Friday, August 17, 2012

Great Britain: An update from Endurance rider Chris Yeoman

15 Aug 2012 05:41:02

Chris Yeoman has a very busy few weeks ahead of her. Not only has she been picked to represent GB in the World Endurance Championships at Euston Park, Thetford, with her horse LM Crazy Girl; her other horse LM Greyson has been picked as the fourth reserve horse.

This is a fantastic achievement and we are looking forward to seeing how she does! The Neue Schule advice team is travelling down to the Endurance Championships on the 25th August to support Neue Schule stockist Saddle Exchange. If you are going to the Endurance Championships and would like advice on any aspect of bitting please don’t hesitate to come and visit the stand.

We asked Chris which Neue Schule bits she finds best for her horses:

“My endurance horses have to be light and manoeuvrable at speed and controllable on a start line of anything up to 100 horses so the bit I use is a very important tool that I have and Neue Schule are excellent for a variety of horses with individual issues.

Greyson was always strong in the hand and would lean heavily on me on the first loop. I now have him in a Neue Schule Swales bit which has taken the pressure off the poll leaving him lighter in the hand and more responsive to my aids.

Crazy Girl my championship horse is from Argentina and very sensitive to her bit so she is in the Universal which gives me stopping power without a fight and she mouths the bit well giving a softer feel to my hands.”

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