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Spain: Clinic on Barefoot in Madrid

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Photo: Guillermo Gonzalez Junior Champion of Spain 2013 Barefoot System

June 12 2012
Gabriel Gamiz

Our friend Florentino Pereira is hosting a clinic on Barefoot in Madrid for the weekend of July 12, the speaker will be Albert Villasevil. The content of this will be an introduction to Barefoot, management philosophy and applied to our times, and adaptation theory and practice of different types of boots.

Vacancies are limited to 20 and if more people interested would organize one seconds Clinic.

The recent successes of Barefoot Championships in Spain in Raid, 2012 and 2013 , as well as in other large National Calendar tests have thrown fans World Equestrian Resistance to test this system Barefoot Horse, but for this type technique, prepare technically and practically.

My mare "Ventolera" already meets this month, the first three years of Barefoot Horses, along with their feet free of iron, no problem training all types of terrain. The first months of his new life barefoot, walked and trained with boots, so that your transition period shod to barefoot, did not suffer any inconvenience this change of "shoes".
But for this change of "branding or no branding" have to seek help from experts in the field and read a lot about its advantages and disadvantages, not all horses they can apply this methodology and above all, by their status housing and feeding.

In these courses on Barefoot, is where you have to learn to take care of our horses hull, to make a good monitoring and maintenance.

We will continue this next course information on Barefoot.

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