Tuesday, January 19, 2010

FEI's Clean Sport Campaign Website Dedicated to FEI Anti-Doping Efforts

"The FEI must turn a new leaf in order to guarantee its community a clean and uncorrupt product. The Stevens Commission and the Ljungqvist Commission have both painted a picture that illustrates how negligent we have been in this area thus far and our governing body is completely committed to rectifying the problems we now face, for the benefit of our athletes, our community and our public."

- HRH Princess Haya

Equestrian sport derives its credibility and public acceptance from the concept of fair play, the idea that the best athlete or team should win fairly and squarely, having competed under equitable conditions and under rules that are fair and applied evenly with true competence. To be valid and meaningful, competition results must be achieved on a level playing field.

Doping and the inappropriate use of normal medications present a serious threat to the integrity and reputation of our sport, because they give athletes an unfair advantage and threaten the welfare of horses. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the entire equine community: athletes, veterinarians, grooms, managers, coaches, owners, officials, and our National Federations to join together to help combat doping and the inappropriate use of medications through better education and increased vigilance.

The FEI's Clean Sport Campaign is a coordinated effort at many levels to provide all our stakeholders with the information and tools necessary to address the issue head on. We hope the campaign will also serve as a call to action to all to reaffirm their commitment to fair play and horse welfare. The concept of Clean Sport is about much more than a new list of prohibited substances and a new rulebook. It's also about better judgment, professionalisation of the officials that regulate our sport and consistency of decisions. It's a complete package and its success depends on everyone playing their part to maintain that level playing field.

For more information, see www.feicleansport.org

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