Monday, August 13, 2012

World Endurance Championships - Opening Ceremony

11th August 2012

Chair of Endurance GB, Jo Claridge has received more information regarding the Opening Ceremony. Provision will be made for the general public in a "Henman Hill" type area........

There will be large screens and loos for anyone who wants to see the ceremony and get involved in the atmosphere.

Jo says.......

Unfortunately there is physically not enough room to accommodate everyone round the area and those ticketed seats are reserved for competitors and official guests.

The logistics of accommodating an unknown number of visitors are proving very difficult for the organisers and I do hope that you can all understand the problems. Until the final declarations of entry are made it is impossible to estimate the number of competitors and all their entourages!

Janah Management Ltd is determined that no-one should feel left out and that provision is being made to allow everyone to enjoy the occasion as far as possible.

As Chairman I do urge you all to support this fantastic event - we have thoroughly enjoyed the Olympics - now we have our own version just for Endurance! There will be hiccups and disappointments - but please do come with a positive attitude!

Everyone is working really hard to make this a really enjoyable event - we have a fantastic Team representing Endurance GB - we just need your support!

Any suggestions for a more suitable name will be welcomed - "enclave" means an area or territory surrounded by another territory - seemed appropriate!!!!!!!!!!

Looking forward to seeing lots of you soon! Cheers, Jo

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