Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mongol Derby Race Report - Day 7

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After a day 6 dominated by unruly horses, day 7 will be remembered for some great riding. The back four riders of Ann-Therese Helgesson, Jade Sevelow-Lee Michelle Jarvis, and Alison Wilson spent the night out in the mountains but according to Anna, vet at HS17 they arrived 'strong and cheerful'.

'Bullet' Our head horseman Unenburen said this of Jade as she thundered past. Apparently she'd requested a fast horse which explains the message she sent at the end of the day:

“Rode over 100k today. Black eye, bloody nose from bad stumble while riding. Still sitting tall though. Tired, but tall. Thanks to everyone sending good vibes!

— Jade

Two other riders reported to be flying were Musse Hasselvall and Mikael Eriksson who took just 2 hours 20 to ride from HS17 to HS18. Heather Russell and Chris Berkers also rode well, through HS19 gained at least an hour on Anita and Rose...

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