Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mongol Derby Day 2 - Stories, photos, videos, map

Day 2. August 10, 2017.

Day 2 Roundup - Michelle Tanaka (2015 joint 3rd place rider)

Riders got straight into it with icy cold hurricane-like conditions first thing this morning. As crew vehicles trundled through the muck, horses once again proved themselves to be the fastest means to cross the steppe. Provided riders stay on, that is.

…Which a handful of Derbyists had some trouble managing. This morning JC unbridled her horse as she came off. Fellow riders plus five crew members couldn’t catch him (turns out he was waiting for a motorcycle rescue, diva). HS required a carry-forward after her stallion made off into the storm. AK’s horse bolted during a saddle adjustment, outrunning two herders on their fastest steeds. Eventually he lost enough steam to be caught outside a soum, 15 kilometers away.

Frontrunners EF and MP held their lead throughout the day (wearing warm layers and properly-fitted tack, no doubt). Only three riders are caught between urtuus tonight; we’ll see how RHW, WC, and JW do in the morning without the warmth of a ger.

Urtuu 5 is hosting a record 20 riders tonight. The Naughty List grows longer as riders prefer the three-hour late riding penalty to another night out on the steppe - see details on the Leaderboard.

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