Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Another Australian Withdraws from the WEC

July 29, 2012

The Australian Endurance Team has had another blow to its preparation today, when Ondy (Andrea Laws King) on medical advice has withdrawn from the Australian Endurance Team.
Ondy had a nasty fall from her Horse last weekend.

We thank her for conducting herself in a professional manner and wish her a speedy recovery.

Peter Toft.
Chef d Equippe
Australian Endurance Team


The horses leave Australia with Chef Peter Toft from Melbourne on August 8th.

Penny and grooms will leave several days before together with Norbert and Jane, Talea and family.

This is a reduced team and certainly not what was planned, however, what we may miss in numbers we will make up with experience, with Penny the veteran of many WC’s , not having missed one since Compeigne in 2000, Alexandra having been a team member in 2009 at Babolna and a groom at WC’s since before she could walk almost, Norbert and Jane experienced the highs and lows at Kentucky 2 years ago and have well and truly got the bug! Talea and family will have to experience all before them.

We wish the Team every success, and will try and keep everyone posted.

Barbara Macdonald
Australian Endurance Squad


On Behalf of the Australian Endurance Team to contest the 2012 World Endurance Championships, I would like to sincerely thank the Arabian Horse Society of Australia, it’s Board and members for providing each of the five horses with a AHSA team rug.

I would like to acknowledge the AHSA’s support to all our teams at World Equestrian Games and World Endurance Championships over the past two decades.

Our 2012 team, like most other teams, consists of Australian Arabian Horses and this team will go as teams before representing all that is good about Australian Arabians with their amazing athleticism. Our representative team is a credit to the many Australian breeders who, whilst acknowledging the type and beauty of the Arabian horse, also know Arabians are bred to be ridden.

Currently the International component of Endurance in Australia is undergoing considerable reform and the 2012 team is excited to have the honour to represent Australia on the world stage.

Profiles of Horses and Riders will be on the Equestrian Australian website shortly.


TRAVINA ridden and bred by Penny Toft. Sire Ralvon Amigo S-17258 ( s Milex ) Dam. Traveller.

EMILY JONES te ( A.F.3773 ) ridden by Alexandra Toft, bred by P&P Toft. Sire WN Dasjmir Dam Tallaroon Creo Royarle

WEST COAST ACHARON ( S-21005) ridden by Dr Norbert Radny, bred by J&N Radny. Sire Aquanitor Dam Noran Parmelia

BLAKE’S HEAVEN BOMBORA ( G-25056 ) ridden by Talea Hasko Stewart, bred by H.Riek Sire Shahir ibn Rashan Dam Steveie Nix

Peter Toft
Australian Endurance Chef 2012

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