Friday, August 17, 2012

Australian Endurance horses settle into their Suffolk training base ahead of World Championships

the horses are hand walked on the grounds of the Riddlesworth Equestrian Centre

Thursday, 16 August 2012

The team of horses which have travelled to the UK for the World Endurance Championships are settling into their temporary accommodation at the Riddlesworth Equestrian Centre in Suffolk.

The four horses arrived in the UK last Thursday ahead of the World Endurance Championships which take place on 25 August.

“All four horses have recovered from the long trip and have been exercised with light rides and hand walks. They are doing good work and in the next few days they will do longer and faster sessions,” said Chef d’Equipe Peter Toft.

“The horses have great stables and paddocks and the training trails are excellent – we have a nice marked 20 kilometre loop,” he added.

“The grass here is lush and green so although the horses have enjoyed it, we are limiting the grazing,” Toft said.

Riders Penny Toft, Talea Haskow-Stewart and Norbert Radney have arrived at camp with Alexandra Toft due to arrive later this week.

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