot out on Friday morning.  It was very improbable that Smitty would be able to go 100 miles in 10 days looking the way he does."

The Reynolds have another horse among the 8 riders and 10 horses vying for a slot on the US Team - Heather and Ssamiam.

Cici Butler Stasiuk and DJB Cytron Kon JMF also withdrew last week when Cytron came up with a lameness.

Tomorrow the 5 horse and rider teams for the WEC will be chosen at Shaker Village tomorrow.

- Merri Melde

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