Saturday, August 11, 2012

European Endurance Championship for Young Riders & Juniors

August 6th is the deadline for nominated entries for the European Endurance Championship for Young Riders & Juniors to take place on 8-9 September at Mont-le-Soie, Belgium.

while definite entries have to be forwarded on the August 29th. We expect 80 riders from 20 different European countries. The Championship is not open to non-European riders.
On the days after -sunday 9th September- it will be the Veterans' Worldcup. We expect a good number of riders. This CEI** competition is OPEN to non-veterans. There will be a ranking for Veterans and an Open ranking.

Individual medalists of the Junior European Championship medalists and of the Mundial for Veterans will receive a helmet UVEX FP3 ACTIVE PLUS (value € 400) painted in the colors of their medals (gold - silver - bronze).

The winner of the junior championship (09/08/2012) will also receive a saddle WINTEC / BATES worth € 1,000 while the winner of the World Veterans (09/09/2012) will receive, in addition to cash prizes, a pallet of wood pellets HORSE COVER to cover the needs of a horse litter for one year (value € 1,000).
UVEX helmets and saddle WINTEC / BATES are offered by the Belgian importer of these products, the company AKTIS. Wood pellets HORSE COVER are offered by the Belgian manufacturer of this revolutionary product, the company RECYBOIS.

The various winners of these races (and CEI2* and 1*, 09/09) and championships will also receive the stirups REFLEX and PREMIUM PERFORMANCE PROFILE of the Belgian firm COMPOSITI (value € 30).

Note that the riders of the Belgian national teams, both junior and senior, are themselves equipped with helmets UVEX FP3 ACTIVE PLUS, REFLEX COMPOSITI stir ups while their horses sleep on HORSE COVER.

All participants will be met on arrival, as the tradition is at the Mont le Soie, with a gift package of Belgian local beer LA CHOUFFE (4 bottles + 1 glass ).

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