Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia: Tami's amazing ride

Tami Parnell riding Jelby Farid at the South
African Endurance Championships in July last
year, where she was unable to finish the race
as her horse was disqualified after failing the
veterinary inspection on one leg half way
through the race. Photo: Submitted

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26 Jan, 2010

Climbing to the Federation Equestrian Internationale (FEI) world youth ranking of second in November last year, Glen Innes endurance rider Tami Parnell is hoping to continue to balance work, study and endurance riding, vying for a ranking in the FEI open division this year.

The 21-year-old began riding at pony camps from the age of six. Through trainer Elsie Newsome she became interested in endurance riding. Ms Parnell said horse riders either went into pony club, campdraft or endurance riding.

"You do endurance because you love it. There would be no other reason to get up at midnight and ride for 17 hours," she said.

Ms Parnell rode a total of 1200km all over Australia, South Africa, Namibia, and New Zealand over the past 24 months. She has ridden for some of the top Australian stables like TOFT Endurance and Castlebar.

Her FEI ranking is based on kilometres, accumulating points for the number of kilometres ridden and place achieved (first in a 120km ride is 120 points). Ms Parnell said she placed in the top six in all eight FEI youth rides she competed in last year, including second in Western Australia.


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