Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hungary: Entries announced for FEI Juniors & Young Riders World Endurance Championship

Two more days remain until the 2009 FEI Junior & Young Rider World Endurance Championship which will be held in Babolna, Hungary. 95 riders are pre-entered.

The ride will take place near the Babolna National Stud farm which was founded in 1789. There are just a few unique studs in the world, that operate for two hundred years, to preserve, promote and develop the values in breeding Arabian horses, created by the efforts of the predecessors.

The goal of Babolna Stud is not only to preserve, but also to convey their equestrian heritage to the general public, which once was closely connected to warfare, now has become the vehicle for a noble sporting activity.

The history of Babolna Stud, that is world famous today, looks back to the end of the 18th century.

In 2003, the previous president of the Hungarian Equestrian Federation's Endurance Committee, Bela Banyai, together with Tamas Rombauer, the previous president of the Babolna Stud, decided to organise an international endurance competition in Babolna, that would have gone from Babolna to the Austrian border. The competition was planned to be on the day of EU accession of Hungary. Technical obstacles did not make possible to make this dream come true, therefore it became the first international CEI*** endurance ride of Hungary in 2004. This was the first round of the Central European Endurance Cup.

By now the Babolna Derby has become a traditional ride; in 2009 it was organized for the 6th time. The competition is very popular because of its easy, sandy track and its historical environment. Over 100 horses and riders visit our competition each year.

In 2007, the organising committee and the small endurance team decided to apply for the right to organise the 2009 World Endurance Championship for Juniors and Young riders. After four years of excellent teamwork and satisfied riders they knew that they owned all conditions needed to perform well.

Current Entries

Coverage at www.endurance.net/international/Hungary/2009Babolna


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