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Spain: World Championship 2012 Raid News

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News Raid World Championship 2012.

We report on the next Raid World Championship 2012, the news, come from the official website of the Spanish Equestrian Federation, where we describe, as much data, full details of the test, and the history of Binomials participants.

It note on a new course, the news of the Resistance Equestrian Team this new Federated, head of the world's Raid, we want to be well informed and we have samples of interest in the discipline "No Olympic" but more medals achieved for our country.

This is the rating of the FEI:


Next week, specifically on Saturday 25, vie for the 160 miles from the Raid World Championship 2012 in the well known British Euston Park facilities.

The discipline of Raid, Continental Championships held in odd years, and unlike others, the World Championships in even years (some, at the premises of the World Equestrian Games, and others in specific sites, coinciding with the years Olympic).

This is the case in this year's World Championship '12: Olympic even year and therefore in specific venue. Not surprisingly, the venue that is hosting this Championship is set in the British Isles.

The Raid is the equestrian discipline that produces most successful in Spain, so hopes are high, even taking into account the unstoppable drive of the computers in the Arab world.

In any case, when a team has been Champion and Champion sub continental, where a team line Champions World Champions and Continental, the expectations are more than justified.

Noteworthy among the six components of our delegation, the proper name of Maria Alvarez Ponton and Nobby, current World Champion Single (2008 and 2010) and Single European Champions (2009 and 2011). It so happens that Mary, who in 2010 ran the Championships. World of Kentucky, who won with Nobby, just weeks after giving birth, has recently become a mother. If 2010 was her husband, Jaume Punti, who ran a test preparation with Nobby Nobby this time, at 17, comes not in competition since last year.

Alex Luque was World Champion individually in the WEG Aachen 2006. This time again the team with Ikland, a Shagya 8 years with which he won last year in Bratislava and Llu├žanes. It's unusual origin, may be worth clarifying that the Shagya is named after a stallion born in Syria in 1810, originally tremendously discussed (apparently Arabic, but not 100%). In any case Shagya was developed in the Austro-Hungarian empire in the nineteenth century, and its origins lead us to the Stud Books of Babolna and Tropolcianky.

Jaume Punti, individual runner Lezirias Europe '07 run, finally, Quram Ulm, an Arab of 8 years he ran this year in the 160 kilometers from Dubai, where they were fifth against all Arab armies.

Maria Uriarte, fifth this year in the 160 miles of Castelsagrat, will compete in this competition mate, Arabic Oliver TB 11 years.

Monica Comas, participant and in several World Championships for young horses, will be released "with the greatest" in Esuton Park, riding Gaeia, an Arabian mare 9 years, with which this year was 7 th in the 160 miles of Casarrubios.

Finally, Oriol Casals repeated, with the Arab Zarha de Vilaformiu 10 years, with the same partner as last year remain sub European Team Championship and fifth individually.

All of them, on Saturday 25, take the exit to 06.30 am to meet the 160 kilometer run, for those who are granted a maximum of 11 hours and 26 minutes.

Rounding out the Spanish delegation Ignasi Casas (Team Leader), Fabrizio Pochesci (veterinarian), Marco Villamor (farrier), Daniel Fenaux (Assistant Team Manager) and Anna Maxenchs (assistant). "
Source: FEI.
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