Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Spanish Shortlisted for the World Young Riders in Tarbes (FRANCE)

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June 24 2013

Spanish Shortlisted for the Raid World YR / J

Today, Monday, the deadline for submission of entries registered in the Raid World Championship Junior / Young Riders. Ten pairs listed in Spanish, which will five representing our country on July 27 Ibos-Tarbes (France).

National coach Ignasi Casas, is scheduled to make two tests with these pairs before communicating the July 15 final list: the first on June 29 Casserres (Barcelona), the second, from 12 to 14 July, between the same locality and around Vic, coinciding with a test for shortlisted for the European Championships Absolute.

Shortlisted Spanish:

Guillermo González / “Camerupt”
Núria Serrabassa / “Casba”
María Ledesma / “Tra Druida”
Cristina Yebra / “Calzadilla”
Paula Muntala / “Amalee”
Ivet Pi / “Pink Floid”
Arnau Cabanas / “Djam Djou”
María Dulcet / “Lucero Miki”
Raquel Busquet / “Chester de Graells”
Agda Muixi / “Ourasi de Cassa”

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