Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Zealand: Horsing Around in Otaua

Here are the edited highlights of a newsletter delivered to Otaua/Aka Aka residents in preparation for the:

FEI North Island Endurance
Championship Competition

January 30/31 and February 1, 2010

(Auckland Anniversary Weekend)

Hosted by Counties Distance Riding Club

come and watch the top 100 horses in NZ Endurance race.

* Base Camp is in Smiths' paddock on Maioro Road (opposite Tavern- which is still abandoned and uninhabited - would have been an awesome weekend to be in operation!)

* Riding will be along the stopbank system of Otaua-Aka Aka district and into the Waiuku Forest, a course of 160km in total.

* The competition takes place over two days and nights on the Saturday and Sunday but Otaua Village will be "horsey" from as early as Tuesday 26th January and until Monday the 1st February.

* This is an international event with over 15 foreign entries and officials.

* Competition starts at 1.00am Saturday (Yep, that's in the morning!) and will continue until approx 6pm Saturday. Competition on Sunday starts at 4.00 am and goes through to about 4pm on Sunday afternoon.


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