Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Australia: Shahzada

Less than a week to go to the running of Shahzada in St Albans from Monday, 25th – Friday, 29th August.  The ultimate test of 400km over five days or for those who want all the fun with a little challenge,  try the mini marathon of 120km over three days from Tuesday, 26th to Thursday, 28th August.   Time to get your pre-noms, campsite requests and number reservations in and some serious planning for the best experience you will ever have in endurance riding - all available on the Shahzada website.
Heaps of entertainment during the week of Shahzada which will be announced as we get closer.

Belinda Hopley is running a TPR school at Shahzada this year on Saturday, 23rd August at 10 am - contact Belinda on 0262382293 or belinda.brian@netspeed.com.au.  This is your chance to be a real help in the sport.....a few hours of tpr'ing here or there at a ride can really make a difference.

There will be a track clearing weekend on Saturday, 26th and Sunday, 27th July....if you would like to help on this weekend please contact Haydn Fisher on 0428 324 449 or volunteer to help during Shahzada, please email me.   
There will be lots of updates through the website, various State websites and facebook pages as well as the chat pages regarding Shahzada and the lead up to it but for now, go to the Shahzada website www.shahzadaresults.org for all the stories and pre and post ride books from previous years.   There is now a 2014 Shahzada 400 Endurance Ride Facebook Event Page with lots of updates for the event as well as photos from 2013. 

Please contact Shahzada secretary, Sue Todd on suetodd@activ8.net.au   or phone 0263 797218 with any other inquiries.   

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