Thursday, August 10, 2017

Great Britain: Annie Joppe’s endurance blog: the final countdown is on - Full Article

Annie Joppe
10:55 - 8 August, 2017

Another two weeks has passed and the European championships are only just over a week away!

Life and work still carry on but there is so much extra packing to be done. How could I need so much stuff for a competition?

Obviously everything needs to be cleaned: feed containers, bowls, buckets, rugs, numnahs and so on. The worrying thing though is that I seemed to have carried this cleaning frenzy to excess. Everything is being cleaned, absolutely everything, not just the equipment I need to take with me but ALL my horsey equipment and ALL the containers they are packed in and, even worse, the whole tack room is being scrubbed out from top to bottom!...


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