Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mixed results for Australia at the World Endurance Championships

Friday, 24 August 2012

There were mixed results for the four member Australian team at the 2012 World Endurance Championships which were held at Euston Park (GBR) on Saturday.

In the Australian camp the day belonged to 17 year old Alexandra Toft and her nine year old mare Emily Jones te, which were the sole Australian combination to complete the gruelling 160 kilometre, six phase event in 52nd position. The combination got caught in a fierce thunderstorm towards the end of the race which later caused the event to be abandoned.

Alexandra’s mother, Penny Toft (Travina), a three time representative at this level, made the decision to retire from the race at the end of the third phase, citing tiredness as the reason.

Australia’s two remaining combinations Norbert Radny (West Coast Acharon) and Talea Hasko-Stewart (Blake’s Heaven Bombora) were also unfortunate not to make it to the finish line. Norbert fell from his horse mid-way through the event while Talea’s horse was ruled to be lame at the end of the first phase.

Just 73 of the 147 horse and rider combinations which started the event went on to finish.

“This just proves flat ain’t always easy,” Talea said on her Facebook page the day following the event.

“There was a mixture of disappointment, relief and ignited dreams in our camp today. Bombora seems to be fully recovered from his mild tie up, for which we're very grateful,” she added.

Competitors from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) claimed team gold and all three individual medals.

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